[306] Genesis 42:1-47:26: Jacob sends 10 Brothers down to Joseph in Egypt: Some initial thoughts


1 And Jacob got to see [from the ark] that there was [rb,v,] broken off/corn in Egypts. Then Jacob said to his sons: Why do yeu keep looking at self-the group? [Because they are in the ark and can see what each other is doing]
2 And he said [not said to be to his sons]: Here I have heard [but not seen them] that there is [rb,v,] broken off/corn in Egypts. Go down there and [rb;v'] break down/analyse/scrutinize/buy [in the sense of breaking off pieces from stock] for us from there, that we may keep alive and not die off [So this is salvation necessary food].
3 And 10 brothers of Joseph went down [rb;v'] [from the ark] to break down/analyse/scrutinize/buy [rB;] wheat/winnowed-stuff from Egypts [upper and lower].
4 But Jacob did not send Benjamin [Dry 2NCs], Joseph's brother, with his brothers, because he said: Otherwise a mischief may befall him [it never did literally therefore it will in the greater meaning]
5 And Israel's sons came along with the [ones] who were coming to [rb;v'] to break down/analyse/scrutinize/buy, because the famine existed in the land of Canaan [The Watchtower].
6 And Joseph was the man in power over the land [#r<a,] [the congregation of Zoar NOT of Egypt]. He was the one that did the [rb;v'] breaking down/analysing/scrutinizing/selling to all people of the land/earth [#r<a,] [all the congregation of Zoar]. AND Joseph's brothers came and bowed low to him nostrils [@a;] land/earth [#r<a,].[this is the Laodiceans accepting that both of their souls, the human 4EC to be and the angelic 2NC are under the authority of Joseph, the mediator of the 2NC and of the 4EC]

Verse1: 2x+11x = 13x
Verse2: 2x+1x.2x+1x.3x.2x,(3x+3x) = 40x (Jacob's household)
Verse3: 10x.2x = 20x
Verse4: (1x+10x).2x = 22x
Verse5: 10x+3x = 13x
Verse6: 2x+2x+10x+20x = 34x
Verse1-6: 13x+40x+20x+22x+13x+34x = 142x from 2023Tebbeth16, the start of Laodicean 2NC ark rapture, to 2024Sivan8, the end of the 2nd 2NC marriage feast, the end of 2NC earthly interaction?

7 And Joseph got to see his brothers, he at once recognized them, but he made himself unrecognizable to them. So he spoke harshly with them and said to them: Where have you come from? to which they said: From the land [#r<a,] of Canaan [rb;v'] to break down/analyse/scrutinize/buy foodstuffs/devourables [lk,aO].

Egypt is the world, Zoar is the land, and Canaan is the Watchtower. Pharaoh is Caesar to Egypt. Joseph keeps swearing on the Life of Pharaoh, because Pharaoh is judicially alive. So he is Jesus not the Dragon, which is judicially dead (Genesis 42). 

8 And Joseph recognized his brothers, but they themselves did not recognize him [They do know Elijah4. They do not accept that he is the mediator of the 2NC. They refuse to recognize the 2NC crown].
9 And Joseph remembered the dreams [2 dreams of Genesis 37] that he had dreamed respecting them, and he went on to say to them: You [10] are spies/treading ones! You have come to see the nakedness/openness of the land! [Iiterally the weak points for attack. The susceptibility of the LW congregation to Watchtower type corruption? Count not triggered]
10 And they said to him: No, my lord, but your servants have come to break down/analyse/scrutinize/buy foodstuffs/devourables [lk,aO].
We are all of us sons of but one man. We are [!Ke] as thus/upright/transparent men. Your servants are not being spies/treading ones [True literally: False symbolically].
12 But he said to them: Not so! Because you have come to see the nakedness/openness of the land [#r<a,] !
13 And they said: Your servants are 12 brothers. We are the sons of but one man in the land of Canaan; and here the youngest is with our father the day [this], whereas the other one is nothing him [they have lost a Laodicean apostle].

A witness to 12x precisely in verse 13 and in verse 32. 

2005Shebat16-2012Sivan14 (adamic Laodicea) + 2012Tammuz17-2017Elul10 (non adamic Abrahamic Laodicea) + 2019Elul7 to 2019Adar16 (reappointed Laodicea from the start of the 3EC which makes brothers)

6 years 4 months - 2 days + 5 years + 2 months - 7 days + 6 months + 9 days = 12 years.

