Dream Works
300 million m/s
Angelic Brain Human Brain
10Hz visual
200Hz audio
Max neuron firing frequency is 200Hz
Fastest know brain wave frequency is gamma waves at 40-80Hz
Max Neuron signal speed is 100 m/s (passive) responding to something hot etc. and 20–30 m/s (thinking)
100 billion neurons



WHO label

Lineage + additional mutations

Country first detected (community)

Spike mutations of interest

Year and month first detected

Impact on transmissibility

Impact on immunity

Impact on severity

Rationale for de-escalation

Wuhan Hu1



December 2019

Not even considered in the WHO Greek letter naming system - Irrelevant by 2021.



United Kingdom

N501Y, D614G, P681H

September 2020

Increased (v) (11)


Increased (v) (12, 13)

Drastically reduced circulation in the EU/EEA following the emergence of Delta; little evidence of impact on vaccine induced immunity




L452R, D614G

September 2020

Unclear (16)

Increased (v) (16)

No evidence

No longer detected or detected at extremely low levels in the EU/EEA and available data indicating that vaccines and treatments are effective against such variant




E484K, D614G, Q677H

December 2020

No evidence

Increased (m) (14, 19)

No evidence

No longer detected or detected at extremely low levels in the EU/EEA



The Philippines

E484K, N501Y, D614G, P681H

January 2021

Increased (m) (11)

Increased (m) (14)

No evidence

No longer detected or detected at extremely low levels in the EU/EEA




L452R, E484Q, D614G, P681R

December 2020

Increased (v) (20)

Increased (v) (21-24)

No evidence

No longer detected or detected at extremely low levels in the EU/EEA




 E484K, D614G, A701V

December 2020

No evidence

Increased (m) (14)

No evidence

No longer detected or detected at extremely low levels in the EU/EEA




E484K, D614G

January 2021

No evidence

Increased (m) (14)

No evidence

No longer detected or detected at extremely low levels in the EU/EEA

Mu B.1.621 Colombia R346K, E484K, N501Y, D614G, P681H January 2021 Increased (m) (11) Increased (m) (14) No evidence No longer detected or detected at extremely low levels in the EU/EEA
Lambda C.37 Peru L452Q, F490S, D614G December 2020 No evidence Increased (v) (33, 34) No evidence No longer detected or detected at extremely low levels in the EU/EEA
Beta B.1.351 South Africa K417N, E484K, N501Y, D614G, A701V September 2020 Increased (v) (26) Increased (v) (27, 28) Increased (v) (13, 29) No longer detected or detected at extremely low levels in the EU/EEA
Gamma P.1 Brazil K417T, E484K, N501Y, D614G, H655Y December 2020 Increased (v) (37) Increased (v) (38) Increased (v) (13) No longer detected or detected at extremely low levels in the EU/EEA
Delta B.1.617.2 India L452R, T478K, D614G, P681R December 2020 Increased (v) (39) Increased (v) (40-42) Increased (v) (41, 43) Detected at extremely low levels in the EU/EEA
Omicron BA.1 South Africa and Botswana (x) November 2021 Increased (v) (1, 44) Increased (v) (3,45,46) Reduced (v) (47-49) Detected at extremely low levels in the EU/EEA
Omicron BA.3 South Africa (z) November 2021 No evidence No evidence No evidence Detected at extremely low levels in the EU/EEA






WHO label

Lineage + additional mutations

Country first detected (community)

Spike mutations of interest

Year and month first detected

Rationale for de-escalation

Wuhan Hu1



December 2019

Not even considered in the WHO Greek letter naming system - Irrelevant by 2021.



United Kingdom

N501Y, D614G, P681H

September 2020

Drastically reduced circulation in the EU/EEA following the emergence of Delta; little evidence of impact on vaccine induced immunity




L452R, D614G

September 2020

No longer detected or detected at extremely low levels in the EU/EEA and available data indicating that vaccines and treatments are effective against such variant




E484K, D614G, Q677H

December 2020

No longer detected or detected at extremely low levels in the EU/EEA



The Philippines

E484K, N501Y, D614G, P681H

January 2021

No longer detected or detected at extremely low levels in the EU/EEA




L452R, E484Q, D614G, P681R

December 2020

No longer detected or detected at extremely low levels in the EU/EEA




 E484K, D614G, A701V

December 2020

No longer detected or detected at extremely low levels in the EU/EEA




E484K, D614G

January 2021

No longer detected or detected at extremely low levels in the EU/EEA

Mu B.1.621 Colombia R346K, E484K, N501Y, D614G, P681H January 2021 No longer detected or detected at extremely low levels in the EU/EEA
Lambda C.37 Peru L452Q, F490S, D614G December 2020 No longer detected or detected at extremely low levels in the EU/EEA
Beta B.1.351 South Africa K417N, E484K, N501Y, D614G, A701V September 2020 No longer detected or detected at extremely low levels in the EU/EEA
Gamma P.1 Brazil K417T, E484K, N501Y, D614G, H655Y December 2020 No longer detected or detected at extremely low levels in the EU/EEA
Delta B.1.617.2 India L452R, T478K, D614G, P681R December 2020 Detected at extremely low levels in the EU/EEA
Omicron BA.1 South Africa and Botswana (x) November 2021 Detected at extremely low levels in the EU/EEA
Omicron BA.3 South Africa (z) November 2021 Detected at extremely low levels in the EU/EEA

Gordon's Awakening

1. When I was 20 I watched Lew Grade and Franco Zeffirelli's Jesus of Nazareth starring Robert Powell and Anne Bancroft. My takeaway from that movie was the the measure of a man is not what he achieves for himself, but what he achieves for humanity.

2. At Cambridge I read the gospels and saw the basic moral message but could not really understand them.

3. When about to start my PhD in group theory (pure maths) investigating whether Galois theory could be extended to 5th order using simple groups rather than cyclic groups to solve quintic polynomial equations I asked myself do I have more evidence that such an extension can be done than I have for Jesus being the son of God? The answer was no. Yet I believed it could be done. Therefore I forced myself to believe that Jesus was the son of God with equal conviction to the belief I held that Galois theory could be extended.

3 After one term of the PhD in Oxford under Dr. Martin Powell, I had this strong feeling that the world would not last long enough to benefit from my pure maths research even if I could prove something useful because pure maths was 40 years ahead of theoretical physics which was 20 years ahead of engineering which was 10 years ahead of a commercial product. And I did not think we had 70 years because having done cell biology at Cambridge (along with Natural Sciences and then having changed to Maths), I thought we were within a generation of cracking ageing and I knew that man could not beat God and ageing was a penalty from him. So I reasoned that the world had to end within a generation.

4. I then went off to do a PhD in Aerodynamics at Imperial College, working on my electric quadcopter (I invented that but did not patent it due to the Benson Skymat - which was a petrol driven fixed blade multi rotor helicopter). Then I invented a magnetic levitator and licenced it to living images. Then two sisters called round doing Christian work. I said that is good work but I am a bit busy right now.

5. They sent round 2 brothers. One of whom said to me did you know Adam lived for 930 years? That Got me because I thought mankind would beat ageing when I was at Cambridge. So I said that does not surprise me tell me more. I knew they were JWs and they would try to brainwash me. But I also knew that I did not understand the gospels and thought they might help me in that regard. I also mistakenly thought that I was too clever to become brainwashed. I was wrong.

6. I became brainwashed and believed the lie that the Holy Spirit only speaks to the governing body and tells them all the new interpretations which they put in the Watchtower. That indeed is the central deception of the Watchtower by which it brainwashes its adherents.

7. After 3 years I caught up with all their understandings and I asked my study conductor the question: What are those other 2 bit part actors doing on the same stage of the Christ during his crucifixion. why did God permit them to be crucified one either side of Jesus? My study conductor, Clifton, responded saying: We will have to wait for the Kingdom to find that out. That is when I realised I had caught up with Watchtower understanding.

8. Massoud, an Iranian friend of mine from Imperial College, called me over to his flat. We then had a conversation like this

Massoud: I have read the whole bible from cover to cover in 3 months. It it an incredibly spiritual book.
Gordon: Wow I never managed that.
Massoud: Do you believe you can work out something new for yourself from the bible?
Gordon : No. Only the Governing Body of the Watchtower can do that. Because they run the true church. God tells them what scriptures mean and then they put it in the Watchtower
Massoud: So if I work out something new from the bible would that make me into the governing body of the true church?
Gordon: Yes it would. But you will never work out anything new from the bible because you are not said governing body.
Massoud. I think the 4600 evenings and mornings of Daniel8 might mean this (I cannot remember what his interpretation was).
Gordon: Let me see what the Watchtower believe - they had nothing on the subject for a modern day fulfilment.
Massoud. Since they say nothing and I have an interpretation. If I am right then I must be running the true church yes?
Gordon: Well yes. And your idea does not sound too unreasonable (whatever it was).
Massoud: Gordon YOU ARE BRAINWASHED. Can you not see it? I have known you for several years and you have one of the best brains I have ever seen. Why are you relying on the brains of old men in Brooklyn to understand God's book? I want to persuade you to read the bible with your own brain. NOT with the brains of the Governing Body, I am positive that God will show you something. Just as he showed me an interpretation of Daniel8.
Gordon: OK you have shamed me into it. You read the whole book in 3 months. I will try reading it with my mind and see where I end up

9. I got to Leviticus chapter 26 and then saw a 2nd proof of the Gentile Times. I called my study conductor Clifton and he said you could start a whole new religion on this basis. I said: The last thing the world needs is another religion.  I submitted my 2nd proof of the Gentile Times from Leviticus26 to the elders of my local Leytonstone congregation - see U121. They did nothing (as one might expect). I knew enough about selling ideas to go to the top ONLY after you have completely finished the production of your hit record. So I then thought about the significance of this 2nd proof of the 7x of the Gentile Times. I thought about the perfection of God's laws for the solar system as discovered by Newton. I asked myself does the bible have that kind of perfection in it? The answer was obviously yes. But at face value the perfection was not very visible. So I deduced it must be written in some kind of a hidden code. Somehow, I cannot remember how, I got to the key question:

If the phrase 7 times means 2520 years in Daniel4 might it mean 2520 years in other chapters of the bible such as Genesis4?

I reasoned that the book must be perfect and therefore must be in a code since the literal meaning lacks that perfection. So I thought perhaps 7 times meaning 2520 years was the code. In fact perhaps any number of times meaning that number of periods of 360 years might be the code? So Tony Massoud and myself charged through the bible substituting the word 'times' for 360 years everywhere and Letter to the Society was the result.

It helped that the local congregation had given me a talk on the 3 rights of the first born. This lead me to the Gentile Times, the Exedenic Times and the Alienation Times, the three 2520 year maledictions removing those rights from God's people - see U125.

So I bound up 12 books and Massoud and I produced 12 charts with all our Prophetic Times interpretations - see the Prophetic Times Substitution Principle of the bible code. And Massoud delivered all 12 copies of each to the 12 Governing Body members in Brooklyn on 1992Elul11. Then I heard nothing for 2 years.

10. In the meantime we were pretty pleased with ourselves, believing we had decoded the entire bible with this 'Times' = 360 years idea. Until I read Matthew 16:9-10

9 Do you not yet see the point, or do you not remember the 5 loaves in the case of the 5,000 and how many baskets you took up?
10 Or the 7 loaves in the case of the 4,000 and how many provision baskets you took up? (Matthew 16 NWT)

I realised: No. I do not yet see the point. Why were there 12 baskets of fragments taken up in the case of the 5,000 and 7 in the case of the 4,000?

Then it dawned upon us that this decoding job might be a little bit larger than we had imagined.

We then realised that every number of animals or houses or people or cities or anything else could stand for that number of day or months or years.

The path of discovery went like this.

A. 12 baskets of bread were left over from the 5,000 and 7 from the 4,000
B. The bible is not a cookery book. The physical food quite obviously stand for physical food from a true church. These are feeding campaigns of true churches which become false and then dish out baskets of fragments after Jesus has sent the crowds away (when the church falls).
C. Joseph interpreted 3 baskets of bread a 3 days in Genesis40. So we can take a basket as a day of feeding the fragments of bread.
D. Ezekiel4 says take a day for a year ass does Numbers14. And Esther 9:22 says take a day for a month

22 according to the days on which the Jews had rested from their enemies and the month that was changed for them from grief to rejoicing and from mourning to a good day, to hold them as days of banqueting and rejoicing and sending of portions to one another and of gifts to the poor people. (Esther 9 NWT)

So these baskets are 7/12 days of months or years of food left over after a true church has become false and Jesus has sent the congregation away from him.

For our latest understanding of the 4 feedings of the 5,000 and the 2 feedings of the 4,000 please see U67 (understanding67).

11. I travelled to Manhattan 3x to see the government body. I never got to see them. They instruct their adherents to knock upon everybody's doors. But when you knock upon their door, they refuse to open it, even though they profess to be your brother. However Dan Sydlik did call me at my hotel and I had several conversations with him after that by phone. He set: we know what you want to do. You want to give a bible study to the writing committee. I said: I am happy for them to give one to me. I must want to discuss mt ideas with them and do some brainstorming to see if we can understand the bible a little better. Dan said: Who really understands that book. I said precious few. He said you take huge bites out of the bible. I said I am not scared of interpreting God's book. I am only scared of selling him and his book short. He said: Are you in sales? I said no I am in research.

I said to him that in my interpretation Freddie Franz thought I was correct before he died. Dan said: I am not permitted to answer that question fully but I can tell you that he did think it was possible to know the date of the end after Jesus died. I said no one knows the date of their wedding until they have become engaged (which is saying that one could know the date of the end - the marriage of the lamb - after the last supper, which was Jesus' engagement party on the day he died).

The history of my interaction with the Watchtower administration is covered in truebiblecode dot com / history dot html

Eventually I began to see scriptures condemning the Watchtower. In particular I saw that they would fall as the Faithful and Discreet slave of Matthew24 and be cut in two. I told them this and they accepted it without comment. Then I pushed it by demanding a court case and sending my demand to every congregation containing a governing body member. That got me thrown out of the JWs on 1995Adar11..

I knew the date I would be thrown out in advance (the date of my own funeral) because the LWs are the 2nd of the 2 witnesses of Revelation11. We prophesy in sackcloth for 1260 days and my first letter was hand delivered to each of the 12 members of the Governing Body on 1992Elul11. So my witness to them was to end 1260 BLC days later on 1995Adar11. And it did. The elders called me in on 1995Adar4 and disfellowshipped me for apostasy without giving me any warning (you are supposed to get 2 warnings first). I asked them when is this effective from? And they said: 7 days time!


