[9202] The Great Crowd

The Great Crowd are not sanctified!! They are raptured out of the Great Tribulation from 2022Tebbeth24, the start of the 4EC ark rapture to 2023Tammuz7, the end of FRC ark rapture. they do not include Benjamin who size is 156,000 numbered in Revelation14. See U151#7


After these things I saw and look! a great crowd which no man was able to number out of all nations and tribes and peoples and tongues, standings before the throne and before the lamb, dressed in white robes and there were palm branches in their hands. And they keep on crying with a loud voice, saying: Salvation [we owe] to our God, who is seated on the throne, and to the lamb (Revelation 7:,9,10).

This great crowd which is prefigured by the crowds in Jerusalem on 'Palm Monday', is one group who survive Armageddon. They are described as coming out of the great tribulation which ends at the end of the 1335 days of Daniel 12, in the middle of Armageddon - see [153]. 

14 So right away I said to him: My lord, you are the one that knows. And he said to me: These are the ones that come out of the great tribulation, and they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb (Revelation 7).

This great crowd will certainly be sanctified in a lamb's blood for the scripture says of them:

They have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the lamb (Rev 7:14).

They are: Standing before the throne and before the lamb dressed in white robes (Rev 7:9).

Whereas to Sardis it is said: He that conquers will thus be arrayed in white outer garments, and I will by no means blot out his name from the book of life (Rev 3:5).

And John explains with reference to the bride: The fine linen stands for the righteous acts of the holy ones (Rev 19:8).

So the white robes of the great crowd mean that they will not get blotted out of the book of life, which means that they are permanently in the book of life which means that they are declared righteous in spirit and have been baptised into the name of the holy spirit. That these robes are washed with the lamb's blood this is not in dispute (except that the lamb here is actually the mediator of the second new covenant so it is Gordon's blood that is doing the washing, although his blood is washed with John the Baptists blood, the validation sacrifice of the JAC, and John's blood of the JAC is washed in Michael's blood of the ARC on which the whole deal depends - see [9]). But this blood is not applied to literal robes, it is not a literal dry cleaning fluid. It can only ever be applied to human beings, not to their outfits. In other words the fact that the blood is applied to their robes is not saying that it somehow missed their spirits and hit their robes instead. No, no, it is saying that the great crowd are not only sanctified in a lamb's blood, but they also have robes which manifest not merely a spirit baptism but actually a completed spirit baptism:

Happy are those who wash their robes, that the authority [to go] to the trees of life may be theirs and that they may gain entrance into the city by its gates (Revelation 22:14).

Authority to go to the trees of life means authority to live for time indefinite, which means that one has judicial life. For this was the priestly power of the tree of life in the garden of Eden. It was a tree of judicial life. Such life is only possible by the application of the ransoming value of Jesusí blood. So washing ones robes in Jesusí blood means that one is sanctified in the spirit, baptised with holy spirit, anointed. For this is the cleansing power of the blood of the Christ, and nobody is washed twice with this blood, so the lamb's blood is already applied in their case. Also we see that the great crowd enter the city by more than one gate.

These robes are actually priestly garments. The great crowd become priests with sanctified robes because they themselves will eventually baptise new brothers in holy spirit, i.e. with the blood of the lamb. The remnant are not the only holy nation of priests! Rather it is as Luke recorded:

And a great crowd of priests began to be obedient to the faith (Acts 6:7).

Guess which great crowd! In fact those sanctified to enter the next covenant, will be sealed during Armageddon in the baptism of fire. After all heat sealing is the normal method. This is the baptism with fire:

I, for my part, baptize you with water because of your repentance; but the one coming after me is stronger than I am, whose sandals I am not fit to take off. That one will baptize you people with holy spirit and with fire (Matthew 3:11).

The Great Crowd have white robes because they have righteous works to add to their sanctification. 

8 For the fine linen stands for the righteous acts of the holy ones (Revelation 19)

To the true God, we are not decked out in grey suits, we are decked out in righteous or unrighteous acts. So, those in white robes have righteous acts of holy ones, which is precisely the criterion for being declared righteous in spirit by God, having first been sanctified, in a spirit baptism of faith perfected by works. This is what Revelation 3:5 tells us. It says that white outer garments mean no blotting out from the book of life, and this means sealing.

Hence we read that when John asks one of the elders: Who are these in white robes (Revelation 7:13)? The reply is that they are the ones who have washed their robes in the lamb's blood and made them white in it, the sanctification and the sealing. As regards these ones, the lamb will guide them to fountains of water of life, and they won't get any burning heat of God's judgement on them for they are declared righteous, i.e. they will not be blotted out of the book of life.