14 And Joseph said to them: It is what I have spoken to yeu, saying, 'Yeu [10] are spies/treading ones!'

10x.10x.10x = 1000x of feeding through spying on the LWs, from 2019Tishri10 to 2019Adar16 and 2020Sivan12 to 2022Tishri16  = 156x+844x = 1000x
1,000 days of 5 loaves into 5,000. From 2019Tishri10 (the start of feeding saints under installation) to 2019Adar16 in reappointed Laodicea as a true church and 2020Sivan12 (the start of HLC entrance into Reverted Laodicea) to 2022Tishri16 in Reverted Laodicea as a true church (156+844 = 1000 days from the first 1NC baptism to the end of the church) - see U67.

15 By this you will be tested out. [On] Life of Pharaoh, you will not go out of here except when your youngest brother comes here [not Benjamin, but the youngest Laodicean replacement apostle].
16 Send one of you that he may get your brother while you have been bound, that your words may be tested out as the truth in your case. And if not, then, [on] Life of Pharaoh, you [10] are spies/treading ones.
17 And he gathered them together to custody for 3 days [10 of them making 30 days of putting them under 4EC law - the temple building time of Haggai1. From 2023Shebat22, when the 6 new 2NC apostles go under law to 2023Adar22, 5th row laying day].
18 And Joseph said to them on the 3rd day [2023Shebat22-24]: Do this and keep alive. I fear the [true] God.

Caleb = AOL = Simeon, the only one permitted to join the LW congregation. The other brothers remain in Hebron (Laodicean Zoar). The 2 churches are united when the 3rd Holy Sprit takes Zoar over. AOL is the interpreter between the LWs and Laodicea. Benjamin is permitted to join the LWs? He is not an original Laodicean. The asses of the brothers are their apostolic houses which they are going to baptise into the 4EC. The 10 brothers are by the 2NC. They include apostles from the world. Jacob (the house of Jacob in the ark) sends the 10 2NCs down here. Reverted Laodicea fell on 2022Tishri16. The only way Jacob is now instructing them is if they are in the congregation of the ark.
19 If you are upright, let one [dx'a,] of your brothers be kept bound in your house of custody [One must remain with the LWs at all times. No more denying existence. Caleb is baptised as the Laodicean FRC Passover lamb and becomes a full true LW], but the rest of you go, take [rb,v,] broken off/corn for the famine in your houses [the rest go into Hebron which is ark based Laodicea, and Kind of Hellenised Hebrew! David (Jesus) becomes King in Hebron - ark based Laodicea - first].
20 And you will bring your youngest brother to me, that your words may be found trustworthy; and you will not die. And they proceeded to do so.
21 And they began to say one to the other: Unquestionably we are guilty with regard to our brother, because we saw the distress of his soul when he implored compassion on our part, but we did not listen. That is why this distress has come upon us.
22 And Reuben answered them, saying: Did not I say to you, 'Do not sin against the child,' but you did not listen? And now his blood, here it is certainly asked back.
23 And they did not know that Joseph was listening, because an interpreter [was] between them.
24 And he turned away from them and began to weep. Then he returned to them and spoke to them and took Simeon from them and bound him before their eyes.
25 And Joseph gave the command, and they went filling up their receptacles [with] [rB;] wheat/winnowed-stuff. Also [Joseph commanded] to return the silvers [that they gave Joseph for wheat] of them to each man's sack and to give them food for the journey. And it was done as-thus to them. 

Verse 25: 1x+2x.10x+3x.10x+10x+40x = 101x from 2023Shebat21 to 2024Sivan2, 2nd 2NC marriage?

26 And they loaded their [rb,v,] broken off/corn upon their asses and got on their way from there.
27 And one opened his sack to give fodder to his ass at the lodging place, he got to see his money, and here it was in the mouth of his bag.
28 And he said to his brothers: My money has been returned and now here it is in my bag! Then their hearts sank, so that they turned trembling to one another, saying: What is this God has done to us?
29 And they came to Jacob [the saints in the ark, the house of Jacob] their father to the land of Canaan and told him all the things that had befallen them, saying:
30 The man who is the lord of the country spoke harshly with us, since he took us for men spying on the country.
31 But we said to him, 'We are upright men. We do not act as spies.
32 We are 12 brothers, the sons of our father. One is no more, and the youngest is today with our father in the land of Canaan.'
33 But the man who is the lord of the country said to us, 'By this I am going to know you are upright: Have one brother of yours stay with me. Then you take something for the famine in your houses and go.
34 And bring your youngest brother to me, that I may know that you are no spies but you are upright. Your brother I shall give back to you, and you may carry on business in the land.'
35 And it came about that when they were emptying their sacks here was each one's bundle of money in his sack. And they as well as their father got to see their bundles of money, and they became afraid.
36 And Jacob their father exclaimed to them: It is I you have bereaved! Joseph is no more and Simeon is no more, and Benjamin you are going to take! It is upon me that all these things have come!
37 But Reuben said to his father: My own 2 sons you may put to death if I do not bring him back to you. Give him over to my care, and I shall be the one to return him to you.
38 And, he said: My son will not go down with you men, because his brother is dead and he has been left by himself. If a fatal accident should befall him on the way on which you would go, then you would certainly bring down my gray hairs with grief to Sheol. (Genesis 42) 

