Fundamental Lords' Witnesses Church Doctrine

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We are a protestant Christian church. Our basic doctrine is presented below...

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[-2] The pre-universe, pre-big bang angels lived in Archeden, a heavenly Eden, under one simple law of obedience as was the antitypical Garden of Eden. The angels eventually broke that law, being disobedient, just as Adam was in Eden. This sin was the exact equivalent of an infant being deliberately naughty for the first time. In that sense it was not a condemnation of the angels themselves, it was rather an indication that the angels were ready to attend righteousness school and to leave the nursery of Archeden. In fact the same was true of Adam's sin.

We do not think that Lucifer sinned in Archeden, because he was perfect in all his ways until unrighteousness was found in him and he was a manslayer when he began. 
15 You were faultless in your ways from the day of your being created until unrighteousness was found in you (Ezekiel 28). 

44 You are from your father the Devil, and you wish to do the desires of your father. That one was a manslayer when he began, and he did not stand fast in the truth, because truth is not in him. When he speaks the lie, he speaks according to his own disposition, because he is a liar and the father of [the lie] (John 8). 

The sin in Archeden, before the he Big Bang, showed that the angels of Archeden were ready to learn Good and Bad from God's Law, and Adam's sin showed that he and his wife were ready for the same lesson. The tree of knowledge of Good and Bad was merely a trigger which revealed the time when Adam and Eve were ready to begin to learn about God's righteousness  - so as to be able to distinguish Good from Bad. 

At the end of Archeden the first holy spirit covenant was made which covenant was mediated by Lucifer (who was later to become Satan). Lucifer, like Jesus, would have ministered to the angels and evangelised the 1HSC to them. The blessing of the 1HSC was Tartarus exemption. Tartarus was the first death for angels. Satan was the mediator of the 1HSC. But then every mediator needs a validation sacrifice. God is not a hypocrite. He does not ask his firstborn son to die for all creation if he is not prepared to do the exact same thing himself. And Jesus only does what he beholds his father doing (John5 - below). So God, in Angeliah (the name we give the body he entered into in order to father the angels), ransomed Lucifer with a Tartarus exempt angelic body. Giving that body to Lucifer put Jehovah in Tartarus presumably for 3 days. So Jehovah entered into the first death for angels - by choice. He must have resurrected himself from that death or perhaps he relied upon the love of Lucifer at that time? We do not know how he did this. We do not need to know how he did this at present, because he is God and can do anything he wants without humans needing to understand it. For more on this see U264a.

Returning to God's sacrifice. We now see that God's angelic ransom was the archetype for all religion that followed and for Christianity in particular. This is why Jesus said...

19 Therefore, in answer, Jesus went on to say to them: Most truly I say to you, The Son cannot do a single thing of his own initiative, but only what he beholds the Father doing. For whatever things that One does, these things the Son also does in like manner.
20 For the Father has affection for the Son and shows him all the things he himself does, and he will show him works greater than these, in order that you may marvel.
21 For just as the Father raises the dead up and makes them alive, so the Son also makes those alive whom he wants to [therefore they both must have given their soul as a ransom] (John5).

[-1] Here is the whole plan of God, both for the angels and for the humans...

Nursery Law Freedom
Infant Child Adult
Eden Law of Moses  Christianity 
Archeden 1HSC of Lucifer 2HSC of Michael

1HSC is the First Holy Spirit Covenant. 2HSC is the Second Holy Spirit Covenant. Lucifer became Satan and broke the 1HSC when he committed adultery with Eve in God's body (he being married to God) and then murdered Eve, and then conspired with Eve to murder Adam. These were capital sins for Satan. This ended his mediation of the 1HSC, which ended the covenant when ended God's marriage to his first wife. The first and second holy spirits are God's first and second wives - for more on this see U14a. God views the entire angelic race or the entire human race as one person. So just as the infant has no law other than don't be naughty and just as the child has strict law not open to interpretation by him (such as do not cross the road, eat your sprouts etc.) and just as the adult has a freedom to interpret laws from their principles, so God raised the entire human and angelic races in the same manner that every parent raises his children.

[0] The original versions of all scripture (which are lost presently) were inspired by God and written by men, all of whom were sons of Jacob. It was perfect for the job of teaching mankind sustainable morality, the laws we need which prevent us from destroying ourselves. The copies we have today are not perfect, but are good enough for God's purpose at this time. The Old Testament is the story of an angry God rescuing his youngest children (mankind) from his errant angelic son (Satan) who had kidnapped them and held them to ransom. The Gospels are the story of that ransom paid by Jesus, and of the love and righteousness which together form the morality of God and of his son, Jesus Christ, who was found to be without sin throughout his entire ministry. The rest of the New Testament is the story of the early Christian Church - see Intro4.

[1] The Bible is a deliberately ambiguous and a deliberately fragmented book. This is not a result of the negligence of a God who could not arrange to record facts in a coherent order or express himself in an unambiguous way. It is the mechanism by which God reveals the truth only to those who love him enough to put the jigsaw together and to work through the ambiguity. The ambiguity and fragmentation enables an unscrupulous or lazy reader to draw the conclusion he wants. And many a church was set up on such incorrect conclusions. This is why one must keep on searching, knocking and asking one's whole life...

7 Keep on asking, and it will be given you; keep on seeking, and you will find; keep on knocking, and it will be opened to you.
8 For everyone asking receives, and everyone seeking finds, and to everyone knocking it will be opened (Matthew 7).

12 For the word of God is alive and exerts power and is sharper than any two-edged sword and pierces even to the dividing of soul and spirit, and of joints and [their] marrow, and [is] able to discern thoughts and intentions of [the] heart (Hebrews 4).

Getting the correct bible interpretation is not a 5 second sprint. It is a life long marathon. Only when you have harmonized every scripture on a subject do you have God's view. Only when you have addressed every possible ambiguity and eliminated them all except one, from logic or from other scriptures, do you have the true meaning of the scripture you are considering. It is hard. It is set at the limit of our intelligence. But it is not set beyond that limit. And the holy spirit will guide you to the truth not if you ask, but if you keep on asking in sincerity, not for your glory, but for the glory of God, which is love. The LW position is that God is more intelligent than us. His book is the ultimate academic treatise and when we think we see a mistake in the holy word of God, what we are seeing is a mistake in our grasp of that word. We do not find any mistakes that God has made. He will find every mistake that we have made - see Code.

[2] God is not a trinity. He is an individual spirit being called Jehovah or Yahweh, Jehovah, Yihooveh (no one today quite knows how to pronounce his name). He created the angels, the universe and mankind. The trinity is a 3rd century logical mind trick. It is a brainwash-o-meter. If you accept that 3 equals 1 and are prepared to deny the existence of the number 2, then the Catholic church wants you, because you will serve them blindly. You will give them your money, your children, your possessions, whatever they ask for. If you will not accept the abolition of the number 2, then they do not want you because you will see through their other power games and cause them problems. See George Orwell's 1984 or Gul Madred and Jean Luc Picard in Star Trek Next Generation (Season 6, Episode 11, Chain of command II) for the 20th century versions of this mind game - see intro39.

[3] God invented Love and God defines Love. Hence the scripture says: God is Love.

8 He that does not love has not come to know God, because God is love (1 John 4)..
16 And we ourselves have come to know and have believed the love that God has in our case. God is love, and he that remains in love remains in union with God and God remains in union with him (1 John 4).

If you study the understandings of this church you will see the unbreakable eternal love that God has for all of his children, for every human being who ever lived, for every angel ever born, including Satan himself. You will see what perfect love is. You will not see any Lords' Witnesses demonstrate this kind of love very often, for we are as bad as the next guy. But at least you will see man's potential, our capability for love, and you will see our and your own future. You have free will, yes but no sin is sustainable, so you will one day have perfect love and on that day you will have stopped sinning. You choose when that day is. And it may be a very long way away. But God will teach you and discipline you and love you until the day that you become a true child of his, a person with the kind of love that he already has, a God like him. Do not think that greatest expressions of love are confined to true Christians. They are not. CNN recently (May 2007) described how a US soldier saw a grenade having been thrown into his humvee. He could have jumped out of the vehicle since he was sitting on the turret. But instead he chose quietly to lower his body over the grenade. He saved the lives of his 4 friends in that vehicle. Had he attempted to throw it out of the vehicle he might have saved himself too but there would have been a time period whilst he was picking the thing up and raising it out of the vehicle, when all 5 could have been killed. That is perfect love. There is no freedom without sacrifice and that soldier will get a lot more from God than the posthumous medal his family received from George Bush, for Jesus said...

13 No one has a greater love than this, that he should surrender his soul in behalf of his friends (John 15).

That soldier, and many others, not by their words, or by their profession, but by their actions, make themselves into disciples of Jesus Christ and sons of God.

[4] Jesus was God's son in the following senses. A human embryo that became the boy called Immanuel (by his mother - for God was with her and Immanuel means God is with us) whom we call Jesus, was implanted in the Virgin Mary by the angel Gabriel. This boy debated with the Pharisees aged 12 and was baptised by John aged 30. At his baptism in the Jordan, the spirit, the character of Immanuel, was transferred into an angel. Immanuel was raptured. And the angel Michael came down and possessed Jesus' human body.  This angelic possession was symbolised by the dove coming down and remaining on the head of the body. So Jesus from his baptism to his death was the angel Michael in the human body of the immaculately conceived Immanuel. 

5 Keep this mental attitude in you that was also in Christ Jesus, 
6 who, although he was existing in God's form, gave no consideration to a seizure, namely, that he should be equal to God.
7 No, but he emptied himself and took a slave's form and came to be in the likeness of men.
8 More than that, when he found himself in fashion as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient as far as death, yes, death on torture stake (Philippians 2).