Michael's 6,000 year ARC headlease      Satan's 6,000 year sublease                            Michael's lease ends                                                                            True churches                             Time of the End of Daniel12 ends
over Adam starts                                      as Caesar to Adam starts                                Largest Time of the End begins     Satan's lease ends                        become Abrahamic                    Absolute end of Adam 
3993Nisan17 (knowledge of Good)         3989Iyyar17 (knowledge of Good and Bad)      2008Nisan14                                   2012Nisan14                                  2012Sivan14                               2024Sivan14 (1st death Passover)  
                     4 years                                                     6000 less 4 years                                               4 years                    Passover & sacred year change  12 years of Genesis 15:18-21

4 years  

 3993Nisan17: Michael' 6000 year headlease over Adam Starts
Knowledge of good (and a little bad) begins
Jesus was not yet a God - Do not call me good
6000 less 4 years    3989Iyyar17: Satan's 6000 year sublease over Adam starts
Knowledge of good and bad begins
4 years    2008Nisan14: Michael's lease ends
Largest Time of the End of Daniel12 begins
Passover & Sacred year change    2012Nisan12: Satan's lease ends
12 years of Genesis 15:18-21    2012Sivan14: True churches become Abrahamic

 2024Sivan14: 1st Death Passover
Absolute end of Adam
Time of the End of Daniel12 ends.




26. The interpretation of the recital of Pharaoh's dream of the 7 fat and thin cows.
27. The Holy Spirit Policing the Demons
28. The final 195 + 7 days of OMC baptism
29. 1,100,000 men drawing sword of 1Chronicles21 = 1,099,798 + 195 + 7 days of 1AC/OMC entry
30. 430 years in Egypt a month for a day
31. 400 years of affliction in a land not theirs
32. The ark raptures of 1Thessalonians 4:16-17
33. Ark Raptures by covenant
34. 7 Months of Mark Enforcement
35. Abraham's chasing after Lot of Genesis14 and recovering all his EXISTING possessions.
36. The Day of Jehovah of Joel2, Zephaniah1, Malachi4, Amos5 and Isaiah13
37. The 2:1 Temple Ratio Prophecy and Adam's 6000 year working week
38. The 3 Laodiceas
39. The Adamic Abrahamic and Isaaic Jubilee system
40. The lengthening in life for the rest of the beasts of Daniel7
41. The first 3 fire signs of 1Kings18
42. 3688 Days of Genesis15 of non adamic Abrahamic Laodiceas from 2012Sivan16 to 2022Elul14
43. The hour of the test of Revelation3
44.  The Great Crowd of Revelation7
45. The Isaaic 4EC pool in Jerusalems plural at Bethzatha
46   The Day the the Big Slaughter and the Day of the Binding up of the Breakdown and Healing of the Wound of Isaiah30
47.  The 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse of Revelation6
47a. The rides of the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse of Revelation6
48. The 40 day Deluge of Priests into Zoar
49. Hebrew Weather Forecasting
50. The 80 Day Great evening meal of God of Revelation19 after the saints are gathered
51. Jericho
52. The Installed Feeding of the 5,000 1NCs of John6 in a Laodicean true church (Nisan1 sacred sync. Tammuz1 sacred start) - YEP
53. The 1290 and 1335 Days of Daniel12 doubled


We now think that the 2nd and 3rd fire sign occur on the same day of 2023Ab21, one being 30x of the sentence count of 1Kings18:42-44 after going back 7x of the Lw Alienation times from 2016Tammuz21 to 2023Tammuz21 and the other being 21x of the sentence count of 1Kings18:44 after going back 7x from the end of the going up of the Laodicean 2NCs into the mountain of the ark from 2023Tammuz17-22 to 2023Tammuz29 or perhps from the no show declaration for a fire sign during their going up, during their rapture, on 2023Tammuz23 to 2023Tammuz30. These take us to 2023Ab20 and 2023Ab21.

2012Sivan16: Adamic Laodiceans and LWs become non adamic Abrahamic. Jesus is installed as Caesar over Adam on 2012Sivan5 in order to achieve this.
2012Tammuz16: Cainian Laodiceans and LWs become non adamic Abrahamic. Jesus is installed as Caesar over Cain on 2012Tammuz5 in order to achieve this.
2012Tammuz17/Elul6: Abrahamic Laodicea is appointd/instsalled over the 1NCs and so becomes headed/Abib over 1NCs but not over Abraham. And the 1NC Passover is Nisan14 not Tammuz14..
2012Tammuz16: Zoar not appointed over non adamic Abraham becasue this was the weekly Sabbath
2012Ab1: Abrahamic sacred year begins.
2012Ab16: Zoar is appointed over non adamic Abraham. Zoar becomes headed/Abib.
2012Elul16: Abrahamic Laodicea is appointed over non adamic Abraham. But they take their sacred year from our appointment. Because we share the same 4EC baptism.. 

2023Nisan16/Sivan5: Jesus appointed/installed as Caesar over Abraham
2023Iyyar16/Tamuz5: Jesus appointed/installed as Caesar over Isaac
2023Ab1: Abrahamic secular year begins
2023Ab17-22: Jesus raptured the Abrahamic 2NCs from Laodicean into the ark. 

So Abrahamic Zoar should have celebrated the Passover on Ab14 and Abrahamic Laodicea should have celebrated it on Ab14. The secular year is determined not by appointment or installation as Caesar, nor by entering into a new promised land. But by physical extrication from a satanic Caesar, by an Exodus.


444444444444444 5555555555555555
333 666

DEI vs DEUS and the Family

Diversity Equity and Inclusion is Division on demographic grounds, Iniquity on manufactured racial grounds and Censorship, Cancellation and Exclusion to those who exercise their right to disagree with false narratives.

What we need is Equality, Meritocracy, Colourblindness and Love. Because nobody is white and nobody is black. We are all just different shades of brown, and that is a visually indisputable. When you go to a tanning salon you do not come out a different race to the one you went in with. The way to accept all races is to stop classifying people by made up skin colour. The way to achieve sexual orientation inclusivity is not to exclude heterosexuality from the rainbow. It is not to omit the letter H from alphabet sexuality. The equation...


Tells us what alphabet sexuality is all about regrettably. It is overt heterophobia and practical genderphobia. It is the evangelism and promotion of non heterosexual orientation over heterosexual orientation. This, in the medium term, is genocidal to a race which procreates heterosexually. Abolishing women or mothers is likewise genocidal for the same reason. 

Painting masculinity as toxic is an obvious and divisive feminist lie. Heterosexual attraction is polar, because as we all know opposite poles attract. To say that the North pole is therapeutic and the South pole is toxic is plainly false. What is toxic to both sexes and to heterosexuality, is the demonisation or indeed the cancellation of either gender. It is not better to be female and it is not better to be male. Both of the two genders are equally valuable and necessary to teach mankind about love, which is moral sustainability. Heterosexual attraction is a critical component in creating love in a society. And without love mankind will wipe himself out. 

It seems to me that the trouble with alphabet sexuality is not the orientation of its adherents. It is their prejudice against heterosexuality and their promotion of the sexualisation of children for the gratification of adults, which is grooming. 

There are only two magnetic poles, North and South, not 72. There are only two genders. Those with a Y chromosome in every one of their 30 trillion reproducing body cells are male, and those without are female. The Bible says God made them male and female. Genetics tells us how he did that. Transexuality denies both God and genetics (nature). 

The Trans cult tells us to flood male cells with female hormones and vice versa. Any doctor who prescribes such a treatment has abandoned his understanding of biology, genetics and the Hippocratic oath. No competent mechanic advises motorists to put diesel into a petrol engined car. In fact fuel nozzles are designed to specifically prevent people from doing just that. 

It is now known that trans procedures, whether chemical or surgical, can lead to infertility, incontinence, loss of the ability to climax and loss of sexual sensation. It is further known that they lead to significantly increased suicide rates and significantly lower life expectancy. They are therefore the reproductive equivalent of a frontal lobotomy. They are a sexual lobotomy. History will judge the 'doctors' who performed them in the same way. And history will not be slow in that judgement.

If the aim of feminism is to advance female power at the expense of male power, then their aim is to build up the left leg by eating away at the right leg. The end result will be a race that cannot walk and therefore goes nowhere. If feminism is really successful, the human race will fall over.

So can anyone see the common theme in all of the above? Can anyone see behind the politics to the hidden agenda here? It is all an attack on the morally indispensable institution of the family. The family is where most of us learn unconditional love.

Destroy the family and you destroy love. Destroy love and you destroy the glue that keeps society together. Destroy that glue and mankind will destroy himself with our biological, nuclear, military, bureaucratic, mass communication, AI and other technological means.

The role of the man as the breadwinner and head of the family has been destroyed and women have gone along with it. Now the role of the woman as mother and child raiser, has gone and men have gone along with that, having seen women agree and take political advantage from the loss of the man's roles. These things have not happened by accident. These things are not coincidental. They are all part of a plan to induce us to wipe ourselves out. A plan that is going pretty well at the moment.

Every tenet of modern morality DEI, LGBTQIA+ (-H), the planet is worth more than the people upon it, and the acceptance of paedophilia, is terminal to family love and to love in society and therefore to the future of mankind. It is attack on love in this generation, and on the very existence of the next generation. There is no point in saving the planet if there is no one left to live upon it.

The solution, the defence to this attack, is to learn what love means and to live for it and by it. To that end I propose the following moral constitution of love, which is essentially giving you the freedom to be yourself without opposition from people who disagree with you. Love is valuing the dreams of your brother as no less important than your own dreams, even when you know that some of his dreams will turn into nightmares. 

Love is wanting what is best for all mankind, not just for you and your mates. Love is valuing people more than money. For people can earn money, but money cannot earn people. Love is peopleomics not economics. Love is next level security. Love is empowering to all of us. When you love someone you do not seek to control them or condemn them. You seek to liberate them and to fix them. You seek to open their eyes because you trust their heart.

The constitution: No law shall be passed which has the effect of reducing the love that a man or a woman gives or can give to or receives or can receive from their brother or their sister or themselves

1st amendment: We must love everyone's right to express themselves. No censorship of any kind. If someone advocates robbing banks let him advocate it. If he does it arrest him. If others do it arrest them. Let our own hearts be our protection against immoral speech. The police cannot even police physical crime properly, let alone speech 'crime' or thought 'crime' or hate 'crime'. Words thoughts and emotions should not be criminalised. They should be permitted so that people can express themselves freely and then we can know what is in their hearts and help them not to act on it if it's criminal or immoral, and love them more meaningfully. Voltaire summed up free speech perfectly by saying...

I disagree with everything you say but would give my life fighting for you to have the right to say it - Voltaire.

2nd amendment: The primacy of the family. No family courts. They are THE means by which the government usurps the man as head of the family. The government is not the family head. The man is. No divorce settlements should be decided upon by a court Every externally determined divorce settlement turns a marriage into an act of prostitution. What is the difference between paying £300 for one night of sex and paying £300,000 for 1,000 nights of sex over 10 years? If you marry a rich spouse who has no love, then you may not get a penny in any divorce settlement, which you and your spouse must agree between yourselves. 

If parents break the law by physically significantly harming their children (not merely disciplining them), then the parents should be punished just like any other crminal. But their children should never be removed by 'social services'. Children CANNOT be removed from parents by government. But parents can put their children up for adoption if they cannot manage due to health or drug addiction or psychological problems. This must be the parents decision. Social services must serve the family, which is run by the parents not the other way around

3rd amendment: The primacy of the professions: Academia, Healthcare, Education, Policing, the Military, Lawyers, Bankers, Civil Engineers, Journalists, Artists, Sportsmen etc., must be policed for professional integrity exclusively by their own professionals with a minimum of 10 years experience in the profession. There must be no Government interference whatsoever. They should be as independent as the Bank of England. We must remove politics from all the professions. Every government regulator such as ofcom, ofsted etc. is to be abolished. They are all alike corrupt and have ruined every single profession by political weaponisation. 

Every school, every police force, every university, every bank, every newspaper must be free to pursue their profession in the way the their training has caused them to believe is the most beneficial. Give them their heads back. Do not employ only their backsides.

4th amendment: The primacy of the corporations: HR is just a means by which the government can exert control over corporations. The HR policy of each corporation should be determined by the corporation itself. Not by the government. Likewise whom they employ and how much they pay them should be determined by the company whose money it is that is being risked. If the workers form a union to negotiate better pay or conditions. That is down to them. But if the union attempts to hold the public to ransom in order to advance what it perceives to be the interest of its members, they should be sueable for any and all damages said ransoming causes. 

5th amendment: The scope of the power of government. The government is the board of directors of UK plc. It shall not interfere in any way in the authority of parents over children, professionals over their professions, or corporations over their internal policies. Their job is to create the most loving and positive possible environment in which people can flourish create and interact one with another. Not to manage people's families for them or to manage the professions on behalf of people better trained than politicians or to manage corporations for the shareholders. It can set external rules but not internal rules. 

Here is how the whole thing should work. The government should see each profession as one person, each family as one person, each corporation as one person and only set rules for that one person, NOT for the individual members of that person. 

In particular and most importantly, the government shall relinquish all control of the NHS which it has totally destroyed. It shall sack all non medically trained staff. Because too many of them have become political operatives or a unionised parasites. And then hand over the NHS to the doctors, nurses, GPs and medically trained personnel who used to run it. All the health regulators such as NICE and MHRA shall be abolished and all NHS funding should be given directly to the board of directors of each hospital which board shall consist of the professors who run the clinical departments of the Hospital. No life insurance or pharmaceutical company or IT company or other commercial outfit shall be permitted by law to directly or indirectly fund an NHS hospital. There will be NO regulator prescribed or hospital administration enforced protocols. Individual doctors will be totally free to use their massive tax payer funded clinical training to determine how they will treat each patient individually. It will be their decision subject to a patient's consent, what treatment is administered in every case. If they determine in their professional opinion that alternative medicine is worth trying they should be free to try it. 

International treaties. The government shall not at any time cede sovereignty to a foreign power. The upper house should police that. It should not cede it medically. It should not cede it immigrationally. It should not cede it militarily. It should not cede it financially. It should not cede it jurisdictionally. The people hold the power. It cannot be given away by our supposed representatives without our consent.

6th amendment: The primacy of the courts: No public or private sector outfit or social media mob, shall have the power to cancel deplatform fine or otherwise punish human beings not in their employ. The courts alone shall have power to punish period. The regulatory bodies for the professions will have to go through the courts to punish members of their profession or remove thier practicing licences. The country will be LAWFUL. There will be no usurping of the power of the courts by non legally trained committees of assassins. There is one father for society, the court system. There is one mother, the healthcare system and social services. That is it. We do not want dozens of mother in laws and father in laws. 

7th amendment: The scope of the public sector. The budget for the entire public sector will be 10% of all national taxation plus residential and business rates which rates shall be fixed at 1995 levels, adjusted for inflation. 

Any public sector person found taking a bribe shall be sacked with no severance and be banned from working in the public sector for 7 years thereafter. The public sector shall indulge in absolutely no private sector activity, no public private partnerships, and shall not charge the public further for anything it does in any circumstances. National infrastructure and local infrastructure projects will be entirely private sector matters. 