This is what the holy spirit has said:

Look! Crowd Great, which to number it no one was able 1x
out of every (pantoV singular) nation 2x
and of tribes 2x
and of peoples 2x
and of tongues 2x

1x.(2x+2x+2x+2x)=8x from 2000Elul to 2008Elul - see The Counting Dimension of the bible code. In this book/website you will be shown what David asked the true God for:

Show [us] just how to count our days in such a way that we may bring a heart of wisdom in (Psalm 90:12).

For this count is the 4th dimension of the bible. And this is what the crowd themselves said with a loud voice:

The salvation, to the God of us
to the one sitting upon the throne
and to the lamb
(Revelation 7:10).

Three guys: God, Jesus, who is sitting on the throne, and a second lamb (the mediator of the second new covenant - through which the great crowd are saved). For the Greek has:

H swthria tw qew hmwn tw kaqhmenw epi tw qronw kai tw arnio
The salvation to the God of us to the one sitting upon the throne and  to the lamb

The NWT has:

Salvation [we owe] to our God who is seated on the throne and to the lamb (Revelation 7:10)

This is a false translation driven not by a desire to present Godís word accurately (there should at the very least have been a footnote), but by a desire to fit the holy word into a preconceived two person interpretation. One must never do this. If we know every interpretation of the bible (which means that we are God), only then can we bend the scriptures to fit our interpretation without corrupting the holy word.

You don't believe that the great crowd is to be sanctified? Then what does this scripture mean? referring to the sheep and goats of Matthew:

And these will depart into everlasting cutting off, but the righteous ones into everlasting life (Matthew 25:46)

The ones departing into everlasting life are the ones which helped 'one of the least of my brothers' (Matthew 25:40). So they are not the brothers in question, the new covenant saints, for they weren't helping themselves. These are the ones who help the spiritual Jews, they are therefore the great crowd. The righteous ones are the ones dressed in white robes.

You still don't believe that the great crowd is to be sanctified? Consider this one:

And likewise both James and John, Zebedee's sons, who were sharers with Simon. But Jesus said to Simon: "Stop being afraid. From now on you will be catching men alive" (Luke 5:10).

He is speaking to, the greater Simon, FDS3, we are going to catch men alive. Obviously Jesus did not mean physically alive, for there was no question of grave robbing, he meant judicially alive, alive in spirit, sanctified in spirit, baptised into one of the names of Jesus Christ, for he has three you know - see later.

You still don't believe that the great crowd is to be sanctified? Why even Pontius Pilate prophetically declared this to be so, he even put it in writing, mind you he was a Roman. Consider this:

Pilate wrote a title also and put it on the torture stake. It was written: "Jesus the Nazarene the King of the Jews."

Therefore many of the Jews read this title, because the place where Jesus was impaled was near the city; and it was written in Hebrew, in Latin, in Greek.

However, the chief priests of the Jews began to say to Pilate: "Do not write 'The King of the Jews,' but that he said, 'I am King of the Jews.'"

Pilate answered: "What I have written I have written" (John 19:19-22).

Who really wrote a title, a kingship, for Jesus on his torture stake? Was it Pontius Pilate, the earthly administrator of the Jerusalem below? Or was it the great heavenly administrator of the Jerusalem above, almighty God? The one who made the covenant for a kingdom, the greater Davidic covenant with him, sub-covenanted at the last supper with his 11 faithful apostles, sealed at his death, at which time the cup was fully drunk. But look! he did not get one name, one title only, when he died, he got three:

Hebrew: ~ydwhyh $lm

Roman: Rex Iudaeorum (or the likes)

Greek: BasileuV twn Ioudaiwn

These are the three titles, or names that he gets, and the greater Jews, the greater Romans and the greater Greeks are his three peoples, the three names that he has to give. The symbolism indicates a ruling priesthood (Hebrews), and ruling administration (Romans) and subjects (Greeks). So the Hebrews would be the 1NC and 2NC saints (the aaronites), the Romans would be the HLC and the ELC saints (the levites) and the Greeks would be the earthly citizens of the Kingdom (the non levitical tribes). So we can deduce from this that there will be a sanctification in the 1,000 year kingdom for the judicially dead.  

Now when this baptism in holy spirit of the Great Crowd starts, at that time, the words of Peter will be fulfilled, he saying:

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for special possession, that you should declare abroad the excellencies of the one that called you out of darkness into his wonderful light (1 Peter 2:9).

