[268] Judges 19-20: The folly of the Levi and Benjamin, the cut up concubine

Olive is for the literal meaning
Blue is for the word symbolic meaning

1 Now it happened in those days that there was no king in Israel [No king in the Watchtower after Henschel resigned]. And it came about that a certain Levite [AOL - officiating at the WTBTS temple] was residing for a time in the remotest parts of the mountainous region of Ephraim. In time he took as his wife a concubine [2NCs in the Laodicean congregation. Is it a wife? Is it a concubine in the greater meaning? Actually it is his concubine because they lie down to eat LW food from his spying together. Then he marries the Laodicean 2NCs by falsely claiming to be the mediator of the 2NC] from Bethlehem in Judah [the Watchtower].
2 And his concubine began to commit fornication against him. Finally she went away from him to the house of her father at Bethlehem in Judah [The Watchtower] and continued there fully 4 months [4 literal months - harvest Tetramenos?].
3 Then her husband got up and went after her to speak consolingly to her so as to bring her back; and there were with him his attendant [Laodicean administration] and a pair of he-asses [The unsanctified congregations of Laodicea and non adamic Sodom]. So she had him come into her father's house. When the father of the young woman got to see him, he at once rejoiced to meet him.
4 Consequently his father-in-law, the young woman's father, took hold of him, so that he continued to dwell with him 3 days; and they would eat and drink, and he would stay overnight there [3 physical days containing the first new Watchtower Passover]
5 And it came about on the 4th day, when they got up early in the morning as usual, he now rose to go, but the father of the young woman said to his son-in-law: Sustain your heart with a bit of bread and afterward you people may go.
6 So they sat down, and both of them began to eat and to drink together; after which the father of the young woman said to the man: Come on, please, and stay overnight, and let your heart feel good [They ate and drank during the day this is not a Passover but another festival].
7 When the man rose to go, his father-in-law kept begging him, so that he stayed overnight there again.
8 When he got up early in the morning on the 5th day to go, the father of the young woman then said: Please, take sustenance for your heart. And they lingered until the fading away of the day. And both of them kept eating.
9 The man now rose to go, he and his concubine and his attendant [administration of Laodicea]; but his father-in-law, the young woman's father [plainly she was his wife], said to him: Look, now! The day has declined toward becoming evening. Please, stay overnight. Here the day is settling down. Stay here overnight, and let your heart feel good. And tomorrow you people must get up early for your journey, and you must go to your tent.
10 However, the man did not consent to stay overnight, but he rose and got on his way and came as far as in front of Jebus [meaning 'threshing'], that is to say, Jerusalem; and with him there were the pair of he-asses saddled up, and his concubine and his attendant.
11 While they were close by Jebus, as the daylight had gone down considerably, the attendant now said to his master: Oh come, now, and let us turn aside to this city of the Jebusites and stay in it overnight.
12 But his master said to him: Let us not turn aside to a city of foreigners who are no part of the sons of Israel; and we have to pass on as far as Gibeah [meaning 'hill'] [].
13 And he went on to say to his attendant: Come and let us approach one of the places, and we must stay overnight either in Gibeah or in Ramah [meaning 'high place of idolatry'].
14 So they passed along and kept on their way, and the sun began to set upon them when near to Gibeah, which belongs to Benjamin [meaning 'son of the right hand'].
15 Consequently they turned aside there to go in to stay overnight in Gibeah. And they proceeded to go in and sit down in the broadway of the city, and there was nobody taking them on into the house to stay overnight.
16 Eventually, look! an old man [Watchtower old guard - 2NC Kings from the administration of Ephraim] coming in from his work in the field [field service], at evening, and the man was from the mountainous region of Ephraim [meaning 'double/twin land'] [Zoar], and he was residing for a time in Gibeah [He would eventually go to Ephraim, the LWs, where he was from]; but the men of the place were Benjamites.
17 When he raised his eyes [ ] he got to see the man, the traveller, in the broadway of the city. So the old man said: Where are you going, and where do you come from?
18 In turn he said to him: We are passing along from Bethlehem in Judah [The Watchtower] to the remotest parts of the mountainous region of Ephraim [The LWs]. That is where I am from, but I went to Bethlehem in Judah; and it is to my own house [the LWs/Zoar] that I am going, and there is nobody taking me on into the house [in Gibeah].
