[703] Matthew 9: The two blind people cured in the house of non adamic Sodom give the length of that house

27 Jesus was passing along from there, 2 blind [ones] [HLCs and 2NCs. 1NCs had their eyes opened in reappointed Laodicea] followed, crying out and saying: Show-mercy to us, Son of David.
28 But having come into the house [the house of non adamic Sodom], the blind [ones] came towards him, and Jesus asked them: Do ye believe that I can do this? They answered him: Yes, Lord.
29 Then [tote] he touched [hyato] of their eyes [2x+2x genitive direct object] saying: According to your faith let it happen to ye [2x for their personal faith - which is not collective + 2x = 4x]>
30 And their eyes were opened [2x+2x]. And Jesus sternly charged them, saying: See ye that nobody gets to know it.
31 But having gone out they publicized him in that whole land [ghV] [of the Watchtower?] (Matthew 9).

CNC = 10 (2 threads)
INC Jesus (3), Son of David, House, Lord, Eyes (2), Touched of Eyes, Faith, Land = 8

Verse 28 after coming into the house:: 2x+2x.2x+2x = 8x
Verse 29: 4x+4x = 8x
Verse 30: 4x+4x = 8x
Verse 31: 2x+2x = 4x
Total is 8x+8x+8x+4x = 28x of non adamic Sodom from 2020Sivan12, the start of saintly entrance into it by 4EC baptism (the end of its 90 day near bank of Daniel12 from 2019Adar11), to 2022Tishri16, its fall, the end of its 90 day far bank of Daniel12 from 2022Tammuz15

  41REVERTED LAODICEA (the 4th part of the 2nd presence)

Laodicea is
over the 1ACs
Russell visits.
Reverted Laodicea
is appointed over
1NCs at 12th 1NC
first fruits
Reverted Laodicea
is appointed over
HLCs and installed
over 1NCs
1st HLC is
4EC baptised
into Reverted
Jesus tells them to fish for HLCs
rather than 2NCs. Peter leaves
fallen reappointed Laodicea.
200 cubits to land begin
See John21 - U208
Last HLC
(4th bride)
is Passover
1st 2NC is 4EC baptised
into Reverted Laodicea.
300 Denarii of John12 begin.
200 cubits of John21 to land end
1000 days of 5000/5 loaves start
Last 2NC is
4EC baptised
300 Denarii
of John12 end

4EC baptism ends
for Reverted Laodicea
1000 days
of John6 end
9 month near bank of Daniel12 153 big 1NC/HLC fish of John 21 300 Denarii of John12 on feet9 month ending banksee U304

There are 153 big fish from 2019Elul7, the start of the 3EC baptism to 2019Shebat10, its end too ??

9 month starting 1AC bank of Reverted Laodicea
Start of true church to start of 3EC baptism

924 days of Stolen 4EC baptism into Reverted Laodicea
from 2020Sivan12 to 2022Tebbeth6
9 month finishing 1AC bank of Reverted Laodicea
End of Laodicean 4EC baptism to end of true church
Fallen Reverted Laodicea becomes non adamic Sodom
2019Adar27 to 2020Sivan12 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 2022Tebbeth6 to 2023Tishri21

Laodicea could not be reappointed over the 1NCs until the wilderness penalty had ended on 2019Tammuz30. Nor could its constant feature be restored until 2019Ab1. But it was reappointed over the 1ACs, becoming a true church on 2019Ab27, when they met with the descended Charles Russell on the first Sabbath of reappointed Laodicean Weeks of John20.
Reappointed Laodicea could not start a baptism until Russell had arrived on 2019Ab27. Then he saw Thomas the twin 8 days of John 21 later on 2019Elul5. And they must start with the 1NCs. So they started on 2019Elul7 with unsanctified cainian brothers (Adam would have to be killed and become non adamic Abrahamic which was impossible under Satan's ministry payback lease) and baptised the 1NCs from 2019Elul10 to 2019Tebbeth10. They finished with unsanctified cainian brothers on 2019Shebat10, when the 3EC ended. So that 2019Shebat14 could not be a Passover. So the presence ran from 2019Elul10 to 2019Shebat10. Reverted Laodicea became non adamic Sodom of Genesis19, when it fell - see U15441.

Reverted Laodicea starts 200 cubits of John21 after 2019Ab21 and lands 153 big fish from 2022Sivan12 to 2020Heshvan14 (1NCs and HLCs).
Non adamic Sodom runs from 2019Adar11 to 2022Tishri16, then 450 prophets of Baal seized by the people to 2023Tebbeth16. Then they are seized by ratprue for Elijah4 and his attendant/boy in ark based Zoar. The faithful robber was seized on 33Nisan14 and churches generally end on the 14th of the month (although reappointed Laodicea ended on 2019Adar16).

The 2 blind ones who call Jesus Lord might be the faithful from reappointed Laodicea and the faithful from the Watchtower who join non adamic Sodom?