Wheat/winnowed stuff (2)

3 Accordingly 10 brothers of Joseph went down [to be cast down to descend - from the Ark] to buy grain from Egypt.

Joseph is the father of the 2NC. So these are not brothers in the 2NC. But they could be brothers in the JAC. They are not brothers in Isaac because reverted Laodicea lost its 4EC baptism on 2022Tammuz15. They could be brothers in Abraham for he is the father of us all. Isaac is a son of Abraham and the LWs are Isaaic. So these are non adamic Abrahamic brothers. WOW perhaps 2 tribes of Laodicea are Cainian? There are 12 brothers  But only 10 are said to be of Joseph. One is with our father (Abraham in the non adamic Abrahamic congregation of non adamic Sodom, not said to be his father) and the other is nothing. These 2 might both be Cainain in the Abrahamic meaning?

9 Immediately Joseph remembered the dreams that he had dreamed respecting them, and he went on to say to them: You are spies! You have come to see the nakedness/openness of the land! [Rather than the hidden Laodicean land]

11 We are all of us sons of but one man. We are upright men. Your servants do not act as spies.
12 But he said to them: Not so! Because you have come to see the exposed condition of the land!
13 At this they said: Your servants are 12 brothers. We are the sons of but one man in the land of Canaan; and here the youngest is with our father today, whereas the other one is no more.
14 However, Joseph said to them: It is what I have spoken to you, saying, 'You are spies!' (Genesis 42 NWT)

12 brothers compared to one man is witness to 12x precisely of spying from 2003Shebat21, the installation of Laodicea to feed the 1NCs, to 2015Shebat21, the start of 40 days of spying testing to 2016Nisan1.

5 Later on Joseph had a dream and told it to his brothers, and they found further reason to hate him.
6 And he went on to say to them: Listen, please, to this dream that I have dreamed.
7 Well, here we were binding sheaves in the middle of the field [baptising Christians into true churches in the midst of the field under God's cultivation] when here my sheaf got up and additionally stood up and here your sheaves [the churches run by his brothers] proceeded to turn towards/surround and bow down to my sheaf 
8 And his brothers began to say to him: Are you going to be king over us for certain? or, Are you going to dominate over us for certain? So they found fresh reason to hate him over his dreams and over his words.

11 sheaves bow down to Joseph's sheaf. These are the saints of every call being baptised into Zoar and being under the law of the 4EC for 11 months from 2023Shebat22 to 2024Tebbeth14, the end of Zoar. Alos LW food is way better than that of Joseph's brothers,.

The 1NCs, the HLCs, the 2NCs and the ELCs and Benjamin all come into Zoar.

9 After that he had still another dream, and he related it to his brothers and said: Here I have had a dream once more, and here the sun and the moon and 11 stars were bowing down to me.
10 Then he related it to his father as well as his brothers, and his father began to rebuke him and say to him: What does this dream that you have dreamed mean? Am I and also your mother and your brothers for certain going to come and bow down to the earth to you? [Rachel did not literally, she died bearing Benjamin] (Genesis 37 NWT)

Sun + moon + 11 stars = 11x from 2023Shebat22, the baptism of Caleb to 2023Tebbeth14, the end of Zoar. The sun is the 3rd Holy spirit and the moon is the demons.
Jesus (Sun) through the 3rd Holy Spirit, the demons (moon) and the 2NC saints (stars) will enter into Zoar. 
Russell (father), the JWs (mother) and ALL the saints will come into Zoar. 

Joseph is Gordon
Interpreter between them is Caleb?
Jacob is the sons of the JAC, his covenant sons in the Watchtower.
Pharaoh is the 1NC reserves, God made Joseph a father to them in the sense that he baptises them in water
Benjamin is the dry water into wine 2NCs, brothers of Joseph the 4EC FRC 2NCs

27 And Israel continued to dwell in the land of Egypt, in the land of Goshen; and they became settled in it and were fruitful and grew to be very many.
28 And Jacob lived on in the land of Egypt for 17 years, so that Jacob's days, the years of his life, came to be 147 years. (Genesis 47 NWT)

Jacob (saints) living 17 years in Egypt from 2005Sivan14 to 2022Sivan25, when the last 2NC left the Watchtower for reverted Laodicea.

147 years of saints (HLCs) from 1875Iyyar21, the start of the 3EC, to 2023 ignoring one year for the Abrahamic conversion.