19 And there are both straw [a comfy surrounding] and fodder [basic feed] for our he-asses [The ex-sons of the 3EC in Laodicea and the sons non ex sons of the 3EC in Laodicea who joined too late?], and there are both bread and wine [emblems for festivals] for me [AOL] and your slave girl [The part of the 2NC concubine still loyal to AOL] and for the attendant [Laodicean administration] with your servant. There is no lack of a single thing [So we would not be a burden if they would show us some basic hospitality] [Laodicea thought it had everything].
20 However, the old man said: May you have peace! Just let any lack of yours be upon me. Only do not stay overnight in the broadway [very much akin to the Sodom account except here the poor girl gets raped].
21 With that he brought him into his house and threw mash [from mingle, confuse] to the he-asses. Then they washed their feet and began to eat and drink.
22 While they were making their hearts feel good, look! the men of the city [saints of the administration], mere good-for-nothing men [servants of GNS2, but men, so they are saints, sons of the DAC] [the individual men in GNS2 who want to be good for something i.e. a saint of some type?], surrounded the house, shoving one another against the door; and they kept saying to the old man, the owner of the house []: Bring out the man that came into your house, that we may have intercourse with him.
23 At that the owner of the house [] went on out to them and said to them: No, my brothers, do not do anything wrong, please, since this man has come into my house. Do not commit this disgraceful folly.
24 Here are my virgin daughter [] and his [the man, the traveller] concubine. Let me bring them out, please, and you afflict them and do to them what is good in your eyes. But to this man you must not do this disgraceful, foolish thing [No Laodicean baptism from Caleb. But baptism from other JW apostles. The virgin daughter was not sent out in the literal account. So she is sent out in the greater meaning. Is this Sodom of Genesis19 or is this Sodom of Genesis19!].
25 And the men did not want to listen to him. Hence the man [not the old man in the literal meaning] [AOL gives over his 2NC concubine to be abused] took hold of his concubine and brought her forth to them outside; and they began to have intercourse with her, and kept on abusing her all night long until the morning [the end of the night of non adamic Sodom], after which they sent her off at the ascending of the dawn [of the light from the LWs].
26 Then the woman came to turn to morning [at the end of the churches of the night on 2023Tishri21, the fall of Reverted Laodicea, when it became adamic Sodom or at the start of reappointed Laodicea over the 1NCs on 2019Ab21], and fell down [at the] entrance of the house of the man [there is no ambiguity here in the literal meaning - it is the old man's house] where her master was [does she fall at the entrance to the re-appointed Laodicea, where her master is POL, or does she fall at the entrance to Zoar where her master is Elijah4? BOTH OF COURSE - HENCE THE AMBIGUITY], -- until the light [The light of Jesus coming to Laodicea on 2019Ab27 of John20 and the light of the 3rd part of the 2nd presence beginning on 2019Elul10 AND The light of the law of reinstalled Laodicea over the 1NCs on 2019Tishri11 AND the light of the life, Zoar, coming to them. For the life was the light of men. Or until the light of the 3rd presence of Jesus, when the 1NC apostles are baptised into Zoar on 2024Adar14. She remains fallen until the Laodicean apostle doors are opened to her from 2024VeAdar14]
27 And her master [AOL or Gordon, old master or new master?] rose up [into the ark] in the morning and opened the doors [plural] of the house [1x+2x] [What house? The house of the old man or the house of the LWs? Well that is the whole point. She is Gordon's wife but AOL's concubine. Russell opens the main door to 1NC reserves into the 3EC on 2019Elul10 and into the CRC on 2019Elul14, and Gordon opens the apostolic and half apostolic doors on 2024VeAdar14. Her master is Gordon, under the 2NC. But her judge will be the 1NC reserves for she is given to the slave with 10 minas - see U36. The house is both the house of the old master and the new master. So Russell/Gordon opens the doors to Laodicea. He will show the JWs that the fake 1NC house is indeed a fake 1NC house - they will have to admit it. He will expose the disgusting thing causing desolation. But Gordon is the doorkeeper of Zoar] and went out [1x] [of the ark] to walk to way of him and [temporal disconnect], look! [1x] the woman, his concubine/secondary wife [2x: concubine, a wife other than his first wife, a second wife], fallen entrance of the house [Which house? It could be Laodicea or it could be Zoar, AOP's house. It is very ambiguous - So it is BOTH HOUSES] and her hands upon the spreading-out/snatching away/basin/vestibule/doorstep/threshold! [The threshold can be the ark, the snatch away vehicle, the spreading out, the hold with the threshing floor] 

