[703] Matthew 9: The two blind people cured in the house pre kingdom and post kingdom 1ACs

27 Whilst Jesus was passing along from there, 2 blind [ones] followed, crying out and saying: Show-mercy to us, Son of David.
But having come into the house [the 1NC house in Laodicea or in Zoar], the blind [ones] came towards him, and Jesus asked them: Do you believe that I can do this? They answered him: Yes, Lord.
Then [tote] he touched [hyato] of their eyes [2x+2x genitive direct object], saying: According to your faith let it happen to ye [2x].
And their eyes were opened [2x+2x]. And Jesus sternly charged them, saying: See that nobody gets to know it.
But having gone out they publicized him in that whole land [ghV] (Matthew 9).

CNC = 10 (2 threads)
INC Jesus (3), Son of David, House, Lord, Eyes (2), Touched of Eyes, Faith, Land = 8

Count of verses 29-30: 4x.2x + 4x = 12x which are months from 2020Nisan10, the restart of the 3rd presence in 1NC Zoar, to 2021Nisan10, the end of FRC sealing - according to FAITH. The two men are FRC sealed pre kingdom 1ACs and Kingdom 1ACs - their faith enables them to see spiritually. Their two eyes see literally and symbolically.