23 From the offspring of this [man] according to his promise God has brought to Israel a savior, Jesus,
24 after John, in advance of the entry of that One [Jesus], had preached publicly to all the people of Israel baptism [in symbol] of
repentance (Acts 13).

So Michael emptied himself from his angelic form and entered into Jesus after John had started preaching.

Immanuel was God's son because he directly created him. Michael, being an angel, was also God's son. Jesus was God's only begotten son in the sense that Michael was the only angel with everlasting life (permanent son) at the time he possessed Jesus. And because it was agreed that he would become a God after his sacrifice and ransoms. So he was constructively a God - see intro16. 

[5] Michael was given everlasting life NOT when he agreed to ransom Adam at the time of his sin, but as engagement present after Michael negotiated the firstborn angelic rights with Satan in return for Satan's 6,000 year lease as Caesar to Adam from 3990Iyyar17 to 2011Iyyar14. Michael then had authority to reform the first Holy Spirit which was headed up by one of Satan's first generation angelic sons presumably (one of the apostles of the first Holy Spirit). It appears that the original first Holy Spirit had 9 apostles (from the 9 stones of Ezekiel28) but the reformed version had 12 (from the 24 elders of Revelation4 - two different Holy Spirits of them). He also had authority to form a second Holy Spirit, the blessing of which was not a get out of Tartarus free card, but rather everlasting angelic life - see U17. Michael's everlasting life was a bridal gift from God to him for the 2nd Holy Spirit marriage. It is the blessing of the 2nd Holy Spirit - see U33.

[6] Michael, whom all Christians refer to as Jesus, was given the name above every name which name is Jehovah, at his resurrection. Having God's name as your surname, is having his status. So Jesus became a God to be worshipped like his father when he was resurrected. The reason God elevated him in this way is firstly that we are all sons of God and therefore will all one day be so elevated since like begets like, and is secondly that Jesus by his righteousness, his love and his suffering carried God's reputation on his back and his actions confirmed God's divinity. Had he failed, then God's divinity would have been denied. Therefore God was right to give his divine status to Jesus as a gift, since he had carried it successfully as a burden. So after his resurrection Jesus became the only begotten God of John 1:18, in the bosom position of his father, who is the only unbegotten God - see intro26.

[7] Today, the LWs worship the two Gods, Jehovah and Jesus (Michael). We refer to our second God as Jesus or Michael interchangeably. We are the only church which recognises the divinity of Jesus without having him as a part of Jehovah or of an illogically defined trinity. So we are the only church that recognises Jesus as an individual God in his own right. Therefore we say Gods' Bless and we are the Lords' Witnesses, being witnesses for two Gods, Jehovah and Jesus. We can pray to Jehovah or to Jesus or to both of them. Simply put every Christian church in the entire world worships either one God (unitarian) or three Gods (trinitarian). But as is the way of religion, they are all wrong. There are two Gods that we should be worshipping! See Intro26.

[8] Satan was the first angel that God created, the firstborn angel of God, the firstborn son of Jehovah. He was originally called Lucifer (light carrier, light bearer, light bringer), before he started opposing God (Satan means adversary or opposer). God created all angels and all humans with free will. And that made it inevitable that all of us would rebel and break his laws at some point early on in our lives as Adam did. No free willed being has never sinned except Jehovah. Presumably Jehovah conquered sin in his mind before he created any other free willed beings and defined righteousness for them. "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" (Romans 3:23). Michael and Gabriel were later born angels - see intro19.

[9] Angels are male and female just as humans are. Sex is a tutor to love and all God's children are male and female until they have perfect love, at which point they become Gods to be worshipped, who are asexual since they no longer need that tutor. Angels do not reproduce sexually. They reproduce in a manner similar to the immaculate conception of Jesus - see intro5.

[10]. Our characters, our spirits from God, our software, our self writing operating systems, have gender. We have male and female software/characters and male and female brains which are quite different as life experience demonstrates. A sex change operation changes neither the software nor the hardware upon which it runs. It merely changes the peripherals. So anyone who has had the operation is still in fact his or her original sex as regards their spirit, their software, and as regards their brain hardware - see joining37.

[11]  The Holy Spirit, is God's heavenly administration, heavenly Jerusalem, the Jerusalem above. It is 144,000 angels covenanted to God as his helper to rule over the heavens and the earth. It is his wife, and our mother as Paul would say. It is all the holy spirits in the holy spirit covenant. So Jehovah, the Holy Spirit and Jesus are Father, Mother and Son. You have now met the family. The family unit is how God runs everything - see intro11. 

[12] Adam and Eve were real human beings a man and a woman - see intro6. They were the first human beings who were able to reproduce sexually. But they were not the first human beings. Pre-adamic man who existed before Adam and Eve reproduced asexually as the angels do. Adam and Eve put mankind into mass production, which we call reproduction in the context of procreation. The fossil record shows the existence of pre-adamic man. This is undeniable. But no pre-adamic lived longer than 50 years. That is an archaeological finding and is also provable from the scriptures. Furthermore there is archaeological evidence that pre-adamics did not link sex to pregnancy. Pre-adamics were sexually active but did not reproduce by that means - see intro5. This understanding reconciles archaeology and the fossil record with Genesis1 which says...

26 And God went on to say: Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness. (Genesis 1 NWT)
27 And God proceeded to create the man in his image, in God's image he created him; male and female he created them. (Genesis 1 NWT)

So man, or mankind, actually preadamic man, was created in the image of a plurality of heavenly beings, in fact in the image of God and of his wife, the 1st Holy Spirit. Whereas 'the man' or Adam, or mark2 man, was created in the image of God alone, being a direct son of God, an image of God rather than an image of an image of God, which pre adamic man was. Adam was more intelligent than he predecessors, just as God is more intelligent than the angles of the first Holy Spirit. Prior to Adam's arrival all that mankind had managed was to domesticate the sheep and paint a few caves. After Adam we invented the wheel, invented writing, built cities and fought wars etc. Adam was an explosion of activity. He was the change from being pre historic to being historic, in the sense that he recorded his activities.

[13] Every person angelic or human or divine, has a spirit which is the character of that person, and is software. In fact it is a self writing operating system. Every person has a body, which is hardware and is either human or angelic or divine. The spirit and the body together are called a living soul or just a soul. A soul must be self sustaining. A dead soul is a dead body without a spirit. The spirit never dies in any child of God, human or angelic or divine. That is the love of God for his kids - see intro9.

[14] A foetus becomes a human being, a living soul, between the 20th and 22nd week of pregnancy after the last period. That is the 18th to 20th week after conception, which puts us around the midst of the gestation period. Once a foetus has gained the spirit of life from God (which is a software download essentially), then it has an immortal spirit and even if the mother chooses to kill it, that baby will be resurrected by God and stare into the face of its mother. And God will hold the mother and the doctor to account even if lobby groups prevent democratically elected governments from so doing. Women are not the only people with rights in a family. Fathers have rights and foetuses have rights after the 20th-22nd week - see intro41.

[15] A human being is born again when he is given an angelic body or a non adamic human body. This can occur without him realising it and whilst he is still in his human body. Or it can occur when he is resurrected from physical death. When a human is baptised in holy spirit, spirit sanctified, becomes a saint, he gains an angelic body - see intro12.

[16] Adam was born by immaculate conception to pre-adamic parents as Jesus was born by immaculate conception to Jewish parents. Adam was born again aged 30. Immanuel was born again when he was baptised aged 30, becoming an angel. Eve was created by God's baptism of a pre-adamic woman whom he chose for Adam - see intro6.

[17] Satan, being the firstborn angel, had the rights of the firstborn. God initially did everything through Satan. God created the whole physical universe through him as chief executive, and Satan was the head of the first holy spirit. When Satan enticed Eve to sin by offering her the status of a God and showed Eve how to use Adam's sexual desire to entice Adam to sin, Satan lost his firstborn rights and the first holy spirit was temporarily disbanded. It was reformed after Michael negotiated those rights from Satan in return for a 6,000 year lease as Caesar to Adam. Adam's sin opened mankind up to knowledge of both good and bad. The school in which we have learned about these things is called 'the world' in biblical terminology. The world began with Adam's sin and was ruled by Satan for 6,000 years from 3990Iyyar17 to 2011Iyyar14. 

31 Now there is a judging of this world; now the ruler of this world will be cast out (John 12).

8 Again the Devil took him along to an unusually high mountain, and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory,
9 and he said to him: All these things I will give you if you fall down and do an act of worship to me (Matthew 4).

Satan in the heavenly headmaster of this world. But God owns the school. The headmaster following Satan, is Jesus. When the kindergarten of Satan ends, those who pass the entrance exam of faith, will enter into the grammar school, the grade school, of Jesus, which is the kingdom of God 

[18] All mankind has been judicially dead (needing to be born again), we are subject to the death sentence passed upon Adam due to his sin. This is why we age and die. We all exist by virtue of the stay of execution that God granted Adam. This type of death, adamic death, is passed on to our children entirely and exclusively through our genes. Were mankind as a race to conquer ageing and gain indefinite life by our own research, we would have outsmarted God. So when Jesus said: Let the dead bury their dead (Luke 9:60), he meant let the judicially dead bury their physically dead. When one is born again, one is no longer judicially dead, because one's new life is not subject to the adamic death sentence. This applies to being born again in the flesh non adamically or to being born again as an angel - see intro12.

