[99] Evidence for 604 being the first regnal year of Nebuchadnezzar

In the 3rd century BCE, a Babylonian priest named Berossus wrote a history of Babylonia which dealt with the lengths of reigns of kings during the Neo-Babylonian period (Nabopolassar to Nabonidus). Another historian, astronomer, and writer, Claudius Ptolemy (70-161 CE), put together his own listing of kings and dates of reigns for the same period, although whether he did it independently of Berossus we do not know. However he certianly did not find fault with the chronology of Berossus. The table of reigns is:

Name of King





21 years

21 years



43 years

43 years



2 years

2 years



4 years

4 years



9 months




17 years

17 years


As you can see, both historians have listed Nebuchadnezzar's first year as 604. Cambridge Ancient History (Cambridge University Press) follows this Chronology. Six further confirmations of this Chronology for the kings of Babylon are detailed below. Much of this is taken from: www.freeminds.org/history/gentile.htm 

1. The Uruk King List, unearthed during an excavation campaign in 1959/60. Portions of it are eaten away, but what is still preserved agrees with Berossus' and Ptolemy's lengths of reigns of the first two kings, Nabopolassar and Nebuchadnezzar.

2. We have the preserved Royal Inscriptions of Nabonidus. One, designated Nabon. No. 8, helps to establish the whole Neo-Babylonian era, since it states that from the 16th year of Nabopolassar to the accession year of Nabonidus was a period of 54 years (in complete agreement with Berossus and Ptolemy). The other Royal Inscription, Nabon. H 1 B, gives the lengths of all the reigns of the Neo-Babylonian kings up to the 9th year of Nabonidus (except for Labashi-Marduk, whose short reign is ignored). The figures given are again in complete harmony with Berossus and Ptolemy.

3. Thousands of business document texts that have come down to us from that period. There are dated tablets in existence from every year during the whole era. The records of a banking house centered in Babylon, the house of "The Sons of Egibi," verify each year of every king's reign during the period. This aligns exactly with Berossus, Ptolemy, the Chronicles, and the Royal records.

4. There are the preserved documents of Babylonian astronomers, termed "Astronomical Diaries." These have been designated VAT 4956 (kept in the Berlin Museum) and B.M. 32312. They contain dated astronomical positions which are not duplicated in the heavens for thousands of years, thus pinpointing with precise accuracy Nebuchadnezzar's nineteenth (sic) regnal year (in which he conquered Jerusalem--Jer. 52:12) as 586/585 BCE (sic) .

5. There are the synchronic links provided by comparing the chronology of Egypt to that of Babylon. There are at least four such dated connecting links, giving excellent proof of the correctness of Berossus' and Ptolemy's king-lists.

6. Dictionary of Biblical Archaeology, page 274, heading: JUDAH: "Archaeological evidence for the destruction of the kingdom in 586 B.C. comes from Jerusalem, Lachish, Tell Beit Mirsim, and other sites."




Excellent reporting on the failings of the UK Government PPE procurement scheme and the comparison between the German Health Service and the NHS

My distillation of your findings is that our NHS trust managers deal with only 2% (159 out of 8,000) of the firms that are offering them PPE and that they only funded 4400 ICU beds prior to the pandemic and that they test almost nobody and track and trace almost nobody who may have been infected by a C19 positive person..

That is why we have a PPE shortage and that is why the public are not advised to wear face masks, which do reduce the spread of the virus and this is why we have an R0 significantly higher than 1.

Whereas the Germans test 10x as many people as we do and track and trace all those who have been in contact with known C19 carriers and deal with sufficient PPE suppliers to ensure that all front line care providers are protected and they funded 26,000 ICU beds before the pandemic. This is why they now have an R0 that is less than 1, which means they will soon have recovered from this crisis and be able to restart their economy.

I write to explain why the UK system has failed our front line staff, our patients and the whole UK economy so badly.

The reason for this is the mentality of the Selfish Office Bureaucrat.

This beast invariably lacks the professional training to understand the profession which he manages because he does not need to understand that profession. He does not manage for the benefit of the profession. No, he manages for the administrative convenience and financial advancement of himself.

This bureaucratic cancer has been infecting the public sector for generations. But never has there been a more graphic demonstration of its fruits than the present PPE scandal which has resulted in the deaths of near to 100 front line NHS staff and thousands of C19 sufferers, the temporary destruction of the private sector of our economy and the most hideous attack on the ability of all of us to love our relatives our friends and our neighbours.

The most important thing for the NHS trusts and the government procurement system is plainly not that front line staff get PPE, because they don't have it. It is that the trust managers work load is kept to an absolute minimum by their dealing with only 2% of the firms that they should be dealing with and by their doing a similarly low percentage of the tracking and tracing work necessary to stop a pandemic. The most important thing for the SOB is that his procurement system is still intact and so his workload remains trivial. They have succeeded in protecting their self serving procurement scheme at the expense of many many lives and private sector bankruptcies and will continue to do so if so permitted. 

To the SOB, this episode has not been a failure at all. It has been an astonishing success! For he has managed to continue doing only 2% of the work that he should be doing not withstanding the unprecedented level of chaos death and destruction that he has caused - which is of very little concern to him. The pretext that he adduces to cover his indolence and incompetence is that he must maintain standards hence he only deals with a select few suppliers. This is a transparent deception. Because failing to provide any PPE at all, breaks all safety standards for frontline NHS staff.

