Calling all ex JWs….God is as upset with the Watchtower as you are!

He has therefore rejected that church (in 2005) - see U152 and see U42. and appointed the Lords’ Witnesses as the last true Christian church to replace them (in 1997) - see U42. He has also given us the task of receiving 6,000 reserve first New Covenant thrones (half a tribe). They are to be filled on a first come first serve basis by people satisfying the criteria stated below. So if you qualify, come and claim your throne! (This invitation actually applies to JWs as well). We are not choosing, you, the angels have done that already. They will direct you into the true church at the right time if you are a 1NC reserve King.

The even better news is that the Kingdom of God has begun. Satan’s rulership ended on 2008Nisan14, 6,000 years after Adam sinned and the world began. Adam sinned 33˝ years after he was born since Jesus gave a corresponding ransom and paid for that sin 33˝ years after he was born to Mary. So 1975 was just a lifetime of Jesus too early! If you are wondering why you cannot yet see it (as of 2015Nisan) Remember that Israel conquered the promised land in the 7th year of their occupation and entered into God's rest, the first land Sabbath year in the promised land between 1467Tishri and 1466Tishri. The 7th secular year of the Kingdom runs from 2015Tishri1 to 2016Tishri1, since Satan's 6,000 year lease did not expire until 2008Tishri14. This Sabbath year is when all the saints and the priests enter into Zoar, which is the Kingdom of God on earth. 

But then we must also remember that Jesus married his wife the 1NC kings on 2008Nisan22, and the Hebrew custom was to stay with her 7 days in the bridal chamber whilst the guest enjoyed a marriage feast. Then she would come out on the last day of the 7 day marriage feast and lift her veil. The scriptures bear witness to this tradition in Genesis 29...

26 To this Laban said: It is not customary to do this way in our place, to give the younger woman before the firstborn.
27 Celebrate to the full the week of this woman [her 7 day marriage feast and bridal chamber honeymoon]. After that there shall be given to you also this other woman for the service that you can serve with me for 7 years more (Genesis 29).

In the greater fulfilment of Jesus' marriage to his first presence 1NC church, the feast lasted for 7 days from 2008Nisan22-28 inclusive.

But then he did not marry the second presence 1NC saints until 2015Sivan18 (3rd 1NC first fruits day in 2015). So that he married Leah in 2008 and then her sister Rachel in 2015, 7 years later. This delay was actually due to the Kingdom Exedenic Times malediction from 2008Nisan15 to 2015Nisan15  which was run up due to the harlotry of the Watchtower with the UN which they rode the Beast as a UN NGO associated to the Department of Information. 

The LWs, who have the honour of now being Zoar, a non adamic church, are a very different church from the JWs, we have a much greater understanding of scripture, prophecy, doctrine and God’s love. We guarantee you will be intrigued if not astounded by what the bible has said to us and by what God wishes to say to you, who are to be the shining stars of Daniel 12. We also hope that you will appreciate the glorious freedom of the children of God which this church tries hard not to encroach upon with controlling pharisaical regulations.

If you do not qualify to be a 1NC reserve then fear not, we also have 24,000 (2 tribes - less a few) second new covenant thrones to allocate for ex JWs, and 120,000 (10 tribes - less a few) to allocate for non ex JWs. These are for the earthly kings in the kingdom who are in a one to one relationship with the 144,000 heavenly kings. After all David had 288,000 administrators. We are in fact the church of the second new covenant - see I35.

So we are swimming in empty thrones here and your God needs you to sit on one of them!

Never has there been a more generous or appealing offer, and never has such an offer looked more far fetched to those with physical focus.

Please do not be alarmed by our 400 failures to get the date of the fire from heaven of 1Kings18, which we believe to be a radiological terrorist bomb, correct. The Great Tribulation will involve nuclear detonations and it is our duty to watch and try and give your warning of dangers to come. Edison tried 6,000 gas and filament combinations before he illuminated us physically. We hope to do a little better than him. Actually if his activities are not a prophecy for the length of the darkness of the world then what is?

R.S.V.P. to help(at)

Don’t worry, there is no 30 page kingship application form!

Please visit for a walk through the understandings of the LWs.
Please visit for the advanced understandings of the LWs (they are not all correct).