[19] We all think that sexual reproduction and marriage are the natural way to procreate, but they are not. Mankind is judicially dead for the most part, condemned by one sentence passed on Adam which applies to all of his children. And male female marriage is an institution for the dead which exists to protect the rights of a child to have two parents a man and a woman. Never before in the history of life has God permitted his children to reproduce without his direct permission. Mankind are permitted to create life for God, without a case by case consent, because we are dead and our children our dead. We are in fact creating proto-life if you like. The institution of marriage is God's regulation for the procreation of the dead. When you have everlasting life, marriage is not such a good idea! - see intro5.

[20] When Jesus was killed, his human body ransomed Adam's human body and his angelic body ransomed Adam angelically. Since Jesus died as an angel with everlasting life, he gave Adam everlasting life directly. So today, any human can gain everlasting life due to Jesus' angelic sacrifice and through Adam. In fact there is a covenant between God and Jesus which we call the Angelic Ransom Covenant and an inferior covenant between Jesus and Adam which we call the Angelic Blessing Covenant. Sons of Adam by this covenant have angelic everlasting life - see intro28.

[21] When Jesus was resurrected he was given the firstborn angel's rights that Satan had lost. Then he became the firstborn of all creation (Colossians 1:15). He then became the head of the second holy spirit. God's second wife at the marriage on 33Nisan16. Jesus fixed the holy spirit as well as the adamic sin down here. This is why Jesus promised to send the helper, the comforter, in the Gospel of John, after he died.

7 Nevertheless, I am telling you the truth, It is for your benefit I am going away. For if I do not go away, the helper will by no
means come to you; but if I do go my way, I will send him to you (John 16) see U41a.

[22] Hades, the first death, is the death of the human body. There are 3 stages to adamic death.

Stage1: Clinical death. Fall asleep as one does every night, golden cord between the human soul and the subconscious angelic server of nightly sleep is still attached - Jairus' daughter
Stage2a: Golden chord between human body and angelic nightly sleep server is cut. This is being in the Gates of Hades - the last step before official death - David.
Stage2b: Transfer of spirit from angelic nightly sleep server to a Hades shared angelic server through the silver cord - Widow of Nain's son. When this transfer is completed then you are officially dead, in Hades.
Stage3: Silver cord is removed and one is asleep in Hades angelic server - Lazarus.

When you die physically you are conscious of nothing. But your spirit continues to dream throughout the entire period of your death. In fact you create a virtual reality in your mind when God's construct of the 3D physical world is no longer available to your mind. When you awake from the first death you do not remember years of dreaming, you just remember the very last moments of your dream just as you would when waking up from an 8 hour sleep or a 2 hour anaesthetic - see U914.

[23] Gehenna, the second death, Hell, is the loss of one's angelic body (whether one was alive in it as an angel or sleeping in a shared angel in the first death). Gehenna is a place of self torment, but not a place of physical torture. Those in Gehenna share a soul with many other inmates. They have access to this angelic soul on a time share basis. Hence they have eyes which cannot see and ears which cannot hear etc. They do not have their own soul.

28 And do not become fearful of those who kill the [human] body [in the first death] but cannot kill the soul [in the second death] [the non human body - the angelic body to which your spirit goes when the human body is killed becoming an angelic soul = angelic body + spirit]; but rather be in fear of him that can destroy both soul [your present body + spirit combo] and body [your secondary body] in Gehenna (Matthew 10:28)  - see intro14.

Soul = Spirit + Non Shared Body
Living Being = Software + Hardware
Being alive is possessing a non shared body which is being a soul.
1st Dead Being = Spirit sleeping in sleeping non shared dedicated angelic body which you own but cannot wake up in until your are born again.
2nd Dead Being =  Spirit awake in shared Angelic body (not owned)

Humans can kill human souls and send them into the first death for The law of Moses required soul for soul (Exodus 21:23 Leviticus 24:18). But they cannot kill 'the soul' because your spirit has a second body, which is not destroyable by humans. So it goes into your second body and that becomes your new soul.  

Jesus did not say, fear him who can destroy the spirit in Gehenna. Gehenna preserves the spirit but kills the soul, whether angelic or fleshly. The soul here is the associated angelic body and the body is the human body. So Hell or Gehenna is a soul-less consciousness. Truly it is a non physical prison for disembodied spirits. When the unrighteous die, they enter the first death which is non consciousness as they sleep in an angelic body that they do not own. Then they are resurrected into Gehenna as a soul-less spirit This is the second death. Hades appears to cover both, it basically means dead or in the grave.

4 Next he said to them: "Is it lawful on the Sabbath to do a good deed or to do a bad deed, to save or to kill a soul?" But they kept silent (Mark 3). 

Man can kill a soul, he can kill a human soul, but he cannot kill the soul, which means all types of soul including the angelic soul. A soul in the sense of Mark 3 is a human soul, a human body, the human vehicle for the spirit. The soul in the sense of Matthew 10:28 is your angelic soul, the angelic vehicle for your spirit. There are two different souls being talked about in Matthew 10 and Mark 3, and these two correspond with the two nostrils of Adam. The human soul can be killed, the angelic soul which is in fact a sleeping angel, cannot. Luke explains it even more clearly...

4 Moreover, I say to you, my friends, Do not fear those who kill the body and after this are not able to do anything more.
5 But I will indicate to you whom to fear: Fear him who after killing [1st death] has authority to throw into Gehenna [2nd death]. Yes, I tell you, fear this One. (Luke 12 NWT)

[24] God will save everyone eventually, even Satan. For the good book says...

9 [The] Lord is not slow respecting his promise, as some people consider slowness, but he is patient with you because he does not desire any to be destroyed but desires all to attain to repentance (2 Peter 3).

10 the One telling from the beginning the finale, and from long ago the things that have not been done; the One saying, 'My own counsel will stand, and everything that is my delight I shall do' (Isaiah 46).

So if he does everything he wants, and if he wants everyone to repent, then we will all repent and therefore be saved...

21 For since death is through a man, resurrection of the dead is also through a man.
22 For just as in Adam all are dying, so also in the Christ all will be made alive (1 Corinthians 15).

We will all become his born again sons, he will eventually give us all everlasting life once we have learned the rules of sustainable morality without which everlasting life is impossible. The greatest lesson that the angels and humans will ever get which proves categorically that sin is unsustainable is the nuclear war of the Great Tribulation, the self annihilation of mankind. God is going to permit us to near as damn it destroy ourselves in order teach us once and for all that sin is eventually terminal for any group of free willed beings.  


At the Great Tribulation, time runs out. Unless those days were cut short no flesh would be saved. WW3 is the lesson in war that mankind needs in order finally to grasp the futility of that unrighteous conflict resolution mechanism - see intro14.

[25] Jesus made the first new covenant at the last supper on Thursday night March 31st 33 AD (Gregorian/true solar). This covenant is for 144,000 people to be angelic kings ruling over the 1,000 year kingdom of God and for 12,000 reserve kings to take the places of those who abdicate or who sin so as to lose their crowns. These kings include Peter, and John and the apostles (not Judas Iscariot). They form the new holy spirit of Jesus, Jesus' wife, his body (he being their head), in the kingdom of God. They are the 3rd Holy spirit, the 3rd heaven that Paul saw in vision - see intro31.

[26] End Time Chronology. This present system of heavenly and earthly government, called 'the world' in the bible, comes to an end from a heavenly standpoint on 2020Shebat14, the Babylonian FRC Passover, the Kingdom Passover, which is the judicial end of the law not of Moses but of the dragon. The Dragon is Babylonian (Reelation13:4,8). So its unrepentant firstborn suffer Passover execution on 2020Adar14, the late Babylonian Abrahamic Passover.

The Kingdom of God which Jesus preached in appointed on 2020Shebat16 and installed on 2021Nisan5. But Michael's 6,000 year lease ended on 2008Nisan14 and the first presence wing of the 3rd Holy Spirit married Jesus in the ark on 2008Nisan22, 1NC first fruits. That began the heavenly administration of the Kingdom of God. The 1,000 year sacred Sabbath of the Kingdom began on 2008Nisan14 - see 14proofs. The 1,000 year secular Sabbath of the Kingdom of God begins 12 years later on 2020Adar15 and 2020Adar18-21 for the 2NCs on 2020Adar23-2021Nisan6 for the CRCs and on 2021Nisan8-2021Iyyar7 for the FRCs, who are raptured into the ark wherein Jesus is Caesar, so they can rest from the labours for a Satanic Caesar. All of Adam gets Jesus as Caesar on 2021Nisan5, the installation of the Kingdom of God.

20 But on being asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God was coming, he answered them and said: The kingdom of God is not coming with observability [not initially physically observable] (Luke 17).

Daniel 9 tells us that the end will be by the flood. This is meant cryptically and chronologically. The timetable of the flood of Noah has a greater meaning which is the timetable of the end of the world culminating in an extinction level lava flood event for 40+40 days from 2021Iyyar14-2021Ab4, which cleanses the planet from radioactivity and from the sons of Adam, but does not touch any son of Abraham, or any adamic son of the 1AC - see U154. Adam is absolutely terminated on 2021Tishri21, 6013 years and 6 months after the original sin and Passover on 3993Nisan14 BC. So the flood finishes non 1AC Adam off and the Abrahamic Passovers finish pre kingdom baptised FRC failed 1AC Adam off and then the 1st death Passover on 2021Tishri14 and first death Cakes from 2021Tishri15-21, finish OMC failed Adam off. Here are all the Passovers...

