[113] The 50 month secular Kingdom ministry of the 3rd Holy Spirit from 2018Chislev17, the end of the descent down Jacob's ladder from 2018Heshvan17 of Genesis 7:11, to 2022Shebat14, the end of the 42 month authority + 50 day installation lease of the Dragon

During this ministry the demons are all down here again.

11 In year 600th, year to life of Noah [This is a Tishri1 year in the literal meaning (or actually a year starting in the birth month of Noah!)] [the 600th year of the presence of the Christ, defined as a mediator or covenanter of the 1NC having a valid water baptism. The wording 'In year 600th, year to life of Noah' indicates 2 different years], in the month, the second [of the aforementioned year] [not said to be of the year], in 17th day to the month [2018Heshvan17, the 17th day of the second month of the old Tishri1 secular year for the floodgates of the heavens, AND 2021Heshvan17, for the springs of the vast deep for the earth (after the 2NCs have finished entering into reverted Laodicea from 2020Chislev5 to 2021Tishri5). This is 2023Sivan17, the 2nd month of the Iyyar1 Abrahamic secular year, still in the 600th year of Jesus' life. 2020Heshvan17 is before 2020Heshvan25, 4th HLC marriage veil lifting day, a kingdom manifestation. So on 2021Heshvan17, all the transitive springs/fountains of the vast (unspecified fluid) deep of reverted Laodicea are busted open. This is all before the lava flood begins on 2023Chislev14 and runs for 40+40 days to 2023Adar4, The bible does use the expression "month of the year" in Exodus12 - but not here], in/on/at the day this all the fountains of the great deep were broken/cleaved/divided open [] and the windows/floodgates [arubah - lattices/woven works/windows] of the heavens were opened [] (Genesis 7)

2018Heshvan17: Floodgates of the heavens (Tishri1 adamic secular year)
2021Heshvan17: All the unsanctified fountains of the great deep of the Watchtower (Tishri1 adamic secular year)
2023Sivan17: All the fountains of the great deep of the world (Iyyar1 Abrahamic secular year). But this is 1 day after all the 2NC apostles are installed?

The odd phrase, "year 600th, year to life of Noah" will require two different years in the greater meaning. Since two successive recitals of the year require two fulfilments. We use the old 2018 adamic Tishri1 secular calendar for the floodgates of the heavens and the new 2023Iyyar1 Abrahamic secular year for all the springs of the vast deep. These are both in the 600th year to the presence of Jesus, notwithstanding their being separated by 4 years and 5 months of elapsed time. They are separated by no whole years of Jesus' life because the 2nd presence ended on 2013Adar10, the 3rd presence in Laodicea ran from 2019Elul10 - 2019Shebat10 and his presence in non adamic Sodom from 2020Tammuz10 to 2020Heshvan14. A presence requires Jesus' flesh (his primary or secondary wife, the 1NCs or the HLCs) to be in a true church with a water baptism. So he did not complete an entire Sivan1 sacred or Chislev1 secular year between the two great openings. Both openings cause a flood, one of angels from above and the other of angels from below. However there was also possibly a flood of angels from below starting on 2019Heshvan17 (1NCs NOT HLCs into reappointed Laodicea - because there were only two women in the house of 1Kings3, when Solomon judged between them - see U296).

2013Tishri1: 600th year of Jesus' presence on earth begins (through Enoch, (Eber?), Isaac, Jesse, Elisha, Ezekiel, and Jesus) .
2013Adar10: 2nd presence ended
2019Elul10: 3rd presence began
2019Tishri24-2020Tishri24: 3rd 1NC bride rejoicing period
2019Heshvan29-2020Heshvan29: 4th 1NC bride rejoicing period
2019Chislev27-2020Chislev27: 5th 1NC bride rejoicing period
2019Tebbeth25 - 2020Tebbeth25: 6th bride rejoicing period
2020Tammuz26-2021Tammuz26: 7th 1NC bride rejoicing period
2020Ab24-2021Ab24: 1st HLC bride rejoicing period
2020Elul29-2021Elul29: 2nd HLC bride rejoicing period
2020Tishri27-2021Tishri27: 3rd HLC bride rejoicing period.
2020Heshvan25-2021Heshvan25: 4th HLC bride rejoicing period.