The physical Jews were all 4 of these in the event symbolism of this account. But in the account symbolism we have a Successive Description. The 'chosen race' are the spiritual Jews, the 144,000 first new covenant saints. The 'royal priesthood' are the Nethinim the second group of 144,000 kings and priests of Revelation 14, the second new covenant saints, who rule as kings on earth in the Kingdom of God. The holy nation is the great crowd, and all of those in the resurrection of the righteous in spirit, the resurrection of the living. The people for special possession are the children of Abraham through the 1AC, those who get the blessing of Abraham, the resurrection into the Kingdom, but these ones are not righteous in the spirit.

True understandings of the bible code are referred to in the scripture as hidden manna:

'To him that conquers I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white pebble, and upon the white pebble a new name written which no one knows except the one receiving it (Rev 2:17).

Look! Gordon has received it. He knows it, and this name we are publishing to you. It is the Roman name, that is written on this pebble. The white pebble is the righteous declaration, the baptism into the name of the holy spirit. The good book says:

Holy, holy, holy is Jehovah God the Almighty (Rev 4:8)?
Holy, holy, holy
is Jehovah of armies (Isaiah 6:3)?

3 'holies', 3 holy groups in the account symbolism. The greater sons of Abraham through the 1AC, the greater sons of Isaac through the ICC, and the greater sons of Jacob through the JAC. 

Please tell us if you can. Which race of people ever needed three fathers? Three fathers produce three races do they not?

OK, so you still don't believe that the great crowd will be sanctified, have a look at this:

So the man was calling the names of all the domestic animals and of the flying creatures of the heavens and of every wild beast of the field, but for the man there was found no helper as a complement for him. Hence Jehovah God had a deep sleep fall upon the man, and while he was sleeping, he took one of his ribs and then closed up the flesh over its place. And Jehovah God proceeded to build the rib that he had taken from the man into a woman and bring her to the man (Genesis 2:20-22).

Look! The first Adam has named 3 groups of God's creations in his garden. Is the last Adam going to name fewer groups. Methinks not:

The flying creatures of the heavens The spiritual Jews
The domestic animals The Nethinim & the Great Crowd, the Clean animals
The wild beasts of the field  The Zoar class, they are not named until the new system starts, they are called to be water baptised, clean in the flesh in 2006Elul. The domestic animals are in the house, i.e. blood sanctified, the wild ones are not.

You still do not believe? Consider this which we have referred to already above:

Of every clean beast you must take to yourself seven seven the sire and its mate, and of every beast that is not clean, just two, the sire and its mate (Genesis 7:2 - literal).

The clean animals went 14 of each species, this is the 14x of the Nethinim & calling of the great crowd, starting in 1994Elul, and ending in 2008Elul, this being the length of their baptism. Although their sanctification lasts only 12 years as we shall see. The unclean animals are the Zoar class, they are called 2 years before the last day of Armageddon, since they are included 2 for a species. Brothers this is the meaning of the actions of Noah for our day. The ark in this symbolism does not contain the anointed remnant, because they are all in heaven before Armageddon, so they do not need an ark.

We first worked out the length of the baptism of the Nethinim & the Great Crowd from the account of the woman with the flow of blood for 12 years who touched the fringe of Jesus' garment:

And, look! a woman suffering twelve years from a flow of blood came up behind and touched the fringe of his outer garment;

for she kept saying to herself: If I only touch his outer garment I shall get well.

Jesus turned around and, noticing her, said: Take courage, daughter; your faith has made you well. And from that hour the woman became well (Matt 9:20-22).

And a woman, subject to a flow of blood for twelve years, who had not been able to get a cure from anyone,

approached from behind and touched the fringe of his outer garment, and instantly her flow of blood stopped.

So Jesus said: Who was it that touched me? When they were all denying it, Peter said: Instructor, the crowds are hemming you in and closely pressing you (Luke 8:43-45).

The head is the Christ, the body is the heavenly temple, spiritual Israel, the inner garment is the Nethinim, the outer garment is the great crowd. The most holy is for the Christ, the high priest, the holy is for spiritual Israel, the Aaronic priesthood, these two are in the sanctuary in heaven. The courtyard of the altar is for the Nethinim, the Levites, the earthly priests, outside the sanctuary. The outer courtyard is for the Gentiles, the great crowd, the spiritual gentiles, the spiritual Greeks.