Date Passover Early Passover Late Passover Egypt Church Men Beasts Egyptians Firstborn of Men Firstborn of Beasts
2019Elul14 Early 1st Watchtower     Watchtower Laodicea Saints unsanctified JWs   First to be 3EC baptised
2019Tishri14 1st Watchtower Early 2nd Watchtower   Watchtower Laodicea Saints unsanctified JWs Bethelite 1NCs First to be 3EC baptised
2019Heshvan14 2nd Watchtower Early 3rd Watchtower late 1st Watchtower Watchtower Laodicea Saints unsanctified JWs Congregation 1NCs First to be 3EC baptised
2019Chislev14 3rd Watchtower   Late 2nd Watchtower Watchtower Laodicea Saints unsanctified JWs Ex JW 1NCs First to be 3EC baptised
2019Tebbeth14 Late 3rd Watchtower     Watchtower Laodicea Saints unsanctified JWs   First to be 3EC baptised
2020Nisan14 6th 1NC Marriage     Laodicea 1NC Zoar Saints unsanctified Laodiceans Late partaking Admin 1NCs  First to be 3EC baptised
2020Iyyar14 7th 1NC Marriage Early 1st HLC marriage   Laodicea 1NC Zoar Saints unsanctified Laodiceans Late Partaking Cong 1NCs First to be 3EC baptised
2020Sivan14 1st HLC Marriage Early 2nd HLC Marriage   Laodicea 1NC Zoar Saints unsanctified Laodiceans Administration HLCs First to be 3EC baptised
2020Tammuz14 2nd HLC Marriage   Late 1st HLC Marriage Laodicea 1NC Zoar Saints unsanctified Laodiceans Congregation HLCs First to be 3EC baptised
2020Ab14 3rd HLC Marriage   Late 2nd HLC marriage 1NC Zoar 1NC Zoar Saints unsanctified Laodiceans Late Partaking Admin HLCs First to be 3EC baptised
2020Elul14 4th HLC Marriage     1NC Zoar 1NC Zoar Saints unsanctified Laodiceans Late Partaking Cong HLCs First to be 3EC baptised
2020Tishri14   Early 1st Abrahamic FRC   Laodicea Dragnet Beach 1ACs Non 1ACs Laodiceans Pre Kingdom Laodicean 1ACs Genetic firstborn
2020Heshvan14 Laodicean FRC  Early 2nd Abrahamic FRC   Laodicea Dragnet Beach 1ACs Non 1ACs Laodiceans Pre Kingdom Laodicean 1ACs Genetic firstborn
2020Chislev14 JW FRC Early 3rd Abrahamic FRC Late Laodicean FRC Watchtower Dragnet Beach 1ACs Non 1ACs JWs Pre Kingdom JW 1ACs Genetic firstborn
2020Tebbeth14 Christian FRC Early 4th Abrahamic FRC Late JW FRC Christianity Dragnet Beach 1ACs Non 1ACs Christians Pre Kingdom Christian 1ACs Genetic firstborn
2020Shebat14 Babylonian FRC Early 5th Abrahamic FRC Late Christian FRC Babylon Dragnet Beach 1ACs Non 1ACs Babylonians Pre Kingdom Babylonian 1ACs Genetic firstborn
2020Adar14 Non religious FRC   Late Babylonian FRC Irreligious Dragnet Beach 1ACs Non 1ACs Irreligious Pre Kingdom Non religious 1ACs Genetic firstborn
2021Nisan14   Early Laodicean OMC Late Non religious FRC World 2NC Zoar 1ACs None Laodiceans Pre Kingdom  Laodicean 1ACs Genetic firstborn
2021Iyyar14 Laodicean OMC Early JW OMC   Laodicea Dragnet Beach 1ACs None Laodiceans Pre Kingdom Laodicean 1ACs None
2021Sivan14  JW OMC Early Christian OMC Late Laodicean OMC JW Dragnet Beach 1ACs None JWs Pre Kingdom JW 1ACs None
2021Tammuz14 Christian OMC Early Babylonian OMC Late Watchtower OMC Christian Dragnet Beach 1ACs None Christians Pre Kingdom Christian 1ACs None
2021Ab14 Babylonian OMC Early Non religious OMC Late Christian OMC Babylonian Dragnet Beach 1ACs None Babylonians Pre Kingdom Babylonian 1ACs None
2021Elul14 Non religious OMC   Late Babylonian OMC Irreligious Dragnet Beach 1ACs None Non religious Pre Kingdom Non religious 1ACs None
2021Tishri14     Late Non religious OMC World  Kingdom 1ACs None Non religious Pre Kingdom Non religious1ACs None

The flood, which ends on 2021Ab4, kills off all the non 1ACs.
All 1ACs for FRC sealing must be Laodicean, JW, Christian or Babylonian, since Abraham was told to go to the land that God showed him. So Abraham for FRC sealing does join a congregation of believers of some type.
Whereas 1ACs for OMC sealing have insufficient faith for FRC sealing and are saved on love. These ones do not have to have joined a religion in order to be sealed in the LRC (OMC).
If a Laodicean 1AC misses the Laodicean FRC Passover on 2020Heshvan14 and "attends" the late version on 2020Chislev14, then he is FRC sealed. But he misses the 1st invitation to the great evening meal of God of Revelation19. He must wait until the late non religious FRC Passover on 2021Nisan14, when he is Passover executed and then ark resurrected on 2021Nisan21. He does not escape Hades. But he does escape this world into the ark through Hades. 


Once the firstborn are killed, the 2nd born become the first born!

Non Adamic and Kingdom Appointments/Installations ???

Passover Date Appointment/Installation Zoar First fruits/Pentecost To rule over Church
2012Sivan14 2012Sivan16/Ab5 1st Non adamic Abraham LWs
2013Sivan14 2013Sivan16/Ab5 (Luke 12:54-56) 1st Non adamic Isaac LWs
2012Tammuz14 2012Tammuz16/Elul5 2nd Non adamic Abraham Laodicea
2013Tammuz14 2013Tammuz16/Elul5 2nd Non adamic Isaac Laodicea
2019Ab14 2019Ab16/Tishri5 3rd Non adamic Abraham Reappointed Laodicea
2019Elul14 2019Elul16/Heshvan5 4th Non adamic Isaac Reappointed Laodicea
2020Tishri14 2020Tishri16/Chislev5 5th Non adamic Abraham 1NC Zoar
2020Heshvan14 2020Heshvan16/Tebbeth5 6th Non adamic Isaac 1NC Zoar
2020Chislev14 2020Chislev16/Shebat5 7th Non adamic Abraham Kingdom of God
2020Tebbeth14 2020Tebbeth16/Adar5 8th Non adamic Isaac Kingdom of God
2020Shebat14 2020Shebat16/2021Nisan5 9th Adam Kingdom of God

2021Nisan5 is the end of the transformation of 2NC Zoar authority into the Kingdom of God, the last transfer of authority (over non adamic Isaac), the stone becoming the mountain of Daniel2

Nobody is ever appointed over the 2NCs other than adamic and non adamic Abrahamic and non adamic Isaaic FDS4. 

1st HLC marriage Pentecost from 2020Sivan21 is 2020Ab10 and the late version is 2020Chislev10 delayed from 2020Elul10 (monthly Sabbath), 2020Tishri10 (Atonement day), 2020Heshvan10 (weekly Sabbath)
2nd HLC marriage Pentecost from 2020Tammuz19 is 2020Tishri8 (delayed from 2020Elul8 in the monthly Sabbath) and the late version is 2020Heshvan8
3rd HLC marriage Pentecost from 2020Ab17 is 2020Tishri6 and the late version is 2020Heshvan6
4th HLC marriage Pentecost from 2020Tishri20 (2020Elul22 was in the Sabbath month) is 2020Chislev9 and the late version is 2020Tebbeth9.

2020Chislev9 is the completed HLC Pentecost, when Peter can come as the chief of the army of Jehovah. The festival is completed on 2020Tebbeth9, the late version.
The 7th Sabbath of the 1NC Super Pentecost from 2013Heshvan11 ends at a completed 1NC Pentecost, which must be 2020Tebbeth9, the late 4th HLC marriage Pentecost. So the 1NC Super Pentecost is 2020Tebbeth10.

2020Elul22 is 4th HLC marriage Passover first fruits. It is the day after the weekly Sabbath, the Sabbath monthly sacred Sabbath day after the sacred + secular weekly Sabbath. But it cannot be an appointment because it occurs during a sacred Sabbath. So it is not the 4th HLC marriage day. So is it not the 4th HLC marriage rapture day either. 2020Tishri20 is the 4th HLC marriage and rapture day..
The Zoar Pentecost runs from 2020Sivan16 to 2020Ab5. The late version is 2020Elul5 delayed to 2020Tishri5 by the Sabbath month and delayed to 2020Heshvan5 by the weekly Sabbath. 
The 2nd Zoar Pentecost runs from 2020Tammuz16 to 2020Elul5 delayed to 2020Tishri5 by the Sabbath month and delayed to 2020Heshvan5 by the weekly Sabbath. The late version is 2020Chislev5.
The 3rd Zoar Pentecost runs from 2020Ab17 to 2020Tishri6. 2020Heshvan6 is the late version. 
The 4th Zoar Pentecost runs from 2020Elul16 to 2020Heshvan5. 2020Chislev5 is the late version. 
The 5th Zoar Pentecost runs from 2020Tishri16 to 2020Chislev5. 2020Tebbeth5 is the late version. 
The 6th Zoar Pentecost runs from 2020Heshvan16 to 2020Tebbeth5. 2020Shebat5 is the late version. 
The 7th Zoar Pentecost runs from 2020Chislev16 to 2020Shebat5. 2020Adar5 is the late version. 
The 8th Zoar Pentecost runs from 2020Tebbeth16 to 2020Adar5. 2021Nisan5 is the late version. 
The 9th Zoar Pentecost runs from 2020Shebat16 to 2021Nisan5 (Kingdom first fruits to the Kingdom Pentecost, Kingdom appointment to Kingdom installation).. 2021Iyyar5 is the late version. 