I am sorry to say that it is pointless for Major Tom to collect money for an NHS managed by the SOB. The money raised will not be spent on procuring PPE. It will be spent on making the SOB more comfortable whilst keeping his workload to the absolute minimum that it can possibly be. That is how the SOB thinks and that is how he operates and has done for generations.

There are two solutions to this crisis that present themselves once you understand the mindset of the SOB.

1. Invite the Germans to run the NHS. Seriously. They are permitted to run massive UK private sector outfits. Why are they not permitted to run massive public sector outfits? They could run our trains too whilst they are at it!
2. Give the NHS, the BUDGET of the NHS, back to the doctors and the nurses from whom Margaret Thatcher and Sainsbury's removed it. They do care about NHS front line staff and about their patients and they will ensure that both have sufficient PPE.

Gordon Ritchie MA Cantab.

Reflexive Pronoun Singular Plural
masculine feminine neuter masculine feminine neuter
nominative αὐτός αὐτή αὐτό αὐτοί αὐταί αὐτά
accusative αὐτόν αὐτήν αὐτό αὐτούς αὐτάς αὐτά
genitive αὐτοῦ αὐτῆς αὐτοῦ αὐτῶν αὐτῶν αὐτῶν
dative αὐτῷ αὐτῇ αὐτῷ αὐτοῖς αὐταῖς αὐτοῖς

Definite Article Singular Plural
masculine feminine neuter masculine feminine neuter
nominative τό οἱ αἱ τά
accusative τόν τήν τό τούς τάς τά
genitive τοῦ τῆς τοῦ τῶν τῶν τῶν
dative τῷ τῇ τῷ τοῖς ταῖς τοῖς


Office use only below...

Brown and Comfort Interlinear has a good section in the introduction on the below...

Active: Present



δίδωμι I give
δίδ-ως you give
δίδ-ωσι he gives
δίδ-ομεν we give
δίδ-οτε you give
διδ-όασιν they give




διδ-ώ I should give
διδ-ής you should give
διδ-ή he should give
διδ-ώμεν we should give
διδ-ήτε you should give
διδ-ώσι; διδ-ώσιν they should give




διδ-οίην I would give
διδ-οίης you would give
διδ-οίη he would give
διδ-οίμεν we would give
διδ-οίτε you would give
διδ-οίεν they would give




δός give!
δότω give!
δότε give!
δόντων give!


Active: Present


διδ-όναι to give


διδ-ούς giving
διδ-ούσα giving
διδ-όν giving


Active: Indicative Past

ε-δίδ-ουν I gave
ε-δίδ-ους you gave
ε-δίδ-ου he gave
ε-δίδ-ομεν we gave
ε-δίδ-οτε you gave
ε-δίδ-οσαν they gave


Active: Future


δώ-σω I will give
δώ-σεις you will give
δώ-σει he will give
δώ-σομεν we will give
δώ-σετε you will give
δώ-σουσι; δώ-σουσιν they will give



δώ-σομι I would give
δώ-σοις you would give
δώ-σοι he would give
δώ-σοιμεν we would give
δώ-σοιτε you would give
δώ-σοιεν they would give


Active: Future


δώ-σειν to be going to give


δώ-σων going to give
δώ-σουσα going to give
δώ-σον going to give


Active: Aorist


έ-δωκ-α I gave
έ-δωκ-ας you gave
έ-δωκ-ε; έ-δωκ-εν he gave
έ-δ-ομεν we gave
έ-δ-ετε you gave
έ-δ-οσαν they gave



δ-ώ I should have given
δ-ώς you should have given
δ-ώ he should have given
δ-ώμεν we should have given
δ-ώτε you should have given
δ-ώσι; δ-ώσιν they should have given



δ-οίην I would have given
δ-οίης you would have given
δ-οίη he would have given
δ-οίμεν we would have given
δ-οίτε you would have given
δ-οίεν they would have given



δ-ός give!
δ-ότω give!
δ-ότε give!
δ-όντων give!


Active: Aorist


δ-ούναι to give


δ-ούς given
δ-ούσα given
δ-όν given


Active: Perfect


δέ-δω-κα I have given
δέ-δω-κας you have given
δέ-δω-κε; δέ-δω-κεν he have given
δε-δώ-καμεν we have given
δε-δώ-κατε you have given
δε-δώ-κασι; δε-δώ-κασιν they have given



δε-δώ-κω I should have given
δε-δώ-κης you should have given
δε-δώ-κη he should have given
δε-δώ-κωμεν we should have given
δε-δώ-κητε you should have given
δε-δώ-κωσι; δε-δώ-κωσιν they should have given



δε-δώ-κοιμι I would have given
δε-δώ-κοις you would have given
δε-δώ-κοι he would have given
δε-δώ-κοιμεν we would have given
δε-δώ-κοιτε you would have given
δε-δώ-κοιεν they would have given


Active: Perfect


δε-δω-κέναι to have given


δε-δω-κώς given
δε-δω-κυία given
δε-δω-κός given


Active: Indicative Pluperfect

ε-δεδώ-κειν I had given
ε-δεδώ-κεις you had given
ε-δεδώ-κει he had given
ε-δεδώ-κειμεν we had given
ε-δεδώ-κειτε you had given
ε-δεδώ-κεσαν; ε-δεδώ-κεισαν they had given


Medium: Present













Medium: Present







Medium: Indicative Past




Medium: Future






Medium: Future






Medium: Aorist













Medium: Aorist






Medium: Perfect





δε-δο-μένος ώ
δε-δο-μένη ής
δε-δο-μένον ή
δε-δο-μένοι ώμεν
δε-δο-μέναι ήτε
δε-δο-μένα ώσι; δε-δο-μένα ώσιν