Local councillors will spend all day providing a service for the tax they receive. They will spend no part of their day thinking up schemes to increase their personal income by taking bribes or raising charges for services which have already been paid for by rates and taxes.

No road traffic or parking offence will carry any financial penalty. If people drive illegally they will get a point on their driving licence, which increases their insurance premium. No money will change hands. No congestion/ULEZ charges will be lawful. They are highway robbery. 

8th amendment: The primacy of religion. The government will not have the power to prevent people worshipping in any religious group. The banks will not have the power to close people's bank accounts in any circumstances. If an account contains the proceeds of a crime, the government can freeze the account and seize the money in it with a court order. They cannot close the account. The government cannot prevent people meeting together in worship for any reason.


Laodicea stays on Tammuz1 Abrahamic sacred yer due to 2012Tammuz17/Elul6
Zoar goes to Elul1 sacred due to 2012Elul16/Heshvan5
So Jubilee is 2016Heshvan, so Sabbath is 2016Tishri and 2015Adar
Isaaic conversion in 2015Adar14-16
Sacred year is 2016Nisan owards.
2nd Jubilee is 2020Tebbeth, 3rd is 2024Adar so 2024Shebat is Sabbath and 2024Tammuz. 
Noon is 2012Heshvan5 to 2015Adar14. 2706 days to 2023Elul20.

The Destruction of UK and US democracy by the Central Banks and the Deep State

Orange is the new Black: How a mug shot turned Trump into a Brother

There are 3 types of journalists in the main stream media. There is the loud mouthed, knee jerk reacting, hot button pushing, tabloid journalist, who surfs every wave of public opinion breaking onto the beach of fake news, with his MI5 approved surf board and his fact resistant wet suit which keeps him free from every droplet of truth in the virtual reality of his corrupted and incurious mind. He declares that Trump is a bastard in the first line of every article he writes which presents him with such an opportunity

Then there is the soft spoken broadsheet columnist, the blind steward of the nation's morality, a deacon in the priesthood of the 21st century media, giving his sermon from his MI6 approved pulpit, trying in vain to turn the darkness and obscurity of Intelligence agency propaganda into a light, dispelling the very darkness he is wedded to. With one leg in GCHQ and the other in naked careerism, he writes as if his shackled fingers have to power to liberate us all from the masters to whom he has sold his soul. He deduces. He does not declare. Nay - He deduces - that Trump is a bastard at the end of his first paragraph. Because he has been properly educated. His parents did not waste their hard earned middle class income on him.

Then there is the most academic of all the journalists, the weekly or periodical or Sunday broadsheet article creator. Oh how erudite his words! Oh how articulate his phrasing! His verbal dexterity would shame a concert pianist. His logical construction  would delight a Cambridge mathematician. The emotional timbre of his narrative would complete with Whitney Houston's warbling for your heart (God rest her tortured soul). Having the freedom of thought that comes from a decree in Philosophy from Oxbridge, he deduces powerfully, logically and emotionally, that Trump is a BASTARD at the very end of his article, in such a way that his words resonate for weeks in your mind, like a Kylie Minogue pop song with a one word chorus. 

Why do all these three types of journalist push precisely the same defamatory narrative about one particular American ex President  who has never stood for election in the UK? And why in the face of such obvious conformity does any thinking person believe it?

Andrew Bridgen recently asked on Twitter. Do you think that UK politicians are the best that money can buy? One very well formed question. I originally answered. No. They are crap. Then I got the question. They are all bought. Every single one of them. Those that are not bought, like Andrew. are expelled. And those that are not sufficiently bought, like Boris and Liz, are sacked or removed from office or from parliament.

Here we are, the nation that abolished the slave trade in 1807, with every single politician in a main stream political party in 2023 being a slave to his purchaser. Almost every single journalist in the main stream media being a slave to the deep state and to his career. Almost every single medic being a slave to big Pharma, to his practicing licence and to his career. Almost every single professional person being a slave not to his profession, but to his remuneration and career status from said profession. Yes we have all sold out. Not just the politicians. We are all slaves to our purchasers to whom we have sold ourselves in return for a salary, a career, the respect of our chosen status dominated sexual partner and the plastic security of a pension that is less and less likely ever to be paid.

Before they can enslave your body, they must enslave your mind. They cannot do that with people around who have the annoying habit of speaking the truth rather than the narrative (Vaccines are safe and effective, men are toxic but women are not, whites are a race, blacks are a race, whites are the new Jews who must be falsely accused of causing and of having caused all the problems in the world, cultures must be destroyed by immigration, families must be destroyed by social services, gender must be destroyed by any means available,  holidays are bad for the planet, heterosexuality is perverted, alphabet sexuality is natural and normal. It is OK to use the rainbow, a divine symbol of peace between God and man, to make war with both God and with the heterosexuality that he designed into us to procreate with etc. etc.). They are especially frustrated by people who are congenitally predisposed to open their mouths in truth before engaging their brains in fear, like the Donald.

Now of course it is true, that Trump is not a QC or a KC. His tongue is not made from silk. It is on occasion made from a rather coarse grade of sandpaper. He takes little or no care to moderate his words so as to avoid offending entire demographics. In fact he relishes causing such offence, rather like opportunist formerly known as Kanye West. Trump is no Martin Luther King. He is no William Shakespeare. He does not speak in biblical metaphor. Rather he sets himself up to be a target with his less than judicious and less than diplomatic and deliberately provocative combative style not dissimilar to that of the iron lady.

But he has one character trait which trumps all others if you will pardon the metaphor. He wears his heart right on the outside of his sleeve. He treats his audience like his confidants. And whatever sins that man has, and he has many, are plain for all to see. That is what makes him a non politician. And that is what, these days, gets him elected.

No politician is a saint. We all know that. But the art of politics is to pretend disingenuously that you are a saint, the only one in fact. Trump does not do that. 'I am a greedy real estate developer who runs a few gambling joints and a few hotels and a few golf courses' is his platform. He puts himself first in every negotiation. He always has. And who in their right mind would not? His ticket is: Put me into office and I will put you first just as I put myself first. I will put us first, I will put America first. It does not matter that his platform is crass and blatantly self serving. what matters is that he is clearly not lying.

But the reality is that he does not put himself first. Not financially anyway. He has lost hundreds of millions since he took office. He is one of the very few politicians whose net worth has gone down due to political power. How many politicians (other than Jesus Christ) leave office poorer than when they took it? How many?

His character and his life experience have given him the self confidence and the financial security to be able to resist most of the false narrative on behalf of all of us, whist being propelled by our love for his candour, to the highest office in the land of the once free.

I noticed early in Trump's first presidency that the DOJ and the FBI were attacking not only him. But anybody and everybody who helped him get elected. We now know that they invented a charge against Trump (it matters not what that charge was - let's ignoring the noise and go for the truth behind it). The purpose of the charge was to hold Trump under investigation - any investigation - so that if he fired one of Obama's holdovers, that could be painted as an obstruction of justice. It was a self preserving mechanism by the antidemocratic Obama holdovers, who believe they have a divine right to be in office and knew that the one thing Trump was famous for was: You're Fired! They outplayed Trump completely. He should have fired every Obama holdover on day one of his presidency BEFORE they got any investigation going. But the deep state was spying on him even before he was elected. So they were able to start up a bogus investigation before he started firing them.

The DOJ and FBI, who were both being run by Obama holdovers in 2017, started to create an environment in which anyone who played any significant role in helping a candidate get elected other than a democrat, would get their life criminally and financially destroyed. They started with Flynn and Manafort and Cohen. The message was: If you successfully campaign for a GOP candidate who defeats the Dems you will never be able to pay for your children's education again and you will most likely be put in Jail. That of course is a 1st amendment violation, a destruction of US democracy etc etc. I wrote to Prof Dershowitz about it - No reply. I warned him - No action.

But now, the antidemocratic policy of abusing the criminal justice system to force the destruction of your political opponents has reached the full bloom of its antidemocratic purpose with a farcical number indictments against an ex president and against the front runner for the 47th  presidency. Yes we have arrived fully at the headline of this piece. Orange is the new Black, For in the life, you reap what you sow and there is no escaping it. 

Which demographic in the US has the greatest history of abuse by their criminal justice system? This is not a trick question. It is African Americans. They have historically been treated with great injustice by US law and US law enforcement. So when a black American sees Trump being abused by the criminal justice system. He instantly recognises that abuse and Trump becomes his brother in abuse. And blood is thicker than water. Especially blood spilt by injustice. So now rather than the justice system being prejudiced against black men. It is prejudiced against orange men! Orange is the new black. And the Dems have just handed Trump the black vote. For what black family is there  in the US which does not have a family member or a close friend who is a victim of the historic black white prejudice of the US Criminal Justice System? Do the Dems think that African Americans will not make the connection? They already have. Trump is now a brother in unjust criminal persecution. And the historic injustice that the Dems meted out to the blacks has now come back to haunt them with the orange man from the white house.

What I hate about the US media and the British media is what I used to believe was their inability to hit the main point behind any subject. They talk like abused women about the terrible indignities that their partners have meted out to them then go back to those very partners for more indignity and complain for hours about the new abuse they receive which they willingly stepped back into. They never attack the core injustice that causes the abuse. I no longer think this to be an inability - thanks to Tucker Carlson.  I now know it to be a prohibition from the deep state through their agents, the administrative state.

Trump does suffer from that malaise too. But not nearly as much as the rest of his competitors. So here, to finish off with, are some of the questions that you will never hear asked in the MSM. But can still be asked in the alternative media.


Plainly it is not Biden. He does not have the authority to chose his own question to answer, or to answer any question in his own words. Whereas his press spokeswoman does. He is too demented. not too old, but too demented, to be the Commander in Chief of the armed forces. Somebody else is. Who is the C in C? Who is the president? Every single news program in the US from Fox news to CNN to Alex Jones to the Epoch Times and every single news article along with them is completely pointless in a democracy if the vote you cast as a result of absorbing the information in the new program or article is for a joke who is not the president in circumstances where the real President did not get one single vote because he did not even stand for election.

The US is not a democracy. The president is a person unknown, chosen by people who are unknown. It is a covert dictatorship. Which tells you that the spy agencies chose this president, not the people. Which tells you that the spy agencies must be abolished to rescue the US from dictatorship. By the same ticket the UK is not a democracy either. Because Rishi Sunak became PM without one vote being cast as a result of a coup d'etat by the banks and the politicians they have purchased, which appears to be all of them. Which tells us that the UK banking system needs to be reformed in order to save our democracy. Why we cannot all have a personal digital wallets I do not know. Are banks needed in a digital economy? Banks need to be very careful about abolishing cash. They may just abolish themselves as well if they go down that route.

Boris was persuaded to step aside and then assassinated rather like Prigozhin. Sunak was chosen by banks essentially who removed Truss for him. So the UK is a Bankocracy and the US is an Intelocracy. Neither are democracies. But at least in the UK we know who the antidemocratic usurper is. In the US we do not know for a fact although I strongly suspect him to be Obama46, because the whole country is being run by his holdovers.. Having said that, Judge Janine has begun asking the right questions on Foxnews.


Dan Wootton did a good job interviewing a Tory MP over ULEZ recently who rightly accused Sadiq Khan of Highway Robbery. Then Dan asked him why does the Department of Transport not prevent Sadiq Khan from fleecing drivers in this way? They have the power. The Tory MP answered saying: What we are focussed on is removing Khan next year. That is the best way to deal with the problem. And Dan left it there. What he should have said is: So you are happy to sit there and watch whilst Sadiq ruins the lives of the poor and the elderly in London by denying them the ability to use London's roads for their businesses or to see their friends and relatives in privacy and safety, because you calculate that it will give you a political advantage in the 2024 Mayoral elections - is that right?

If you are just as blind to the suffering of Londoners as is Sadiq, why should anyone vote for your candidate next year? Perhaps, if you find it politically expedient to some proximal election, you might double the ULEZ charge or extend it to Scotland?

The purpose of the ULEZ charge is not to fix pollution in London. Pollution in London and congestion is the business model of Sadiq Khan. He does not want to kill his own business model. He causes both congestion and pollution by blocking off roads. He says he is blocking them off for flower pots, for cyclists, for buses, for residents, for children's safety. But he is not. He is blocking them off to increase pollution from and congestion for private vehicles. He does this in order that he can charge Londoners for a problem that he himself has created with his lane abolishing, bus stop blocking, journey defeating, road blocking policies whilst spending tax payers money on advertising falsely assuring motorists that every prolonged twisted circular and blocked journey they embark upon matters to TFL.

Try driving from Islington to Hackney. It is almost impossible because so many roads have been blocked off - with improper signage. So that you drive around for 10 or 20 minutes in circles polluting and congesting London totally unnecessarily before you realise the game that the control freaks in the councils are playing with your mind. The purpose of all taxation is primarily to pay the salaries of parasitic public sector bureaucrats. Just as the purpose of most charitable donations is the pay the salaries of donation managers. The solution to most problems in the UK is to reduce the number of public sector staff by perhaps 80% especially in the NHS. But also in all levels of government and government contracting. Cut taxes by the amount saved and let the private sector power us forward faster under the reduced tax burden. But instead the public sector interferes with everything we do and ruins absolutely everything they touch with their unique combination of corruption, indolence, dishonesty and wrekcless incompetence.

Incidentally the saving will not merely be the salaries of the public sector people. It will be all the bribery they arrange for themselves over and above their salaries and all the over the top expenses they run up as well. There is another subject that never gets mentioned. It is not just MPs who are bought and paid for. It is the entire public sector. In a communist country the whole place is the public sector and there is no private sector. One way to achieve that in a free market country is endlessly to expand the public sector with more and more people and more and more levels of government. In that regard, the UK is now more communist than it is free market. Because the public sector spend more than half of the GDP. We have a parasite that is larger than its host. The media talking point is always how much will we have to put taxes up in order to fund this new project? It is never, how much public sector corruption would we have to cut out in order to be able to afford it?


How Humanity Will Defeat the Globalists

Fellow conspiracy theorists, fellow coincidence theorists and fellow cockup theorists: We know that the government have sold out to the globalists. We know that the UK has not left the EU in legislative terms and that Deep State Agent Theresa May deliberately sabotaged BREXIT by giving away our entire negotiating power for nothing in return in order to make it impossible for any successor of hers to extricate us from EU control. The deep state, the civil service and the UK government stand in contempt of the EU referendum result of 2016 and Nigel Farage has inexplicably become silent as the bonfire of EU regulations is extinguished by unelected Deeper State Agent, parliamentary assassin and Sir Tony Blair sound-alike Rishi Sunak of the billionaire bankers globalist cabal.

We know that the powers behind the powers that be are fighting a war with every man woman and child of our race. Because the genitals of our children, which literally are the future of our species, are under attack by them through politicians and the civil service. Because our bodies today and the bodies of all future generations of mankind are under attack through a genetic disruption weapon misclassified as a flu vaccine, by the Deep State through Big Pharma. 