Christians must be FRC sealed by 2020Chislev10 in order to become non adamic on 2020Chislev14-16 and by 2020Tebbeth10 in order to become non adamic by ark resurrection on 2021Nisan21 after Passover execution on 2021Nisan14.

The period from the end of the world judicially on 2008Nisan14 to the absolute end of unsealed 1AC Adam on 2021Tishri21 (162 months, 13 years), is one possible Time of the End in Daniel12. This is where the term: 'End Times' comes from, although no one other than the LWs knows when the Time of the End is (that is if we even know it). 

2021Nisan5, the 9th Zoar Pentecost, is the installation of the Kingdom, when the court of Daniel7 sits and gives the command to end the world administratively (which command takes 169 days to implement to 2021Elul24, when the beast is caught - 20x of the sentence count of Revelation19:20-21 before 2020Tishri14, the absolute end of Adam..

God's MO is a judgement followed by a stay of execution, followed by an execution. That is how a dead human race came into existence. Adam was sentenced to death on 3993Nisan14, but was given a stay of execution for 896/897 years personally in order to procreate mankind, who themselves were given a stay of execution totalling 6013 years and 6 months to 2021Tishri14-21. This M.O. applies to Kingdom changes as well as to mankind. We should therefore expect judgement to precede execution by quite some time in the case of the kingdom of God as well.  

The Time of Distress of Daniel12 upon nations, from 2020Nisan1 (2020March25/26 - the UK lockdown regulations came into force on 2020March26 - most LWs live in the UK) to 2020Adar30 (the end of 4EC ark rapture), contains the period of the escape of ALL those of Daniel's people (all the sons of the 2NC and the 4EC) written in the book of the CRC into the ark - see U154 and see U152

The Unprecedented Tribulation of Mark13, greater than any other tribulation since the creation (of angels), we think is the nuclear and volcanic winter resulting from the eruptions of the Time of Distress from the fiery furnace of the earth and the nuclear detonations of WW3, which runs for 84 days, 2 days for a Russian bear tooth of Daniel 7:5 saying: Get up, eat much flesh, from 2020Adar22 to 2021Sivan16. The Great Tribulation lasts for 24 days, a day for an elder of Revelation 7:14, from 2021Nisan5-29. So there are going to be nuclear detonations during the installed Kingdom of God from 2021Nisan5. We must learn that every nuclear bomb is essentially a suicide bomb and every nuclear bomber is a suicide bomber as we shall all discover in practice, if we do not already understand it in theory.

The correct 2nd and 3rd 3rd fire sign predictions for 2020Adar20-22 and 2020Adar20-22 were accepted and published on 2020Adar7.

The sons of the 4EC became non adamic during the 3 days post baptism from 2012Sivan14-16 onwards, the end of the temple ratio prophecy of U108, during the 1st Kingdom Jubilee month. 
The sons of the FRC became non Adamic by gene zap transformation at the Laodicean, JW, Christian, Babylonian and Non religious FRC Passovers on 2020Heshvan14-16/Chislev14-16/Tebbeth14-16/Shebat14-16/Adar14-16. 5 monthly crops.
The late partaking FRCs and the ONCs become non adamic by Passover execution and ark resurrection on 2021Nisan14-21/Iyyar14-19/Sivan14-17/Tammuz14-22/Ab14-20/Elul14-18/Tishri14-16. 7 monthly crops

These total to make the 12 monthly crops of the tree of life of Revelation12.

1 And he showed me a pure river of water of life, bright as crystal, coming forth out of the throne of God and of the Lamb [2 rivers, the 3EC from the throne and the 4EC from the lamb - 1 river each side of the dry land of the broadway - Mesopotamia].
In the midst of its broadway [platuj] and of the river, from here and from there [the arm of the river on each side of the street], [was] a tree of life producing 12 fruits: according to one month each yielding its fruit [12 months precisely from 2020Heshvan14 to 2021Tishri14. These must start after the city is completed on 2020Tishri20, the 4th HLC marriage]. And the leaves of the tree were for healing of the nations. (Revelation 22 GLT)

The 144,000 1NC Kings, the angels of the 3rd Holy Spirit flood from the ark through the windows/lattices of the ark on 2016Heshvan17, the 17th day of the 2nd month of the old Tishri1 secular year of Genesis 7:11, when the floodgates of the heavens are opened into the ark, and arrive on earth on 2016Chislev17, after having descended the 30 steps of Jacob's ladder. 

Ark entrance is as follows...

7+7 days of ark entry for the birds of the heavens (1NCs and HLCs and 2NCs) are 
2019Tishri17:  3rd 1NC marriage
2019Heshvan22:  4th 1NC marriage (no earthly guests, the lintel marriage)
2019Chislev20: 5th 1NC marriage
2020Nisan18: 6th 1NC marriage (Laodicean administration late partakers marriage
2020Iyyar16: 7th 1NC marriage (Laodicean congregation late partakers marriage)
2020Sivan21: 1st HLC marriage (Laodicean administration HLCs)
2020Tammuz19: 2nd HLC marriage (Laodicean congregation HLCs)
2020Ab17: 3rd HLC marriage (Laodicean administration late partakers)
2020Tishri20: 4th HLC marriage (Laodicean congregation late partakers) the start of their 50 cubits of earthly interaction to 2020Chislev9, the 4th HLC marriage Pentecost which is also start of their ascension. - or do they stay down here?  

2020Adar7-14 less 2020Adar10: ELCs (from Hades)
2020Adar15: Engaged 2NCs
2020Adar18-21: Unengaged 2NCs

14 days of ark entry for CRCs are 2020Adar23-2021Nisan6
1 months of ark entry for FRCs are 2020Nisan8 to 2021Iyyar7

64 day period of 1NC ark entry from the reappointed Laodicea from 2019Tishri17, the 3rd 1NC marriage  to 2019Chislev20, the 5th 1NC marriage
183 day period of 1NC and HLC ark entry from 1NC Zoar from 2020Nisan18, the 6th 1NC marriage, to 2020Tishri20, the end of HLC ark entrance, the 4th HLC marriage
7 day period of engaged ELC ark entry from Hades from 2020Adar7-24 less 2020Adar10
1 day period of engaged 2NC ark entry on 2020Adar15 from earthly 2NC Zoar
4 day period of unengaged 2NC ark entry from 2020Adar18-21, from ark based 2NC Zoar
14 day period of CRC ark entry from 2020Adar23-2021Nisan6, from ark based 2NC Zoar
30 day, 1 month, period of FRC ark entry from 2021Nisan8 to 2021Iyyar7 from ark based 2NC Zoar.
Total = 64+183+53 (2020Adar15-2021Iyyar7, from ark based 2NC Zoar) = 300 cubits of ark length

The first 1NCs enter the ark from the reappointed Laodicea on 2019Tishri17 of Genesis 8:4, when the ark comes to a rest upon the mountains of Ararat. 


All of the saints who are engaged to the angel of Philadelphia (the tuft of hair of Ezekiel8, the groom's party - who go and fetch the bride in the middle of the night) and therefore part of his flesh, are kept/guarded out of/from the hour of the test and so enter into the ark on 2020Adar15, before 2020Adar16, Mark of the beast inauguration day, 6-16 day of Revelation13. And the 4EC harvest of 2NCs into 2NC Zoar runs from 2020Adar16 to 2021Nisan5 for half of the the 1 month of the temple building time of Haggai1 from 2020Adar1-30. Whereas the rapture of the 2NCs occurs at the encirclement of Jesus by the Jews from 2020Shebat14-21 to 2020Adar14-21. And the 4EC harvest of priests (including King-priests) into 2NC Zoar runs from 2020Adar16 - 2020Adar30 = 2021Nisan6 for earth dwellers. The 2NCs need to be 4EC baptised in order to get engaged on 2020Adar22, the 2NC engagement festival for the 1st 2NC marriage on 2021Nisan2

'All Israel' celebrates Booths from 2020Adar15-21/22 and the 2NC Assembly in the ark on 2020Adar22 at the end of the 7 day disassembly of Booths. This was the case at the inauguration of Solomon's temple in Jerusalem on 1026Tishri15-21 BC, in 1Kings8 and 2Chronicles7. So all the saints (except Benjamin) must be 4EC baptised by then?. Solomon's temple was inaugurated in Tishri. Zerubabbel's in Nisan. So Solomon3's temple has its altar installed in Tebbeth (4th after Solomon1, FDS2 and FDS4) but is inaugurated from 2020Adar15-21, delayed by the LW 2NC Alienation Times from 2013Shebat21 to 2020Shebat21.

So ark entrance from planet earth lasts for 300 discontinuous days (as above) from 2019Tishri17 to 2021Iyyar7 (560 continuous days)  And in that way...

27 The end will be by/in the flood (Daniel9)

So there is a a pre trib rapture for all the 2NCs and CRCs
There is mid trib rapture for the first FRCs during the Great Tribulation from 2021Nisan5-29
There is a post trib rapture for last FRCs up until 2021Iyyar7 and for Benjamin up to 2021Iyyar16.

Jesus' 2nd marriage was delayed from 2015Iyyar20 (2nd 1NC first fruits - but in the Sabbath month) to 2015Ab21, due to 2015Iyyar being a Sabbath month and due to the war with Satan of Revelation12 and Deuteronomy 24:5. Gordon's 1st marriage is  delayed until 2021Nisan2, 7th 2NC first fruits, due to the Jericho war against Laodicea.
A bride must be given gifts of the spirit at a Pentecost relevant to the covenant of the church and before the (completed) marriage. So the 2NCs must now get them FROM THE GROOM WHO IS ELIJAH4! So these gifts presumably are the correct 2nd/3rd fire sign predictions published on 2020Shebat23, and the correct Mark of the Beast predictions and 10 King appearance predictions and rapture timetable predictions? Perhaps also the temple diagram of intro46 (given on 2020Iyyar2).

