[264a]  How did Jehovah become a God?

It is astonishing to the writer that God should include such information in the holy book. But here it is!!

18 On this account, indeed, the Jews began seeking all the more to kill him, because not only was he breaking the Sabbath but he was also calling God his own Father, making himself equal to God.
19 Therefore, in answer, Jesus went on to say to them: Most truly I say to you, The Son cannot do a single thing of his own initiative, but only what he beholds the Father doing. For whatever things that one does, these things the Son also does in like manner.
20 For the Father has affection for the Son and shows him all the things he himself does, and he will show him works greater than these, in order that you may marvel (John 5).

These are incredibly powerful words. The main activities of the Christ were...

1. Sacrificial ransom of Adam's angelic body and of Abraham's human body

2. Ministry to all mankind showing God's love and righteousness.

3. Choosing and collection of a wife consisting of 144,000 people (with 12,000 reserves).

4. Leaving a superior angelic body upstairs and coming down here in an inferior human body and then returning to his angelic body after dying sacrificially in the inferior body.

5. Being the last Adam.

So it follows since Jesus only does what he beholds his father doing and since whatever God does Jesus also does, that God has already done everything that Jesus did. Obviously this does not mean that if Jesus built a chair from cedar wood on a Thursday, then God did the same thing. It only applies to the missions of Jesus' life. But it certainly applies to the 5 big missions stated above.

So whom did God ransom in order to get his first wife which we know is the holy spirit - see U14a?

Adam had to go to sleep to bring his wife into existence and he had to die (he thought) to save her from her sin. Jesus had to die to validate the covenant for his wife, the 144,000 1NC saints. So how did this work with God?

Putting this another way:

Jesus' wife was washed in his blood. Whose blood was God's wife washed in?

Well the next question to ask is: Can one be a God without any worshippers? An easier question is: Can one be a king without any subjects to rule over? The answer is that one can not act as a king if one has no subjects, since a king makes laws for his subjects. And if one never has had any subjects then one can not have ever been appointed a king (since said appointment would have been over no one).

So before Jehovah created his first angelic son or daughter, he was not a God, since he had no worshippers, no one to show his great righteousness and love to. 

Secondly God's law, which he himself cannot break is that like begets like. So if God has a son, that son would have the same vehicle as its father. Therefore God must have been an angel when he created the first angelic person directly himself. 

In fact following the pattern of the ministry of the Christ, he would have emptied himself from his divine body and taken a slave's form and come to be in the likeness of the angels paraphrasing the famous scripture...

5 Keep this mental attitude in you that was also in Christ Jesus,
6 who, although he was existing in God's form [non physical body everlasting angelic body], gave no consideration to a seizure, namely, that he should be equal to God [as did some of the other angels].
7 No, but he emptied himself and took a slave's form and came to be in the likeness of men (Phillipians2)

So God possessed the first angelic body that he created. Now we can employ some powerful understandings.

God was obviously a male angel since he was the father of Satan, his firstborn angelic son - see Intro19.html. Since he was male, he would have needed a female angel to procreate with. So really we are talking about an angelic Adam and an angelic Eve, or rather an angelic father of angelic Adam and an angelic mother of angelic Adam. For the rivalry was between Satan and Adam, so Satan was the first Adam who came to be a living soul. For proofs of the existence of female angels see I5 and see Zechariah5...

5 Then the angel who was speaking with me went forth and said to me: Raise your eyes, please, and see what this is that is going forth.
6 So I said: What is it? In turn he said: This is the ephah measure that is going forth. And he went on to say: This is their aspect in all the earth.
7 And, look! the circular lid of lead was lifted up; and this is a certain woman sitting in the midst of the ephah.
8 So he said: This is Wickedness. And he [the angel speaking with Zechariah] proceeded to throw her [back] into the midst of the ephah, after which he threw the lead weight upon its mouth.
9 Then I raised my eyes and saw, and here there were 2 women coming forth, and wind was in their wings. And they had wings like the wings of the stork [Storks have large white wings. These women are female angels. All of the actions against this woman are angelic, whether by the male angel who put his back in the box or the female angels who raised her up between the earth and the heavens] And they gradually raised the ephah up between the earth and the heavens.
10 So I said to the angel who was speaking with me: Where are they taking the ephah?
11 In turn he said to me: In order to build for her a house in the land of Shinar; and it must be firmly established, and she must be deposited there upon her proper place (Zechariah 5).

So God created a male angelic body for himself and entered it become Angeliah (God is an angel) as we shall call him, and then created a female angelic body for Matriarch (as we shall call her), who was to be the mother of the first Adam in heaven. In order to avoid incest, Matriarch would not be a sister or daughter of Angeliah. She was independently created by God. She then became Jehovah's slave girl even as Mary declared saying...

35 In answer the angel said to her: Holy spirit will come upon you, and power of the Most High will overshadow you. For that reason also what is born will be called holy, God's Son.
36 And, look! Elizabeth your relative has also herself conceived a son, in her old age, and this is the sixth month for her, the
so-called barren woman;
37 because with God no declaration will be an impossibility.
38 Then Mary said: Look! Jehovah's slave girl! May it take place with me according to your declaration. At that the angel departed from her (Luke 1)

Matriarch was Jehovah's slave girl and not his daughter. So she was genetically not the same as Angeliah. So angels do have genetics.

Matriarch herself was created and raised only by Jehovah with no mother. This does not break God's law for people with Gender because god has no Gender and has perfect love. So if he procreates as a gender free person then there only needs to be one parent. God, having perfect love, could show Matriarch the love both of a mother and of a father without actually being either. So Matriarch was a slave girl and daughter of gender free Jehovah but not a daughter of Angeliah which is Jehovah in male angelic form.

God then impregnated her and Archadam was born. Then God took one of Archadam's ribs (Archadam is the name we give to the first Adam, angelic Adam) and made a woman who was not a clone or a sister of Archadam, from that rib. Then Archadam could sleep with this woman without committing incest. 