The purpose of this article therefore is not to inform the reader further about the growing list of species annihilating attacks we presently suffer from. For the Exposé and other alternative media outfits and even the Daily Mail, on rare occasion, have given us more than enough information in that regard. My purpose today is to make a distinction between this present attacks we face and all previous attacks. To define clearly the danger we face as a race and to give you the reader the power to escape that danger and to defeat your corrupted and anti democratic government.

The vaccine bioweapon is not merely a lethal threat to your health, your immune system, your cardiovascular system, your cancer defence, your neurological system, your reproductive system and to every single cell in your body with an ACE2 receptor. But as the Exposé has revealed, the genetic vaccines corrupt your genes in up to 20% of cellular infections or transfections and said corruption may be passed on to your children. We know that the vaccine attacks the reproductive system. So this is an attack not merely on this generation. But upon future generations too. In other words it is an attack on our entire species. Defending ourselves is now a matter of species survival. It is the sort of thing that makes one want to sign up for Elon Musk's trip to Mars. 

An attack upon our species does not originate from within our own species. We are under attack from another species. From a malevolent and genocidal species which wants us terminated or enslaved permanently. They are of course a stealth species. Serpentine in their ways. But they do have an Achilles heel. And it is MONEY.


Cancel culture is the practice of usurping the power of the courts and lawlessly destroying a person's ability to earn a living by attempting to eliminate his income stream. When a person is cancelled, the idea is not just to have them removed from their present employment. No no. It is to deny them any and all future employment. They are held to be unworthy to have any money. They are murdered financially. They are murdered digitally. This is what the UK government, through the Cancel Culture Media and Sports Committee, under the Chairpersonship of Dame Caroline Dinenage DBE MP is attempting to do to Russell Brand.

Dame CD is responsible for the carriage of the Online Safety Bill (which passed the House of Lords on 2023September19) which might better have been called the Online Safety and Effectiveness Bill, which, as the name implies is going to make the internet into the most dangerous place in the world to frequent. The Online Safety Bill is to the internet what genetic vaccines are to healthcare, a 100% control freak deception. As Patricia Harrity pointed out, the OSB is the end of free speech and democracy in the UK and for any global company who wishes to have an online presence here. It is of course the UK equivalent to the EU Digital Services Act of 2023August25.

And what a coincidence it is that these two acts were passed within 25 days of each other all ye coincidence theorists. And here all this time we thought we had left the EU !!

Talking of coincidences guess whom Dame CD is married to? It is Baron Mark Lancaster, a former Conservative Party MP who now sits in the House of Lords as Baron Lancaster of Kimbolton. He was 2nd in command of the 77th Brigade psy ops, from 2018-2020, with the rank of Colonel. But he did such a great job that he got promoted to Major General. So he now really is the very model of a modern major general. Someone who was paid to use psy ops to silence some people rather like his wife now abuses government status to silence others. I'll bet they have scintillating after dinner conversation!

OK. So one technique to fight them would be to refuse to pay your taxes. Because such taxes fund the annihilation of the human race through a plethora of despicable demonic deceptions, most of which are openly championed by Bill Gates, who actually argues that is it beneficial to mankind to kill 90% of his own brothers. If only he could suspend his hypocrisy for a few days, billions of lives might be saved! I mean surely, following his own widely published position on population control, the thing to do would be to lead by example and sacrifice himself for the good of humanity? His carbon footprint is massive and all the land he owns could be used to grow food to feed the very people he wants to kill (I mean all of us, less maybe 10%). If he would put in his will to make all Microsoft software open source freeware, he could trigger the next revolution in IT into the bargain.

However refusing to pay tax would not hurt the government much because they would just print more money and give it to themselves as did Robert Mugabe. However in all conscience there will come a time in the very near future, in fact morally it must have already come, when paying taxes to a genocidal or illegitimate or anti constitutional government needs to be reconsidered - plainly.

But that will not win us the battle. All of government control is through money or incarceration. To win the battle against the government we have to conquer money. To be specific: We have to ride out the coming storm without any money. Money is merely an abstraction of true wealth. True wealth is food, water, shelter and health and love actually. Because love enables us to share true wealth and it is that sharing which makes us all truly rich.

That is it. Money is only a token. It is only as valuable as people make it. If we all tomorrow reject money and just choose to barter goods and services for goods and services, then money will lose its value and the governments will be powerless to control our lives. It is not hard to see that governments are going to steal every penny we have in the very near future,. Christine Lagarde of the IMF (my favourite globalist banker), said on 2023April7, that the IMF would have CBDCs ready in October 2023 and that all transactions above 300-400 Euros would be policed. She said they may actually police transactions below that value as well.

So in the very very near future you will not have control of your money. Dame CD has made Russell Brand into the prophet that he always wanted to be - God bless him. What she is doing to Russell on behalf of the Central Bank owners behind the central banks behind the deep state behind the state, will be done to you as soon as the governments have the technology to achieve it. They have the legislation they need in the UK OSB and the EU DSA, the twin gagging orders from hell. So please convert your assets out of money and into something real before your money is stolen not merely by Sadiq Khan but by the government that backs Sadiq Khan. Because the government complaints department has now been publicly closed.

What Dame CD and the government fail or refuse to see about Russell is that life is not about making no mistakes. It is about making them and learning from them. And Russell has conquered his heroin addiction and now helps others to do the same. He has conquered his sex addiction and is now happily married with 2 children and one coming  He has conquered his naive and divisive red blue colour prejudice and now become balanced in his political views. He is a fantastic example of the prodigal son. He has pulled himself out of the darkness of hedonism and addiction and found his calling, which is to use his engaging personality, his effervescent charm, his incisive wit and his comic genius, not to make gazillions in Hollywood, not to enchant the Autographs off status seeking women, not to hobnob with the celebrities of New York, LA, London and Paris, but to research into the truth with his whole heart his whole soul his whole strength and his whole mind, and to use his not inconsiderable performing talent to enlighten those who will listen to him. The boy done good. And now God is permitting him one final test. For Moses esteemed the reproaches of the Christ as riches greater than the treasures of Egypt. Keep the faith Russell.

And now I must myself frolick in the glorious freedom of speech afforded me by the Exposé and dance my heart out in front of you all. Because I can. Because the human spirit is greater than any token of artificial value ever created by any central banker and is greater than any digital technology ever created by any technological traitor.

Firstly I would like to say, as a man who has had status, and had women throwing themselves at him, and lost it and now has massive negative status and has women running away from him, that Russell is one of the best womanisers I have ever seen in my life. If there is any man on this planet who does not need to go anywhere near sexual abuse in order to score with a woman - it is Russell Brand.

Secondly, when a woman complains about rape to the police at the time of the incident, that complaint has a lot of credibility.
When she complains not to the police but to the press decades after the incident, that complaint has much less credibility
When she does not complain at all either to the police or to the press. but gets contacted pre-emptively by a gutter journalist from the main stream media who are known to pay for salacious stories about fornicating mega celebrities or about mega fornicating mega celebrities, that complaint (if made) has ZERO credibility.
When her complaint has as a side effect the character assassination of a politically important person, then the side effect is the main effect and she is most likely the victim of a deep state financed take down.
When the government reveals that it is behind the deplatforming of the accused then the police should stop investigating the accused and instead investigate the government, the accusers and the intermediaries who paid them.

Thirdly in the Gulf war, there was one member of the Cabinet, Robin Cook, who voted against the war. Not long after that we discovered that he was guilty of some kind of sexual impropriety. Not long after that he died. None of the other cabinet members, who voted for the war, were ever found guilty of any sexual impropriety and none of them died during the Blair government. Intel services use sex as a weapon worldwide. The KGB used to use it. The FSB uses it. They all use it. I find it really really revolting - not sex - but the intel services weaponisation of sex.

The YOUTOO Movement

Fourthly and most importantly I would like to propose the YOUTOO movement to counteract the assassins in the METOO movement who have weaponised sex just like the intel services do. I wonder who is behind the success of that movement?
My favourite serial fornicator is Mick Hucknall of Simply Red. What a great voice he has. He calculates that he slept with over 3000 women in the mid 80s and made the following public apology in the Guardian in 2010

"they know who they are and I'm truly sorry" - Mick Hucknall.

So 3,000 women sleep with Mick and it is his fault? 1,000 women (or more) sleep with Russell and he is the bad guy is he? I worked out how many women slept with Harvey Weinstein once assuming 1-2 a day for 20 years not 3 a day like Mick or Danny Cipriani. It is around 10,000 women (sorry - this is what mathematicians do). And this was all Harvey's fault was it? 3 men and over 14,000 women. Is anyone beginning to notice a pattern here? Marilyn Munroe described Hollywood as an overcrowded brothel. Overcrowded by at least 10,000 it would suggest.

Firstly let me say this to all genders of reader. There are two magnetic poles, the North pole and the South pole. Not 76 poles. The North pole is not better that the South pole and the South pole is not better than the North pole. They just attract each other because they are polarised differently. That magnetic attraction drives all electric cars, all fridges, all washing machines etc. etc. The idea that the North Pole is toxic and the South pole is therapeutic is garbage. They have precisely the same value and are equal and are opposite.

It is the same with men and women. We are the same thing but polarised in opposite directions. Neither sex is toxic by itself and neither sex is therapeutic by itself. If fact we are both fairly useless without each other. We inspire each other, we love each other we hate each other but most importantly of all we motivate each other, we help each other and we dance with each other. But somehow we have forgotten how to dance together. If women think they will advance their cause by deplatforming men they are much mistaken. We are two sides of the same coin. We are joined at the hip. The idea that taking muscle from the left leg and putting it on the right leg will improve our gait is plainly false. But men have been deplatformed in the family and now in the workplace. We have reached the point where a Spanish FIFA chief wins the world cup with his women's team, and in the heat of the moment, is overcome with emotion and kisses the team captain bang on the lips, to say thank you from the bottom of his heart. And that is the end of his career.

Had he done that with a man nothing would have been said at all and everyone would have had a big laugh about it in the dressing room. Actually the kissed girl did have a laugh about it on a tik tok video. But of course the man had to have his career destroyed as did the manager of the team that won the World Cup because he supported the rogue kisser, and well: Is it 'cos I is male?. Two men's careers destroyed by one kiss. A horrific abuse of two men's lives and families, an own goal for women's football which is now seen, even at world cup final level, as really an irrelevant side show of less importance than a 3 second kiss. It is a stark lesson to all men not to kiss women if they like having a job. Very important for the powers that be to get that message across. Because they detest heterosexual love. I mean they detest all love. But they especially detest love of the type that produces more deplorable human beings.

Newton's 3rd law of motion states that action and reaction are equal and opposite. The physical exists to teach mankind about the spiritual. The spiritual equivalent is that you reap what you sow. If women seek the destruction of men's rights they will not succeed in protecting their own rights. The justice of God is quite clear and it sets a maximum punishment for any crime. It is eye for eye, tooth for tooth, brand-ing for brand-ing, blow for blow. It is not kiss for Job. It is not kiss for 2 jobs. It is not zero credibility allegations for internet monetization. It is not: You slept with too many women, for agency support. The correct punishment of the Spanish FIFA chief was for him to suffer a kiss from any Spanish woman who wanted to thank him for winning the world cup and likewise could not control her passions - Bang on the lips.

Here is a question you will never hear asked in the Main Stream Media: What the hell are thousands of women doing sleeping with a self confessed sex addict like Russell? Why is it OK for them to bring their whisky bottle to a world famous alcoholic?
Russell Brand made absolutely no secret of his addictive personality. Why is it OK for thousands of women to feed his addiction and abuse it to get a piece of celebrity sex? 

Here is another question: What percentage of women who have made it in Hollywood let the side down by sleeping with Harvey Weinstein? Why aren't they in the public stocks along with him? How many does it take to tango? Remind me. It is a while since I last had a dance.

I recently read a piece by Joan Collins in the Telegraph, describing how a studio boss once tried to seduce her. She was invited to his office and his secretary left the minute Joan arrived, which is not a good sign. Joan went in to his office and Lo and behold: There was the boss - naked as the day he was born - in the bath. He invited Joan to come and join him in more ways than one. She refused. He then made it clear that her role in the movie had been rewritten to include an aquatic prelude. Joanie quite rightly told him to get on his pedalo. He responded by telling her she would never make it in Hollywood.

Hearing this, one immediately thinks what a pig that man was! Why does he use such a crass and disgusting seduction technique? Well. You might find the answer in the apology made by Mick Hucknall I would suggest. Mick knew that he had slept with some really nice girls who could have made it emotionally with him. Girls who in another life, in other circumstances, could have become his soul mate, his wife maybe. But he compartmentalised what he was doing with those who lined up at his dressing room door in various stages of undress. He was fulfilling a desire. He was not looking for a partner.

The studio boss, like Harvey, was playing a percentage game. He could afford to do that because after Joan Collins left and before the bath water went cold, there would be another potential protégé and there would be dozens and dozens more after that. In fact like Mick and Russell and Harvey and Danny, the problem was never rejection because they were just so many more candidates eager to fill the void so to speak. The problem was that men cannot physically sleep with more than about 3 women in any 24 hour period without falling apart. That is why Mick only slept with 3,000. It was not due to a lack of women. It was due to the physical limitations of the male body and that was all it was due to. This was wholesale status prostitution. And nobody but nobody has called it out for what it is.

The Movie Mogul's reasoning would have been, yes, I know that my behaviour is disgusting. But I am not looking for any emotional attachment. I want sex and sex is all I want. He was effectively a male prostitute in reverse. He was doing some business. He wanted to be paid with sex for giving the woman status in his movie. He did not want a romantic candlelit dinner for two with a mexican band playing love songs. He wanted a status prostitute. He did not want emotional baggage.

If the reader thinks that this ugly studio boss is the problem think again. A significant fraction of the women who walked into his casting bathroom ended up having a swim, I would imagine, or he would have adjusted his technique. The problem is not him and his disgusting seduction technique. The problem is that all too often he did not have to adjust his disgusting seduction technique in order to score. The problem is that very large numbers of women were prepared to accept that abuse from him in return for a 1% chance of a role in his movie. In fact his technique deliberately filtered for such women. I therefore contend that his behaviour is the inevitable product of women's desire for status, celebrity and fame. To be frank, were he to replace himself with a rotting corpse in that bath, with rigor mortis like "Weekend at Bernie's" his success rate might not have been much reduced. And not only him but far too many men make themselves into a similar product. Dustin Hoffman, has freely admitted that he became an actor for the women. Mind you he is a really good actor. He must have really really liked women!