130 years of temporary residencies [not so much alien residencies]. 1890Sivan12, the start of the 2nd presence, to 2020Heshvan14, the end of the 2nd presence

Israel is ??

12 brothers are 12 tribes from the Laodicean apostles. 

They are spies. 10 brothers actually showed up. 10 Laodicean spies are put in custody for 3 days during the period from ??, 3 days of Joshua2, hiding in the LW mountain.

22 To each of them he gave individual changes of mantles, but to Benjamin he gave 300 silvers and 5 changes of mantles. (Genesis 45 NWT)

Changes of mantles are changes of body due to the blessings of the various salvation covenants. 300 silvers may be 300 2NC saints who job it is to look after Benjamin (12+144+!44).

Decapolis (could be the world under the 10 kings of Revelation17 who each have a city and a kingdom).
Binding them is baptising them into the LWs
Upright men are sealed in the flesh, completed water baptism.
Remaining in your house of custody, is remaining in the LWs.
3 days in custody are the 3 Passover days??
Land of Egypt is the land of FDS4.
Land of Canaan is the land of ES2.
2nd year of famine is?
5 more years of famine are?

No ploughing time or harvest of Corn or Grain??
Cereals and spiritual food
Grain is money from Grain speculation?.
Firstborn is Manasseh??
Youngest is Ephraim?? The 2NC Samaritan/Gentile call
How then could we steal Silver or Gold from the house of your master? 2NC saints and 1NC saints.
Joseph gave Benjamin 5 handfuls of food, not 5 times as much as everyone else!
5 changes of mantles and 300 silver pieces??

1 Later on he commanded the man who was over his house, saying: Fill the bags of the men with food to the extent they are able to carry it and place the money of each one in the mouth of his bag.
2 But you must place my cup, the silver cup, in the mouth of the bag of the youngest and the money for his cereals. So he did according to the word of Joseph which he had spoken.
3 The morning had become light when the men were sent away, both they and their asses (Genesis 44).

Mike's observations:

account uses three words for food: cereals, grain, foodstuff

42:1 looking at one another

42:5 called Israel's sons

Expression "You are spies" repeated 3x

42:28 What is this God has done to us?

42:35 bundle of money

42:38 bringing down my grey hair into Sheol

43:7 binary question

43:16 eat at noon - which festival meal?

43:24 feet washed: baptism for 22 times or 110 days?

43:32 3 different meals, different covenants or Kings/Lords?

43:34 portion 5x

44:2 silver cup of 2NC

44:12 & 43:33 they queue from oldest to youngest

44:30 soul bound up with soul?

45:7 This is like Jesus who went ahead of his brothers in the earth for a great escape 