Angeliah and Matriarch had no further angelic children in order that the archetypical Eve (Archeve) was the Mother of everyone living and Archadam had paternal rights over all. So further rib creations would have been required for the first generation of Archadam's children both male and female. But in the next generation they could procreate cousin with cousin without breaking God's law - see Leviticus18. In other words with the pre-adamics, God took them and baptised then in the relevant rib to avoid incest. But with the partners of the first generation children of Archadam, God took their ribs and made angels from them to avoid incest.

21 Hence Jehovah God had a deep sleep fall upon the man and, while he was sleeping, he took one of his ribs and then closed up the flesh over its place.
22 And Jehovah God proceeded to build the rib that he had taken from the man into a woman and to bring her to the man.
23 Then the man said: This is at last bone of my bones And flesh of my flesh. This one will be called Woman, Because from man this one was taken.
24 That is why a man will leave his father and his mother and he must stick to his wife and they must become one flesh (Genesis 2).

Angeliah would have been the foster Father and Mother of Matriarch. That would be fine since God in his divine body had no gender, and gender is only necessary in being without perfect love, since it is a tutor for love. So God could show Matriarch both fatherly and motherly love. When she was old enough he impregnated her as he did later with Mary, and had Archadam with her, she being his slave girl. He may have artificially impregnated her as he did with Mary, or since his love was perfect, and not abusive so as to take advantage of Matriarch, he could actually have entered into a child rearing agreement with her and inseminated her himself however angels do that. It makes sense that he did do that because he is God over angels and humans who procreate in pairs and he is not a hypocrite or one who teaches or legislates with no experience.

Lucifer, who later became Satan, then would have been born to two parents in a child rearing agreement which is God's way to give the child two loving parents one of each gender. As mentioned above, there is no problem with God himself being a single parent since he has the perfect love which gender is a tutor towards. In other words the child would actually get a better template of unconditional love from God than he would get from a male and a female parent neither of whom were Gods.

At this point we can bring in some powerful scriptures and precedents.

1. It is obvious that God and Matriarch were the archetypical parents of heavenly Adam, Archadam. 

2. We have a chronological pattern for the life of the first Adam and the last Adam - see U41. So we would expect Archadam's life to conform to that pattern, being its archetype.

12 Son of man, lift up a dirge concerning the king of Tyre [Satan], and you must say to him, 'This is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said: 'You are sealing up a pattern, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.
13 In Eden, the garden of God, you proved to be. Every precious stone was your covering, ruby, topaz and jasper; chrysolite, onyx and jade; sapphire, turquoise and emerald; and of gold was the workmanship of your settings and your sockets in you. In the day of your being created they were made ready.
14 You are the anointed cherub that is covering, and I have set you. On the holy mountain of God you proved to be. In the midst of fiery stones you walked about.
15 You were faultless in your ways from the day of your being created until unrighteousness was found in you.
16 'Because of the abundance of your sales goods they filled the midst of you with violence, and you began to sin. And I shall put you as profane out of the mountain of God, and I shall destroy you, Oh cherub that is covering, from the midst of the fiery stones (Ezekiel 28).

3. Since God had to die sacrificially like Jesus did, he would be not only the first angelic Adam but also the last angelic Adam (for Jesus was the last Adam). That might be one reason why God says...

12 Listen to me, O Jacob, and you Israel my called one. I am the same One. I am the first. Moreover, I am the last.
13 Moreover, my own hand laid the foundation of the earth, and my own right hand extended out the heavens. I am calling to them, that they may keep standing together (Isaiah 48).

So lets compare angelic Adam, heavenly Adam, the real first Adam, Archadam (who was Lucifer who became Satan), with human Adam...

The Pattern for Archadam's Angelic Procreation

Event God (time in real years) Adam 
Born  0 AT (after time) Archadam is born to Angeliah (Jehovah in an angel, the first archetypical Joseph) and Matriarch (the first archetypical Mary, Jehovah's original slave girl). Invented angelic time 12,066 years before the Big Bang, 12,066 BBB 4027Tishri10
Commissioned to build temple of his body  11 AT (After Time) Archadam enters into Archeden. God brings the heavenly animals to him so that he can name them 4016Tishri (entered Eden)
Appointed to feed 30 AT. Archadam goes into a deep sleep and God takes his rib to make his Archeve. 3997Tishri10 (deep sleep)
Wife born 30 AT+42 days. Angelic Eve born, Heavenly Eve, the mother of everyone living in heaven, Archeve. 3997Heshvan22 (Eve born)
Wife met, feeding starts 30 AT+42 days. Archadam starts looking after Archeve. 3997Heshvan22 (Eve fed)
Passover lamb enters house 30 AT +1260 days. Archadam starts exploring the procreative capabilities of Archeve. 3993Nisan10 (lamb in house)
End of old system 30 AT+1264 days. Archadam and Archeve enter into a child rearing agreement. This is not a sin.  3993Nisan14 (Adam sins)
New system inaugurated
appointed over all true seed 
30 AT+1267 days. Big Bang. They get permission to have a child. Angels are sterile without God's permission. 3993Nisan17 (New body and new system)
Entrance  30 AT+1307 days: Archadam and Archeve engage in angelic procreation 3993Iyyar27 (Adam enters Eve)
Conception  30 AT+1316 days: Archeve conceives 3993Sivan6 (Eve conceives)
Birth  35 AT +120 (-9/+20) days. First angelic child of Archadam born 3992Shebat (Cain born)
Birth  37 AT (-9/+20) day. Second angelic child of Archadam born..  3990Tishri (Abel born)