Here is how it all works in my all too limited experience. Too many women are blinded by status and have their love lives run by their statusometer. When you have high status they forgive you pretty much anything, and they are always around. When you have low status they just disappear (as Eric Clapton would say: Nobody knows you when you're down and out). The absolute worst is when you have average status. When you have just enough status to date a woman but not quite enough for her to take you seriously. In that scenario she will give you one chance, and if you are really cool and really amusing and totally nail it, you can win her over. But if you make one slip up, just one little slip up - you are toast.  Men know this. We have all been in that scenario at some time in our lives. So we seek to increase our status not because we think that status has any intrinsic value. We know it is total crap. I knew it was crap when I was 16 and status consisted of having a Ford Capri. But many women are very slow learners about status. The end result is that men spend a lot of their time chasing status, not because they value what they are chasing, but because they know that the day will come when they meet a girl whom they sense could be the one, and they do not want to be given only half a chance to love her because her statusometer is reading yellow rather than green. And that screws up men and society big time.

That is what all these thousands of women are doing with Russell Brand and Mick Hucknall and Danny Cipriani. And that is what the 10,000 women were doing with Harvey Weinstein. They are consulting their statusometers instead of their hearts or their brains actually. They are causing the emotional abuse that their sisters then suffer from down the line and that the METOO movement seeks to terminate. They are creating the monsters these men can become. They are feeding male sex addiction. And all the time they are doing that, there is a regular Joe drinking by himself or with his mates in the corner bar. He would hardly register on their high tech mobile statusometer. But he would give his right bath tap to have half a chance to love them with his whole heart for his whole life. A chance that he will never be given by any statusometer consultant.

And THAT is the crime against humanity. That is the abuse of love. Not a few dozen celebrities sleeping with women who literally throw themselves at them and then try and make a buck out of it 20 years later by stitching them up to a gutter journalist acting as an agent for genocidal globalists who detest any form of procreative sexuality.

All the adherents in the YOUTOO Movement (me and the writer) seek to smash the statusometers of those who abuse love to enhance their social standing or career, and decry status as a snare created to a very large extent by the main stream media (the mouth of the Dragon) to suit its purposes. If you want to assess a man, touch his hand as Madonna advises or give him a kiss as Cher declares, or look into his eyes and hopefully you will not see the back of his head. Your own body is way more trustworthy an instrument for determining how sincere a man is than his social, sporting, financial, artistic, academic, professional, political, media or celebrity status.

As regards rape, the biblical definition of it appears to be that the woman must scream whilst the attack is ongoing, making it plain to the attacker and passers by that she does not consent and abhors what is occurring IN REAL TIME. Today with larger houses and thicker walls a scream might not be of much use to get help. But if the woman is prevented from screaming by the man then it is rape period (Deuteronomy 22). Today one could expand this to mean a woman must report the rape not to a media outfit but to the police or a doctor as soon as is possible. Not 20 years later. Having no statute of limitations on rape is a gift to the intel services who can then manufacture allegations to order, which could in theory lead to criminal convictions. Another feature of God's law is that if you make a false accusation of rape, then the very same penalty that you were trying to fix upon your victim by deception is to be fixed upon you. Eye for eye, penalty for penalty. Those are the scales of a balanced justice system. Not an anonymous accuser selling front page headlines with unproven allegations against a named celebrity. Great for newspapers. But rank injustice.

I was in Jimmy's in Monte Carlo dancing actually with Ivana Trump until her bouncers politely relocated me. And after picking up a gorgeous super model, I mean literally picking her up, she weighed absolutely nothing, I was introduced by a banker friend of mine who funded Manchester United Football Club, to Ryan Giggs. But before I could say: Hello, this girl shouted out RYYYYAAAAAAAN and ran at him. She jumped into his arms and planted her genitalia on the end of his and wrapped her legs around his bum. Ryan then politely, and with the perfect execution of a professional footballer, took her to the touch line and exited stage left (something he had obviously done a few times before). That was a straight up sexual assault with no mitigating circumstances at all. It was not a kiss given in the heat of world cup winning passion. There are thousands and thousands of girls who have done that to Ryan and other high profile celebrities. And I can speak from personal experience here too. No one has ever suggested those girls should lose their jobs permanently and be denied the opportunity to feed or educate their children without state support. Ryan Giggs is now a self confessed sex addict. It is not hard to see why.

The fix is to see through the status for what it is. It is a valueless as FIAT currency is about to become. Russell is a testament to that. He is in danger of bringing down the whole house of cards of media constructed status. He chose truth over status. He chose truth over Hollywood celebrity. He rejected the left wing because he saw its hypocrisy and inhumanity. Oh dear oh dear. Old Russell has gone well off message. 

So rather than sleeping with him, may I suggest that we learn from his spiritual journey. If anyone knows what a load of old crap status is, it would be Russell. He has the status of a TV Personality, a Hollywood Star and an Entertaining Comedian. So what is his verdict on mega status when all is said and done? He wants to find something that is true and not fake, He knows about fake. He has done fake. He gave it all up for one ounce of truth. He has the size of status. So there is the end of my little frolic of free speech. I love putting the opposite view to the MSM narrative which always has a hidden agenda.


The UK Online Safety Bill is awaiting Royal Assent. The EU Digital Services Act became law on August25. Christine Lagarde says that the IMF will have CBDCs ready in October. Most important financial transactions now require a 6 digit code to be sent. It is a simple matter to refuse that code if your social credit score is too low. The technology is there. But governments succeed in remaining in power by pretending to be champions of our freedoms. So they will at first introduce Digital IDs as a positive and optional liberating technology. But it will not be long before they become mandatory due to some manufactured emergency or other, that is seemingly outside of government control but is in fact directly controlled by their paymasters.

Biblically that event is WW3, which is presently being curated in Ukraine for that very purpose by ensuring enough weapons and money for each side to keep fighting but not enough for either side to win. It starts with the ride of the 2nd horseman of the apocalypse (who follows after the 1st). And the Digital IDs, the Mark of the Beast, will become our war time rationing cards. But if you do not buy into that then they can use some new superbug or some climate crisis or some economic or environmental disaster as the trigger.

However you look at it, we will be lucky if we have unfettered access to our own money by the end of the year.

So yes, up until today, the right thing to do for financial security has been to chase money. But the power of money is about to go very dark. It is about to become a measure not of your industry or talent or work ethic or dedication to customer service or ingenuity or creativity, but a measure of the extent of your collaboration with genocidal globalists.. I say to all those who seek security in a career. Those days are GONE. It is not your fault. It is just the time period in which we now live.

We are at war with people who would debank us, deplatform us, dehumanise us, and kill us or injure us with sophisticated genetic weaponry posing as medicine and approved by the most corrupt government regulators mankind has ever known! Right now every sort of weapon is being deployed against mankind outside Ukraine and Russia and worse still inside those two nations. Their end game is subjugation or death for all of us. But we have the power to stop them.

For everything they do is dependent upon money. So my job is to inoculate the reader against money. Yes I must vaccinate you financially. and I must give a booster shot to women to vaccinate them against status (which is crap - total crap - I mean seriously meaningless crap as Russell has discovered). In fact these days status has become so corrupted that it is a negative measure of a person's contribution to mankind.

And here is my vaccination... There is a currency that is more valuable than gold. It does not rust, it does not devalue and it lasts forever. It is pictured in the cosmos by gravity, the force which holds the entire universe together but which no scientist can understand. When you spend this currency your bank balance does not go down. It goes up. In fact the more you spend the more you have. When you receive this currency your whole body lights up like a Christmas tree. When you throw this currency away you feel the loss for the rest of your life. It is the currency of God. It is a currency created by God. It is his masterpiece, his Mozart's 40th, his Beethoven's 5th, his Rachmaninov's 2nd, his 18th sonnet, his Daffodils, his Blue Danube, his Bohemian Rhapsody, his Mona Lisa. Yes, it is the second hand emotion of Tina Turner, the crazy little thing called love.

If men and women love the truth and each other and eschew money and status and defend humanity rather than collaborating with those who are attacking it, then a force which is greater even than the unfathomable power of gravity will put his arms, nay, actually her arms (the arms of the Holy Spirit, God's wife, his helper) around them. And what is more she will do that through their brothers and sisters who will see them struggling and deplatformed and demonetized and bankrupted by the totalitarian state for rejecting the Mark of the beast and the lies of the the Dragon's Mouth (the main stream media) and the bite of the fangs of the serpent (the vaccines with which they genetically rape us and our progeny), and they will have compassion upon them, and risking their social credit score they will help them because we are human and that is what we do. For all our faults we are the embodiment of God's love and love never fails. We are not the embodiment of pound notes and we are not the embodiment of dollar bills. When we act as if we are those things, we cheapen ourselves and we cheapen our society.

All the problems we presently suffer from can be traced to corrupted people putting money and career and status before love. It used to be men that did that whilst women were content to love their families and support their children and their husband full time. But that gave far too much power to the family unit and far too much support to hard to control men. So women were tempted into wage slavery along with the men. And now we can both put money and career and status before love, and there is no one left to put love first. We must now be living at the end of the road of this status rather than love malaise. It is typified by the UK Doctor's strike which has now lasted for 700 hours. We have a generation of doctors who sit at the sharp end of the clinical collapse of the NHS, seeing daily the needless pain and suffering and death caused by politically enforced gross mismanagement of NHS resources. But they completely ignore that and instead strike solely for more money for themselves. Sure they deserve more money. But it will not do them any good when the NHS collapses or worse still when it does not collapse but kills many more people than it saves, in which case it would be better if they resigned, because everyday they support such an outfit they break their oath not to harm. Many have already resigned of course.

The problem is not the paltry sums paid to the clinical staff. It is the massive sums paid to medically illiterate bureaucrats curating their careers at the expense of the health of the nation. Let me be clear here. All clinical staff need to take the NHS back by refusing to comply with political hospital administrations as a group in a joint nationwide coordinated industrial action. That is the only strike that will fix the NHS.

When my father first joined a large teaching hospital in London in the early 1960s there was one bureaucrat, Hugh Laird, the bursar. That was it. The whole place was run by the professors on the academic board and the ward sisters ran the wards. Today the bill for the parasitic politicised bureaucrats is larger than the bill for the clinical staff. Now let's do some maths on that shall we?

Since the NHS spends more each year than the government raises in income tax, and since the NHS spends more than half its income on administration, the government could HALVE all income tax and boost the economy to the stars and back if it would sack all the NHS bureaucrats and just return the NHS to its original model. It is not rocket science. But it would put a rocket under the economy and under healthcare. Income tax would be 10p in the pound basic rate and the higher rate would be 20% !!

Patient care would also improve dramatically because the idea that people who have not been medically trained and have not taken the hippocratic oath can manage people who have been so trained and have sworn that oath makes a mockery out of both said training and said oath.

There was a time when money was our friend. But now that the government is using it against us. The day is coming when money is our enemy. Politicians weaponise everything they touch. They have weaponised healthcare. They have weaponised sex. They have weaponised academia. They have weaponised education. They have weaponised the police. They have weaponised the Main Stream Media. And now they are going to weaponise money. They are going to weaponise your money against you. Are you surprised? They would weaponise the weather if they could - oh wait a minute. They already have!  So my unprofessional but theological and practical advice is to get out of money and into reality before Money Weaponisation Day comes later this year. In October according to darling Christine and in October according to my biblical calculations. And to recognise and investigate the spiritual dimension of what is happening to mankind right now and to choose to fight financial control with love and compassion. The Exposé itself has been under attack for years. Yesterday it was Trump. Today it is Russell. Tomorrow it will be another celebrity to keep the fear brewing (it was Lozza Fox and Dan Wootton actually). And then next month, or later this year it may well be all of us. For the real targets of the abuse are you and I.

MAGNA CARTA: 1215June15  (British Library) - https://www.bl.uk/magna-carta/articles/magna-carta-english-translation 

JOHN, by the grace of God, King of England, Lord of Ireland, Duke of Normandy and Aquitaine, and Count of Anjou, to his archbishops, bishops, abbots, earls, barons, justices, foresters, sheriffs, stewards, servants, and to all his officials and loyal subjects, Greeting.

TO ALL FREE MEN OF OUR KINGDOM we have also granted, for us and our heirs for ever, all the liberties written out below, to have and to keep for them and their heirs, of us and our heirs:

(20) For a trivial offence, a free man shall be fined only in proportion to the degree of his offence, and for a serious offence correspondingly, but not so heavily as to deprive him of his livelihood
(39) No free man shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights or possessions, or outlawed or exiled, or deprived of his standing in any way, nor will we proceed with force against him, or send others to do so, except by the lawful judgment of his equals or by the law of the land.
(40) To no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay right or justice.

Here we stand 808 years later and our morality is WORSE than that of medieval feudalism. Our elected government is breaking articles 20 and 39 of the Magna Carta, and have rejected the bare minimums of FEUDAL morality. Today's House of Lords, corrupted by Sir Tony Blair, who passed the Online Safety and Efficiency Bill on September19, is an insult to the nobility of the 13th century.

Online Magna Carta?

Here is an attempt by the Internet Rights and Principles Coalition: https://www.ohchr.org/sites/default/files/Documents/Issues/Opinion/Communications/InternetPrinciplesAndRightsCoalition.pdf

Here is my attempt: The purpose of this charter is the stop the state and the deep state using the internet to enslave humanity. A simple solution would be to abolish the deep state in every country. The deep state is the corruption of any democratic state.

1. Search engines shall list every site that they find by web crawling or that is submitted to them without exception

2. Search engines shall offer as a choice search results sorted by strict relevance only, strict popularity only and every user chosen percentage mixture of the two..

3. Social media, and user created content sites shall perform no censorship of any type of content submitted or displayed

4. Web content should only be removed by court order resulting from an interparty hearing before a judge and decided upon by a jury. Government regulators, ISPs and user provided content companies shall not remove content without a court order

5. Courts should only order the removal of web content if...

a.  The content directly facilitates a crime resulting in significant bodily or financial damage. Excluding crimes that result in emotional or psychological damage. One purpose of life being to learn how to avoid or how to handle such damage..

b. The content is pornographic without the consent of the exposed person.

c. The content amounts to grooming of minors for the sexual gratification of adults

6. Political extremism of all types is expressly permitted. That is the basis of every democracy.

7. A person's views on sex, sexual orientation, gender, race, the holocaust, aliens, election fraud, celebrity misbehaviour, political corruption, political incompetence, slavery, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, however palatable or deplorable are expressly permitted, in order to deweaponise these topics.


Sea beast of Revelation13

Men and women
When 1000 women sleep with one man. Why is that the fault of the one man and not of the thousand women?
Mouth of the dragon
Truth stands on its own. It does not need censorship to survive scrutiny. But the lie does need censorship to avoid scrutiny. Anything protected by censorship does not stand on its own and is therefore indefensible.
My opinion but THEY are saying eat much flesh.
income tax NHS argument.
Mouth of the Dragon.
Dan 7 is a list of the bad guys in military conflict
All scriptures that apply
eye for eye
Man dominate his woman
Man is head
Beast has Russian feet uk mouth BRICS body.
The world has not gone mad . It is been driven mad by demonic immorality forced upon us by government traitors
Sexualising children
Identity theft. trans people are stealing the identity of a sex they are not.
Any group protected by the government is a wrecking ball for the species


1. 5 And, see there! another beast, a second one, it being like a bear. And on one side it was raised up, and there were 3 ribs in its mouth between its teeth; and this is what THEY were saying to it, 'Get up, eat much flesh.' (Daniel 7 NWT)

1 And I saw a wild beast ascending out of the sea, with 10 horns and 7 heads, and upon its horns 10 diadems, but upon its heads blasphemous names.
2 Now the wild beast that I saw was like a leopard, but its feet were as those of a bear, and its mouth was as a lion's mouth. And the dragon gave to [the beast] its power and its throne and great authority. (Revelation 13 NWT)

Dan 7 has list of 4 beasts. The 4th beast is the agglomeration of the first 3 without the Eagle.

