[703] Matthew 9: The two blind people cured in the house of non adamic Sodom give the length of that house

27 Whilst Jesus was passing along from there, 2 blind [ones] [HLCs and 2NCs. 1NCs had their eyes opened in reappointed Laodicea] followed, crying out and saying: Show-mercy to us, Son of David.
But having come into the house [the house of non adamic Sodom], the blind [ones] came towards him, and Jesus asked them: Do ye believe that I can do this? They answered him: Yes, Lord.
Then [tote] he touched [hyato] of their eyes [2x+2x genitive direct object], saying: According to your faith let it happen to ye [1x for the faith they both proved they had + 2x = 3x].
And their eyes were opened [2x+2x]. And Jesus sternly charged them, saying: See ye that nobody gets to know it.
But having gone out they publicized him in that whole land [ghV] [of the Watchtower?] (Matthew 9).

CNC = 10 (2 threads)
INC Jesus (3), Son of David, House, Lord, Eyes (2), Touched of Eyes, Faith, Land = 8

Verse 28 after coming into the house:: 2x+2x.2x+2x = 8x
Verse 29: 4x+3x = 7x
Verse 30: 4x+4x = 8x
Verse 31: 2x+2x = 4x
Total is 8x+7x+8x+4x = 27x of non adamic Sodom from 2020Sivan10, the start of saintly entrance into it by 3EC baptism, the end of its 90 day near bank of Daniel12 from 2019Adar10, to 2022Elul14, its fall, the end of its 90 day far bank of Daniel12 from 2022Sivan14

90 day starting 1AC bank of non adamic Sodom    724 days of 3EC baptism into non adamic Sodom      90 day finishing 1AC bank of non adamic Sodom
Start of true church to start of 3EC baptism                        from 2020Sivan10 to 2022Sivan14                 End of Laodicean 3EC baptism to end of true church
_________________X____________________                                                                                          ____________________X_______________________
      2019Adar10 to 2020Sivan10                  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^                  2022Sivan14 to 2022Elul14

The 2 blind ones who call Jesus Lord might be the faithful from reappointed Laodicea and the faithful from the Watchtower who join non adamic Sodom?