The Pattern for Archadam's Spiritual 1HSC Procreation

Event God (time in real years) Adam 
Born  0 AT (after time) Archadam is born to Angeliah (Jehovah in an angel, the first archetypical Joseph) and Matriarch (the first archetypical Mary, Jehovah's original slave girl). Invented angelic time 33 years of years or more precisely 12,066 years before the Big Bang, 12,066 BBB (Presumably God set the periods of the Sun and Moon and Earth in accordance the pre-existing heavenly time periods) 4027Tishri10
Angelic Procreation starts God creates Archeve from Archadam's rib, they have kids in heavenly Eden according to the pattern of Archadam's Physical procreation and their kids have kids etc. There is only one law in this angelic Eden, an obedience law just like in the earthly garden of Eden. This law is a trigger to leave the nursery. The Hebrew word for Garden [Gan] is from a root word meaning covered hence protected or enclosed - a nursery for plants or children! Children have no law until at around 2-4 years old they become ready to begin to learn good from bad.   
Commissioned to build temple of his body  11x360 =  3,960 AT (After Time) Satan commissioned to build the temple of the 1HSC. 4016Tishri (entered Eden)
Appointed to feed 30x360 = 10,800 AT. System ready for feed the angels spiritually (Kid's room prepared) 3997Tishri10 (deep sleep)
Wife born 30x360+42 = 10,842 AT. First angel other than Archadam enters into the 1HSC 3997Heshvan22 (Eve born)
Wife met, feeding starts 30x360+42 = 10,842 AT. Archadam starts teaching the angels about the 1HSC 3997Heshvan22 (Eve fed)
Passover lamb enters house 30x360+1260 = 12,060 AT. Archadam enters heavenly temple made up of angels baptised, cleansed ready to enter into the holy spirit covenant, which is already made with Archadam but is yet to be made between him and the apostolic angels, as was the case with the saints and the 1NC. The angels are the sons and daughters of Archadam and Archeve, born in their generations. Archadam is the priest of this temple. This being a firstborn right. 3993Nisan10 (lamb in house)
End of old system 30x360+1264 = 12,064 AT. The obedience law of Heavenly Eden is broken. Archadam was perfect in all his ways until unrighteousness was found in him. So he was perfect under the law, which came after the disobedience in Archeden. So he was not disobedient Archeden. Some other angel or group of angels sinned in such a way as to break the obedience law and end Archeden. It was inevitable that this would occur since the angels at that time had no experience of good and bad, living in a nursery with darkness on the surface of the watery deep. This disobedience did not condemn all the angels to death. Angels have immortal indefinitely living bodies unlike humans. It may have condemned some of them to Tartarus, which is angelic first death. Archadam then offers his soul as a sacrifice to ransom people out of Tartarus. Jehovah (was Angeliah at that time) then offers his angelic soul sacrificially for his firstborn angelic son Archadam, but not until the time comes for him to give a ministry under the law of the 1HSC and prove to the angels that it is possible to obey this law. This is the archetype of Jesus offering his soul for God's firstborn human son Adam. Archadam's blood then enables a Passover to then occur. All the angels who had sinned in Archeden could be spared by virtue of the 1HSC. Actually there may have been some subcovenants too!

Then the First Holy Spirit Covenant made between Archadam and 9 apostolic angels (Satan + 9 fiery stones of Ezekiel28: ruby, topaz and jasper; chrysolite, onyx and jade; sapphire, turquoise and emerald) before the Big Bang. Presumably after the Big Bang, three more tribes appeared. This may be pictured by the Jordan river dividing Israel into 3 tribes on the East bank and 9 on the west. These and 3 more then became the 12 angelic sons of archetypical Jacob. 

3993Nisan14 (Adam sins)
New system inaugurated
appointed over all true seed 
30x360+1267 = 12,067 AT. Big Bang. The physical universe created. Time becomes unidirectional. Sin is shown up. God's laws are implemented creation wide. This is 0 ABB (After Big Bang). Let there be light! 3993Nisan17 (New body and new system)
Entrance  30x360+1307 = 12,107 AT = 40 ABB: Jehovah enters into his 1HSC temple of his wife, the holy spirit in the new universe. 3993Iyyar27 (Adam enters Eve)
Conception  30x360+1316 = 12,116 AT = 49 ABB: The first holy spirit angels are sealed into the 1HSC (first holy spirit covenant), gaining tartarus free angelic life. Tartarus was the first death for the angels. 3993Sivan6 (Eve conceives)
Birth  35x360+120 (-9/+20) = 12,711-12,740 AT = 645-674 ABB. Angelic sons of Archeden called into the 9/12 tribes of the holy spirit. 3992Shebat (Cain born)
Birth  37x360 (-9/+20) = 13,311-13,340 AT = 1245-1274 ABB. Sons of the universe called into the 12 tribes of the holy spirit. Presumably 3 more tribes are made around this time. Eventually 144,000 angels enter this covenant.  3990Tishri (Abel born)

So the pattern of Adam in years is the pattern of Archadam's physical procreation in years and his spiritual procreation for the 1HSC in 360 year periods we think (the 360 year unit might be wrong).

So God took this lower body, created a non relative female slave girl, the archetypical Mary, whom we call Matriarch, raised her, procreated with her and had a firstborn and only son, Archadam. Jehovah had the right to be God over any living being that he created, since a creator is a God, and since that is what God's name or reputation means ('Jehovah' means he who causes to become). But just as parents do not discipline children until they are old enough to understand why they are being punished, so God did not require worship from Adam until he had sinned, whereupon he offered the first two sacrifices, which were the edenic animals whom Adam killed in order that God could make long garments of skin from them. Likewise in Archeden, God did not require worship until the obedience law was broken. Although the angels that were baptised into the 1HSC in Archeden would have chosen to be his worshippers.

15 You [Lucifer/Satan in the Garden of God, Archeden] were faultless in your ways from the day of your being created until unrighteousness was found in you.

God gave up his angelic body which was a Tartarus exempt body as a ransom for Archadam/Lucifer's angelic body, upgrading it to have not everlasting life (since that only came later through the Christ) but Tartarus free life. Tartarus is a form of death, in fact it is angelic first death, since it is a pit of dense darkness...

4 Certainly if God did not hold back from punishing the angels that sinned, but, by throwing them into Tartarus, delivered them to pits of dense darkness to be reserved for judgment (2 Peter 2).