2. 20 And the winepress was trodden outside the city, and blood came out of the winepress as high up as the bridles of the horses, for a distance of 1,600 stadia. (Revelation 14 NWT)

15 And another angel went forth out of the temple, crying in a great voice to the [One] sitting on the cloud, Send Your sickle and reap, because Your hour to reap came, because the harvest of the earth was dried. (Revelation 14 GLT)

Wheat vs chaff, grape juice = blood vs mulch. 

15 Therefore, when you catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation, as spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in a holy place, let the reader use discernment,
16 then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains.
20 Keep praying that your flight may not occur in wintertime, nor on the sabbath day; (Matthew 24 NWT)


0  Identity theft is a criminal offence. People do it to rob the assets of the person whose identity they have stolen. Demonic possession. Transgender people are stealing an identity that they do not have. They are identity thieves. 

1 Offence is taken not given.

The bible teaches to turn the other cheek when offended. The government protected woke cult teaches to shun to cancel to exclude and to destroy the career of those who take a position deemed offensive to the cult..

You have heard that it was said: "An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth;"
but I say to you, Do not stand against the evil [man] but whoever strikes you on the right cheek, turn the other to him also. (Matthew 5)

What does this mean that we should not stand against the evil one? If he rapes our firstborn daughter should we hand him also our secondborn?

Jesus answers that question by giving us the relevant law for comparison which in full says...

19 And when a man causes a blemish in his neighbour, as he has done, so it shall be done to him;
20 break for break, eye for eye, tooth for tooth. As he has given a blemish [to be] in a man, so it shall be done to him. (Leviticus 24 GLT)

23 But if injury occurs, you shall give life for life,
24 eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot,
25 branding for branding, wound for wound, stripe for stripe. (Exodus 21 GLT)

So lasting damage is to be repaid. But embarrassment, offence, insults or temporary damage are not policed. 

Also FIFA kiss for 2 jobs. Or insult for job is not justice. 

2. Thou shalt not steal. 

Further the law of Moses deputises all citizens into law enforcement should they wish by saying...

2 If the thief is found breaking in, and is stricken and dies, no blood [shall be] shed for him.
3 If the sun has risen on him, blood [is] due for him; repaying he shall repay. If he has nothing, then he should be sold for his theft. (Exodus 22 GLT)

So if someone unrelated to the crime, sees a break in and intervenes during that break in to physically prevent it, and is resisted by the thief to the point where the thief is killed. Then there is no bloodguilt. This is because the thief is breaking the law. So his law breaking can be resisted with impunity. Whereas the advice in the UK and the law in the US is not to intervene. God's advice is if you do intervene you are deputized so to do up to the point of killing the thief he is in the act and if such action is proportionate as a form of self defence in the intervention.

3. Men and women.

A. Female dominated world: Driven by status rather than logic (Russell Brand Mick Hucknall Harvey Weinstein), less sex because sex is politicised for power, less analytical, more corrupt, lethal for men. Because women do not like to break things (hence bad parkers) whereas men love to break things. And women are stronger emotionally than men, harder hearted.
B.  Male dominated world:: More creative more logical more analytical, less status conscious, women oppressed, do not achieve their potential, but do have more sex, less corrupt. . 

Applied Morality and logic. Point out how illogical unjust misandryst and homophobic GBNews is.. 

Best example is Ava Evans: Laurence Fox remarks were unforgiveable. Should all outfits that house people who do not want to shag her be closed down. Should there be a general election? Obviously Should GBNews interview all staff and sack those who do not want to shag Ava? Dan is gay. What has it got to do with him.  Call in all GBNews employees from Farage to Rees Mogg. Dan believes in Freedom of speech. He gave that to Lozza.

3 But I want you to know that Christ is the head of every man, and the man [is] the head of a woman, and God [is] the head of Christ. (1 Corinthians 11 GLT)

Woman < Man < Jesus < God.

Even Jesus does not usurp the headship of the man over his wife. 

8 for man is not of the woman, but woman of man;
9 for also man was not created for the sake of the woman, but woman for the sake of the man;
10 because of this, the woman ought to have authority on the head, because of the angels.
11 However, man is not apart from woman, nor woman apart from man, in [the] Lord.
12 For as the woman [is] out of the man, so also the man through the woman; but all things from God. (1 Corinthians 11 GLT)

4. The danger of Alphabet sexuality and of sexualising children.

22 And you shall not lie with a male as one lies with a woman; it [is] a perversion.
23 And you shall not give your semen with any animal, for uncleanness with it. And a woman shall not stand before an animal to lie down with it; it [is] a [shameful] mixing.
24 Do not defile yourself with all these, for with all these the nations have been defiled, which I [am] casting out before you;
25 and the land is defiled, and I will visit its iniquity on it; and the land is vomiting out [those] living [in it];
26 and you, you shall keep My statutes and My judgments, and shall not do [any] of all these disgusting acts; [neither] the native nor the alien who is staying in your midst.
27 For the men of the land who [are] before you have done all these disgusting things, and the land is defiled.
28 [Do not do these] lest the land vomit you out for your defiling it, as it has vomited out the nation that [was] before you. (Leviticus 18 GLT)

Likewise in the judicial example of Sodom and Gomorrah of Genesis19 is explained by Jude...

6 And the angels that did not keep their original position but forsook their own proper dwelling place he has reserved with eternal bonds under dense darkness for the judgment of the great day.
7 So too Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities about them, after they in the same manner as the foregoing ones [the demons of verse6] had committed fornication excessively and gone out after flesh for unnatural use, are placed before [us] as a [warning] example by undergoing the judicial punishment of age-lasting fire (Jude 1 NWT).

And explained by Peter...

5 and he did not hold back from punishing an ancient world, but kept Noah, a preacher of righteousness, safe with 7 others when he brought a deluge upon a world of ungodly people;
6 and by reducing the cities Sodom and Gomorrah to ashes he condemned them, setting a pattern for ungodly persons of things to come; (2 Peter 2 NWT)

It is the descended demons who are causing the woke cult and the genital mutilation of minors for the sexual and financial gratification of perverted adults. The lesson of Genesis19 and Leviticus18 and Jude and 2Peter2 is that perversion brings lava. It is that simple. Climate change does not bring lava. Perversion especially of innocent children will bring it. For all the men of the city from boy to old man were trying to have sex with the two angelically possessed men staying with Lot.

4 Before they could lie down, the men of the city, the men of Sodom, surrounded the house, from boy to old man, all the people in one mob.
5 And they kept calling out to Lot and saying to him: Where are the men who came in to you tonight? Bring them out to us that we may have intercourse with them. (Genesis 19 NWT).

Operation Al Aqsa Flood and Matthew 24

No electricity no food no water no gas for 2 million people in Gaza is a war crime. Israel Defence Minister Yoav Gallant decreed it. Hospitals do not work in those circumstances. The Palestinians in Gaza have not had a vote since 2006. The mandate Hamas was given in 2006 expired a long time ago. A collective punishment of 2.2 million people of this type is inhuman. Yoav Gallant, accepts the inhumanity of his actions because he attempted to justify his decree by labelling Palestinians as animals. Whereas many are sons of Abraham by circumcision. 

Suleiman Bisharat, director of the Yabous Center for Studies in Ramallah, said he sees the name operation "Al Aqsa Flood as a clear message to the occupation, which is committing violations against Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa...In the past few weeks, coinciding with the Jewish holidays, Al-Aqsa Mosque has been subjected to very serious violations by the occupation, its ministers and settlers,"

The "Status Quo" as it is known, for the temple mount is that Muslims can worship inside it but Jews must worship outside it. Hence all the Jewish worship at the wailing wall. Breaching that agreement has lead to wars between Israel and Palestine in the past. 

I can see a pattern emerging from the fog of war here. Elements of the Israeli government wish to build a 3rd Judaic temple upon the temple mount. Israel provokes Gaza by breaking the Al Aqsa Status Quo agreement, in the weeks before the present war, knowing that such breaches have caused wars in the past (the 2nd Intifada, the Al Aqsa Intifada, began after opposition leader Ariel Sharon entered the mosque with 1,000 police etc. on 2000September28). Hamas takes the bait, and launches operation Al Aqsa Flood, having been training for years for yet another attack on Israel. Israel stands down its border security just long enough to ensure that the attack is sufficiently successful to justify the response it wishes to make.

I do not know if my theory is correct. But we shall soon know because the apocalypse of Revelation is almost upon us, wherein nothing that is concealed will not be revealed.


Al Jazeera coverage...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5slJTFa-u8

The fascinating thing for all men of faith, Jews, Christians, Muslims and all others alike, is that Jesus said...

15 Therefore, when you catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation, as spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in a holy place, let the reader use discernment, (Matthew 24 NWT)

26 And after the 62 sevens Messiah will be cut off, with nothing for himself. And the city and the holy place the people of a leader that is coming will bring to their ruin. And the end of it will be by the flood. And until [the] end there will be war; what is decided upon is desolations.
27 And he must keep [the] covenant in force for the many for one seven; and at the half of the seven he will cause sacrifice and gift offering to cease. And upon the wing of disgusting things there will be the one causing desolation; and until an extermination, the very thing decided upon will go pouring out also upon the one lying desolate. (Daniel 9 NWT)

So the end of the temple mount and the city of Jerusalem may well be by operation Al Aqsa Flood, which will continue until the 40+40 day lava flood from 2023Tebbeth14 to 2024Nisan4. And until that end, there will be war (WW3). Judaic Sacrifice will restart upon the temple mount (in order that Daniel9:27 can be fulfilled yet again).. THAT is the disgusting thing causing desolation, it being a rejection of the human sacrifice of the Christ, who is now a God to be worshipped, the first angel to achieve our destiny. Yes, Defence Minister Gallant, one day every Palestinian whom you mislabel as an animal will be a God. 

Jesus is presently Caesar to all mankind. The minute you see a Judaic sacrifice made upon the temple mount, a disgusting rejection of the sacrifice of the Christ, a 2nd rejection of the Christ by Jews in Israel, notwithstanding all the disasters that came upon Israel following their first rejection, FLEE the place. How many times does Jesus Christ himself have to end Mosaic sacrifice in Jerusalem? The attack (presumably through Muslims) which ends animal sacrifice again upon the temple mount, will occur in the midst of the last week of 1AC entrance (from verse 27) which we presently have as ending on 2023Shebat24, 40 days before 2024Nisan4, the end of the lava flood, the end of OMC entrance. So perhaps the restarted sacrifices end on 2023Shebat20/21 (2024February4-6)?

Ricarda Louk, Shani Louk's mother, informed the German newspaper Bild, that 

“We now have evidence that Shani is alive but has a serious head injury and is in critical condition. Every minute is critical."

She wants the German government to send in an extraction team to Gaza. 

Gentile call 2NCs and Laodiceans go into the ark and at the same time see all the disgusting things causing desolation in Babylon and in the Watchtower the ark. 

2300 solar from 2017Elul10 to 2023Tebbeth5, when Jesus finishes taking over Zoar.


To WW3 or not to WW3? That is the question

Here is a concept nobody talks about - Moral Capital. There is no man born today or ever who does not have a sense of right and wrong. We we love what we perceive to be justice and hate what we perceive to be injustice. This is the power of the human heart. It drives everything we do. 

After 911 the streets of Tehran echoed with cries of God bless America. That is the power of moral capital. Even the Iranians recognised that 911 was a grave injustice that the US did not deserve. They deemed it to be wrong. And they protested in the streets, not because they are great friends with the USA. But because they are great friends of what they perceive to be justice and they are great enemies of what they perceive to be an injustice. 

Now of course today we know through Building7 and through many demolition experts etc., that 911 was a false flag. It was a self inflicted wound for the purpose of justifying a war in Afghanistan and for the purpose of empowering a surveillance police state which we can now see the fruitage of with the excessive prosecution and incarceration of January6 Vote Fraud sit in protestors, 4 of whom (Ashli Babbit, Roseanne Boyland, Kevin Greeson Benjamin Phillips), were killed by a deliberately undermanned and inevitably overwhelmed and FBI compromised capitol police force in circumstances where thousands of hours of potentially exculpatory video footage of the crime scene have been deliberately withheld by a justice hating and injustice perpetuating and corrupt US congress which covers for a totally corrupted DOJ and FBI and US justice system.

Yes people love justice but governments do not.

We see further fruitage in the indictment and prosecution for victimless process crimes not merely of Trump but also off any and all of the people involved in getting him into power in 2016 or giving him a second chance at power in 2024. This tells us incidentally who really is in charge of the US. It is the anti Trump deep state, the globalist double agents in their intelligence services, who were enabled and empower by the patriot act and 911.

Yes they knew how to use MORAL CAPITAL to their advantage. The question is does Israel?

How should Israel spend the Moral Capital they received by suffering the October 7 Terror Attack?

The situation in Israel is becoming like a James Bond movie plot. There is obviously a malicious element that has infiltrated both sides of the conflict, trying to force mankind into WW3. The Saudi Israeli peace talks were scuppered by the October7 Hamas terror attack, possibly triggered by Al Aqsa incursions by Israel during the Jewish festival of Booths (such an incursion by Ariel Sharon is known to have triggered the 2nd Intifada) and facilitated by a standing down or a failure for several hours of Israel's defences who were apparently blind during the 2 years of preparation for the attack, but who knew instantly a rocket had been fired at the Al Ahli Anglican Hospital in Gaza, from intercepted Hamas Terrorist cell phones, that Hamas was responsible. Also US intelligence were blind to an operation involving over 1500 Hamas terrorist killed in Israel not counting the hundreds or thousands more who escaped back into Gaza with the hostages. An operation which took 2 years in planning. Are we really to believe that Mossad has no operatives within Hamas? If so they should be sacked right now. In fact they should be sacked right now more so if they do have operatives in Hamas. Because they have totally failed in their primary mission.