26 And came the woman to turning of the morning [1x], and fell down, [towards the] entrance of the house of the man [1x] which her masters there [1x] - until the light [1x]
And her master rose up  in the morning [1x] and opened the doors [plural] of the house [2x: it is only said to have one entrance] and went out [1x] to walk to way of him and look! [1x] the woman, his concubine/secondary wife [1x - root may mean softness or pleasure], fallen [at/near the] entrance of the house [1x] and her hands upon the spreading-out/snatching away/basin/vestibule/doorstep! [10x+1x=11x: So she herself was outside next to the entrance not in it] (Judges 19)

The woman (1x)
[a] Concubine of him (2x)
[was] Fallen [at/upon] entrance of the house (1x)
And her hands upon the threshold (10x+1x = 11x)

Verse 27: 1x+2x+1x+1x.1x+0x/1x+10x+1x = 16x/17x:

Bethlehem of Judah = Watchtower
Men of the city are DACs of the Watchtower administration.
Mountainous region of Ephraim is the ark.
He-asses (0) are 2 unsanctified congregations
Old man = Elder = Elijah4 or Elijah3
Gibeah = LW administration of non adamic Sodom administration
Broadway of the city (0) = Go public in the Watchtower
AOL/Caleb cannot leave house for public intercourse = no baptism for Laodicea until the ark.

The Descended Charles Russell appears to Reappointed Laodicea
The woman falls at his appearance on the first Sabbath
of reappointed Laodicean Weeks of John21
The 3EC Door for 1NCs into the 3rd Holy Spirit
is opened by reinstating the baptism of Elijah3
Early 3rd 1NC marriage Passover
17 days

Laodicean Concubine of Judges19 falls
at the fall of Reverted Laodicea.
Then she gets her hands upon the rock mass of Elijah4
late when Elijah of Laodicea meets Elisha (Elijah of Zoar)
The Laodicean apostles (doors) are baptised into the Isaaic 4EC
The 7 day door opening begins
Her master, Elijah4 rises up into the ark on 2024VeAdar21
THE LIGHT of the life, (Zoar) enters into them on 2024VeAdar14
17 months

15 And they completed this house by the 3rd day of the lunar month Adar, that is, in the 6th year of the reign of Darius the king. (Ezra 6 NWT)

2025Nisan16-2025Iyyar4: Take the sandal from upon the foot of Joshua5 and Joshua did like that counts as 12x+6x =18x, because the ground upon which you are standing is Holy. From Elijah4 meeting Peter at first fruits after the Passover, when he is standing upon the holy ground 4 rows of Isaaic 4EC baptised 2NC saints..

Jonah of Jonah3/4 and Benjamin of Genesis42 (whom Joseph called his son) are the Laodicean 1NC reserves. 
Jonah of Jonah1/2 is all Watchtower 1NC reserves and Jonah/Thomas himself, the half apostle to the 1NC reserves.. 
Benjamin of Genesis42 is the youngest of the 4EC water baptised brothers of Laodicea (which has 12 apostles). Jesus vomits Laodiceans out of his mouth. But surely they have to be in his mouth first in order to be vomited out? Well they are not vomited out of the belly of the whale like Jonah, so they never reach that belly, So they are vomited the minute they are baptized - they are not inwardly digested

When scriptures are ambiguous it is not because the Holy Spirit is trying to trick the reader. It is not because God cannot express himself in a precise manner. It is because God wants to say both things.