When actually Archadam said let there be light (hence Lucifer), on behalf of God, the physical universe came into existence through the Big Bang (or howsoever it came about). Time became unidirectional being a function of space. And sin was illuminated. So the physical light was a manifestation of the sin revealing light of having law and causal time. The angels were now able to have a baptism test of their righteousness. The prize for passing this test was a washing in the blood of Archadam who was to be washed in the blood of Angeliah's angelic body, the angelic body of Jehovah. This blood gave them a get out of Tartarus free card just as the everlasting life that we get from Jesus' blood gives us a get out of Gehenna free card...

 6 Happy and holy is anyone having part in the first resurrection; over these the second death has no authority, but they will be priests of God and of the Christ [who therefore is also a God having priests], and will rule as kings with him for the 1,000 years (Revelation 20).

So the washing of the angels in the holy spirit covenant gave them immunity from Tartarus and the washing of the angels in the 1NC gave them immunity from Gehenna, which is everlasting life. What Jesus saw the father doing with his wife and Tartarus, he did with his wife and Gehenna. This whole thing is fractal.

Obviously since Jehovah was the father of all the angels, and since like begets like according to God's law which he cannot break, he was at that time of his angelic procreation, in an angelic and not in a divine body.

Also we know that getting a wife involves a covenant and we know that a covenant involves the death of the mediator of the covenant and the death of the validation sacrifice of the covenant. The mediator is then washed in the blood of the validation sacrifice and the covenanters are then washed in the blood of the mediator.

15 So that is why he is a mediator of a new covenant, in order that, because a death has occurred for [their] release by ransom from the transgressions under the former covenant, the ones who have been called might receive the promise of the everlasting inheritance.
16 For where there is a covenant, the death of the covenanter [mediator] needs to be furnished.
17 For a covenant is valid over dead [covenanters], since it is not in force at any time while the covenanter is living (Hebrews 9).

So both Archadam and God had to die here. The mediator and the validation sacrifice.

But covenants are always associated with salvation. So what salvation status did the angels need that God gave them on their joining up and getting sealed into the holy spirit covenant? Well it cannot have been everlasting life, since the eternal father is the Christ and he was the first angel to get everlasting life. So as mentioned above we think it was a Tartarus exemption status, which is a form of life since tartars was a form of death. When there is law, there must be some kind of death or cutting off penalty for those who break it and exhibit behaviour which is not sustainable for a society in the longer term. So passing the baptism test gave the angels freedom from the law of Tartarus. So Jehovah gave up his Tartarus exempt body in order that the angels who were to be sealed into the holy spirit could have it. 

This raises the question - who resurrected God back into the divine body? The answer is the head of the 1HSC who was Lucifer - who became Satan later. He resurrected Angeliah becoming his father but not God's father. God could not have set up an auto resurrection of himself, because Jesus entrusted his spirit into another party's hands, so God must have done the same thing. Also a sacrifice with an auto-resurrection is not a true sacrifice.

So God freely gave his angelic soul and died, going into Tartarus, so that his blood was available for his firstborn angelic son Archadam/Lucifer/Satan. Then from Tartarus he resurrected himself back into his divine body. Jehovah would not condemn his sons to a place he had not himself visited, just as Jesus would not condemn his sons to Gehenna unless he had been there himself. But the ministry of God to the angels occurred in the light of the law of the 1HSC, a covenant of slavery pictured by Hagar. So he gave his life sometime after the Big Bang.

Now the scripture says:

13 No one has a greater love than this, that he should sacrifice his soul over his friends (John 15)

Jesus did this. If God had not then Jesus would have more love than Jehovah which is not the case, since God is love. So God has this love to. So he has sacrificed his soul for his friends.

But there is more. For Jesus became a God to be worshipped when he demonstrated his unbreakable love through his sacrifice upon the torture stake of Pilate. So likewise God became a God to be worshipped when he demonstrated his unbreakable love at his sacrifice for Archadam in the heavens. Because being a father is one thing but being a God is another. A God must have subjects, worshippers yes, but a true God must have unbreakable love as demonstrated by sacrifice for his worshippers.  Once Jehovah had demonstrated his love, he became a God to be worshipped and this was the pattern that Jesus followed to Divinity. 

So having children does not make you into a God. It makes you into a father. And having subjects does not make you into a God. It makes you into a King. But having love for your children and your subjects, having love which cannot be broken in any circumstances - that makes you into a God. 

It is important to realise that just as every child has no law until he is old enough to understand why he is being punished, so there was effectively no law in Archeden (darkness was over the surface of the waters) and effectively no law in the garden, other than a trigger event to kick law off. At that time that parents start to discipline, then God started requiring worship. This was true in Archeden and in Eden. God always had the right to require it being the creator of the beings in Archeden and in Eden. Edens are nurseries for races. The universe was the world for the angels. the Big Bang created the light matter in the universe but the dark matter may well have pre-existed that event, for God said let there be light in circumstances where there already was darkness over the faces of the watery deep.

Did Jehovah have to become human in order to create Adam? Yes - see below
Did God have to become human in order to create the pre-adamics? No because they were the sons of the angels.
Did the angels have to become human to make the first pre-adamics? Hmmmmm - see below.

Now we know what caused the Big Bang. It was the angelic rebellion in Archeden. And just as Jesus agreed to give his life for Adam and in doing so founded the world. So God agreed to give his life for Satan and in doing so founded the universe with the Big Bang. He then was sacrificed at a later date during space time. And since the 1HSC was in force, Lucifer was the head of that covenant, and therefore he would have resurrected God after the sacrifice. 

Now God himself is unbegotten - he had no father. Those begotten are created by the process of begetting. Jesus is a creation and is begotten. The Gospel Philip says...