δε-δο-μένος είην
δε-δο-μένη είης
δε-δο-μένον είη
δε-δο-μένοι είμεν
δε-δο-μέναι είτε
δε-δο-μένα είεν





Medium: Perfect






Medium: Indicative Pluperfect



Passive: Present


δίδομαι I am given
δίδ-οσαι you are given
δίδ-οται he is given
διδ-όμεθα we are given
δίδ-οσθε you are given
δίδ-ονται they are given



διδ-ώμαι I should be given
διδ-ή you should be given
διδ-ήται he should be given
διδ-ώμεθα we should be given
διδ-ήσθε you should be given
διδ-ώνται they should be given



διδ-οίμην I could be given
διδ-οίο you could be given
διδ-οίτο he could be given
διδ-οίμεθα we could be given
διδ-οίσθε you could be given
διδ-οίντο they could be given



δίδ-οσο be given!
διδ-όσθω be given!
δίδ-οσθε be given!
διδ-όσθων be given!


Passive: Present






Passive: Indicative Past



Passive: Future





Passive: Future





Passive: Aorist





δο-θώσι; δο-θώσιν








Passive: Aorist







Passive: Perfect






Passive: Indicative Pluperfect







46 = .
58 = :
64 = @

97 = a
98 = b
99 = c
100 = d
101 = e
102 = f
103 =  g
104 =h
105 = i
106 = j
107 = k
108 = l
109 = m
110 = n
111 = o
112 = p
113 = q
114 = r
115 = s
116 = t
117 = u
118 = v
119 = w
120 = x
121 = y
122 = z

Age group Total Cases Vax status unknown 1 dose 1-20 days
before specimen
1 dose ≥21 days
before specimen
2nd dose ≥14 days
before specimen
date: double vaxxed
Rates per 100k in
double vaxxed (V)
Rates per 100k
in unvaxxed (U)
Immune system boost or degradation %
(U-V)/U when positive (pfizer's formula)
(U-V)/V when negative
7 day



Table9 Table9 Table9 Table9 Table9 Table16 Table16 Calculation-described-above Week2-Week1










+30.2% -8.1%










-54.5% +0.6%










-57.1% +0.8%










-59.1% +0.9%










-55.9% -2.0%










-52.3% -5.0%










-45.0% -9.0%










-23.8% -16.8%


2,659,345 189,614 13,686 90,085 2,073,522 292,438 4,907.8 2,261.6 -49.7% -4.4%


Week PCR Cases Population Doses Age-standardised
case rate per 100,000
Raw case rate per 100,000 Vaccine/Immune efficacy versus the unvaxxed
18 December -24 December 2021 5,594 1,006,025 0 540.82 556.0498
18 December -24 December 2021 1,860 357,752 1 780.31 519.9132 -30.7%
18 December -24 December 2021 32,628 1,866,426 2 1,328.29 1748.154 -59.3%
18 December -24 December 2021 10,092 2,069,356 3 750.86 487.688 -28.0%
25 December -31 December 2021 9,496 998,045 0 958.52 951.4601
25 December -31 December 2021 3,387 348,727 1 1,409.70 971.2468 -32.0%
25 December -31 December 2021 50,622 1,522,561 2 2,551.97 3324.793 -62.4%
25 December -31 December 2021 30,041 2,429,029 3 1,526.42 1236.749 -37.2%
01 January -07 January 2022 9,105 988,033 0 923.27 921.5279
01 January -07 January 2022 3,066 341,481 1 1,393.46 897.8538 -33.7%
01 January -07 January 2022 34,327 1,121,214 2 2,418.35 3061.592 -61.8%
01 January -07 January 2022 35,436 2,847,027 3 1,361.04 1244.667 -32.2%
08 January -14 January 2022 3,601 979,617 0 412.77 367.5926
08 January -14 January 2022 1,093 340,151 1 543.98 321.3279 -24.1%
08 January -14 January 2022 9,363 995,855 2 865.79 940.1971 -52.3%
08 January -14 January 2022 13,566 2,982,132 3 481.49 454.9094 -14.3%


The Lancet published a study of Pfizer effectiveness for 3˝ million Californians against all strains of Covid. They found that vaccine efficiency dropped from 88% to 47% in the first 4 months according. Whereas the drop for sequenced delta was from 93% to 53% after 4 months and for non delta, the efficiency dropped from 97% to 67% at 4-5 months - https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736%2821%2902183-8/fulltext

Vaccination status (12+ year olds) Other variants (No. of cases) Other variants (%)  Omicron (No. of cases) Omicron (%)
Not vaccinated 21,390 23.7 3,500 8.5
Received first dose 2,813 3.1 731 1.8
Completed primary vaccination schedule 56,532 62.5 29,781 72.0
Revaccinated 9,704 10.7 7,330 17.7
Total 90,439 100.0 41,342 100.0