"Her master opened the doors of the house" is ambiguous. She has two masters. AOL and AOP. One is her husband, the other falsely claims to be her husband but in truth is merely her lover and she, his concubine. She falls at the thresholds of both of their Passover houses.

When you are baptized into Zoar you cannot baptize anyone else until you have completed your 7 whole days priestly installation counting from baptism day as day1. 

28 And he [Elijah4] said to her: Rise up, and let us go. But there was no one answering. At that the man took her upon the ass [baptised her into the 4EC] and rose up [starting the baptism of the priests into Zoar] and went to his place [in the ark].
29 And he entered his house and took the slaughtering knife and laid hold of his concubine and cut her up according to her bones into 12 pieces and sent her into every territory of Israel [This is the 12 tribes of the LWs assuming that some Laodiceans did not have a true 3EC baptism. AOL breaks up Laodicea and they are distributed amongst the 12 tribes of Zoar because they are in the reserve tribe which Caleb/AOL is the half apostle to. Even Lords and priests must be assigned to tribes when a hole is created in the Lordship or in the priesthood]
30 And it occurred that everybody seeing it said: Such a thing as this has never been brought about or been seen from the day that the sons of Israel went up out of the land of Egypt down to this day. Set your hearts upon it, take counsel and speak [instruction to the reader, pay attention, this is a test!] (Judges 19 NWT).

18 And they proceeded to rise up and go on up to Bethel and to inquire of God. Then the sons of Israel said: Who of us should go up in the lead to the battle against the sons of Benjamin? [wrong question] To this Jehovah said: Judah in the lead.
19 After that the sons of Israel rose up in the morning and camped against Gibeah.
20 The men of Israel now went out to battle against Benjamin; and the men of Israel proceeded to draw up in battle formation against them at Gibeah.
21 So the sons of Benjamin came on out from Gibeah and brought 22,000 men in Israel down to ruin to the earth on that day.
22 However, the people, the men of Israel, showed themselves courageous and again went drawing up in battle formation in the place where they had drawn up in formation on the first day.
23 Then the sons of Israel went up and wept before Jehovah until the evening and inquired of Jehovah, saying: Shall I again approach for battle against the sons of Benjamin my brother? [wrong question]  To this Jehovah said: Go up against him.
24 Accordingly the sons of Israel drew near to the sons of Benjamin on the second day.
25 In turn Benjamin came on out from Gibeah to meet them on the second day and brought a further 18,000 men among the sons of Israel down to ruin to the earth, all of these drawing sword.
26 At that all the sons of Israel, even all the people, went on up and came to Bethel and wept and sat there before Jehovah and fasted on that day until the evening and offered up burnt offerings and communion offerings before Jehovah.
27 After that the sons of Israel inquired of Jehovah, as it was there that the ark of the covenant of the [true] God was in those days.
28 And Phinehas the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron, was standing before it in those days, saying: Shall I go out yet again to battle against the sons of Benjamin my brother or shall I cease to? To this Jehovah said: Go up, because tomorrow I shall give him into your hand.
29 Then Israel set men in ambush against Gibeah all around.
30 And the sons of Israel proceeded to go up against the sons of Benjamin on the 3rd day, and to draw up in formation against Gibeah the same as at the other times.
31 When the sons of Benjamin went on out to meet the people, they were drawn away from the city. Then, the same as at the other times, they started to strike down some of the people mortally wounded on the highways, one of which goes up to Bethel and the other to Gibeah, in the field, about 30 men in Israel.
32 So the sons of Benjamin began to say: They are suffering defeat before us the same as at the first. As for the sons of Israel, they said: Let us flee, and we shall certainly draw them away from the city onto the highways.
33 And all the men of Israel rose up from their places and went drawing up in formation at Baal-tamar, while those of Israel in ambush were making a charge out of their places in the vicinity of Gibeah.
34 Thus 10,000 chosen men out of all Israel came in front of Gibeah, and the fighting was heavy; and the Benjamites did not know that calamity was impending over them.
35 And Jehovah proceeded to defeat Benjamin before Israel, so that the sons of Israel on that day brought down to ruin in Benjamin 25,100 men, all of these drawing sword. (Judges 20 NWT)

So what is the lesson from all of this? Incidentally the concubine who was abused and who died gradually thereafter and who was cut up into 12 pieces and sent to the 12 tribes was the wife of her Levite owner. So she was an adulteress. And the Levite should not have permitted her to sleep with the good for nothing men of Jabesh Gilead, since she was his flesh. 