The 7th OLD Tishri1 secular year of Zoar, starting on 2019Tishri1, is the Sabbath about which God swore in his anger saying: they shall not enter into my rest. The Zoar Passover was 2012Sivan14 but we were not appointed/installed as a true church until 2012Sivan16/Ab5. This does not appear to have produced any new Zoar year.

The old Sabbath year from 2019Tishri1 to 2020Elul30 is when we SHOULD have been released by the Dragon to Jesus. But the dragon is a lawless pig. So Jesus physically takes us from 2020Adar15 onwards. That is how we escape into God's rest in the ark AFTER God's rest of the Sabbath year (if said year is a adamic/satanic Tishri1 secular year. But since we are not adamic our secular year may in fact be the Nisa1 sacred year in which case 2020Nisan1 to 2020Adar30 is the Isaac Zoar Sabbath year.  All Hebrew slaves - which means the sons of the 1AC SHOULD be released from slavery in the Sabbath year of their slavery. For 4ECs that may be the Accepting/Goodwill year of Isaiah61 for priests from 2020NHisan1 to 2020Adar30, the end of the 4EC baptism for earth dwellers and the end of CRC ark rapture. The sons of the OMC go into the 1AC during the 195 extra days of Kingdom 1AC entrance from 2019Adar16 to 2020Elul30, the end of the Tishri1 year..

12 In case there should be sold to you your brother, a Hebrew or a Hebrewess, and he has served you 6 of years, then in the 7th year you should send him out from you as one set free [work for 6 years max but stay for another year as part of the family if desired before leaving or leave on the first day of the 7th year] [in the greater meaning the Christian congregation works for 6 presidents and then leaves during the 7th?] (Deuteronomy 15).

2 In case you should buy a Hebrew slave, he will be a slave 6 years [presidents: Russell to Adams], but in the 7th [president: Ciranko] he will go out as one set free without charge [into the next true church] (Exodus 21).

The sons of the OMC are sealed during the 195 days of God's merciful responses to Abraham's negotiation of Genesis18. We are not sure when these days run. The sons of the OMC do not board the ark but are protected from the flood as they remain on earth.

We think that EKSB day (the day when Every Knee Shall Bend) begins when the 4th beast of Daniel7 is caught on 2021Elul24 of Revelation19:20.  Then all the governments in all the world tell everyone to worship Jehovah following after the decree of Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel3.

[27] You do not have to become a Lords' Witness whilst this church is run by 2NCs. Neither do you have to become an LW, after we hand over the church to the 3rd Holy Spirit. 2NC Zoar ends on 2021Iyyar14 (5413 days of 1Kings 18:22-24 after 2006Iyyar1, the Sign of Jonah fax). But you do have to join the post Zoar Kingdom at the latest by 202Sivan10/Tammuz10/Ab10/Elul10/Tishri9/10, the late Laodicean/JW/Christian/Babylonian/non religious OMC Passover entry day, in order to be saved into the Kingdom. So it never was the case that people had to join a church run by men to be saved. But it is the case that at the end, one must join the church run by descended angels. 

You merely need to have faith in God and obey your conscience to a reasonable extent and own up to your mistakes or indeed have love for your fellow man like the good Samaritan so that you pass the love test of Matthew 25 (the sheep and the goats). You do not need to be a Christian to be saved. Abraham was given the first promise in Genesis 12, the First Abrahamic Covenant, the 1AC, before he got the circumcision and whilst he was outside of any religion. Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Christians, and all people will be saved if they have faith in a divine creator or if they have love for their brother and hold to their consciences and are honest about their mistakes - see U902.

[28] Three quarters of mankind enter into the Kingdom of God on earth and the other quarter enter into Hell which is a prison. The Kingdom of God lasts for 1,000 years until 3008. The maximum sentence in Hell is also 1,000 years. But the max sentence only applies to those who are unrepentant. Repentant people can get early parole. The purpose of Hell is to rehabilitate those who are willing, and to prevent everyone therein from corrupting the Kingdom of God, which is an almost unimaginable paradise where everyone lives for love rather than for status - see U43. They do not worship the high places

[29] The dead of mankind going back to Adam are resurrected in reverse order (the first will be last) during the first 500 years of the Kingdom of God. So every faithful son and daughter has a chance to welcome his or her faithful parents into the Kingdom of God. We can thereby repay our parents for their love and introduce them to the next system in the way that they introduced us to this one. The unrighteous from the past are resurrected into Gehenna (Hell) - see U102.

[30] A baptism is a cleansing for entrance into a salvation covenant. It is a washing in the blood of the mediator of that covenant. The mediator of a covenant is himself washed in the blood of the validation sacrifice of that covenant - see intro32. 

[31] There are 3 salvation baptism tests available to mankind. A baptism by men or angels due to faith into the First Abrahamic Covenant of Genesis 12, a baptism by men in water into a true church, and a baptism by men or angels in holy spirit, a sanctification, which is one way of being born again. Those who pass the baptism test of faith, which is obeying the law of their conscience and repenting when they break that law, are sealed in the flesh by the angels and will be citizens in the Kingdom of God on earth. Those who pass the water baptism test of a true church, which is obeying the law of the church and repenting when they break that law, are sealed in the flesh as priests by the angels and will be priests in the Kingdom of God on earth. Those who pass the spirit baptism test of the sons of God, which is keeping faith whilst finding the true church and then passing their water baptism test, are sealed in the spirit by the angels which means they are granted everlasting life and they have the right to be both angels and humans in the Kingdom of God and thereafter for ever. They become Kings or Lords (administrators) in the Kingdom of God. They are effectively the public sector of that Kingdom - see intro33.

[32] Women cannot be priests and give birth spiritually by baptism, just as men cannot give birth physically by getting pregnant. Women should have authority in a church just as the wife has authority in the family over the children but not over the husband. Every church in this world is a single parent family. The Lords' Witnesses understand that we should be a two parent family. The whole church should be divided into spiritual family groups of at most 10 people with a male ministerial servant as the head of that group, his immediate spiritual family, and a female ministerial servant as his 'pastoral wife', looking after those 10 people with authority over them but in submission to her spiritual husband. Many people in a church find it easier to speak to a woman about their problems than a man, just as a child might confide in a mother rather than a father.  The female ministerial servant and the male ministerial servant are married in a sense. One cannot have a pastoral wife and a different physical wife because ministerial servants cannot be a husband of more than one wife. So we shall not manufacture family conflicts with pastoral wives.

12 Let ministerial servants be husbands of one wife, presiding in a fine manner over children and their own households. (1 Timothy 3 NWT) - see U18.

[33] The Jews had a large number of covenants given to Abraham Isaac and Jacob. Jacob had 4 wives, Isaac had one wife, Abraham had Sarah as a wife, and Hagar as a concubine and Keturah as a wife/concubine. All of these wives foreshadow salvation covenants. So yes, there is more than one Christian covenant. In particular there is a second new covenant for 144,000 people to be kings not in heaven but on earth. These 144,000 earthly kings will be in 1 to 1 correspondence with the 144,000 heavenly kings in the kingdom of God. The Lords' Witnesses are the church of the second new covenant - see intro35.

[34] Jesus is present when two or more water baptised first new covenant saint exists on the earth. For these ones are promised in marriage to Jesus, and so are one flesh with him. And Jesus himself said...

20 For where there are 2 or 3 gathered together in my name, there I am in their midst. (Matthew 18 NWT)

There are two presences of the Christ, each lasting 120 years. Both have small gaps within them - see intro45.

[35] There have been 4 true Christian churches in total. The first true Christian church set up by Jesus himself during his ministry with Peter as the first president was corrupted by the Roman empire from the first Pope, St. Linus in 67 AD onwards. It became the Roman Catholic Church which is the 7 headed beast of Revelation 17 in the meaning for that time. The Roman Catholic church fell as a true church on 84Nisan14 during the papacy of the 2nd Pope, St. Anacletus. The Harlot riding that beast, holding the golden cup, was the First New Covenant Saints in the first century. The golden cup is the cup of the first new covenant. 

Yes, even Peter rode that beast. But he repented and left the Roman Catholic church and joined the second true Christian church founded by the apostle Paul. The conflict between the second true Christian church and the corrupt Roman Catholic church is the reason why there are no copies of the Greek New Testament dating to before the council of Nicea in 325 AD, and why there is no first century or second century or third century interpretation of Revelation left in existence. Revelation was correctly interpreted at that time to show that the Roman Catholic church was corrupt, and that God's people should 'get out of her' and join the church of Paul. But all the literature relating to those interpretations and all the first and second and third century bible scrolls or books, were destroyed by the state sponsored Catholics, just as they burnt John Wycliffe at the stake and killed William Tyndale, who first translated, the bible into English. 

Amusingly expressions have survived down to this day which seem to tell that story. For example: "Robbing Peter to pay Paul" and "Two little dickie birds sitting on the wall, fly away Peter, fly away Paul." A wall in bible symbolism means the law of the church, the barrier to entry and the protection for those inside. And sitting on a wall means presiding over it and birds mean angels. So the interpretation is the born again Peter and the born again Paul both presided over the law of the first true church and they both left that church. And whilst Peter was a Catholic in the fallen first church and Paul was a true Christian in the second church, Paul's evangelizers were effectively robbing Peter to pay Paul. These are secrets hidden for over a thousand years by the Vatican, but written in the bible.  The second true church or gnostic church began in 59Nisan20/Sivan9 when it was appointed/installed to feed the ELC saints - see U42.