He who has been created is beautiful [any angelic birth, any child born to judicially living parents], but you would <?> find his sons [begotten sons, such as the Nephilim, produced not angelically but by sexual reproduction] noble creations. If he were not created, but begotten [by sexual reproduction], you would find that his seed was noble [Abraham was begotten and his seed is noble]. But now he was created (and) he begot [Satan was created angelically and he had sex with Eve. He did what the demons later did with human women. Eve could only beget without divine consent after she sinned, since begetting by sexual reproduction is the preserve of the dead. But Satan had the authority as head of the first Holy Spirit to have a child with Eve before she sinned which meant that the child would be alive. So he had a living child with Eve and then and he constructively killed her human soul, which is murder. Eve did also lose her angelic soul because even though she was deceived, she broke God's law and therefore came under the penalty for that breach. Adultery preceded murder. God allows people to have children without his consent only if these children are dead. So he slept with her and made her pregnant then he persuaded her to sin so as to lose her non ageing human soul. Then he conspired with her not to murder Adam, but to persuade him to kill himself knowingly. He lost his human soul and his angelic soul (since he was not deceived). Eve eventually lost both her angelic and human souls and so was murdered]. What nobility is this? First, adultery came into being, afterward murder [Satan first seduced Eve and committed adultery with her not because she was married to or engaged to Adam, but because he was married to Jehovah as the head of the first Holy Spirit! He led Jehovah into adultery! He then murdered the girl]. And he [Cain] was begotten in adultery, for he was the child of the Serpent [Satan came down in human form to seduce Eve, and Cain was carried and delivered by Eve]. So he became a murderer/manslayer, just like his father, and he killed his brother [Abel]. Indeed, every act of sexual intercourse which has occurred between those unlike one another is 'adultery'/bestiality [Satan mating with Eve was NOT cross species adultery. because Satan had an indefinitely living angelic and an indefinitely living human body and so did Eve. But it was adultery because Satan was the head of the 1st Holy Spirit which was married to God. Satan was the head of God's first wife. He had authority to consent to angelic procreation. Cain was created by angelic procreation. Abel was created by sexual reproduction which is the preserve of the dead]  (Gospel of Philip)

But the distinction made here between a creating and begetting may not be correct.

And John says...

18 No man has seen God at any time; the only-begotten God who is in the bosom [position] with the Father is the one that has explained him. (John 1 NWT)

18 The (one) believing into him not is being judged. The (one) not believing already has been judged, because not he has believed into the name of the only-begotten Son of the God. (John 3 KIT)

Since Jesus is the only begotten God, Jehovah is unbegotten - since he is also a God. Jehovah was also the first spirit to become a God since Isaiah says...

10 You are my witnesses, is the utterance of Jehovah, even my servant whom I have chosen, in order that you may know and have faith in me, and that you may understand that I am the same One. Before me there was no God formed, and after me there continued to be none (Isaiah 43 NWT)

Since there was no God formed prior to Jehovah, he became the first God when he sacrificed himself for his angelic sons or at least when they started to worship him - when the physical universe began and God said to or through Lucifer, let there be light..

So Jehovah may also be uncreated - or self created.

Before God and After God

10 Ye [are] my witnesses, saith the LORD, and my servant whom I have chosen: that ye may know and believe me, and understand that I [am] he: before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me. (Isaiah 43 KJV)
10 you are my witnesses, is the utterance of Jehovah, even my servant whom I have chosen, in order that you may know and have faith in me, and that you may understand that I am the same One. Before me there was no God formed, and after me there continued to be none. (Isaiah 43 NWT)
10 You [are] My witnesses, says Jehovah; and My servant whom I have elected; that you may know and believe Me, and understand that I [am] He. Before Me there was no God formed; nor shall [any] be after Me. (Isaiah 43 GLT)
10 Ye {are} My witnesses, an affirmation of Jehovah, And My servant whom I have chosen, So that ye know and give credence to Me, And understand that I {am} He, Before Me there was no God formed, And after Me there is none. (Isaiah 43 YLT)

So there was no God before Jehovah. But God has always existed and he created time. So he created time before he became a God. So there was a 'time' before he became a god. this was the time before he had any worshippers. for just as you need subjects to be a king, so you need worshippers to be a God. But then are are no Gods after him. What does this mean? Well there is one glaring omission in this wording. Nothing is said about how many God's there are during him. The wording deliberately permits any number of God during Jehovah's divine period, but not before it and not after it. So that all Gods are sub divinities of his master divinity.

Now like begets like. And all of god's worshippers are his children. So one day we shall all become Gods like our father. And when that day comes, then God once again will have no worshippers, for a worshipper cannot himself be divine. Once you become divine you no longer need to worship a God. So Jehovah will cease being a God to his son once he has raised them all up to divinity. 

God is not a Hypocrite

It is not God's M.O. to ask people to do something that he himself is not prepared to do. He did ask for a ransomer of Adam since the scriptures say: 

24 Then he favours him and says: Let him off from going down into the pit! I have found a ransom! (Job 33).

8 And I began to hear the voice of Jehovah saying: Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? And I proceeded to say: Here I am! Send me (Isaiah 6).

16 For God loved the world so much that he gave his only-begotten Son, in order that everyone exercising faith in him
might not be destroyed but have everlasting life (John 3).

Habakkuk confirms that God did die at some point after he created the angels

There is a scripture in Habakkuk 1 that at first seems to say that God does not die. But this is a translation error in the New World Translation and in the New Living Translation. The Hebrew has [twmn] which is the Kal Future first person plural of [twm] which is properly translated: We shall not die [Ben Davidsons Analytic Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon and Westminster Hebrew Old Testament Morphology from BibleWorks4 software].

12 Are you not from long ago, O Jehovah? O my God, my Holy One, you do not die. O Jehovah, for a judgment you have set it; and, O Rock, for a reproving you have founded it. (Habakkuk 1 - NWT)

12 Are you not from before [sdqm], O Jehovah? O my God, my Holy One. We shall not die [twmn]. O Jehovah, for a judgment you have set it; and, O Rock, for a reproving you have founded it. (Habakkuk 1 - NWT corrected).

The King James, Revised Standard, Young's literal and LXX [apoqanwmen] all have it right: We shall not die, here.