1 And the famine was severe in the land.
2 And it came about that as soon as they had finished eating up the cereals they had brought from Egypt, their father proceeded to say to them: Return, buy a little food for us.
3 Then Judah said to him: The man unmistakably bore witness to us, saying, 'You must not see my face again unless your brother is with you.'
4 If you are sending our brother with us, we are willing to go down and buy food for you.
5 But if you are not sending him, we shall not go down, because the man did say to us, 'You must not see my face again unless your brother is with you.'
6 And Israel exclaimed: Why did you have to do harm to me by telling the man you had another brother?
7 At this they said: The man directly inquired concerning us and our relatives, saying, 'Is your father yet alive? Do you have another brother?' and we went on to tell him according to these facts. How could we know for certain that he would say, 'Bring your brother down'?
8 Finally Judah said to Israel his father: Send the boy with me, that we may get up and go and that we may keep alive and not die off, both we and you and our little children.
9 I shall be the one to be surety for him. Out of my hand you may exact the penalty for him. If I fail to bring him to you and present him to you, then I shall have sinned against you for all time.
10 But if we had not lingered around, we should by now have been there and back these 2 times.
11 So Israel their father said to them: If, then, that is the case, do this: Take the finest products of the land in your receptacles and carry them down to the man as a gift: a little balsam, and a little honey, labdanum and resinous bark, pistachio nuts and almonds.
12 Also, take double the money in your hand; and the money that was returned in the mouth of your bags you will take back in your hand. Maybe it was a mistake.
13 And take your brother and get up, return to the man.
14 And may God Almighty give you pity before the man, that he may certainly release to you your other brother and Benjamin. But I, in case I must be bereaved, I shall certainly be bereaved!
15 Accordingly the men took this gift, and they took double the money in their hand and Benjamin. Then they rose and went their way down to Egypt and got to stand before Joseph.
16 When Joseph saw Benjamin with them, he at once said to the man who was over his house: Take the men to the house and slaughter animals and make preparation, because the men are to eat with me at noon.
17 Immediately the man did just as Joseph had said. So the man took the men to Joseph's house.
18 But the men got afraid because they had been taken to Joseph's house, and they began to say: It is because of the money that went back with us in our bags at the start that we are being brought here for them to fall upon us and attack us and to take us for slaves and also our asses!
19 Hence they approached the man who was over Joseph's house and spoke to him at the entrance of the house,
20 and they said: Excuse us, my lord! We surely did come down at the start to buy food.
21 But what occurred was that when we came to the lodging place and began opening our bags, why, here was the money of each one in the mouth of his bag, our money in full weight. So we would like to return it with our own hands.
22 And more money we have brought down in our hands to buy food. We certainly do not know who placed our money in our bags.
23 Then he said: It is all right with you. Do not be afraid. Your God and the God of your father gave you treasure in your bags. Your money came first to me. After that he brought out Simeon to them.
24 Then the man brought the men into Joseph's house and gave water that they might have their feet washed, and he gave fodder for their asses.
25 And they proceeded to get the gift ready for Joseph's coming at noon, because they had heard that it was there they were going to eat bread.
26 When Joseph went on into the house, then they brought the gift that was in their hand to him into the house, and prostrated themselves to him to the earth.
27 After this he inquired whether they were getting along well and said: Is your father, the aged man of whom you have spoken, getting along well? Is he still alive?
28 To this they said: Your servant our father is getting along well. He is still alive. Then they bowed down and prostrated themselves.
29 When he raised his eyes and saw Benjamin his brother, the son of his mother, he went on to say: Is this your brother, the youngest one of whom you have spoken to me? And he added: May God show you his favor, my son.
30 Joseph was now in a hurry, because his inward emotions were excited toward his brother, so that he looked for a place to weep and he went into an interior room and gave way to tears there.
31 After that he washed his face and went out and kept control of himself and said: Set on the meal.
32 And they proceeded to set it on for him by himself and for them by themselves and for the Egyptians who were eating with him by themselves; for the Egyptians were not able to eat a meal with the Hebrews, because that is a detestable thing to the Egyptians.
33 And they were seated before him, the firstborn according to his right as firstborn and the youngest according to his youngness; and the men kept looking at one another in amazement.
34 And he kept having portions carried from before him to them, but he would increase Benjamin's portion 5 times the size of the portions of all the others. So they continued banqueting and drinking with him to the full.

1 Later on he commanded the man who was over his house, saying: Fill the bags of the men with food to the extent they are able to carry it and place the money of each one in the mouth of his bag.
2 But you must place my cup, the silver cup, in the mouth of the bag of the youngest and the money for his cereals. So he did according to the word of Joseph which he had spoken.
3 The morning had become light when the men were sent away, both they and their asses.
4 They went out of the city. They had not gone far when Joseph said to the man who was over his house: Get up! Chase after the men and be certain to overtake them and to say to them, 'Why have you repaid bad for good?
5 Is not this the thing that my master drinks from and by means of which he expertly reads omens? It is a bad deed you have committed.'
6 Eventually he overtook them and spoke these words to them.
7 But they said to him: Why does my lord speak with such words as these? It is unthinkable that your servants should do anything like this.
8 Why, the money that we found in the mouth of our bags we brought back to you from the land of Canaan. How, then, could we steal silver or gold from the house of your master?
9 Let the one of your slaves with whom it may be found die and let us ourselves also become slaves to my master.
10 So he said: Let it be now exactly according to your words. Thus the one with whom it may be found will become a slave to me, but you yourselves will be proved innocent.
11 With that they quickly let down each one his bag to the earth and they opened each one his own bag.
12 And he went searching carefully. He started with the oldest and finished with the youngest. At last the cup was found in Benjamin's bag.
13 Then they ripped their mantles apart and lifted each one his load back onto his ass and returned to the city.
14 And Judah and his brothers went on into Joseph's house, and he was still there; and they proceeded to fall before him to the earth.
15 Joseph now said to them: What sort of deed is this that you have done? Did you not know that such a man as I am can expertly read omens?
16 At this Judah exclaimed: What can we say to my master? What can we speak? And how can we prove ourselves righteous? The [true] God has found out the error of your slaves. Here we are slaves to my master, both we and the one in whose hand the cup was found!
17 However, he said: It is unthinkable for me to do this! The man in whose hand the cup was found is the one who will become a slave to me. As for the rest of you, go up in peace to your father.
18 Judah now came near to him and said: I pray you, my master, please let your slave speak a word in the hearing of my master, and do not let your anger grow hot against your slave, because it is the same with you as with Pharaoh.
19 My master asked his slaves, saying, 'Do you have a father or a brother?'
20 So we said to my master, 'We do have an aged father and a child of his old age, the youngest. But his brother is dead so that he alone is left of his mother, and his father does love him.'
21 After that you said to your slaves, 'Bring him down to me that I may set my eye upon him.'
22 But we said to my master, 'The boy is not able to leave his father. If he did leave his father, he would certainly die.'
23 Then you said to your slaves, 'Unless your youngest brother comes down with you, you may not see my face anymore.'
24 And it came about that we went up to your slave my father and then told him the words of my master.
25 Later our father said, 'Return, buy a little food for us.'
26 But we said, 'We are not able to go down. If our youngest brother is with us we will go down, because we are not able to see the man's face in case our youngest brother is not with us.'
27 Then your slave my father said to us, 'You yourselves well know that my wife bore but 2 sons to me.
28 Later the one went out from my company and I exclaimed: Ah, he must surely be torn to pieces! and I have not seen him till now.
29 If you were to take this one also out of my sight and a fatal accident were to befall him, you would certainly bring down my gray hairs with calamity to Sheol.'
30 And now, as soon as I should come to your slave my father without the boy along with us, when that one's soul is bound up with this one's soul,
31 then it is certain to occur that as soon as he sees that the boy is not there he will simply die, and your slaves will indeed bring down the gray hairs of your slave our father with grief to Sheol.
32 For your slave became surety for the boy when away from his father, saying, 'If I fail to bring him back to you, then I shall have sinned against my father forever.'
33 So now, please, let your slave stay instead of the boy as a slave to my master, that the boy may go up with his brothers.
34 For how can I go up to my father without the boy along with me, for fear that then I may look upon the calamity that will find out my father?