Country  Anti-Vaccine Inefficiency
NSW Australia (Week1 of 2022: Nov26-Jan6 less Nov26-Jan1 - to be published in the Expose soon)  -90%
Germany (RKI original Omicron figures up to December30)  -87%
Scotland (Dec18 to Jan7)  -70%
Denmark (Nov21 to Dec25)  -68%
The USA (CDC data for Dec1-8) before they started rigging the Omicron data  -63.8%
The UK (last 4 weeks of 2021)  -60%
Canada (December14-January1)  -5%
Tony Fauci, Bill Gates, Albert Bourla, Francis Collins, Rochelle Walensky, Joe Biden  Nul Points
Case Rate Ratio Vaccine Efficiency Fraction Percentage Percentage
1/100 (100-1)/100 0.99 99% Vaccine
1/20 (20-1)/20 0.95 95% Vaccine
1/10 (10-1)/10 0.9 90% Vaccine
1/5 (5-1)/5 0.8 80% Vaccine
1/2 (2-1)/2 0.5 50% Vaccine
1.25 (1.25-1)/1.25 0.2 20% Vaccine
1 (10/10) (1-1)/1 0 0% Ineffective
1.111 (10/9) (1-1.111)/1.111 -0.1 -10% Anti-Vaccine
1.25 (10/8) (1-1.25)/1.25 -0.2 -20% Anti-Vaccine
1.4285 (10/7) (1-1.4285)/1.4285 -0.3 -30% Anti-Vaccine
1.666 (10/6) (1-1.666)/1.666 -0.4 -40% Anti-Vaccine
2 (10/5) (1-2)/2 -0.5 -50% Anti-Vaccine
2.5 (10/4) (1-2.5)/2.5 -0.5 -60% Anti-Vaccine
3.333 (10/3) (1-3.333)/3.333 -0.7 -70% Anti-Vaccine
5 (10/2) (1-5)/5 -0.8 -80% Anti-Vaccine
10 (10/1) (1-10)/10 -0.9 -90% Anti-Vaccine
20 (1-20)/20 -0.95 -95% Anti-Vaccine
50 (1-50)/50 -0.98 -98% Anti-Vaccine
100 (1-100)/100 -0.99 -99% Anti-Vaccine
1000 (1-1000)/1000 -0.999 -99.9% Anti-Vaccine



Vaccination Status Total Cases Hospitalised (% of total cases) Hospitalised and in ICU (% of total cases) Death (% of total cases)
Fully Vaccinated 108,056 1,280(1.2%) 104(0.1%) 22(<0.1%)
Partially Vaccinated 1,110 47(4.2%) 8(0.7%) 3(0.3%)
No Effective Dose 2,765 251(9.1%) 42(1.5%) 7(0.3%)
Under Investigation 28,181 395(1.4%) 40(0.1%) 2(<0.1%)
Not eligible for vaccination (aged 0-11 years) 12,328 93(0.8%) 3(<0.1%) 0(0.0%)
Total 152,440 2,066(1.4%) 197(0.1%) 34(<0.1%)

2022January26: Alex Berenson on Tucker Carlson: Vaccines should be recalled immediately - https://rumble.com/vtbbjb-tucker-carlson-tonight-alex-berenson-boosters-dangerous-and-should-be-pulle.html 

2022January14: MIT Scientist, Dr Stephanie Seneff on Neurodegenerative diseases from spike proteins on the Ingraham Angle. "Parents should do everything they can to stop their children taking these vaccines" - https://video.foxnews.com/v/6291706975001#sp=show-clips 


ONS deaths and person years by vax status for 2021Jan1 to 2021Oct31 - from https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/datasets/deathsbyvaccinationstatusengland 
Figures are a total fabrication.


Ron Johnson's Senate Hearing: Coivd-10 A Second Opinion

Awaken with JP: Is Klaus Schwab the most dangerous man in the world?

Peter Daszak admitting he and Baric and Wuhan made Covid-19



We have as an understanding of Joshua10  that time on earth stands still for those in the ark (if they want). And we interpreted that to mean that you get one day in the ark for free for each day down here. Because the sun did not hasten to set for about a whole day.

12 It was then that Joshua proceeded to speak to Jehovah on the day of Jehovah's abandoning the Amorites to the sons of Israel, and he went on to say before the eyes of Israel: Sun, be motionless over Gibeon, And, moon, over the low plain of Aijalon.
13 Accordingly the sun kept motionless, and the moon did stand still, until the nation could take vengeance on its enemies. Is it not written in the book of Jashar? And the sun kept standing still in the middle of the heavens and did not hasten to set for about a whole day. (Joshua 10 NWT)

So we deduce that you get about a whole day in the ark whilst the sun stands still for those in the ark

Simply put. the ark is buy one get one free.


What is that crazy month doing in God's perfect BLC?

Tis a month which is a repetition of the previous month. 
VeAdar provides a free day for every day in Adar,

VeAdar is the result of buy one month get another month free.

There is nothing God does, especially things that on the face of it look ridiculous, which does not have a brilliant prophetic significance. And VeAdar is the most brilliant of them all.

When we go into the ark we get a free day in that boat for every day we spend down here. But that is precisely what happens during Adar. For every day in Adar brings us another day in VeAdar free.

So we MUST be raptured in Adar. Not VeAdar because we get 2 days for one after rapture not before.

Now the next thing is Mathew 24. Pray that your flight occurs not in winter and not not on the Sabbath, for them there will be a Great Tribulation.

Ambiguous as to whether it means not on the Sabbath or definitely on the Sabbath. We know it means that the GT begins upon a Weekly Sabbath and we should not flee on one of those but we do flee on a sacred (festival) Sabbath. And indeed those who fled from Judea (Laodicea, the Passover house for the 1NCs, which is owned by us as a debt to be reapid 5x resulting from their theft of our baptism) did flee on 20212Heshvan14-16 and 2021Chislev14-16, the first 2 crops of Revelation22, which both had sacred Sabbaths but neither had weekly Sabbaths.