Please visit U215 for our interpretation of the parable of the marriage feast in Matthew 22.
Please visit U22 for our interpretation of evening meal of the lamb's marriage.
Please visit 14proofs.html for 14 proofs that Satan's system ended on Nisan14, 2008

Invitation to all Jehovah's Witnesses

The last of the true 144,000 First New Covenant (1NC) saints, the anointed remnant, died before 2001Heshvan10.

There are 6,000 1NC reserve saints at present either in the Watchtower or who used to be in the Watchtower and left. They can only constitute Jesus flesh, his wife (as reserves, replacement fiancees) if they get an LW water baptism. We are the collecting vessel for the reserve 1NC saints. They already have their spirit baptism, but they have lost their water baptism. They can only get their next water baptism from a brother who used to hold a valid JW water baptism [baptised before 2001Tishri30] and who now holds a valid LW water baptism. Jesus can only turn up to celebrate the evening meal of the lamb's marriage through the 6,000 1NC reserves. These ones are his flesh only when they have a valid LW water baptism.

When he does this he will fulfil the following scriptures...

24 And he said to them: This is my 'blood of the covenant,' which is to be poured out in behalf of many [not just 144,000].
25 Truly I say to you, I shall by no means drink anymore of the product of the vine [The cup of the ARC, the angelic ransom covenant of Michael for Adam's associated angel, 'the' product of the vine, which is the entire salvation plan with Jesus as root.] until that day when I drink it new in the kingdom of God [not said to be with you].
26 Finally, after singing praises, they went out to the Mount of Olives (Mark 14)

15 And he said to them: I have greatly desired to eat this passover [meal of lamb and unleavened bread and bitter greens and the 4 cups and loaves of the 4 covenants] with you before I suffer;
16 for I tell you, I will not eat it again until it becomes completed [plhrwqh] [celebrated fully] in the kingdom of God [on 2012Nisan14].
17 And, accepting a cup [the 1st cup of the FRC, the faith ransom covenant, the master covenant for those with faith, who are raonsomed actually by Melchizedek], he gave thanks and said: Take this and pass it from one to the other among yourselves;
18 for I tell you, From now on I will not drink again from the product of the vine [The cup of the ARC, 'the' product of the vine, which is the entire salvation plan with Jesus as root.] until the kingdom of God arrives (Luke 22).

Jesus has already fulfilled in the LWs through our one previous 1NC saint, the following scripture...

27 Also, he took a cup [of the 1AC, the first Abrahamic Covenant, the covenant for all with faith who do not necessarily find the true religion] and, having given thanks, he gave it to them, saying: Drink out of it, all of you;
28 for this is my 'blood of the covenant,' which is to be poured out in behalf of many [not just 144,000] for forgiveness of sins.
29 But I tell you, I will by no means drink henceforth any of this product of the vine [the cup of the 1AC, the vine is the entire salvation plan, of which Jesus is the root.] until that day when I [through the remnant, my wife, my flesh, my mouth] drink it new with you [plural] in the kingdom of my Father (Matthew 26).

So brothers in the spirit, born again reserve kings, angelic sons of God, possessors of two souls, reserve components of Jesus' wife, the holy spirit of the Kingdom of God... Dear Mrs Jesus, you are being invited by the 4th and last true Christian church on behalf of your master and our Lord, Jesus Christ to come and sit on the substitute bench for a few hundred years and then serve as a king in the kingdom of God (when the next one of the initial 144,000 abdicates or falls from his throne). You are invited to serve not where the Watchtower believes the need is greatest in this earthly system, but where our reigning King, Jesus Christ, believes the need is greatest in the next one, the kingdom of God (if our research is correct)!

It is an offer that men of faith cannot refuse. For we are commanded to follow the lamb wherever he goes and his sheep need to go in and out to find pasturage. This would be a good moment to come out and follow him into the last true church. For we are the ones with the food at the proper time. And this is the proper time for that food.

Do you want to play a part in fulfilling scripture, or do you want to leave that to someone with more faith?

And if we are wrong, what of it? Better to try and fail than never to try at all. We know that if we act upon our faith we shall be saved, even if our actions are mistaken. Faith in God, faith in the bible, faith in scripture, that is.