1 At this Joseph was no longer able to control himself before all those who were stationed by him. So he cried out: Have everybody go out from me! And no one else stood with him while Joseph made himself known to his brothers.
2 And he began to raise his voice in weeping, so that the Egyptians got to hear it and Pharaoh's house got to hear it.
3 Finally Joseph said to his brothers: I am Joseph. Is my father still alive? But his brothers were unable to answer him at all, because they were disturbed by reason of him.
4 So Joseph said to his brothers: Come close to me, please. With that they came close to him. Then he said: I am Joseph your brother, whom you sold into Egypt.
5 But now do not feel hurt and do not be angry with yourselves because you sold me here; because for the preservation of life God has sent me ahead of you.
6 For this is the second year of the famine in the midst of the earth, and there are yet 5 years in which there will be no plowing time or harvest.
7 Consequently God sent me ahead of you in order to place a remnant for you men in the earth and to keep you alive by a great escape.
8 So now it was not you who sent me here, but it was the [true] God, that he might appoint me a father to Pharaoh and a lord for all his house and as one dominating over all the land of Egypt.
9 Go up quickly to my father, and you must say to him, 'This is what your son Joseph has said: God has appointed me lord for all Egypt. Come down to me. Do not delay.
10 And you must dwell in the land of Goshen, and you must continue near me, you and your sons and the sons of your sons and your flocks and your herds and everything you have.
11 And I will supply you with food there, for there are yet 5 years of famine; for fear you and your house and everything you have may come to poverty.'
12 And here your eyes and the eyes of my brother Benjamin are seeing that it is my mouth that is speaking to you.
13 So you must tell my father about all my glory in Egypt and everything you have seen; and you must hurry and bring my father down here.
14 Then he fell upon the neck of Benjamin his brother and gave way to weeping, and Benjamin wept upon his neck.
15 And he proceeded to kiss all his brothers and to weep over them, and after that his brothers spoke with him.
16 And the news was heard at the house of Pharaoh, saying: Joseph's brothers have come! And it proved to be good in the eyes of Pharaoh and of his servants.
17 Accordingly Pharaoh said to Joseph: Say to your brothers, 'Do this: Load your beasts of burden and go enter the land of Canaan,
18 and take your father and your households and come here to me, that I may give you the good of the land of Egypt; and eat the fat part of the land.
19 And you yourself are commanded: Do this: Take for yourselves wagons from the land of Egypt for your little ones and your wives, and you must lift your father on one and come here.
20 And do not let your eye feel sorry over your equipment, because the good of all the land of Egypt is yours.'
21 Following that the sons of Israel did so, and Joseph gave them wagons according to Pharaoh's orders and gave them provisions for the way.
22 To each of them he gave individual changes of mantles, but to Benjamin he gave 300 silver pieces and 5 changes of mantles.
23 And to his father he sent as follows: 10 asses carrying good things of Egypt and 10 she-asses carrying grain and bread and sustenance for his father for the way.
24 Thus he sent his brothers off, and they proceeded to go. However, he said to them: Do not get exasperated at one another on the way.
25 And they began going up out of Egypt and at length came into the land of Canaan to Jacob their father.
26 Then they reported to him, saying: Joseph is still alive, and he is the one dominating over all the land of Egypt! But his heart grew numb, because he did not believe them.
27 When they went on speaking to him all of Joseph's words that he had spoken to them and he got to see the wagons that Joseph had sent to carry him, the spirit of Jacob their father began to revive.
28 Then Israel exclaimed: It is enough! Joseph my son is still alive! Ah, let me go and see him before I die!