NOW: The GT must start in Greek winter which ends at the vernal equinox on 2022March20 = 2022VeAdar12. So the only possible dates for the start of the Great Triublation are the weekly Sabbaths of Adar12, Adar19, Adar26. 2021VeAdar3 is no good because there was no GT on 2021Adar3. But then we come to 2021VeAdar10, a weekly Sabbath, the last one of winter. Its opposite number is 2021Adar10, which is late Atonement day. THIS IS A MANDATORY ATONEMENT DAY SABBATH FOR LWs, because we celebrated 2021Tebbheth10 which was too early and we did not celebrate 2021Shebat10, which is Atonement day for the new Kingdom Shebat1 secular year.

So 2021Adar10 is a secular Sabbath (a mandatory atonement Sabbath for LWs) and 2021VeAdar10 is a weekly Sabbath. There is yet another double fulfilment of the gloriously ambiguous phrase not not on the Sabbath.

Furthermore, the 10th of the month is the ONLY day in Adar and VeAdar for which both days are full (secular and sacred) Sabbaths.

So the GT must begin on 2021Adar10 which runs from sunset Wednesday 2022February16 to sunset Thursday February17,

Now the UK papers all say (Telegraph and Mail) that Putin will invade Ukraine on Wednesday

Now we must consider the Great Crowd of Revelation7. 

9 After these (things) [2x] [sealings of the 144,000 1NCs and 2NCs and reserves] I saw [1x], and look! crowd much [1x], which to number it no one was able [1x], out of every nation [pantoV and eqnoV and both singular] and [out] of tribes and [out] of peoples and [out] of tongues [2x+2x+2x+2x=8x], (ones) having stood in sight of [enwpion] the throne [8x.1x] and in sight of [enwpion] the Lamb [8x.1x: lambs can see], (ones) having been thrown around [periballw] robes white [8x.1x, 1 robe each around the bodies of 8 representative people - the count of the crowd], and palm [branches] in the hands of them [1x.5x+1x.5x=10x];
10 and they are crying out to voice great, saying The salvation [is due] to the God of us [1x. Jehovah or Jesus] [ to] the (one) sitting upon the throne [2x: Jesus NOT Jehovah] and to the Lamb [1x: Elijah4, who runs the departure lounge]. (Revelation 7 KIT)

  (all FRCs and OMCs up to the 9th crop, the Christian OMCs)
Verses 9-10 from look!: 1x.1x.8x.(1x+1x).1x + 16x.10x+16x.(1x+2x.1x) = 16x+160x+48x = 224x. From 2021Adar10, the start of the 2NC rapture, to 2022Tishri24, the day after dunghill decree day of Daniel3. This must be when those in Hobah of Genesis14, gain access to the ark?

11 And all [pantej] the angels had stood to circle of the throne [a witness to one time from 2019Tishri15, the ark2 resurrection of the 3rd 1NC bride to 2020Tishri15, the ark2 resurrection of the 4th HLC bride] and of the older persons [of the 2nd and 3rd Holy Spirit] and of the 4 living [creatures], and they fell in sight of the throne upon the faces of them and worshiped to the God,
12 (they) saying Amen; the blessing and the glory and the wisdom and the thanksgiving and the honour and the power and the strength to the God of us into the ages of the ages; amen. (Revelation 7 KIT)

13 And concluded/answered [apokrinomai, apo and krinw] [to decide from, to conclude] one out of the elders [24x] saying to me: These (being) the (ones) having been thrown about the robes the white [2x], who are they and wherefrom came they [who are the ones covered by robes and where did they come from: 2x+2x=4x]?

Verse 13: 24x.(2x+2x) = 24x.4x= 96x, the length of the Great Tribulation. 

14 And I have said to him: Lord of me, you have seen [oidaj from eidw[1x, Lord of me, not one of the elders]. And he [1x] said to me These [2x] are the (ones) coming out of the tribulation the great [present tense - into the ark. NOT going back and forth after ark entrance. Because the tribulation ends for ark dwellers the moment then enter into the ark. A trip back to the earth in semi angelic form with the gifts of the spirit is not a worry at all], and they washed the robes of them [2x: one robe each, this is a baptism and a sealing, both of which are done individually] and they whitened them in the blood of the Lamb [2x: Elijah4 - This is the blood of the 4EC. These ones are priest because they render sacred service in verse15]. (Revelation 7 KIT)

15 Through this they are in sight of/before [evnw,pion equivalent to o` evn wvpi w;n, one who is in sight] the throne of the God [2x.1x], and they are rendering sacred service to him of day and of night in the divine habitation of him [2x+2x=4x] [So they are priests], and the (one) sitting upon the throne [2x] will tent upon them [2x]

The Great Crowd is everyone who is presently non adamic on earth and all the 12 crops of Revelation22. The particular group enquired about by John are all the pirests (since they render sacred service of Verse15). They all come out of the Great Tribulation. So the Great Tribulation must start on or before 2021Adar10, the start of the 2NC ark raptures, in order than 2NC Kings (who are also priests) come out of it.

Dnoetsk and Lugansk have an order to evacuate 700,000 people out of Ukraine to Russia on the spurious pretext of a planned Ukrainian Army attack. Obviously the real reason is a planned Russian Attack on the Ukranian Army

The first group of refugees from the Donbass region have arrived in Russia following an evacuation order made by the self-proclaimed People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk authorities ahead of an anticipated Ukrainian military action.

According to Russian media, 80 buses with hundreds of refugees, mostly women and children, have already arrived in Rostov Region, which borders Ukraine.