In the bible the words, 'hair' and 'fringe', and 'grass', stand for crowds, large numbers of people, in fact almost always for the great crowd. The woman in the parable is the 2NC, her flow of blood, which Luke describes as a fountain of blood, is a baptism in two respective mediators' blood, after all it was a reproductive problem that this woman had. 

The baptism lasts for 12 years progressing from Jesus' inner garment, the Nethinim, to his outer garment, the Great Crowd. The 5 year Nethinim sanctification ran from 1994Elul to 1999Elul, and their 96 month baptism ends in 2002Elul. The sanctification of the Great Crowd began in 2000Elul/Tishri - we think, it ends in 2006Elul. After this date brothers and sisters can only be baptised in water. 

You still do not believe? Come now, Jesus raised people from the dead, Peter and Paul raised people from the dead, in fact Paul said:

Otherwise, what will they do who are being baptized for the purpose of [being] dead ones? If the dead are not to be raised up at all, why are they also being baptized for the purpose of [being] such? (1 Corinthians 15:29).

This says that the ones who are baptised for the purpose of being dead, i.e. baptised in water are also being baptised for the purpose of being raised up, not physically but judicially, i.e. sanctified in holy spirit. Here it is, the big sacred secret, spelt out by Paul:

One Lord, one faith, one baptism (Ephesians 4:5).

And in the words of John:

For there are 3 witness bearers, the spirit, and the water, and the blood, the three are into the one thing (1 John 5:8).

This one thing is not the trinity it is the ever-living angel. There is only the one baptism, and it has three stages, as regards covenants, names, first the father Abraham, the water baptism, then the father Jesus, the eternal father, the blood baptism, then the father God, the spirit baptism. The process itself has also a 4th intermediate stage, stage 1A, namely a completed water baptism, the righteous declaration in the flesh, but this does not involve getting a name. The baptism into the name of Jesus is stage 2 and the baptism into the name of the holy spirit is stage 3. The baptism of the anointed remnant is not a different baptism from that of the great crowd, the great crowd have the same baptism, but they go through the stages more slowly. For Jesus 'Came not with the water only, but with the water and with the blood' (John 5:6).

The great crowd get the water then the blood, the new covenant saints get the blood which includes the water, thereby leapfrogging the first stage in this heavenly cleansing process. So now today men can raise other men from the dead, not physically but judicially. In fact all the gospels are declaring this.

You don't think so, you still don't believe?

The 12 Jesus sent forth saying:....Cure sick people, raise up dead persons, make lepers clean, expel demons. You received free, give free (Matt 10:5-8).

This was not physical resurrections, no man can perform a physical resurrected before he is in possession of his own physical resurrection by the dirty water principle, and he would have to be baptised into the name of the holy spirit, i.e. declared righteous in spirit as well, in order to mediate this particular 'gift of the spirit', in fact all the apostles were sealed before they could pass on the gifts of the spirit by the laying on of hands. Paul wasn't sealed until he reached Troas (2 Timothy 4:13-18). It was only after this that:

God performed extraordinary works of power through the hands of Paul, so that even cloths and aprons were born form his body to the ailing people, and the diseases left them, and the wicked spirits came out (Acts 19:11,12).

In fact even the wicked spirits recognise a man who is sealed:

But in answer the wicked spirit said to them: I know Jesus and I am acquainted with Paul, but who are you? (Acts 19:15).

In any event no disciple of Jesus was sealed whilst Jesus was still a human, and so the raising of the dead that was performed by the 12 was not a physical resurrection but rather was a sanctification, a judicial raising from the dead, a baptism into the Hebrew name of Jesus, in fact. Now as we saw earlier these 12 prefigure the preaching campaign of the 4th baptism, from 1994E to 2006E, 12 years, and therefore in this campaign people will be sanctified and caught alive. There was no mention of raising from the dead in the campaign of the 70 who were sent out.

Do you still not believe, you with little faith? Consider this one:

And your name will not be called Abram anymore, and your name must become Abraham, because a father of a crowd of nations I will make you (Genesis 17:5).

Who is this crowd of nations?? It is the great crowd. Abraham is living to God in this system, will these children of his therefore be dead in this system indefinitely? Does not like beget like? Abram had his name changed in order that he would become 'Abraham' which means 'father of a crowd of nations'. Will his children in this crowd which is his very name, not also have their names changed to that of his living son, Gordon, in order that they can become his everlasting children, in this system?