1 Accordingly Israel and all who were his pulled out and came to Beer-sheba, and he proceeded to sacrifice sacrifices to the God of his father Isaac.
2 Then God talked to Israel in visions of the night and said: Jacob, Jacob! to which he said: Here I am!
3 And he went on to say: I am the [true] God, the God of your father. Do not be afraid to go down to Egypt, for I shall constitute you there into a great nation.
4 I myself shall go down with you to Egypt and I myself shall surely bring you up also; and Joseph will lay his hand upon your eyes.
5 After that Jacob got up out of Beer-sheba, and the sons of Israel continued transporting Jacob their father and their little ones and their wives in the wagons that Pharaoh had sent to transport him.
6 Further, they took along their herds and their goods, which they had accumulated in the land of Canaan. Eventually they came into Egypt, Jacob and all his offspring with him.
7 He brought his sons and his sons' sons with him, his daughters and his sons' daughters, even all his offspring, with him into Egypt.
8 Now these are the names of Israel's sons who came into Egypt: Jacob and his sons: Jacob's firstborn was Reuben.
9 And the sons of Reuben were Hanoch and Pallu and Hezron and Carmi.
10 And the sons of Simeon were Jemuel and Jamin and Ohad and Jachin and Zohar and Shaul the son of a Canaanite woman.
11 And the sons of Levi were Gershon, Kohath and Merari.
12 And the sons of Judah were Er and Onan and Shelah and Perez and Zerah. However, Er and Onan died in the land of Canaan. And the sons of Perez came to be Hezron and Hamul.
13 And the sons of Issachar were Tola and Puvah and Iob and Shimron.
14 And the sons of Zebulun were Sered and Elon and Jahleel.
15 These are the sons of Leah, whom she bore to Jacob in Paddan-aram, together with his daughter Dinah. All the souls of his sons and of his daughters were 33.
16 And the sons of Gad were Ziphion and Haggi, Shuni and Ezbon, Eri and Arodi and Areli.
17 And the sons of Asher were Imnah and Ishvah and Ishvi and Beriah, and there was Serah their sister. And the sons of Beriah were Heber and Malchiel.
18 These are the sons of Zilpah, whom Laban gave to his daughter Leah. In time she bore these to Jacob: 16 souls.
19 The sons of Rachel, Jacob's wife, were Joseph and Benjamin.
20 And there came to be born to Joseph in the land of Egypt Manasseh and Ephraim, whom Asenath the daughter of Potiphera the priest of On bore to him.
21 And the sons of Benjamin were Bela and Becher and Ashbel, Gera and Naaman, Ehi and Rosh, Muppim and Huppim and Ard.
22 These are the sons of Rachel who were born to Jacob. All the souls were 14.
23 And the sons of Dan were Hushim.
24 And the sons of Naphtali were Jahzeel and Guni and Jezer and Shillem.
25 These are the sons of Bilhah, whom Laban gave to his daughter Rachel. In time she bore these to Jacob; all the souls were 7.
26 All the souls who came to Jacob into Egypt were those who issued out of his upper thigh, aside from the wives of Jacob's sons. All the souls were 66.
27 And Joseph's sons who were born to him in Egypt were 2 souls. All the souls of the house of Jacob who came into Egypt were 70.
28 And he sent Judah in advance of him to Joseph to impart information ahead of him to Goshen. After that they came into the land of Goshen.
29 Then Joseph had his chariot made ready and went up to meet Israel his father at Goshen. When he appeared to him he at once fell upon his neck and gave way to tears upon his neck again and again.
30 Finally Israel said to Joseph: This time I am willing to die, now that I have seen your face, since you are still alive.
31 Then Joseph said to his brothers and to his father's household: Let me go up and report to Pharaoh and say to him, 'My brothers and my father's household who were in the land of Canaan have come here to me.
32 And the men are shepherds, because they became stock raisers; and their flocks and their herds and all they have they have brought here.'
33 And what must occur is that when Pharaoh will call you and actually say, 'What is your occupation?'
34 you must say, 'Your servants have continued to be stock raisers from our youth until now, both we and our forefathers,' in order that you may dwell in the land of Goshen, because every herder of sheep is a detestable thing to Egypt.