12 [Art] thou not from everlasting, O LORD my God, mine Holy One? we shall not die. O LORD, thou hast ordained them for judgment; and, O mighty God, thou hast established them for correction. (Habakkuk 1 KJV)
12 [Art] thou not from everlasting, O LORD my God, mine Holy One? we shall not die. O LORD, thou hast ordained them for judgment; and, O mighty God, thou hast established them for correction. (Habakkuk 1 KJVi)
12 Art not thou from everlasting, O Jehovah my God, my Holy One? we shall not die. O Jehovah, thou hast ordained him for judgment; and thou, O Rock, hast established him for correction. (Habakkuk 1 ASV)
12 Art not Thou from everlasting, O LORD my God, my Holy One? We shall not die. O LORD, Thou hast ordained them for judgment, and Thou, O Rock, hast established them for correction. (Habakkuk 1 JPS)
12 Are you not from long ago, Oh Jehovah? Oh my God, my Holy One, you do not die. Oh Jehovah, for a judgment you have set it; and, Oh Rock, for a reproving you have founded it. (Habakkuk 1 NWT)
12 [Are] You not from aforetime, Jehovah our God, my Holy One? We shall not die, Jehovah, for You have appointed him for judgment. And, [my] Rock, You have established him for correction. (Habakkuk 1 GLT)
12 Art not Thou of old, O Jehovah, my God, my Holy One? We do not die, O Jehovah, For judgment Thou hast appointed it, And, O Rock, for reproof Thou hast founded it. (Habakkuk 1 YLT)
12 [Art] not thou from the beginning, O Lord God, my Holy One? and surely we shall not die. O Lord, thou hast established it for judgment, and he has formed me to chasten [with] his correction. (Habakkuk 1 LXXb)
12 aAlh] hT'a; ~d,Q,mi hw"hy> yh;lOa/ yvidOq. alO tWmn" hw"hy> jP'v.mil. ATm.f; rWcw> x;ykiAhl. ATd.s;y> (Habakkuk 1 WLC)

But the binary question: Are you not from before? Gives the game away. Yes God is literally from before all creation. But in the greater meaning, no, he is not from before all creation because he died sacrificially after heavenly Eden rebelled (which rebellion was inevitable).

So God has been born again too!

And Paul does not say: The world was subjected to futility. Neither does he say: Mankind was subjected to futility. He says...

20 For the creation was subjected to futility, not by its own will but through him that subjected it, on the basis of hope (Romans 8).

Using words that could well have applied to angelic creation too.

Loving God

The Psalm says that...

10 The fear of Jehovah is the beginning of wisdom (Psalm 111).

But when the reader sees that the almighty God of creation, Jehovah of armies of the old testament, has laid down his life for his angelic sons sacrificially. Then that fear begins to turn into love. For the scriptures say...

4 Love is long-suffering and kind. Love is not jealous, it does not brag, does not get puffed up,
5 does not behave indecently, does not look for its own interests, does not become provoked. It does not keep account of
the injury.
6 It does not rejoice over unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth.
7 It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things (1 Corinthians 13)

18 There is no fear in love, but perfect love throws fear outside, because fear exercises a restraint. Indeed, he that is
under fear has not been made perfect in love
(1John 4)

So the end of wisdom is the Love of Jehovah.

Just as the child under discipline is in fear of his parents, but when he has grown up, he loves them.

In a phrase... Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and love of God is its end.

This indeed is why the law and the old testament are the beginning of the bible and the gospels and the new testament are its end.

Everlasting Life through Jesus

Strictly speaking we should say that Archadam became Lucifer at the Big Bang. And Lucifer had unrighteousness found in him after God ransomed him. Then when covering Eden, he became Satan, and effectively killed Adam but not Eve who did not lose her judicial life and so was raptured into her angel when she died. Hence Jesus said...

44 You are from your father the Devil, and you wish to do the desires of your father. That one was a manslayer when he began [began to be Satan, 'the resister' in the garden of Eden], and he did not stand fast in the truth, because truth is not in him. When he speaks the lie, he speaks according to his own disposition, because he is a liar and the father of [the lie] [the devil, 'slanderer'] (John 8).

Once Satan had committed a capital sin, the first holy spirit covenant was destroyed and God lost his first wife. But Michael agreed to step in as a ransom for Adam to save the human race, in the same way that God had stepped in as a ransom for Satan to save the angelic race. Incidentally Jesus' name in Hebrew is Yeshua, which means: Yahweh is Salvation, or Jehovah is Salvation. Just as God is Love (1John 4:8). So God is the ransomer, since all salvation is through ransom.

But Michael also wanted to fix the heavens, or get God another wife, the second holy spirit...

10 for an administration at the full limit of the appointed times, namely, to gather all things together again in the Christ, the things in the heavens and the things on the earth. [Yes,] in him (Ephesians 1)

So he offered to be the mediator of the second holy spirit covenant. But if God washed his first wife in his own blood, whose blood was he going to wash his second wife in? Well the answer of course is his own blood again. It did not run out after one wash! But this time, since the penalty for angelic capital sin was going to be Gehenna, he gave Jesus everlasting life when he washed him in his blood rather than Tartarus free life. This was the same blood of the once and for all sacrifice made by God for his firstborn angelic son, Archadam. It has power over any death that exists at the time. So in the days of Jehovah's ransom of Lucifer it had power over Tartarus. But in the days of Jesus' ransom of Adam it had power over Gehenna.

Furthermore God did not accept his firstborn son Michael's ransom until he himself had ransomed his firstborn son Archadam.

One can see the two holy spirit covenants in Hebrews 8...

3 For every high priest is appointed to offer both gifts and sacrifices; wherefore it was necessary for this one also to have something to offer.
4 If, now, he were upon earth, he would not be a priest, there being [men] who offer the gifts according to the Law,
5 but which [men] are rendering sacred service in a typical representation and a shadow of the heavenly things; just as Moses, when about to make the tent in completion, was given the divine command: For says he: See that you make all things after [their] pattern that was shown to you in the mountain.
6 But now [Jesus] has obtained a more excellent public service, so that he is also the mediator of a correspondingly better covenant, which has been legally established upon better promises.
7 For if that first covenant had been faultless, no place would have been sought for a second (Hebrews 8).

