[30] The 50,000 Year Jubilee to Angelicity

So the secular year definitions are as follows

1. Tishri1 secular due to Adam's birth on 4027Tishri2 BC (administrative)
2. Nisan1 sacred due to Michael's agreement to ransom Adam, the ARC, made on 3993Nisan14 BC (salvational)
3. Nisan1 sacred becomes dominant over Tishri1 secular due to Jehovah becoming King over Israel (administrative by God)
4. Ab1 sacred year for non adamic Abrahamics in Laodicea from 2012Ab16/Tishri5
5. Elul1 sacred for non Adamic Abrahamics in Zoar and Laodicea from 2012Elul16/Heshvan5.
6. Tishri1 sacred for non Adamic Isaaics in Zoar from 2016Tishri16/Chislev5.
7. Tebbeth1 new Kingdom secular year for Abraham due Jesus becoming Caesar to them on 2024Tebbeth16 by rapture of the Abrahamic 2NCs from 2024Tebbeth16-21.
8. Adar1 new Kingdom secular year for Isaac due Jesus becoming Caesar to them on 2024VeAdar16 by rapture of the Abrahamic 2NCs from 2024VeAdar16-21.

So in the world there were 6 months between the sacred and secular years. They were as far apart as it is possible to be.
Whereas the 3rd Holy Spirit has 0 months between its sacred and secular years (both Nisan1) because there is no conflict between the two.
Whereas in the Kingdom of God there are 5 months between the sacred Tishri1 and secular Adar1 years because it is one step closer to the perfection of the Holy Spirit.

Putting that another way the 2NC administration of the Kingdom is a long way from perfect. But it is one step closer than Satan1's attempt!

However things do not stop here after one 7,000 year week.

8 However, let this one fact not be escaping your notice, beloved ones, that one day is beside Lord as 1,000 years and 1,000 years as one day. (2 Peter 3 NWT)

We noticed. And if we count a day as 1,000 years, and we count a week is as 7,000 years, then we must count a Pentecost is 50,000 years. That is how long it takes to complete mankind's installation as Angels. That is how long it takes us to sit 'beside Lord' in heaven.

10 And you must sanctify the 50th year and proclaim liberty in the land to all its inhabitants. It will become a Jubilee for you, and you must return each one to his possession and you should return each one to his family. (Leviticus 25)

2 And this is the manner of the release: there will be a releasing by every creditor of the debt that he may let his fellow incur. He should not press his fellow or his brother for payment, because a release to Jehovah must be called [to the Kingdom of God, to all 7 Kingdoms of God]. (Deuteronomy 15).

We know we are from God's family. We know we are sons of God. We know our possession is divinity. Each one of us will have the possession of divinity by the Jubilee, the 50th light universe creative day, which ends on 1,142,674Chislev14 AD. But likewise we are angelic for God blew his spirit of our lives, our characters into Adam's nostrils dual and then into his lungs plural. So we exist in two souls. So we must be are released into our angelic soul on or before the first Jubilee actually of millennia.

But those in the various Holy Spirits can be released from their dual souled human body into their dual souled angelic body in any one of the 7 working weeks or 7 Sabbaths preceding the millennial Jubilee Sabbath. Jesus became divine on 33Sivan5 after having climbed the 50 steps pf the divine ladder from 33Nisan16. God effected the angelic ransom of Adam at the Pentecost ending the Alienation Times. So Michael lost his dual souled angelic body on that day and therefore went into his dual souled divine body on that day.

The secular calendar being 5 months away from the sacred in the kingdom puts mankind one step closer to divinity than he was in the world of Satan. 