1 Accordingly Joseph came and reported to Pharaoh and said: My father and my brothers and their flocks and their herds and all they have have come from the land of Canaan, and here they are in the land of Goshen.
2 And from the whole number of his brothers he took 5 men, that he might present them to Pharaoh.
3 Then Pharaoh said to his brothers: What is your occupation? So they said to Pharaoh: Your servants are herders of sheep, both we and our forefathers.
4 After that they said to Pharaoh: We have come to reside as aliens in the land, because there is no pasturage for the flock that your servants have, for the famine is severe in the land of Canaan. And now let your servants dwell, please, in the land of Goshen.
5 At that Pharaoh said to Joseph: Your father and your brothers have come here to you.
6 The land of Egypt is at your disposal. Have your father and your brothers dwell in the very best of the land. Let them dwell in the land of Goshen, and if you know that there are among them courageous men, you must appoint them cattle chiefs over what is mine.
7 Then Joseph brought in Jacob his father and introduced him to Pharaoh, and Jacob proceeded to bless Pharaoh.
8 Pharaoh now said to Jacob: How many are the days of the years of your life?
9 So Jacob said to Pharaoh: The days of the years of my alien residences are 130 years. Few and distressing the days of the years of my life have proved, and they have not reached the days of the years of the lives of my fathers in the days of their alien residences.
10 After that Jacob blessed Pharaoh and went out from before Pharaoh.
11 Thus Joseph had his father and his brothers dwell and he gave them a possession in the land of Egypt, in the very best of the land, in the land of Rameses [the state capital of Goshen], just as Pharaoh had commanded.
12 And Joseph kept supplying his father and his brothers and the entire household of his father with bread, according to the number of the little ones.
13 Now there was no bread in all the land, because the famine was very severe; and the land of Egypt and the land of Canaan became exhausted as a result of the famine.
14 And Joseph went on picking up all the money that was to be found in the land of Egypt and in the land of Canaan for the cereals which people were buying; and Joseph kept bringing the money into Pharaoh's house.
15 In time the money from the land of Egypt and the land of Canaan was spent, and all the Egyptians began coming to Joseph, saying: Give us bread! And why should we die in front of you because money has run out?
16 Then Joseph said: Hand over your livestock and I shall give you bread in exchange for your livestock, if money has run out.
17 And they began bringing their livestock to Joseph; and Joseph kept giving them bread in exchange for their horses and the livestock of the flock and the livestock of the herd and the asses, and he kept providing them with bread in exchange for all their livestock during that year.
18 Gradually that year came to its close, and they began coming to him in the next year and saying to him: We shall not hide it from my lord but the money and the stock of domestic animals have been spent to my lord. There remains nothing before my lord but our bodies and our land.
19 Why should we die before your eyes, both we and our land? Buy us and our land for bread, and we together with our land will become slaves to Pharaoh; and give us seed that we may live and not die and our land not be laid desolate.
20 So Joseph bought all the land of the Egyptians for Pharaoh, because the Egyptians sold each one his field, for the famine had got a strong grip on them; and the land came to be Pharaoh's.
21 As for the people, he removed them into cities from one end of the territory of Egypt to its other end.
22 Only the land of the priests he did not buy, because the rations for the priests were from Pharaoh and they ate their rations that Pharaoh gave them. That is why they did not sell their land.
23 Then Joseph said to the people: See, I have today bought you and your land for Pharaoh. Here is seed for you, and you must sow the land with it.
24 When it has resulted in produce, then you must give a 5th to Pharaoh, but 4 parts will become yours as seed for the field and as food for you and for those who are in your houses and for your little ones to eat.
25 Consequently they said: You have preserved our lives. Let us find favor in the eyes of my lord, and we will become slaves to Pharaoh.
26 And Joseph proceeded to make it a decree down to this day over the landed estate of Egypt for Pharaoh to have to the amount of a 5th. Only the land of the priests as a distinct group did not become Pharaoh's.
27 And Israel continued to dwell in the land of Egypt, in the land of Goshen; and they became settled in it and were fruitful and grew to be very many.
28 And Jacob lived on in the land of Egypt for 17 years, so that Jacob's days, the years of his life, came to be 147 years.
29 Gradually the days approached for Israel to die. So he called his son Joseph and said to him: If, now, I have found favor in your eyes, place your hand, please, under my thigh, and you must exercise loving-kindness and trustworthiness toward me. Please, do not bury me in Egypt.
30 And I must lie with my fathers, and you must carry me out of Egypt and bury me in their grave. Accordingly he said: I myself shall do in keeping with your word.
31 Then he said: Swear to me. So he swore to him. At that Israel prostrated himself over the head of the couch.