For not only did the sons of Aaron offer sacred service in a typical representation of the temple in the heavens, but the covenant that they were cleansing people into was a typical representation of the first covenant in the heavens. Just as the law of Moses was a law of slavery and then the 1NC was a covenant of freedom, so the 1HSC was a covenant of slavery and the 2HSC was a covenant of freedom. The 2HSC was correspondingly better than the 1HSC, in the same way that the 1NC was correspondingly better than the law. Actually the 1HSC was the law for the angels!!!

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Abraham first had a child with Hagar, in what was effectively a child rearing agreement. He never actually married Hagar, and Hagar remained Sarah's maidservant even after she became pregnant, since the scripture says...

5 At this Sarai said to Abram: The violence done me be upon you. I myself gave my maidservant over to your bosom, and she became aware that she was pregnant, and I began to be despised in her eyes. May Jehovah judge between me and you.
6 So Abram said to Sarai: Look! Your maidservant is at your disposal. Do to her what is good in your eyes. Then Sarai began to humiliate her so that she ran away from her (Genesis 16).

But after Hagar, Abraham had children with Sarah, who represents the covenant of freedom.

22 For example, it is written that Abraham acquired 2 sons, one by the servant girl and one by the free woman;
23 but the one by the servant girl was actually born in the manner of flesh, the other by the free woman through a promise.
24 These things stand as a symbolic drama; for these [women] mean 2 covenants, the one from Mount Sinai [meaning thorny - produced a big thorn! The 1HSC in the greater meaning, mediated by Satan], which brings forth children for slavery, and which is Hagar.
25 Now this Hagar means Sinai, a mountain in Arabia, and she corresponds with the Jerusalem today, for she is in slavery with her children.
26 But the Jerusalem above is free, and she is our mother [The 2HSC in the greater meaning, mediated by Jesus].
27 For it is written: Be glad, you barren woman who does not give birth; break out and cry aloud, you woman who does not have childbirth pains; for the children of the desolate woman are more numerous than [those] of her who has the husband (Galatians 4).

Now Sarah was 90 years old when she gave birth and existed as Abraham's wife before Abraham had Ishmael with Hagar. This is not true of the 2HSC except in so far as the blood of that covenant came into existence at the same time as the blood of the 1HSC. So Abraham's women do seem to be an antitype of God's women. Then later we read in Genesis 25, that Abraham took Keturah as his wife. But that is a different account so Abraham does not have to stand for Jehovah in that case.

There is also an argument that Abraham is God, Isaac is Satan and Jacob is Michael. These being the 3 great angelic Patriarchs.

The Infant, the Child and the Adult

So here is the whole plan of God, both for the angels and for the humans...

Nursery/Kindergarten Law Freedom
Infant Child Adult
Eden Law of Moses  Christianity 
Archeden 1HSC of Satan 2HSC of Michael

God's Ransom is the Archetype of Christianity and all True and False Religion

The first religion in heaven occurred just before the Big Bang, when the 1HSC was made between God and Archadam who became Satan. The first sacrifice was made by Archadam. The first validation sacrifice was made by God himself, at the end of his post Big Bang ministry under the law of the 1HSC. The pattern of the worship that followed is the pattern actually of the law of Moses (prefigured by the 1HSC), followed by Christianity (prefigured by the 2HSC). But the argument used by some that Christianity is a false religion because it is a copy of earlier Egyptian religions etc., is now seen to be false. All religions are a copy of the original heavenly religion for which the universe was created.

Angels have to be born again as humans just as humans have to be born again as angels

When Adam reached 30 years old he was born again, receiving an angelic soul of his own. We deduce this from the fundamental pattern of U41 and his correspondence with the last Adam whose human body began as Immanuel who was born again at 30 in order that he could be transferred to Eden2 so as not to see death when Michael possessed him at his baptism by John (see U54). Once Adam, the second born direct so of God, had both an angelic and a human soul, Satan, the first born direct son of God, would have asked for the same thing and received it. He would have been born again as a human receiving an indefinitely living human soul. He entered this soul in order to deceive and seduce Eve. 

Latest Updates

Eden has an obedience test. In the case of the angels death was not the penalty since they have immortal bodies from birth. Just eviction into law. Law was the penalty for disobedience. There was no external irritant in the form of Satan to bring about an early disobedience in the heavenly Eden. So they procreated in Archeden. God took a slave's form and became a slave to the law of the 1HSC just as Jesus became salve to the Law of Moses. Romans 4:27, Galatians 4:25. Law does have the death penalty hence sacrifice is necessary. Satan did not commit a capital sin. He just got a covenant due to his birthright. He walked around amid 9 fiery stones. Was there a gap in the calling of the 1HSC apostles? Did Satan sin in this gap?

Is the pattern for God or for Satan? Is Satan Adam and God his pre adamic father, or is God Adam?

If Satan had sinned so as to incur death then he would not have been able to mediate the 1HSC. So he must have given his life sacrificially having a little trip into Tartarus. In fact the scripture which says you were faultless in all your ways until unrighteousness was found in you means he must have been faultless under a law which showed up fault. So he did not sin at all before his sacrifice. 

Wilderness period for God??

The first Adam became a living soul, so cannot have been Jehovah.
Satan killed Adam and screwed Eve because he was trying to preserve his patriarchal status as Archadam. Adam was his first true first generation brother. Adam represented the end of Satan's patriarchal position over all the angels.
Hagar had only one son Ishmael and Sarah had only one son Isaac. Ishmael is Satan, Isaac is Michael.

Christians throughout history have been searching for the end, but how many of them have ever searched for the beginning? (JG) 

Elders have to have experience and the Jesus sympathise scripture shows that God must have been a human to be king over the Jews and God and king over the humans. Moses saw God's back but not his face (literally). But like begets like, so God had to become a human in order to beget humans.