It was a horrific and despicable terror attack, killing babies, children, grandmothers, whole families and kidnapping music festival revellers. But just as nobody in the US military lost their job or even got sanctioned or demoted or reprimanded for the most disastrous military  withdrawal in US history, which broke every tenet of US military conduct. So we are yet to see any Israeli officer suffer any penalty for the greatest failure in Israel's history according to Ehud Barak. the former prime minister who fought with Benjamin Netanyahu as a commando in the IDF

"Recent polling shows a significant majority of Israelis blame Mr Netanyahu not just for the military and intelligence failures that allowed the attack but for “propping up” the terrorist group in the first place." - Daily Telegraph

This means that the Afghan withdrawal was not a mistake it was a deliberate act of Sabotage by a corrupted Pentagon. And the Israeli blindness to and lack of response in the first few hours of the Hamas assault on October7 likewise may not have been a mistake. I apologise for using my intelligence against Israeli intelligence services. But I, being Jewish on my Mother's side, require them to do their blooming job actually. And if they did stand down, or turn a blind eye to 2 years of Hamas terror preparation or fail to have even one useful operative within Hamas in the last 2 years, or refuse to listen to the operatives they do have within Hamas during that period, then they are just as responsible for the terror as those who perpetrated it. Actually they are worse because they are paid to protect the people who were attacked, terrorised, killed and kidnapped. And they did not do that.

"I served in the [Israeli Defence Force] Gaza division during the 2014 Gaza war... Listen to me, and listen to me well: There's no way in the world that anyone can approach the border without us knowing about it." - Wide awake media

But be that as it may. Israel is still sitting upon a mountain of Moral Capital resulting from the inhuman terror that they have suffered at the hands of Hamas. How are they going to use that Moral Capital? George Bush, who was so shallow and incurious that he may not have even realised he had any moral capital, and was a fairly obvious puppet of the deep state, blew away every cent of the moral capital of 911, the minute he started bombing Afghanistan.

Are Israel going to make the same mistake?

The Al Ahli Anglican Hospital in Gaza

Here is a story which is all about moral capital. There was a report from Hamas and from the hospital which is said to be a base for Hamas, which was picked up by all the major news outlets and many internet news people. The report was that the hospital was hit by an Israeli airstrike in the middle of the night and 500 people were killed.

Had that story been true, then Israel would have blown all its moral capital in one night at the Casino of war. The report and its media amplification which I confess I was involved in (you should see some of the earlier versions of this piece - woops). Lead to most of the middle East leaders cancelling their invitation to meet President Biden. had Israel bombed a hospital and killed 500 people, then international support for further operations in Gaza would have been severely reduced especially in the Islamic world. And we would all be one step nearer to WW3.

After the announcement Israel initially claimed responsibility through Hananya Naftali, a digital aide to Benjamin Netanyahu. Then his tweet was deleted and the IDF denied responsibility and produced a video which they said proved it has a Hamas rocket misfiring. The trouble with their first video was that you could clearly hear the characteristic whistling of a US or Israeli JDAM missile before the detonation, which is very different to the sound of a Hamas rocket. So some US marines informed twitter that in their professional opinion (not as yet confirmed) the bomb was a JDAM and therefore the hospital must have suffered an Israel airstrike. My position initially was the same because Israel had hit the hospital with an airstrike on Saturday October14 and had destroyed the medical directors home with another airstrike according to the testimony of the Bishop of Norwich (the Right Reverend Graham Usher) on BBC Radio5 live on October17 from 22:11-22:15. Furthermore Hamas do not possess a rocket that can kill 500 people whereas the IDF clearly do. So then the argument was, well the hospital is a Hamas base. So perhaps it was full of explosives which got triggered by the rocket strike? But there was no secondary explosion. So the best I could come up with was that it was Israel who hit the hospital. And for a few hours Israel lost its moral capital in my eyes. Alex Jones went along with it too. Then the IDF deleted their first video which I found highly suspicious. Presumably they deleted it because the whistling sound defeated their argument.

Then in the morning we saw an incredible sight. the hospital was still standing. Even the flimsy solar panel structure on the roof which would be condemned by any council planning department in the UK, was still standing undamaged. I was amazed! The rocket had missed the hospital entirely and hit the parking lot. No hospital staff were killed at all. Some people in the parking lot were killed and dismembered according to a report in NPR. The Gaza Health Ministry (run by Hamas) is the source of the 500 killed lie. Whereas Gaza civil defence put the figure at 300 according to the Guardian report. So the Hamas PR machine exaggerated the death toll from a few people in a Hospital car park and no Hospital staff, to 500 dead, in order to derail Biden's peace initiative. 

So the great news is that Medecins San Frontiers quoting reports of hundreds of dead were wrong. Hamas lied when it said a hospital has been hit and 500 people have been killed. Benjamin Netanyahu's office lied when it claimed responsibility. The IDF lied when it produced its first whistling video. The pro war lobby repeated a lie when they said Hamas had killed 500 of its own people. The anti war or anti Israel war lobby repeated a lie when they said that Israel had killed 500 patients. The critical thinking lobby held that Hamas does not have that kind of weaponry and so Israel must have done it. And basically everybody lied or believed lies or retweeted them including me. I retweeted the Medecins Sans Frontiers tweet which was not a lie but gave credibility to false reports. It is even possible that the Bishop of Norwich was deceived about the October14th attack on the hospital. I guess that is the fog of war. 

There is no greater prize that Hamas could wish for than Israel killing 500 people in a Gaza Hospital (other than WW3). And Israel should not ever give them any part of that prize.

The good news is that only a few people appear to have been killed. But as Jonathan swift originally remarked in 1710: Falsehood flies and the truth limps after it. Or as we say today: A lie gets half way round the world before the truth gets its pants on. I suppose with the internet and Twitter the adage should be updated to read: A lie goes twice around the world before the truth gets its pants on. That is what happened on the night of Tuesday October17.

What I find incredible is that Hamas must have known that in the morning their lie would be found out. Perhaps they also knew that the middle east is so hot headed that the damage would be done before the truth was known? Why did the middle east leaders not re invite Biden after it was discovered that the IDF had absolutely nothing to do with the rocket that fell upon the Hospital parking lot?

I guess these are the vagaries of moral capital  This also is the importance of the media. They can and do make or break moral capital on a daily basis.

But the whole episode shows Israel that it will not win against Gaza unless it preserves its moral capital during the fight. 

How to Defuse the Middle East

Here is what Bush should have done on 2001September12. He should have gone to all of America's enemies at the time from Iran to North Korea and used the moral capital of 911 to make peace agreements and establish better diplomacy and do some proper business and address complaints and remove rancour. He should have discussed with them how to proceed against these terrorists and taken his enemies with him. That would have been inspired leadership which Bush was nowhere near capable of. Actually he was not even the President. He was the republican equivalent of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. A puppet for Cheney, who was himself a puppet for double agents in the CIA, who themselves puppets of the globalists, who themselves are the puppets of the money men, who not satisfied with having most of the money in the world, now want to have most of the land in the world too. So 90% of us have to be removed to make more room for them. 

"They want the world to be Carbon neutral in the sense that most of the carbon units upon it are neutralised." 

So likewise here is my recommendation for Israel: You have to defeat Hamas morally FIRST (which is not hard) before you can defeat them physically because if not then they will grow back. Cease all military operations. Lock Hamas into its open prison and restore food and water and gas. But cut off electricity for a number of hours every time a rocket is fired into Israel which actually hits Israel. But supply solar power or generators to all hospitals. Do not cut off hospital power. Commit publicly to never target hospitals in Gaza in any way. They are a total own goal as regards moral capital, which may just be the most powerful weapon of them all in this conflict. 

Then go to Jordan. Go to Egypt. Go the Iran. Go to Syria. Go to Saudi Arabia with the moral capital of the October7 attacks AND with the moral capital of your restrained and humanitarian response. And get their agreement for how to proceed. Take them with you and earn even more moral capital. Use also the moral capital of the Al Ahli Hospital Parking lot attack by Hamas to guarantee no targeting of hospitals during the fight.

You have Hamas trapped in a cage. The only reason they succeeded on October7 is your cage failed. So fix the cage and fix it now or it will 'fail' again. Take the Islamic world with you because they do not want Hamas coming to them. They want you to deal with Hamas. They want Israel to deal with Hamas. Find a way forward that all parties agree on and then take out Hamas with your neighbours on board.

Israel is only as safe as its neighbours want it to be. And the Palestinians are your neighbour too. So Israel needs to find a solution that the Palestinian people think is just. If Israel does not do that, they may well eliminate Hamas 1.0. But it will be replaced by Hamas 2.0, which will be just as bad or worse.

During this process you will discover that some in your government in your military and in you intel services try and stop you. These are the globalist double agents who are pushing you and the entire world into WW3. They are a greater enemy than Hamas to Israel and to all of us.

How to stop WW3

Our enemy is the money men behind the globalist double agents in the intel services who corrupt and control governments to ignore the will of the people and instead implement their will. They use money not to pay their bills, but to make themselves into Kings. They think only in terms of money which is their God. They wish to rule us all as kings through money, through our own money in fact, which they are going to steal.

They wish to usurp all democracy and use digital technology, use military surveillance tech and use CBDCs to turn the entire planet into a Digital Prison, a Digital Concentration Camp in fact. They wish to control the entire world with the social credit scores currently controlling 1.4 billion Chinese. They wish to crush all faith in God, be it Judaic, Islamic, Christian or any other religion right down to the one person church in all believers. They wish to exclude those who will not become their slaves from food and water and electricity and gas, precisely as the Israelis have been enforcing upon Gaza, the test run to see how that works for them

The kind of abuse meted out in concentration camps can only occur under the cover of a world war as we saw in WW2. When the war ended, so did the concentration camps. So in order for the globalists to turn the entire world into a digital concentration camp, they need a world war. They need WW3 in fact. Now if you were given the task of triggering WW3 (and were heartless enough to undertake that task) how would you do it? Put yourself in the globalists' shoes. Not very comfortable for human feet, but they do give insight into what is going on. Obviously the Israeli Palestinian problem has the potential to become a Judaeo Christian - Islamic conflict which has the potential to become a NATO vs BRICS and the Islamic World conflict. So that is what we are seeing in the middle east today.

So far the Globalists have....

1. Taken over the US military to the point where they break every tenet of US military doctrine during the Afghan withdrawal, by leaving billions of dollars of the latest high tech equipment behind to be analysed by NATO's enemies and given to assorted terrorist outfits and to the point where they pull out their troops before ensuring the evacuation of their citizens (men women and children) and their interpreters and other human assets in Afghanistan. And having failed in every possibly military respect (I mean Americans are not slow to blow things up - they could have easily blown up the hardware they left behind), they punished nobody at all for the biggest military failure in US history. So it was not a mistake. It was a deliberate act of sabotage by a military already conquered by globalist agents. 

2. Emaciated the UK military to the point where we have insufficient numbers of people or effective machines to deal with anything other than minor skirmishes. 

3. Started the moral and physical destruction of America city by city, law by law and moral by moral. 

4. Arranged a massive influx of illegal immigrants into both the UK and the US and the EU, in fact into all NATO countries, amongst whom it would be easy to plant terrorist sleeper cells. The US funds terrorism. The UK puts potential terrorists up in 4 star hotels!

These globalists, want NATO to lose WW3. Indeed that is part of its purpose. The last piece of the puzzle to ensure that NATO loses, apart from destroying the military capabilities of the US and the UK, is to get the entire Islamic world to side with the BRICS. And so I say to all my Muslim brothers in the faith of Abraham, do not take sides. Do not get polarised. Your enemy is not Israel. your enemy is not NATO, it is the demons behind the globalists. And I say to all Jews and Christians and men of faith in a divine creator, your enemy is not Islam, for we all have one father Abraham either by genetics or by the covenant of faith of Genesis 12. Your enemy is WW3 and those who would lead us into it. 

Globalists need WW3 in order to setup the digital concentration camp and they need NATO to lose and China to win in order to be able to represent that regrettably the terms of our surrender are that we have to accept a Chinese style social credit system. You understand of course, that we would never inflict such a destruction of your human rights upon you ourselves. Oh No, We believe in human rights. We are the champions of your human rights. But in order to prevent further needless loss of life in WW3, for humanitarian reasons, we recommend that you accept this minor inconvenience for a very limited period of time, perhaps 3 weeks to flatten your hearts?

And one might think that this is as far as the rabbit hole goes. But one would be wrong. For there is yet a further agenda behind the mask of the digital concentration camps and that is of course the final solution. Not from Hitler against the Jews. Not from the Iranian Ayatollahs against Israel. Not from Zionists against the Palestinians. Not from Hamas against Israelis. But from the demons and their Globalist billionaire friends against mankind. Yes. Against every one reading this article (except the demons who read it).. 

They do not want to share the universe with us. Because we show them up as heartless Neanderthals. Every time we show compassion, human compassion, for our brothers, especially for our enemies, we defeat them. Every time we put our humanity before our religion, before our country and before any other type of man made made status, we show them up as inferior by the only metric that matters, the size of our hearts. 

They want to kill us with vaccines. They want to kill us with immorality. They want to prevent us from procreating heterosexually with the genitals we were born with. They want to kill the love that men have for women. They want to kill the love that women have for men. Anything with the slightest chance of making another human being they want to terminate. They want to kill us with war. They want to kill us with famine. They want to kill us with WMDs. They want to kill us with the 2nd, the 3rd and the 4th horses and horsemen of the apocalypse of John, in Revelation6. Why? Because we show them up as heartless inhuman murdering pigs who care more about their social status with their demonic peers than they do about innocent human life. Because we hurt their feelings and make them feel embarrassed. Because we were born in the gutter of creation under a death sentence from Adam but we have risen to the top of the heavens with everlasting angelic life, high above them, thanks to a certain Jew from the tribe of Judah, a son of David, denied and sacrificed by his own people who bayed for his blood in front of Pontius Pilate, because they were mislead by the status, yes by the status of the Pharisees. That is the danger of status worship which is Baal worship.

WW3 is a spiritual war, Armageddon (behind it) is a spiritual war. So forgive me for getting a bit biblical here. And I do not ask anyone to accept Judaism, Islam, Christianity, or any other religion. Indeed it is God's will in my understanding of Revelation17:16-17 that religions will take the blame for WW3, and then be destroyed by governments after the faithful have left them, because they have sold out to the governments of this world, and are pictured as a harlot (to God) riding the government beast in Revelation17. Just as the governments of this world themselves are pictured as a harlot (to democracy) by the same harlot riding the central banking beast in a 2nd interpretation of the same chapter. And the banks will themselves turn on the governments and then God will turn on the banks. For money is one of the greatest of the false Gods of Egypt. Money and status, the two pillars in the temple of this world. Get your hands upon them and do what Samson did in your heart - when the time comes. 

Therefore I do ask everybody with faith to become a one person church or a one person mosque or a one person temple and I ask everyone with love to become a one person charity and to resist the demonic main stream media and the demonic internet influencers who advocate taking one side or the other in a potentially nuclear WW3.

They are all Blofeld trying to cause mankind to wipe himself out. Instead let us all become James Bond. It is not as easy a job as Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Piers Brosnan  and Daniel Craig made it look in the movies. And you might not be quite as successful with women (or men) as they were in the process. It is one thing to defuse a nuclear bomb. It is quite another to defuse the Middle East or to tackle man's inhumanity to man. If the media could arrange an Israeli Palestinian peace conference next week I can guarantee that one side or the other would scupper it before it ever happened. There is huge demonic energy pushing us all into a terminal conflict.