In fact, before the printing press etc., when people wanted to preserve information for the next generation, they used to reduce the material into nursery rhymes so that children could easily remember them and the contents could not easily be altered without breaking the rhyme. That is precisely what happened in the case of the two dickie birds. That rhyme was created by the second true Christian church in the face of persecution by the Roman Catholic church which lead to the burning of their material and in particular of all true interpretations of Revelation. It is therefore a fantastic privilege and an honour to be able to decode it today and to tell the story that many righteous men may have died to preserve.

St. Peter and St. Paul, two born again, (angelic) Christian birds, both left their positions of authority in the first true Christian church after it became a false church upon its corruption by Rome. Then joined the second true Christian church. So the Roman Catholic church was corrupt and fell during the lifetime of Peter. And since we also have the expression robbing Peter to pay Paul we know that Peter joined the church founded by Paul. That information is terminal to the Roman Catholic Church. 

The Vatican B manuscript, which is the oldest New Testament codex (resident in the Vatican) does not have the book of Revelation in it. This is presumably because the interpretation of Revelation shows the Catholic church to be a false church and so the early Catholics refused to include it in the bible canon. The Lords' Witnesses are the 4th and final true Christian church of this system of things - see intro46

[36] Lords' Witnesses have to attend the Lord's evening meal on Nisan14 (the first new covenant celebration), the Zoar Pentecost on Ab5 (the CRC celebration), the second new covenant celebration on Tishri22, the Lord's morning meal and the 2NC Pentecost on Heshvan21 (the 4EC celebration) every year. There is no other work that they have to do. They must also obey the law of the church which is a series of don'ts. They do not have to evangelise. They do not have to do research. They do not have to teach. They do not have to do charitable works. They do not have to serve as overseers. But they can choose to serve God howsoever they want with their own free will. Like the good book says: He gave some as apostles, some as prophets, some as evangelizers, some as prophets and shepherds and teachers (Ephesians 4:11) - see U103.

[37] The Lords' Witnesses do not have a monopoly on correct bible interpretation. No religion, whether true or false, ever has. The holy spirit can give a true interpretation to anyone with faith who can read. Being a true religion does not mean that you get everything right. The LWs believe passionately in doctrinal repentance. We are the church of 1,000 corrected mistakes, and that is why our interpretations are so good. We do not believe in a church doctrine laid down in stone by founding fathers, and not changed for eons thereafter. Churches who follow the so called apostles creed today are fossilized and dead and therefore false churches. Every Lords' witness is a potential founding father of the church, today and tomorrow, with the opportunity to lay a doctrinal foundation stone or to remove one that should not be there. So we publicly admit doctrinal and chronological and prophetic mistakes. Any church was does not admit mistakes is not a Christian church, because if you follow Christ, you are repentant. Repentance is a principle that does not only apply to individuals, it applies equally to entire administrations or congregations, churches. Jesus said that we must become as little children if we are to enter into the Kingdom of God. Well little children trip up a lot. And they do not try to hide it - see intro37.

[38] It is the purpose of the LW priesthood to empower every member of the congregation to become a one person church. Someone who will serve God faithfully despite the church or in the absence of the church. The hierarchy of loyalty of a true Christian should be God and Jesus, then his conscience, then the law of the church, then the opinion of his church overseer. It is the job of a church to strengthen the relationship between the conscience of each believer and God, not to interpose themselves between the two. Then if for any reason the believer leaves the church he will not lose his relationship with God and will therefore be saved, amen. So many people when they leave the Roman Catholic Church or the Watchtower or any fundamental church either discard God or discard the bible or discard organised religion. This is because in their mind God is that church. That is the very definition of idolatry. God is not a church. By building the believer's relationship with God, we try to ensure that the believer is immune to church failings!  

[39] The Lords' Witnesses recognise that Status is the real opium of the masses today not Religion. Although religious leaders with high status are still pretty effective opiates! Mankind will readily accept as gospel the opinions of people with high status, such as celebrities or celebutantes or world leaders or leaders of mainstream churches or large media organisations. But status is the drug Satan uses to control us all through a few chosen corrupt leaders. He makes us dependent upon status with elaborate glorification ceremonies and then he only has to corrupt a few people with high status in order to control all of mankind through them. The solution to this problem is to go cold turkey on status. To God, the entire US government has no more status than a starving African mother in UN refugee camp. Her opinion is just as valid as the entire US government's position. This is why Jesus chose the smelly fishermen of Galilee to carry God's divine wisdom to the perfumed Pharisees of Jerusalem. It is why he chose the Jew from the strictest sect of the Pharisees, Paul, to carry his divine salvation plan to the Gentile emperors of Rome, not the other way around. The higher and more global the status of a person or an individual, the less work Satan has to do to corrupt his admirers. The solution to this, the inoculation against this corruption, is to admire people with great love, rather than people with great status. And to be saved we must pursue love not status. For love is the glory of God, but status is the glory of man. The glory of God leads to life, the glory of man leads to death as we have seen in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Syria, in Darfur, in Zimbabwe, in inner cities in the West, and in many other lawless places.

[40] The bible contains the minimum set of laws that mankind needs to obey in order to live in a morally sustainable way. If any society of free willed beings continually breaks any one of the 10 commandments or one of the further two laws of Moses that Jesus elevated to the status of a commandment, then it will annihilate itself. Mankind is beginning to learn that we have no future unless we live in an environmentally sustainable way. We are beginning to learn how not to destroy our planet. Christianity is God's attempt to teach us how not to destroy our society and ourselves - see intro30.

[41] The LWs have discovered that the bible is written in a symbolic grammatical code. The nouns acting as nouns in every individual bible account obey two simple counting rules. This code is the key to understanding the greater meanings of bible account. Even literal stories of Abraham or Jacob or David have greater meanings which apply today. Joseph in Genesis and Daniel and Jesus when he explained the parables of the sower and the weeds in the field, and John in Revelation, help us to see how that code works. The code proves for a fact that the bible is inspired and can be used to determine which books or parts of books are canonical. It is a self checking code. Like some human codes are. The greatest difficulties in bible interpretation are working out whether a scripture is meant literally or symbolically and working out if the words applied back when they were written or today or both. The bible code answers these questions for each scripture. So we know for a fact that Revelation 17 had a meaning for John in the first century wherein the beast was the Roman Catholic church and has a different meaning for us in the 21st century, wherein the beast is the United Nations. We know it from that code. All other churches mix these meanings up! But Daniel was an expert in untying knots!  - see code and see U49.

[42] Faith is not a blind belief in the logically unsupportable or the scripturally unproveable. It is not believing what your church has believed for hundreds of years. Nor is it accepting what your priest says. Paul defines it as

1 Faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities though not beheld (Hebrew 11).

In other words faith is putting confidence and trust in what you see with your mind from the scriptures which you cannot see with your eyes. It is what the bible assures you is true, but for which there is little physical evidence from this world. It is having the courage of your spiritual vision.

[43] The Lord's evening meal. This is the greater Passover celebration of the Jews. Jesus upgraded it at the last supper. The Jews drink 4 cups and eat 3 loaves one of which is cut in two at this meal. The law of Moses required that it was eaten at midnight, the time of night when the Passover angel struck, on Nisan14, in the Biblical Lunar Calendar. This meal should be eaten once a year not twice daily! There are 4 cups that should be drunk, each of which represents a salvation covenant. The first cup, drunk before the meal, is the ARC, the second, drunk with the meal, is the FRC, the third, drunk with the meal, is the 1AC and the 4th, drunk after the meal is the 1NC. The LWs are the only church to have fully Christianized the 4 cups of the Jewish Passover, as Jesus did on the night of the last supper. 

We know that the blood flows round the body. So the wine is passed from one to another amongst 1NC saints only. But the loaf is not passed around, it is given by the priest to each saints individually. The LWs are the only church that understands this. Also a passover meal must be eaten along with the cups and the loaves. This meal does not have to strictly obey the rules of the law of Moses, since Jesus died to end the animal sacrifices of the law and the curse of the law. But ones does have to eat a meal, and lamb with bitter greens and unleavened bread and wine are the obvious choices. 

But tragically, so far, we have not managed to persuade even one 1NC saint ever to partake of this meal with us hence the scripture says:

18 for I tell you, From now on I will not drink again from the product of the vine until the kingdom of God arrives (Luke 22).

But Jesus did not say that he would not eat again of the loaf until the kingdom of God arrives. Jesus has now drunk all 4 cups and eaten all 4 loaves with Laodicea at the Watchtower Exodus Passover night held by Laodicea on 2019Elul14/Tishri14/Heshvan14/Chislev14/Tebbeth14 - see U15

[44] Jesus Christianised the Passover, the first festival of the law of Moses, which became the Lord's evening meal. We follow Christ, because we are Christians and his disciples. So we Christianise all the other festivals of the law of Moses. After all poor old Jesus should not only have an evening meal. He should have breakfast and lunch too and perhaps afternoon tea! Each festival under law represents a Christian festival at which one or more salvation covenant cups should be drunk. 

Nisan14: Passover - Lord's evening meal: ARC, FRC, 1AC, 1NC, HLC
Sivan5-11:Mosaic Pentecost -  1NC Pentecost 1EC or 3EC
Ab5: Zoar Pentecost - CRC (not a festival under law)
Tishri1: Rosh Hashana - This represents the first salvation covenant which gave salvation from Tartarus to the angels, the validation sacrifice for that covenant was Jehovah God himself - who is no hypocrite.
Tishri10: Atonement day - a fast for Jews under law and a fast for Christians under the law of the LWs.
Tishri22: The solemn/formal assembly - the 2NC Assembly: 2NC
Heshvan21: The 2NC Pentecost (not a festival under law): 4EC

[45] The Sabbath. The LWs celebrate the weekly Sabbath of the law of Moses on the same day that the Jews celebrate it. That is from Friday sunset to to Saturday sunset. This is both a sacred and a secular Sabbath. It is a God given rest from secular work and spiritual work. However we do not enforce this as a burden, since Jesus taught that God man the Sabbath for man not man for the Sabbath. God did not make the Sabbath for Jacob. He made it for man, who is Adam. And the scripture says...