Time period Sacred Start Secular Start End Sacred year Sacred kings Secular kings Secular year Day of Greater Week
Edenic Sabbath 4015Nisan1 BC 4016Tishri1 BC 3993Nisan14 BC Nisan1  1HS  God Tishri1 Previous Week
Working Week 1 3989Nisan16 BC 3989Nisan16 BC 2012Nisan14 AD Nisan1  2HS  Satan1 Tishri1 Saturday/Sunday, Day 1
Kingdom Sabbath 1 2012 2033 3023 Tishri1 1NCs 2NCs Adar1 Saturday/Sunday, Day 1
Working Week 2 3012 3033 9033 Tishri1  2NCs Satan2 Adar1 Sunday/Monday, Day 2
Kingdom Sabbath 2 9012 9033 10,033 Nisan1 2NCs 3NCs Ab1 Sunday/Monday, Day 2
Working Week 3 10,012 10,033 16,033  Nisan1  3NCs Satan3 Ab1 Monday/Tuesday, Day 3
Kingdom Sabbath 3 16,012 16.033 17,033 Tishri1  3NCs 4NCs Tebbeth1 Monday/Tuesday, Day 3
Working Week 4 17,012 17,033 23,033 Tishri1  4NCs Satan4 Tebbeth1 Tuesday/Wednesday, Day 4
Kingdom Sabbath 4 23,012 23,033 24,033 Nisan1 4NCs 5NCs Sivan1 Tuesday/Wednesday, Day 4
Working Week 5 24,012 24,033 30,033 Nisan1 5NCs Satan5 Sivan1 Wednesday/Thursday, Day 5
Kingdom Sabbath 5 30,012 30,033 31,033 Tishri1  5NCs 6NCs Heshvan1 Wednesday/Thursday, Day 5
Working Week 6 31,012 31.033 37,033 Tishri1  6NCs Satan6 Heshvan1 Thursday/Friday, Day 6
Kingdom Sabbath 6 37,012 37,033 38,033 Nisan1 6NCs 7NCs Nisan1 Thursday/Friday, Day 6
Working Week 7 38,012 38,033 44,033 Nisan1 7NCs Satan7 Nisan1 Friday/Saturday, Day 7
Kingdom Sabbath 7 44,012 44,033 45,033 None 7NCs None None Friday/Saturday, Day 7
Jubilee 45,012 45,033 46,012/46,033 None None None None Saturday/Sunday, Day 1

There is a Passover of secular rulership at the end of each hexamillennial working week and at the end of each millennial Sabbath. That is why there is a calendar change at the end of each one of them. 

The Sabbath day of the first working week is the Kingdom of God. Each day in the Jubilee pattern will be 1,000 years long. So the whole process will take 50,000 years to get Adam to angelicity. So the whole pattern is 50,000 years long from 3,327Nisan14 BC to 46,033Nisan14 AD, the first 50 recreative days -see U234. The secular head, the Davidic king, the secular government, is Daddy. The sacred head, the Aaronic priest, the heavenly or church administration is Mummy. When you are all grown up, you cease to be under the authority of either parent.

The 2nd Holy Spirit (God's second wife, initially under Michael but today under Gabriel) along with the morning stars (of the 6th angelic creative morning), reaches divinity in the 50th angelic creative day which is 7500 years long from 175,174Chislev14 to 182,674Chislev14 AD - see U234.

6 Even supposing that he has lived 1,000 years twice over [in two millennial Sabbaths - so there are at least two of them!] and yet he has not seen [discerned] what is good, is it not to just one place that everyone is going [Gehenna, One prison each of the 7 millennial Sabbaths]? (Ecclesiastes 6 NWT)

8 For Lord of the Sabbath is what the Son of man is [Yes, but not of the Jubilee]. (Matthew 12 NWT)

Why would so many things conspire to save one little girl's life?
But what if it wasn't just Abby?
What if she is no more or less special that any of us?
What if we are all unique and the universe loves us all equally?
So much so that it bends over backward across the centuries for each and every one of us
And sometimes we are just lucky enough to see it?
No life is more important than another
And nothing has been without purpose - nothing.
What if we are all part of a great pattern that we may someday understand?
And one day, when we have done what we alone are capable of doing
We get to rise up and reunite with lose we have loved the most
For ever embraced? 
What if we get to become stars? 

From A Winter's Tale, the 2014 Village Roadshow Pictures and Weed Road Pictures Movie, written and directed by Akiva Goldsman, following the novel by Mark Helprin in 1983, following William Shakespeare in 1611, following Robert Green in 1588.

Well Akiva was correct. And today we understand the pattern. It is a Jubilee pattern. And we shall not only get to become stars. We shall get to become Gods. Gods like our father Jehovah and the first of his sons to join him in divinity - Jesus Christ. 

The film of course bombed, despite fantastic performances from Farrell and Crowe and an inspired show stealing interpretation from Jessica. Because true art does not take from the pockets of the many. It gives to the hearts of the few.

17 Jesus said to her: Stop clinging to me. For I have not yet ascended to the Father. But be on your way to my brothers and say to them, 'I am ascending to my Father and your Father and to my God and your God.' (John 20 NWT)

This was said on the first day of 1NCs Weeks 33Nisan16 which was also the 1st day of the week. Jesus could not give his angel to God until he had received his divine body. The ransom of Adam's angel for Michael's everlasting angelic body occurred on 33Sivan5, the 1NC Pentecost, ending the Alienation Times. This was because Jesus gained his divine body on 33Sivan5 and so was able to release his angelic body to God. So Jacob's ladder from human body to angelic body is 30 steps. But from human body to divine body is 50 steps. And now we understand fully what Peter meant when he said...

8 But let not this one thing be hidden [from] you, beloved, that one day with [the] Lord [is] "as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day." [Psalms. 90:4] (2 Peter 3 GLT)

30 days for a human to become angelic. 50 days for a human to become divine. 50,000 years for all humans to make that same journey!