Further God appeared as a human to Adam a lot being his direct father. He would have been negligent had he not done so. Genesis 3:8 etc. 

20 And he said not be able to see namely my face. Because not sees me the man and lived (Exodus 33)

This has to do with the last time Adam saw God's face he died judicially and constructively. Adam's children are therefore not permitted to see God's face themselves. But if they did see it they would not drop down dead in fear! Dead people cannot see God, and having another body which would become a living soul were your judicially alive spirit to enter into it, doesn't help whilst you are human. 

Adam and his sons were banned from seeing God's face after sentence was first passed. But Cain was not a son of Adam.

1 Now Adam had intercourse with Eve his wife and she became pregnant. In time she gave birth to Cain and said: I have produced a man with the aid of Jehovah [not with the aid of Adam] (Genesis 4).

The aid was that Jehovah turned on her reproductive system, whereas Eve's mother was pre-adamic and could not produce babies by sexual reproduction. She was saying God enabled me to procreate. This occurred when she sinned eating from the tree. She was enabled to produce ageing children. That is children who are constructively dead. 

Cain was sent away from the face of Jehovah (that phrase appearing twice in Genesis4). That is fascinating. Because it implies that he could see the face of Jehovah in circumstances where no adamic person could. The explanation of this is as follows...

Adultery came first, Eve was not murdered, Adam was according to the Gospel of Philip. But Jesus said that Satan was a manslayer when he began. This is because he induced Eve to sin, killing her human soul but not her angelic soul since she was deceived and therefore did not sin with her spirit. Satan had to induce Eve to sin in order to have a child with her by sexual reproduction which is not regulated by God as we know only too well. Cain had finite human life and had judicial angelic life being a son of Satan and Eve.

3 And Adam lived on for 130 years. Then he became father to a son in his likeness, in his image, and called his name Seth [as opposed to the other living son Cain who was not in Adam's image or likeness but in Satan's].

12 not like Cain, who originated with the wicked one and slaughtered his brother. And for the sake of what did he slaughter him? Because his own works were wicked, but those of his brother [were] righteous. (1 John 3 NWT)
12 not as Cain of the evil one was, and killed the brother of himself; and on account of what killed he him? because the works of him evil was, those but of the brother of him righteous. (1 John 3 ED)
12 not according as Cain out of the wicked (one) he was and he slaughtered the brother of him; and thanks of what slaughtered he him? Because the works of him wicked was, the (ones) but of the brother of him righteous (ones). (1 John 3 KIT)

So Eve was an ageing living mother of an ageing living child in the case of Cain. Cain was not a son of Adam and could therefore see God's face. This may have lead to his arrogance, since no other adamic human could. But when he murdered his brother, he of course lost his judicial angelic life and was therefore banned from seeing God's face like the rest of adamic man.

Cain murdered his only younger brother Abel, and Satan murdered his only younger brother, Adam. Like father like son.

44 You are from your father the Devil [father by some sort of Satanic Covenant], and you wish to do the desires of your father. That one was a manslayer when he began [by inducing Eve to sin so as to lose her human soul, but not her angelic soul], and he did not stand fast in the truth, because truth is not in him. When he speaks the lie, he speaks according to his own disposition, because he is a liar and the father of [the lie] (John 8)

38 Then Mary said: Look! Jehovah's slave girl! May it take place with me according to your declaration. At that the angel departed from her. (Luke 1 NWT)

Angeliah (Angelic Jehovah, the Archetypical Joseph)  + Matriarch (Archetypical Mary, Jehovah's Slave Girl). Satan would have slept with this girl at some point in the archetypical sin of Reuben. This was his giving consideration to a seizure, namely that he should be equal to God.

Archadam (the very first Adam, Lucifer/Satan) + Archeve (the very first Eve)

Humaniah (Human Jehovah, Adam's true father who brought him up after he became 11 in Eden)

PreJoseph (Adam's pre-adamic foster father) + PreMary (Adam's pre-adamic surrogate mother)

Angelically possessed pre-adamics were simply Angelic breeding pairs who chose to give birth as humans and raise their children as humans initially. They were raptured once they had grown up and reached 50 we think. The pre-adamics, whether angelically possessed or not, had children like Sarah did, with an act of God, since they were sterile. Hence Eve said I have produced a man with the aid of Jehovah - via the Abraham and Sarah method. This was how all pre-adamics (including Eve before she sinned) produced men. This indeed is why so many barren or sterile women have children in the scriptures.  

Homo Sapiens, the final form of man after Homo Habilis and Homo Erectus etc, was a fully spiritual being (since God himself possessed one in order to procreate Adam). They were all capable of taking a spiritual test and many were the sons of the angels or were possessed by angels. But not necessarily all of them. Angelic breeding pairs came down as grown human male and females to have children. Then these children could presumably choose whether to go upstairs with their parents or remain downstairs to make the next generation. But what Adam described as leaving one's father and mother and sticking to one's wife would not have occurred since neither angels nor pre-adamics got married. They enter into child rearing agreements instead.

Homo Habilis and Homo erectus etc were the early animalistic versions of man. These could not procreate by sexual reproduction without help from God however because God did not bless man in that way. He blessed 'the man' in that way. However they could procreate by sexual reproduction with God's help in the manner of Abraham and Sarah. God has to maintain a veto over the pro-creation of judicially living beings, but not over judicially dead beings. Then when Homo Sapiens appeared the angels possessed these. The possessions would have been a kind of nature eco primitive holiday for the angels! There must have been a prime directive of some sort meaning they could not do nuclear fusion in their cave!

It is possible that Homo Habilis and Homo Erectus and other pre Homo Sapiens Hominids could reproduce sexually since they had no salvation status. 

Adam had better flesh and bone than the pre-adamics. So Eve had to be brought up to his standard. Hence the rib manouevre. This was not a cloning of Adam but an upgrade for Eve.

Eve had different genetics and was upgraded to Adam's standard, flesh of his flesh and bone of his bones, so that the children were of the new form of human and no incest had occurred.