You still don't believe??? Listen then to Isaiah:

At this I said: How long Oh Jehovah? Then he said: Until the cities actually crash in ruins, to be without an inhabitant, and the houses be without earthling man, and the ground itself is ruined into a desolation. And Jehovah actually removes earthling men far away, and the deserted condition does become very extensive in the midst of the land. And there will still be in it a tenth....when there is a cutting down, there is a stump, a holy seed will be the stump of it (Isaiah 6:11-13).

This refers in one meaning to the cutting down of all mankind at Armageddon at which time a tenth of them will be left, who are a holy seed, i.e. 450 million out of 4.5 billion, the great crowd, all holy, sanctified, judicially living. This is what the tenth contributions are all about. 10% is God's farming percentage, although there will also be the Zoar class, who are not holy, I do not know how many of them there will be.

Now your nets will burst, if you try to catch these living fish, Oh stricken shepherd of Israel. Your wine skins will rupture if you try to contain the new wine with them oh chief of the bakers.

You still don't believe, well then you do not want to believe, and you have fulfilled the words of Isaiah:

Hear again and again, Oh men, but do not understand, and see again and again, but do not get any knowledge. Make the heart of this people unreceptive, and make their very ears unresponsive, and paste their very eyes together, that they may not see with their eyes, and with their ears they may not hear, and that their own heart may not understand, and that they may not actually turn back and get healing for themselves (Isaiah 6:9,10).

Tell me about whom does the scripture say this:

Oh deadly wounded, wicked chieftain of Israel, whose day has come in the time of the error of [the] end (Ezekiel 21:25).

About the Catholics? About the Christian Scientists? about the Presbyterians? About the Church of God? About the Pentecostal church of Seraphim and the Cherubim? No, itís about his own people, itís about spiritual Israel, itís about the evil slave of the Watchtower.

The remnant are the seed of the heavenly kingdom. I am the first one (in this presence) of the seed of the earthly kingdom. I am the shoot, the Nethinim are the head, the great crowd are the seed in the head. Here we are all true seed dammit (Mark 4:28). What do you want, dead subjects or living subjects in the new system? Adam was living seed, he started the former system, how will the new system, the second Eden, the greater Eden, the latter system be started on earth with dead seed?

How about a favourite Watchtower scripture, the 'other sheep' of John 10:16? We read:

The doorkeeper opens to this one, and the sheep listen to his voice, and he calls his own sheep by name, and leads them out (John 10:3).

All his sheep, the ones who listen to his voice, even the other sheep themselves are called by name, this means that they have a name in the book of life, judicial life, with God, i.e. are sanctified. Having a name with Jesus, is having a name with God, is being judicially alive. It is correct that the other sheep are in a different fold, the earthly fold, and they have a different name, but they are living sheep they are not dead sheep. They will hear the voice of the shepherd before they become one flock, and when they do we have the scripture which says:

Most truly I say to you: He that hears my word and believes him that sent me has everlasting life, and he does not come into judgement but has passed over from death to life (John 5:24).

These other sheep therefore do get judicial life. OK, now the Sanhedrin will be split, into the modern day Sadducees, those who say there is no resurrection of the dead, and the modern day Pharisees, those who say that there is.

As regards the resurrection of the dead, did you not read what was spoken to you by God saying: I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob? He is the God not of the dead but of the living (Matt 22:31,32). Jesus is telling you that the resurrection of the dead is the resurrection of the judicially dead, for Abraham was not physically living he was judicially living at the time Jesus spoke those words. These are the three fathers of the three races of God. Abraham is the living father of the fleshly Jews. Jesus is the living father of the spiritual Jews, I am the living father of the new 12 tribes of Israel, the great crowd, the Israel of God, and Jesus is my eternal father, Adam is my temporary father and God is all of our fathers. And the three covenants are Hagar, Sarah and Keturah, the law the new and the very new covenants. For the hyssop was dipped in the blood and struck not in the one place, but in three places, standing for sanctifications in holy spirit by Jesusí blood to three groups of people (the spiritual Jews, the spiritual Romans and the spiritual Greeks - I think) around the door to the house:

And you must take a bunch of hyssop and dip it into the blood in a basin and strike upon the upper part of the doorway and upon the two doorposts some of the blood that is in the basin; and none of you should go out of the entrance of his house until morning (Exodus 12:22).

As a final plea, why don't you listen to John, all you wide awake members of the John class?

For just as the Father raises up the dead and makes then alive, so the Son also makes those alive whom he wants to (John 5:21).

Most truly I say to you: He that hears my word and believes him that sent me has everlasting life, and he does not come into judgement but has passed over from death to life (John 5:24).

Most truly I say to you, the hour is coming and it is now when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God and those who have given heed will live (John 5:25) Amen.