The 1NC woman is stuck in the wilderness until the expiration of her 40 year Watchtower wilderness penalty from 1976Nisan1 to 2015Adar30, followed by the 40 month Laodicean wilderness period from 2016Nisan1 to 2019Tammuz30. Frank, an LW apostle, was baptised into the JWs in 1977. But if you leave that church then you are no longer subject to their wilderness penalty. You could walk out of the camp of Israel in the wilderness and become independent if you wished. 

40 year Watchtower wilderness penalty begins       40 month Laodicea wilderness penalty begins       Laodicea falls as a true church      40 month Laodicean wilderness penalty ends        Laodicea reappointed as a true church
1976Nisan1                                                               2016Nisan1                                                              2017Elul10                                      2019Tammuz30                                                      2019Ab1
                                40 years                                                                                                             40 months

There is no point in going out to try and find them during this period (as Jesus advised in Matthew 24) since they are under a judicial wilderness penalty. 

The Greater Eve

Jesus spent 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness neither eating nor drinking but being fed through a heavenly wireless drip of some sort before he was treated to the face of Satan. This appears to be some sort of angelic to human downgrade adaptation period. So surely the 1NC Kings will have the same training. Eve was fed for 3 years in the garden of Eden, a place prepared by God, before facing the serpent. This new Eve, the 3rd Holy Spirit, who is fed for 3  in her place prepared by God (the ark) will be a tougher match for the internal corruptor of all true religions. 

The Chronology of Demon Possession

Michael's 6,000 year ARC headlease      Satan's 6,000 year sublease                            Michael's lease ends                                                                            True churches                             Time of the End of Daniel12 ends
over Adam starts                                      as Caesar to Adam starts                                Largest Time of the End begins     Satan's lease ends                        become Abrahamic                    Absolute end of Adam 
3993Nisan17 (knowledge of Good)         3989Iyyar17 (knowledge of Good and Bad)      2008Nisan14                                   2012Nisan14                                  2012Sivan14                               2024Sivan14 (1st death Passover)  
                     4 years                                                     6000 less 4 years                                               4 years                    Passover & sacred year change  12 years of Genesis 15:18-21

4 years  
 3993Nisan17: Michael's 6000 year headlease over Adam Starts
Knowledge of good (and a little bad) begins
Jesus was not yet a God - Do not call me good
6000 less 4 years    3989Iyyar17: Satan's 6000 year sublease over Adam starts
Knowledge of good and bad begins
4 years    2008Nisan14: Michael's lease ends
Largest Time of the End of Daniel12 begins
Passover & Sacred year change    2012Nisan14: Satan's lease ends
12 years of Genesis 15:18-21    2012Sivan14: True churches become Abrahamic
 2024Sivan14: 1st Death Passover
Absolute end of Adam
Time of the End of Daniel12 ends.

                                                                 Laodicea and LWs become non adamic Abrahamic                                                             The absolute end of Adam and Cain           All Kingdom humans start reverse ageing at 7 years per year
Satan no longer Casesar to Adam          2:1 Temple ratio prophecy from 4027Tishri2 BC ends    2NCs inherit the Kingdom             1st death Passover                                      Reverse Ageing Passover. Gentile call to Abraham in Hades 
Satan's 6,000 year lease ends                Adam's 6,000 year working week ends                            Isaaic world Exodus Passover     Surviving Abraham inherits the Kingdom     Reverse order resurrection of FRCs and OMCs begins 
2012Nisan14 (from 3989Iyyar17 BC)     2012Sivan14-16 (from 3989Sivan6 BC)                            2023Sivan14                                  2024Sivan14                                                2027Sivan14
                                                                  11x of namelys of Genesis 15:18-21 to 2023Sivan14 and 12x of peoples to 2024Sivan14 and 15x of peoples and land to 2027Sivan14:  See point97