Earlier on Friday, the authorities of the two breakaway regions announced that the Ukrainian Army was planning “a breakthrough” into the Donbass territory. In light of the alleged attack, they called on civilians to evacuate to Russia.

According to the Donetsk People’s Republic, about 700,000 people are due to be evacuated. - https://www.rt.com/russia/549923-refugees-donbass-russia-arrived/


Age UK NIMS Pop 1 Jab 1 Jab % 2 Jabs 2 Jab % 3 Jabs 3 Jab % No Jab No Jab %
80+ 2,922,040 2,795,482 95.7 2,777,048 95 2,680,773 91.7 126,558 4.3%
75-80 2,308,431 2,211,706 95.8 2,196,337 95.1 2,135,219 92.5 96,725 4.2%
70-75 2,789,291 2,634,697 94.5 2,612,069 93.6 2,519,826 90.3 154,594 5.5%
65-70 2,971,150 2,747,946 92.5 2,716,147 91.4 2,569,819 86.5 223,204 7.5%
60-65 3,595,988 3,267,979 90.9 3,221,614 89.6 2,955,814 82.2 328,009 9.1%
55-60 4,162,240 3,711,701 89.2 3,648,360 87.7 3,256,342 78.2 450,539 10.8%
50-55 4,246,205 3,683,900 86.8 3,605,618 84.9 3,109,610 73.2 562,305 13.2%
45-50 3,958,962 3,256,959 82.3 3,163,967 79.9 2,566,553 64.8 702,003 17.7%
40-45 4,306,530 3,333,462 77.4 3,206,336 74.5 2,435,615 56.6 973,068 22.6%
35-40 4,646,939 3,385,800 72.9 3,216,415 69.2 2,252,225 48.5 1,261,139 27.1%
30-35 4,875,326 3,404,887 69.8 3,185,047 65.3 2,059,672 42.2 1,470,439 30.2%
25-30 4,546,441 3,108,042 68.4 2,863,075 63 1,719,678 37.8 1,438,399 31.6%
20-25 3,934,410 2,821,616 71.7 2,532,234 64.4 1,429,298 36.3 1,112,794 28.3%
18-20 1,384,877 1,014,329 73.2 885,982 64 448,796 32.4 370,548 26.8%
16-18 1,383,127 907,301 65.6 651,643 47.1 134,174 9.7 475,826 34.4%
12-16 2,925,895 1,570,402 53.7 881,093 30.1 7,896 0.3 1,355,493 46.3%
0-12 8,172,830 88,616 1.1 2,397 0 11 0 8,084,214 98.9%
Total 63,130,682 43,945,696 69.6 41,365,808 65.5 32,281,561 51.1 19,184,986 30.4%

But the UK NIMS database does not have the entire UK population of 68,520,995 as of Friday, April 15, 2022 - Worldometer

So 5,390,313 are missing from NIMS. So assuming that the proportions of vaccination in non NIMS people are the same as those in NIMS people the entire UK numbers should be multiplied by 68,520,985/63,130,682 = 1.085383411

Age UK Pop 1 Jab 1 Jab % 2 Jabs 2 Jab % 3 Jabs 3 Jab % No Jab No Jab %
80+ 3,171,534 3,034,170 95.7 3,014,162 95 2,909,667 91.7 137,364 4.3%
75-80 2,505,533 2,400,549 95.8 2,383,868 95.1 2,317,531 92.5 104,984 4.2%
70-75 3,027,450 2,859,656 94.5 2,835,096 93.6 2,734,977 90.3 167,794 5.5%
65-70 3,224,837 2,982,575 92.5 2,948,061 91.4 2,789,239 86.5 242,262 7.5%
60-65 3,903,026 3,547,010 90.9 3,496,686 89.6 3,208,191 82.2 356,016 9.1%
55-60 4,517,626 4,028,619 89.2 3,959,869 87.7 3,534,380 78.2 489,008 10.8%
50-55 4,608,760 3,998,444 86.8 3,913,478 84.9 3,375,119 73.2 610,317 13.2%
45-50 4,296,992 3,535,049 82.3 3,434,117 79.9 2,785,694 64.8 761,942 17.7%
40-45 4,674,236 3,618,084 77.4 3,480,104 74.5 2,643,576 56.6 1,056,152 22.6%
35-40 5,043,711 3,674,891 72.9 3,491,043 69.2 2,444,528 48.5 1,368,819 27.1%
30-35 5,291,598 3,695,608 69.8 3,456,997 65.3 2,235,534 42.2 1,595,990 30.2%
25-30 4,934,632 3,373,417 68.4 3,107,534 63 1,866,510 37.8 1,561,214 31.6%
20-25 4,270,343 3,062,535 71.7 2,748,445 64.4 1,551,336 36.3 1,207,808 28.3%
18-20 1,503,123 1,100,936 73.2 961,630 64 487,116 32.4 402,187 26.8%
16-18 1,501,223 984,769 65.6 707,283 47.1 145,630 9.7 516,454 34.4%
12-16 3,175,718 1,704,488 53.7 956,324 30.1 8,570 0.3 1,471,230 46.3%
0-12 8,870,654 96,182 1.1 2,602 0 12 0 8,774,472 98.9%
Total 68,520,995 47,697,929 69.6 44,897,762 65.5 35,037,871 51.1 20,823,066 30.4%

So there are 20,823,066 UK nationals who have escape the Gene corruption (all ages)
There are 12,048,594 over 12s who have retained their genetic integrity completely out of 68,520,995 which is 17.6% of the population. 
There are 35,037,859 over 12s who have been thrice corrupted. which is 51.1%
So the ratio of triple vaxxed to unvaxxed is 3 to 1 in the UK

But the death rate ratio is 3054 to 321 or 9.5 to 1.