If the hour is both now and coming, then there are two different hours during which the dead, judicially, will live. For a man who is dead physically is not going to hear the voice of anybody, since he is conscious of nothing. Furthermore Jesus was speaking to Jews, children of Abraham, he was therefore speaking about dead children of Abraham. Today a child of Abraham who is dead is a man who is water baptised, the anointed remnant were never dead children of Abraham, they were born from water and blood simultaneously, they were born to Abraham living. So if the dead children of Abraham are to be raised up, then the Great Crowd is to be sanctified.

Putting things simply, in Jesus' first century ministry his disciples baptised dead children of Abraham in holy spirit, sanctifying them, and making them living children of Abraham. Jesus himself raised up physically dead children of physical Abraham. The modern day dead child of Abraham is the member of what we call the great crowd, for the remnant are living children from their conception. Therefore the antitype of all this first century resurrecting of the dead, be it physical or spiritual, is the baptism in holy spirit of the great crowd.

Furthermore, since the count of Revelation 7:9, is 8x (I originally miscounted it as 14x), this means that the real great crowd is not sanctified until 2000Elul, 8 years before the end of Armageddon. But they were called in the monthly pattern for FDS4 in month 37, which was 1994Heshvan. In truth one is not a member of the great crowd until one is sanctified in holy spirit, that is until one has washed ones robes in the blood of the lamb. Right now those who call themselves members of the great crowd, are not called such by John. But the purpose of this letter is to declare to these people, that Jesus has now called them to be members of the real and living great crowd, rather than of the small and dead rabble that they currently comprise. It is not only Rutherford who described them thus you know.

Now in Jerusalem, at the sheepgate, there is a pool designated in Hebrew: Bethzatha (House of olive) with 5 Colonnades. In these a multitude of the sick, blind, lame and those of withered members was lying down...

in these was lying down in 2x
multitude of the ones being sick 2x
of blind ones 2x
of lame ones 2x
of withered ones 2x (John 5:2-4).

8x in 2x = 16x

16x of Keturah 1992Elul to 2008Elul, 8x of great crowd 2000Elul to 2008Elul.

Can anyone forbid water so that these might not be baptised who have received the holy spirit even as we have? (Acts 10:47).

For it follows that if both those in the Society and those in the world are now clean to be baptised in the blood of the Christ by prayer, the day of the water baptism is over. Yes, John the Baptist is being replaced by the Son of man, or Elijah is being replaced by the guy with 12 spans of domestic animals (Elisha with 60 of them). Taking Russell and the second baptism house as John and Ritchie and the third baptism house as Elisha in this symbolism. For Elijah was John who was Gabriel and Elisha was the son of man who was Michael. Hence Jesus said to the incumbent priesthood:

Is it not written: My house will be called a house of prayer for all the nations? But you have made it a cave of robbers (Mark 11:17).

Not to mention usurers, for the new baptism is achieved through prayer - see later.

So if the Great Crowd is to be sanctified then there must be a covenant for them to enter into, this being the purpose of the sanctification (see [4]). In fact a newer covenant has been made, the greater covenant of Keturah, Abraham's third wife, as opposed to Hagar and Sarah who are the Law covenant and the New covenant respectively. The greater covenant of Rachel as opposed to Leah who is the New covenant. The greater covenant with Jacob, as opposed to the one with Isaac, who prefigures Jesus, and as opposed to the one with Abraham who fathered the physical Jews, and today fathers all Jews through his covenant. Even the greater covenant with the house of Judah, rather than the one with the house of Israel, which was the new covenant. It is the greater covenant of salt, for salt preserves flesh, and this covenant will save the great crowd. Yes even the great crowd has a covenant. And the great crowd are called to be sanctified into this covenant, for they are washed in the blood of the lamb in this system, and this is the baptism by holy spirit into the name of Jesus, the son. And they become a holy nation of priests, for their robes, even their priestly robes are washed in this blood. For Jesus said the haunting words:

Remember the wife of lot (Luke 17:32)

And Lot stands for the great crowd, because he physically survived the fire, whereas Abraham was with God looking down on the proceedings and he stands for spiritual Israel, all of whom are in heaven looking down on us before Armageddon. But FDS3 won't admit it because they love their position more than they love the truth or their salvation or the salvation of their flock, yes they love the shepherdís staff more than they love the flock of God. So they will lose the both of them. And Lot was not his brother, but his nephew, and guess what:

Lot had a wife, a covenant, a covenant of salt, hence her final demise.