Since they have no human king actually Jehovah was the king of Israel. So he needs to be fully consulted before going to war because he is supposed to lead his armies into battle. Also the nation was required to ask of Jehovah before they went out to battle through the high priest and the Urim...

21 And it is before Eleazar the priest that he will stand, and he must inquire in his behalf by the judgment of the Urim before Jehovah. At his order they will go out and at his order they will come in [to battle or to another place], he and all the sons of Israel with him and all the assembly. (Numbers 27 NWT).

Since God did not appear face to face to Eleazar in Judges 20, he must have been asked by the Urim.
This gives a yes no answer basically. So they were not asking the right questions with the Urim.
We can assume that all the questions were posed through the high priest in the proper manner.

Were the sons of Israel at one with God when they lost on battle day 1? Obviously not (so he did not want them to attack either at all or if not then at least not at that time). Were they at one with him when they lost on battle day 2 - no. Were they at one with him when they won on battle day 3 - yes. So they were atoned between battle days 2 and 3. What did they do between these two days? They all, every one of the people went up and fasted all day and they offered burnt offering and communion sacrifices. These were accepted and therefore were demanded. So it was atonement day Tishri10. So they won after atonement day and lost before atonement day due to not being at one with God and therefore not having him lead them in the battle. Also they did not ask the right questions of God. Should we go up today? might have been a good question. It was also fairly obvious that the nation would be unatoned or at-two-ed prior to Tishri10.

So they sinned on day one by not asking God if they should attack their brother but asking him instead who should lead that presumed attack. God might have answered no do not attack Benjamin instead Ostracise him - had he been asked! Or he might have said this is a matter between Levi and Benjamin what are the rest of you doing here? Or he might have said the Levite is just a guilty as the Benjamite why are you not going to war with Levi? Neither tribe is any better in behaviour than the other. Why are you being so partial?
Then on day two they asked the right question but then they were unatoned for the sin of day 1. Furthermore the position of Benjamin was different now. They had killed 22,000 of their brothers without cause so they should have to pay for this soul for soul. So God was correct to say yes on day 2. But they should have asked: And when should we launch this attack - before or after atonement day? It is a pretty daft thing to attack an enemy and expect God to be with you on the day before atonement day.

The literal message for today is to ask God for complete directions in a matter, if it should be done, when it should be done and how it should be done. Do not presume half of the answer yourself. Be as open as possible in your requests. Secondly there is little point in asking for his help if you are knowingly not worshipping him correctly. So get your conscience sorted before you ask or he is unable to bless you. He did not cause 22,000 or 18,000 to die. He was not going to take a side in a brother against brother fight that he did not sanction on day one. He was unable to help due to his unatoned state on day two - because they sinned when they attacked Benjamin without his consent on day 1. He did not volunteer that information because he was not asked it. This account is similar to that of Cain and Abel. It reads as if you can present any old sacrifice to placate God and a bit of fasting does not hurt. But that is absolutely not the case. All sacrifices must be prescribed and all ordinances must be obeyed. On atonement day the entire nation, all the people, had to fast.

The Levite priest was just as guilty as the men who raped his wife, because he permitted implied homosexuality since his wife was his flesh. He was a homosexual rapist himself. He should have been kjlled too. In fact he should have gone against the town himself - if he had wanted to try and fix the situation retrospectively. He cut up the one he loved to assuage his guilt for handing her over unrighteously rather than facing the mob himself.

Ironically fix fix proposed by Israel for a decimated Benjamin was for them to go and rape a bunch of women in Shiloh which was the sin which began the whole affair and for which they went to war with Benjamin. Hence we read...

25 In those days there was no king in Israel. What was right in his own eyes was what each one was accustomed to do. (Judges 21 NWT)