So you are 3.17x more likely to die OF COVID-19 if you are triple jabbed than if you are unvaxxed. Then of course you are far more likely to die of heart attacks, strokes, sepsis, VAIDS and ADE complications organ failure and other vaccine related side effects if you are triple vaxxed than if you are unvaxxed.



Mike's dream in Berlin. the world splits into two, into an Eastern financial system and a Western financial system - like Berlin!

10 And so you are possessed of a fullness by means of him, who is the head of all government and authority.
11 By relationship with him you were also circumcised with a circumcision performed without hands by the stripping off the body of the flesh [and its replacement with the body of an angel], by the circumcision that belongs to the Christ,
12 for you were buried with him in [his] baptism, and by relationship with him you were also raised up together through [your] faith in the operation of God, who raised him up from the dead.
13 Furthermore, though you were dead in your trespasses and in the uncircumcised state of your flesh, [God] made you alive together with him. He kindly forgave us all our trespasses (Colossians 2 NWT)

14 having wiped out the down on us handwriting to the decrees which was under-in-against to us, and it he has lifted up out of the middle having nailed toward it to the stake;
15 having stripped off the governments and the authorities he made show of in outspokenness having triumphed over them in it.
16 Not therefore anyone you let him be judging in eating and in drinking or in part of festival or of new moon or of Sabbaths,
17 which (things) is shadow of the (things) being about to, the but body of the Christ. (Colossians 2 KIT)

14 and blotted out the handwritten document against us, which consisted of decrees and which was in opposition to us; and He has taken it out of the middle/way by nailing it to the stake [exposing Caesar's law to all for what it is].
15 Stripping the governments and the authorities bare, he exhibited them in open public as conquered, leading them in a triumphal procession by means of it.
16 Therefore let no man judge you in eating and drinking or in respect of a festival or of an observance of the new moon or of a Sabbath;
17 for those things are a shadow of the things to come, but the reality belongs to the Christ. (Colossians 2 NWT)

The hand written document is the law literally of Moses but in the greater meaning it is the law of the Dragon as Caesar, all his crap decrees in opposition to God's people, which Jesus takes out of the way by exposing it as unjust persecution and then by stripping government naked and exposing them and leading them in a triumphal procession, when we see them from the ark,.

So we must Christianise the festivals, Sabbaths and new moons, for they are a shadow and the reality belongs to the Christ.

The 13x/14x of the count of the ride of the 1st horseman is 2022Nisan21/22 to 2022Iyyar5, the end of the earthly interaction of the first raptured non LW 2NCs (when Gordon cannot ride the whole of his horse).

2 that their hearts may be comforted, that they may be harmoniously joined together in love and with a view to all the riches of the full assurance of [their] understanding, with a view to an accurate knowledge of the sacred secret of God, namely, Christ. (Colossians 2 NWT)
2 ina paraklhqwsin ai kardiai autwn sumbibasqentej en agaph kai eij pan ploutoj thj plhroforiaj thj sunesewj eij epignwsin tou musthriou tou qeou patroj cristou (Colossians 2 SinaiO)
2 ina paraklhqwsin ai kardiai autwn sumbibasqentej en agaph kai eij pan to ploutoj thj plhroforiaj thj sunesewj eij epignwsin tou musthriou tou qeou patroj tou cristou (Colossians 2 AlexO)
2 ina paraklhqwsin ai kardiai autwn sumbibasqentej en agaph kai eij pan ploutoj thj plhroforiaj thj su?sewj eij epignwsin tou musthriou tou qeou cristou (Colossians 2 VatBO)
2 ina paraklhqwsin ai kardiai autwn sunbibasqentej en agaph kai eij pan to ploutoj thj plhroforiaj thj sunesewj eij epignwsin tou musthriou tou qeou patroj tou cristou (Colossians 2 RescrO)

5 And behold another beast, a second, like to a bear, and it raised up itself towards one side, and [it had] three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it: and they said thus unto it, Arise, devour much flesh. (Daniel 7 KJV)
5 and + behold ! look! beast another second being (one) like to/for + bear and + to/for + side + one was caused to arise and + THREE ribs in/at + mouth of + her between Teeth of + her Tooth of + her and + rightly saying (one) to/for + her (she) must arise (she) must eat flesh great (Daniel 7 WLCi)

1x+2x+1x+1x + 3x+21x+1x = 30x + 3x.2x30x = 210x, the length of WW3 That is a correct count due to the 7x of the fiery furnace of Daniel3, . Rightly/Justly they tell the bear to get up, eat much flesh - woops! The Russians are justified in what they are about to do.

OR 51x+3x.2x.51x = 357x from 2021Adar14 to 2022Adar11 the end of the Bear eating flesh?

22 But all the men [saints] who have been seeing my glory and my signs that I have performed in Egypt and in the wilderness and yet kept testing me these 10 times, and have not listened to my voice,
23 Look! They will see the land about which I swore to their fathers, and all those deriding me will not see it. (Numbers 14 NWT)

10x from 2010Chislev21, the 1st fire sign of 1Kings18 to 2020Chislev21, when the last 2NC, the last saint from the Watchtower or Laodicea entered into non adamic Sodom and thereby stopped testing God.

When the Laodiceans and JWs saw the first fire sign upon mount Carmel and did not join the LWs, perhaps then they started testing God. Then joining non adamic Sodom ended that testing.