55 But the women, who had come with him out of [ek] Galilee, followed along and beheld the memorial-tomb [mnhmeion] and how [ws] his body was laid. [ws - can mean like, when or how]
And they went back to prepare spices and perfumed-oils. But, indeed, they rested on the Sabbath according to the commandment (Luike 23)

That Sabbath was 33Nisan15, the day after Jesus died, as the final sacrifice of the law of Moses, ending that law forever. The law had ended. But the Sabbath commandment of the 10 commandments was still valid and in force AMEN.

Jesus did not die to end the Sabbath. He died to give us the opportunity to enter the 1,000 year Sabbath of the kingdom of God. Furthermore the Sabbath system of God pre-dated the law of Moses by eons, since it appears in Genesis 1 and 2. So plainly the Sabbath principle is still applicable today. We are not pharisaical about it like the Hassidic Jews however. It is supposed to be a holiday, a rest, not a further burden. It just means you can chill out physically financially and spiritually without feeling guilty at all! The LWs also celebrate a land Sabbath, which is a Sabbath for the administration of the church, on a 50 month cycle rather than a 50 year cycle. This we understand is what the Law of Moses foreshadowed for this time - see joining35.

[46]  Disfellowshipping (excommunication, disconnection). Regrettably, a true church does have to throw out people who commit a capital sin , which is essentially a sin for which under law they would have been stoned. The law of Moses does not apply today, but Paul said that by law is the accurate knowledge of sin. He did not say that by law was the accurate knowledge of sin. So the righteousness of the law is not obsolete, it is timeless. Although the penalties and animal sacrifices no longer apply. The LWs give warnings for non capital sins and give instant disfellowshipping for capital sins such as murder and idolatry and adultery etc. But we do not shun people who have been thrown out. We still talk to them and discuss the scriptures with them and love them, but they cannot come to our meetings for 7 months after having been evicted. After 7 months, if they say that they are repentant, and if there is no immediately available evidence to the contrary, we re-admit them, which normally involves a re-baptism - see joining

[47] The Law of Moses and the 10 commandments. Today we are under the 10 commandments of Moses and 2 more added by Jesus. But we are not under the law of Moses. However Paul said...

20 Therefore by works of law no flesh will be declared righteous before him, for by law is the accurate knowledge of sin (Romans 3).

Jesus died to end the physical restrictions of the law, to end the sacrificial obligations of the law and to end the brutal penalties of the law. But his death did not end or change the perfect judicial principles of God that the law made manifest to mankind through Moses, neither did he end the spiritual restrictions of the law or the sexual restrictions. These things even today give us accurate knowledge of sin. When the apostles were deciding which parts of the law should remain binding upon Gentiles this was their decision...

20 but to write them to abstain from things polluted by idols [maintain spiritual restrictions of the law] and from fornication [maintain sexual restrictions of the law] and from what is strangled [a soul is a breather, strangling is a very serious physical restriction to your soul, so this is meant symbolically and means do not keep the physical restrictions of the law] and from blood [abandon the sacrificial requirements of the law] (Acts 15).

So the spiritual requirements of the law still apply. The sexual requirements of the law still apply. The physical requirements of the law no longer apply today and the sacrificial requirements of the law no longer apply. It is really important to realise that if someone knocks your tooth out today, then yes, under Christian law you can defend yourself if he is still attacking you or might continue the attack. Furthermore if in the process of reasonably defending yourself the attacker gets killed, you are not guilty of murder. But if you go after an attacker for vengeance, and knock his tooth out in vengeance, then you are guilty under the law of the Christ today. Vengeance belongs to God, and do not worry, he is far more effective than you could ever be.

19 Do not avenge yourselves, beloved, but yield place to the wrath; for it is written: Vengeance is mine; I will repay, says
Jehovah (Romans 12) - see intro30

[48] The Kingdom of God, which Jesus preached, is the next heavenly administration of the earth. It began in heaven on March 23, 2008 (2008Nisan22), when Jesus married the first presence 3rd Holy spirit (the first presence 1NCs). It is appointed on earth on 2020Shebat16 and installed on earth on 2021Nisan5. It is run by God > Jesus > Peter > 144,000 first new covenant kings from heaven and Methuselah > Gordon > 144,000 second new covenant kings on earth. It is divided up into 144,000 individual kingdoms each with a 2NC FRC Josephic earthly king and a 2NC Benjamite LRC/OMC King and a corresponding 1NC heavenly king working in partnership. We are the generation which will see the greatest contrast in political leadership ever experienced by mankind. We will see the worst that demons of the dragon, the present earthly ruler of this world, has to offer the nearer we get to the end of this world, and then we will see the best that Jesus has to offer at the beginning of the next world, the kingdom of God. In that kingdom every physical miracle that Jesus performed in his ministry will happen as a matter of course to everyone. But our behaviour will not become instantly perfect so our health will not become instantly perfect either. Presumably it will improve throughout the kingdom. If you die in an accident you will be instantly resurrected (we think). Then God will cease to be our estranged uncle and start being our live at home father. Then the scripture will be fulfilled which says...

4 And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away (Revelation 21).

There will be no kidnapping because the angels will see where everyone is all the time and actually tell us. There will be perfect justice, because the angels will not only see everything and hear everything as they presently do, but will actually tell us whatever we want to know, so no matter will be concealable from a court. So lying will be pointless. Both humans and animals will cease being carnivorous and become vegetarian. That is not to say that we should be vegetarian in this system. Quite the contrary, we should be omnivorous, since God gave us meat to eat after the flood, and the law of Moses required the eating of meat. But in the new system nature will reflect our moral advancement, so there will be no predatory behaviour from animals and very little predatory behaviour from humans. We shall not compete for the glory of man, we shall co-operate for the glory of God, which is love. We shall achieve technological and artistic and sociological development that is at present inconceivable. Yet all of that will be as a crashing cymbal or as a sounding piece of brass when compared to our emotional development, our love. A love that will give billions of people a partnership as sweet as Lennon and McCartney, and as enduring as St. Paul in tribulation.

We shall, out of free will, choose the path of moral sustainability, understanding that freedom requires sacrifice, happiness is putting love first, and love both demands and requires that we obey the law of God. A law which is the perfect soil in which to grow everlasting love between free willed spirits. A law which is the only soil which gives us a permanent future. Oh yes and we will all live in perfect non ageing bodies. Sure, they will still look like us, but they will look better than we did when we were 21! We will have no 'bad hair' days, and we will have the energy of child for 1,000 years - see U8

25 Let his flesh become fresher than in youth. Let him return to the days of his youthful vigor (Job 33).

[49] The ark was 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide and 30 cubits high. The greater ark which  protects us from the coming lava flood, has entrance for 300 discontinuous days, a day for a cubit from 2019Tishri17 to 2021Iyyar7 and re-entrance of saints and priests for 50 days a day for a cubit of saintly re-entering presence and ascension for saints for 30 days plus possibly one more day going through the Tsohar, which was one cubit high. 50% of mankind, all the sons of the FRC, all those who obey the first law, are saved into the ark. In addition to them, 50% of those who miss the ark, those who obey the 2nd law, are still saved, but by angelic protection whilst remaining on earth - see U43.

[50] Jared (who returned as Melchizedek after the flood), Methuselah, Enoch, Eber, Serug, Job, Jesse, Jehoida, Elijah, Elisha, Daniel, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Simeon. John the baptist and Jesus were all non adamic and either incarnations of Melchizedek or possessed by Michael or Gabriel - see intro21.

[51] It is the purpose of every true church to produce or receive saints who become members of a Holy spirit who marries a God who has made a sacrifice of his everlasting angel in order that these saints can gain everlasting angelic life. The saints worship the God who gave them their everliving angelic life through his sacrifice. Jesus does nothing that he has not seen Jehovah doing. So Jehovah did this all first. We have so far identified 3 more Gods to be, Gabriel, Satan and David - see U190.

[52] Gays can be saved into the kingdom. Furthermore 50% of gays will be saved and 50% rejected (2 men in one bed, one is taken, the other left - Matthew 24:41). Indeed 50% of all unfaithful or unrighteous people are saved. Whereas 75% of all men are saved and 25% rejected and 75% of all women are saved and 25% rejected. In fact any body can be saved however unrighteous their behaviour if they have the love of the good Samaritan - see U218.

[53] The spirit of God (the human character, the self writing operating system of mankind) is downloaded into a foetus at mid term (after 19 weeks of gestation). From that point onward only abortion is murder - see intro41. Prior to that point the foetus is NOT a human soul.

[54] Women become Gods by developing perfect love without wielding authority over men. Then when they have perfect love, they will never abuse their authority. so they can be given it over men. Gods are gender neutral. all non divine creation has gender (male or female). Gender is a tutor to love. Once you have perfect love, you no longer need gender - see U7.

[55] Just as God makes saints by giving men angels, when they are born again angelically into the JAC (the Jacobian Angelic Covenant). So Satan gives men 2nd dead Hell's angels, when they are born again angelically into the DAC (the demonic Angelic Covenant). These demonic angels have the powers like the born again Christian Saints, but the angels are sentenced to death in Gehenna, with a stay of execution until their human hosts die. So they are second dead angels constructively. So they are hell's angels - see U70.

[56] All those who died in a true religion prior to John the baptist were resurrected as humans on to Eden2 where David was resurrected. It is a planet in another galaxy - we believe - see U54.