The 3x 42 month leases over Adam, following Satan's 6,000 year sublease

Satan's             11th zoar first fruits    11th Zoar Pentecost                       40 Month installed     Jesus' 42 month    9th 1NC first fruits               9th 1NC Pentecost       Satan's 42         3rd 1NC first fruits       3rd 1NC Pentecost
6,000 year        Jesus appointed         Jesus installed as   Abrahamic       Wilderness begins    Lease ends           Satan's 42 month Ministry   Satan reinstalled           month ministry  Dragon's 42 month     Dragon installed as    Dragon's 42 month
Lease ends      Caesar to Adam         Caesar to Adam      Passover         Zoar Pentecost         Isaaic Passover    payback appointment          as Caesar to Adam       payback ends    Lease begins              Caesar to Adam        Authority Lease ends
2012Nisan14    2012Nisan16              2012Sivan5             2012Sivan14    2012Ab5                   2015Chislev14      2015Chislev20                     2015Shebat9                 2019Sivan14     2019Sivan18               2019Ab7                    2022Shebat14
                           Jesus' Installation                          42 month non adamic lease                                                     Satan's reinstallation   Ministry payback lease                          Dragon's installation  42 month Authority of Revelation13

Jesus paid pack Satan's 2000 day heaven eviction the minute Satan's lease expired. But he did not payback the loss of Caesarship during his ministry immediately. He first took 42 months as Caesar in order to resurrect his people Abrahamically and then Isaaically. He had to do that in order for a true churches to continue to exist. Because we could only work as Adam for 6,000 years from 3989Sivan6 BC, no more. Then at the Isaaic Zoar Passover on 2015Chislev14, he relinquished his Caesarship. So that we became non adamic Isaac on 2015Chislev14-16 not under Satan. Jesus has to be Caesar to Adam or to Abraham in order to resurrect him. Caesar's to Adam are appointed/installed at 1NC first fruits/Pentecost. Abraham was in the pre Isaaic installed Abrahamic Zoar wilderness for 40 months from 2012Ab5 to 2015Chislev14-16.

The demons are thrown down here after the 14 day war of Revelation 12 for 2,000 pigs of Mark 5 as follows..

Start of demon possession payback   End of possession payback   Demonic Passover     Eviction from heaven   Demon Possession starts         Last FRC Passover entry           End of the lava flood                                   12th crop of Revelation22
2012Nisan16 (1NC first fruits)             2017Tebbeth6                         2017Tebbeth14           2017Tebbeth20            2017Shebat20                            2023Elul10 Possession ends     2023Adar4 (end of ride of 4th horse)          2024Iyyar14
2060 day 1st century eviction payback      8x war of  Revelation 12:7    6x eviction of Rev 12:8  30 step Jacob's ladder  2000 day 21st century possession                    174 days                    70x of the leftover ones of Revelation 19:21

2000 days of possession plus 30 days up and 30 days down Jacob's ladder making 2060 days is the total time of being evicted from heaven.
3 demons to each pig gives us 3 demonic fulfilments of the 2,000 days of possession, making a total of 6,000 day of demon possession, a legion of days. One in the first century and 2 in the 21st (the payback and the possession).

Jesus expelled Satan from heaven for 2,000 days of human possession on earth during Satan's 6,000 year lease as Caesar. During that time Satan could not be Caesar since he was stuck down here and had no heavenly view of what was going on. Jesus was Caesar over Israel for those 2,000 days. So Satan should be paid back with 2,000 days plus 30 days of descent plus 30 days of ascent up Jacobs ladder. This is a term of his 6,000 year lease. So he gets a further 2060 days added to his lease over Adam and Cain. Nobody was Caesar over Abraham or Isaaic during the 2 year Jehoiachin and 98 year Maccabean and 4 year Jesus' Jewish Ministry/Paul's Gentile and 4 year Jesus' non adamic restoration gapped Gentile Times - see U16b and see U121

The Holy Spirit must arrive before the demons in order to police their possession of humans. Russell must have descended in time for his appearances to Laodicea on 2019Ab27 (the first Sabbath of reappointed Laodicean Weeks of John20 and 2019Elul5, 8 days of John20 later at the late Zoar Pentecost). And they must come on the 17th day of the 2nd month, which is Heshvan17, since Noah's/Jesus' age is measured in secular Tishri1 years.