The Happinesses of Daniel12 are the hapinesses of Matthew5. The 2x1335 days of keeping in expectation take us from 2014Heshvan14 to 2022Nisan14, then we keep in expectation until the end of Cakes on 2022Nisan21 for the 2nd fire sign and our rapture on 2022Nisan21/22 for the 2NC assembly. The opening of Jesus mouth ANd he was teaching them must run or 34x from 2021VeAdar18 to 2022Nisan22, first fruits, when we start teaching and the 1st horseman starts to ride and the 3rd fire sign occurs and Jesus is first baptised into the church.

Salt of the Earth is the Christians who are supposed to preserve the morality, the Judeo-Christian values, of the public sector.
The sea never loses its saltiness, by contrast. The private sector always has values (until it gets corrupted owned or pressurised by government contracts, by the public sector into become sand or earth. Disney itself in Florida has been public sector since it was self governing, a law unto itself.

Seek and ye shall find applies to the 70 as well as the LWs and the present LWs will NOT find what is given to the 70,
7+7 cows from 2006Iyyar14 to 2008Iyyar14 to 2022Iyyar14 the end of the 42 month lease or the end of non adamic Sodom
7.5 years + 15 years from 2000Tishri to 2023Nisan14 ?
Jakob 70 also seek and find so I must find them War leads to more Cainian seed due to unjustified killing of brother so leads to extended famine afterwards longer than would be caused by the devastation of war

Top 20 doctrine comparison - doctrine.html, watchtowerdoctrine.html  Non condemnatory
Top 10 decoding principles: Train the chefs - to see the levels
Top 10 End of the world predictors - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_dates_predicted_for_apocalyptic_events  (I give Dave the predictions and he uploads them to wikipedia.
Top 10 Bible decoders throughout history.
Top 20 Chronological understandings
Top 20 End Times scriptures being fulfilled right now!

Most useful session ever for LWs, !st and 2nd law, Research and teaching, wheat invest AND look after church
Mike tests all these out of Jacob. That is his therapy, His therapy is to save everyone on the planet. by being the guinea pig - his idea. Mike will present it all \to Jacob and Jacob will refine it and criticise it and improve it to make it accessible to the untrained person.

Philo to Origen to Augustine of Denmark to Sir Isaac Newton to Miller to Russell, to Armstrong to the LWs. So the idea is not new. It is as old as Christianity itself because Jesus told his disciples his was speaking allegorically.

1. Hebrew and Greek names principle OBVIOUS AND EASY.
2. The Prophetic Times Substitution Principle. Start with the 3x of the Temple Times. Then the Israeli Gentile Times on genetic Israel having a genetically Jewish Leader from 586Tishri to 1935Tishri, then persecution before 1948Sivan3 the proclamation and US acceptance of the state of Israel. Then the Double gapped Gentile Times on God's people having a leader representing God run from 607Tishri15 to 560Tishri15 (Booths after Jehoiachin has his throne raised up) to 550Tishri15 (Booths after Jehoiachin dies) then 144Tishri15 (Booths after Demetrius II grant Jonathan Maccabeus exemption from paying tribute and order his to pay Caesar's things to the temple of God) to 46Tishri15 (Booths after Julius Caesar appoints Antipater, the Idumean as Ethnarc of Judea, who unlike his predecessor Hyrcanus II does collect tribute for Caesar), then 46Tishri15 to 2022Tishri15. 
3. Omissions Principle
4. The Question Answering Principle
5. Ambiguity Principle
6. Reader Questions
7. Binary Questions
8. The Hypothetical Principle
1. The fundamental pattern
2. The Midst prophecy
3. The Temple ratio prophecy
4. The Jubilees of the 6,000 year lease of Michael and the 6,000 year working week of Adam

Jakob and Mike to choose the top 5 ones.
The purpose of this church is to get everybody to make one bible interpretation.
Doctrine: What is hell, who gets saved, who can interpret the bible correctly. etc.
2023Tishri is the 5th Sabbath of the 4th Kingdom Jubilee and is 15˝ years after 2008Nisan14

7 months from 2021Adar14 to 2022Tishri14 the start of the Russian bear eating much flesh?
2 farming curses one on Cain one on Adam implies Cain is not adamic, Write up war implies famine. 
Ye are my witnesses. At the mouth of two witnesses or 3, every matter is established (Watchtower LWs and Laodicea).
Jesus cannot be appointed/installed as Caesar to Abraham until 2022Elul16/Heshvan5 (due to the Discontinuous Gentile Times) and to Isaac on 2022Tishri16/Chislev5. Then Laodicea's Jubilee release from 2016Nisan1 is 2022Heshvan10. And the unengaged 2NC rapture runs from 2022Heshvan15-18. 
The 2x 1290 days run from 2015Tammuz14 to 2022Elul14 (the end of the 42 month lease or the end of Laodicean Adam? Must be the former because Laodicea becomes a bundle of weeds to be burnt)
The 2x 1335 days runs from 2015Tammuz14 to 2022Chislev14.
The 12 crops of Revelation22 must run from 2022Elul14 to 2023Ab14, the Laodicean FRC Passover to the late non religious OMC Passover. So that the regular Christian FRC Passover is 2022Heshvan14, in time for the 2NC rapture.
The Dragon's 42 month lease runs from 2018Adar to 2022Elul14. Then Jesus is appointed as Caesar over Abraham on 2022Elul16, which is 6-16 day, when the beast start operating against God's authority.