There are 2 sides to the Russia-Ukraine conflict and there are two sides to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Pro WW3 and anti WW3. Pro life and pro extinction. Pro Human and pro Demon. Pro Justice and anti justice. Pro proportionality and anti proportionality. Pro escalation and anti escalation. Pro land grab and anti land grab.

Anyone who pretends they do not know what proportionality is, is a deceiver who knows perfectly well what it is, but wants to justify disproportionality, which is injustice, for the purpose of pushing mankind into an extinction level war. My advice to all on both sides is to seek life, seek justice, which is proportionality, for her scales are equal both in size and in weight. Ask yourself which side would you like to be on in a nuclear war? Like it makes a difference. So do not take a side now other than for legitimate proportionate self defence - which self defence does not push mankind towards WW3.

All of us are only as secure as our neighbours want us to be. It is a simple as that. The British empire survived as long as it did and became as large as it did, not merely due to military prowess. There was a level of goodwill towards it engendered by shrewd diplomacy taking advantage of moral capital from the British sense of 'fair play' and from our supporting the underdog. Abolishing slavery was a masterstroke in that regard. At the end of the day, you have to take your people and your neighbours with you if you want to stick around through the centuries. 

War is Already Obsolete

In 1979 at Cambridge I invented the electric Quadcopter. I did not patent it due to the Benson skymat which was a petrol motor fixed pitch multi rotor helicopter and I imagined that going electric was not sufficiently inventive a step for a patent. I am so glad I did not patent it because that meant I never published the idea. I started a PhD in Aerodynamics at Imperial College to investigate it. But they denied me funding after 6 months. 11 years later (whilst still working on it part time) I got a vision of a machine gun being mounted on the quadcopter and being shot by it. I realised that the quadcopter was not going to make the world a better place. So I stopped working on it, having never published the idea. Eventually mankind caught up with the invention and various autonomous drones were made, none of which have ever been deployed as a form of public transport (which was my intended use) but many of which are right now being used to kill people.

Offensive weapons are just too powerful these days. Mankind has reached the point where we all effectively have a hand grenade attached to our backsides and politicians have a remote control for the pin in their hands. There is only one outcome to that predicament and the sooner we see it the better. I say to anyone working in any form of technology: STOP, take a year off. Lest you get dragged into creating the bars for a digital prison, the gene editing tools for genetic Armageddon and the sword which will annihilate our species. I am sure you are all very well paid. I am sure you think creative technology will give you a great career (as did I). But I regret to inform you that it will be a very very short career unless mankind gets its morality right first. 

"Any species whose technology is greater than its morality will destroy itself" 

Here is how you tell if mankind has got his morality right. Have we abolished nuclear weapons yes or no? Whilst the answer is no, we have not got our morality right. Anyone with any understanding of proportionality would never use a nuclear weapon which is the dumbest of all bombs, giving 99.9% collateral damage, and is in fact a suicide bomb. Any state which wields them is a potential suicide bomber. Any state which threatens their use is a terrorist state and an insult to sustainable morality and a wannabe rider of the 4th horse of the apocalypse and a species annihilating extinctionist. I would not apply that characterisation to the US in WW2, because in those days it was not so well known what these bombs would do and the bombs were a lot less powerful and there was no danger of nuclear retaliation followed by nuclear escalation as there is today.  

But here is my question to every human being. Do we need to experience a nuclear strike ourselves in order to develop the wisdom of the Japanese and ban their use? Can we not learn from their experience? How many practical demonstrations do we need? Let me assure you. We will ban them. Because they are plainly unsustainable. It is just a question of how many do we set off before the inevitable ban comes. Why can this generation not learn from the previous one?


The writer views this rather like the Uniparty in the US or in the UK. There are people (Israeli and Palestinian and American and British and European and Iranian and Russian and Ukrainian and Chinese etc.) who are controlled by globalists who want to cause WW3. In order to succeed, they need to divide and polarise mankind and get us to take a side and dehumanise an entire race as a result of this horror or as a result of that horror. Make no mistake these horrors are real and really horrific. But their true purpose is more horrific even than the events themselves. They are none of them the fault of an entire race. They are all of them the fault of heartless politicians who generally have cheated in some way in order to get power and do not represent the people they rule over. These politicians are quite often the true perpetrators or funders or facilitators of the horrors themselves. But they are rarely the ones whom the media blames.

Politicians used to be people who milked disasters. Never waste a good crisis said Sir Winston.
Today they have gone one step further, to actually cause, fund or facilitate the crises that they then intend to milk..

In fact the perfect politician is the cause of the problem that he poses as the saviour from. A great example of this is Sadiq Khan, whose road blocking and speed limiting activities cause the congestion which is his business model from which he profits.

Humanity is not race specific. It is HUMANity. It is not Israelity and it is not Palestinity. Do not be persuaded to turn a entire race or an entire group of conscientious objectors to vaccines or lockdowns or war or nuclear weapons or Digital IDs into the new Untermensch. There is only one side to be on, the side of all humanity.

When both Moses and Jesus commanded their people to love they neighbour. They were, in the final analysis giving them the morality needed to avoid WW3.

So here is the plan for governments.

1. Preserve and build moral capital with all neighbouring states
2. Identify all those against that endeavour and remove them from power.

When a state runs out of moral capital with its neighbours it goes morally bankrupt and since we have no official receiver for states in this world, its moral creditors may declare war upon it.

How did the law of Moses end?

1513Sivan3: The Elders of Israel agree the law.

7 So Moses came and called the older men of the people and set before them all these words that Jehovah had commanded him.
8 After that all the people answered unanimously and said: All that Jehovah has spoken we are willing to do. Immediately Moses took back the words of the people to Jehovah. (Exodus 19 NWT)

1513Sivan6: The people of Israel agree the law.

3 Then Moses came and related to the people all the words of Jehovah and all the judicial decisions, and all the people answered with one voice and said: All the words that Jehovah has spoken we are willing to do. (Exodus 24 NWT)

1513Sivan7: Moses built an altar with 12 pillars for the 12 tribes, sent young men to communion sacrifice Bulls and put half the blood in bowls and half upon the altar. then he read out the law from the book of the covenant and the people agreed it. Then he sprinkled the blood of the bowls upon the people

4 And Moses wrote down all the words of Jehovah. Then he got up early in the morning and built at the foot of the mountain an altar and 12 pillars corresponding with the 12 tribes of Israel.
5 After that he sent young men of the sons of Israel and they offered up burnt offerings and sacrificed bulls as sacrifices, as communion sacrifices to Jehovah.
6 Then Moses took half the blood and put it in bowls, and half the blood he sprinkled upon the altar.
7 Finally he took the book of the covenant and read it in the ears of the people. Then they said: All that Jehovah has spoken we are willing to do and be obedient.
8 So Moses took the blood and sprinkled it upon the people and said: Here is the blood of the covenant that Jehovah has concluded with you as respects all these words. (Exodus 24 NWT)

Each bowl represented a period under law for the Jews. The period of the tabernacle, the period of Solomon's temple and the period of Zerubbabel's temple.

33Sivan14 Night: Jesus is condemned to death falsely by high priest Caiaphas and the chief priests and the entire Sanhedrin (the elders of Israel of Exodus19:7). These people condemened him because they knew he was from God and they were Satan's seed. They were rejecting God, by killing certainly his prophet.

59 Meantime the chief priests and the entire Sanhedrin were looking for false witness against Jesus in order to put him to death,
60 but they found none, although many false witnesses came forward. Later on 2 came forward
61 and said: This man said, 'I am able to throw down the temple of God and build it up in 3 days.'
With that the high priest stood up and said to him: Have you no answer? What is it these are testifying against you?
63 But Jesus kept silent. So the high priest said to him: By the living God I put you under oath to tell us whether you are the Christ the Son of God!
64 Jesus said to him: You yourself said [it]. Yet I say to you men, From henceforth you will see the Son of man sitting at the right hand of power and coming on the clouds of heaven.
65 Then the high priest ripped his outer garments, saying: He has blasphemed! What further need do we have of witnesses? See! Now you have heard the blasphemy.
66 What is your opinion? They returned answer: He is liable to death.
67 Then they spit into his face and hit him with their fists. Others slapped him in the face,
68 saying: Prophesy to us, you Christ. Who is it that struck you? (Matthew 26 NWT)

33Sivan14 6th hour of the day. Pilate brought Jesus out to the crowds who demanded his death egged on by the chief priests. Pilate, who exonerated him, therefore sentence him to death. The crowds all the people (the people of Exodus24:7) said: Let his blood come upon us and our children. There was a prophetic statement.

13 Therefore Pilate, after hearing these words, brought Jesus outside, and he sat down on a judgment seat in a place called The Stone Pavement, but, in Hebrew, Gabbatha.
14 Now it was preparation of the Passover; it was about the 6th hour. And he said to the Jews: See! Your king!
15 However, they shouted: Take [him] away! Take [him] away! Impale him! Pilate said to them: Shall I impale your king? The chief priests answered: We [the crowd] have no king but Caesar [We obey another ruler]
16 At that time, therefore, he handed him over to them to be impaled. Then they took charge of Jesus. (John 19 NWT)

19 Moreover, while he was sitting on the judgment seat, his wife sent out to him, saying: Have nothing to do with that righteous man, for I suffered a lot today in a dream because of him.
20 But the chief priests and the older men persuaded the crowds to ask for Barabbas, but to have Jesus destroyed.
21 Now in responding the governor said to them: Which of the 2 do you want me to release to you? They said: Barabbas.
22 Pilate said to them: What, then, shall I do with Jesus the so-called Christ? They all said: Let him be impaled!
23 He said: Why, what bad thing did he do? Still they kept crying out all the more: Let him be impaled!
24 Seeing that it did no good but, rather, an uproar was arising, Pilate took water and washed his hands before the crowd, saying: I am innocent of the blood of this [man]. You yourselves must see to it.
25 At that all the people said in answer: His blood come upon us and upon our children. [ambiguous. Means guilt for his blood AND salvation from his blood. Just as the blood of the law was sprinkled upon them and their children by Moses. Whenever a sacrifice was made under the the blood of Moses was sprinkled]
26 Then he released Barabbas to them, but he had Jesus whipped and handed him over to be impaled (Matthew 27 NWT)

So Israel fundamentally breached the law covenant through its elders AND its people by the 6th hour. Because the High Priest Caiaphas, the chief priests, the entire Sanhedrin and all the people sentenced Jesus to death at the 6th hour of the day on 33Nisan14. That was the non remediable breach of the Law covenant between God and Israel. All Israel knowingly condemned a prophet of God to death, who had cured many in Israel. They all sinned against the Holy Spirit if they had seen evidence of his Kingdom power. Everyone who condemned him only had life due to the sacrifice that he had promised to make when Adam sinned and now was about to make!

17 Do not think I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I came, not to destroy, but to fulfill; (Matthew 5 NWT)

Romans cannot end Jewish law. But Jesus can. So when did God himself agree the divorce?

14 For he is our peace, he who made the 2 parties one and destroyed the wall in between that fenced them off.
15 By means of his flesh he abolished the enmity, the Law of commandments consisting in decrees, that he might create the 2 peoples in union with himself into one new man and make peace;
16 and that he might fully reconcile both peoples in one body to God through the torture stake, because he had killed off the enmity by means of himself. (Ephesians 2 NWT)

13 Christ us bought out out of the curse of the Law [he] having become over us curse, because it has been written Cursed upon every (one) the hanging self upon stake/wood, (Galatians 3 KIT)

22 And if a man has committed a sin worthy of death, and he is put to death, and you hang him on a tree, (GLT)
23 his body shall not remain all night on the tree; but burying you shall bury him the same day. For he that [is] hanged [is] a reproach to God. And you shall not defile your land which Jehovah your God is giving to you as an inheritance. (Deuteronomy 21 GLT)

So the law ended at the 9th hour when the blood of the Christ replaced the blood of Moses. 

What is the altar of Christianity. The 12 1NC apostles, the 12 pillars, the 12 stones of 1Kings18. Islam does not do animal sacrifices. They do not trample on Jesus. The reestablishment of sacrificial Judaism. Islam accepts Jesus as a prophet. Sacrificial Judaism does not. Islam accepts Jesus, Sacrificial Judaism denies him. The Al Aqsa mosque is not the disgusting things causing desolation. It is preventing the disgusting thing causing desolation. 

Psalm 83, the destruction of Israel by its neighbours. Ezekiel39..


Killing prophets breaks the law but does not end the law. Ending the law requires national idolatry. They all agreed to worship God at Sinai. They all had to agree to worship someone else at Jerusalem.

He death on the stake at the 9th hour of 33Sivan14 did not end the law. Jesus died outside Jerusalem and outside the law of Moses which ended

Did all the prophets of the old testament die in Jerusalem? Moses was a prophet who did NOT die in Jerusalem.

29 Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because you build the graves of the prophets and decorate the memorial tombs of the righteous ones,
30 and you say, 'If we were in the days of our forefathers, we would not be sharers with them in the blood of the prophets.'
31 Therefore you are bearing witness against yourselves that you are sons of those who murdered the prophets.
32 Well, then, fill up the measure of your forefathers (Matthew 23 NWT)

33 Nevertheless, I must go on my way today and tomorrow and the following day, because it is not admissible for a prophet to be destroyed outside of Jerusalem (Not a feature of the law)..
34 Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the killer of the prophets and stoner of those sent forth to her -- how often I wanted to gather your children together in the manner that a hen gathers her brood of chicks under her wings, but you people did not want [it]! (Luke 13 NWT)


15 And it came about in the day, the 7th [one] [The manufactured or virtual Sabbath] that they proceeded to get up when dawn ascended [on Iyyar1, the start not of the daylight day, but of the Isaaic Zoar sacred Calendar year], and they went marching round the city in this manner 7 of times/instances [~[p] [In what manner? War equipped force > 7 priests + 7 trumpets > Ark of Jehovah > rear guard] []. Only on that day [the manufactured Sabbath day] they marched round the city 7 of times [~[p] [This defines 7 Sabbaths or 49x, the count of a Jubilee or a Pentecost before the release].
16 And it came about in/around/through/at/against/in terms of [b] [see also the use in Numbers 12:1 speak against Moses] the time/instance/step [~[p ], the 7th [one] the priests blew in the shofars [7 Rosh Hashana Trumpets from 2023Heshvan1-7 or if festival trumpets 2023Heshvan1,2,5,10,14,15,16], and [temporal disconnect?] Joshua proceeded to say to the people [singular]: Shout ye [] for Jehovah has given ye the city (Joshua 6)


G20 Members Trade billions USD GDP millions USD Population Area km2 BRICS NATO
 Argentina 170.1 621,833 46,300,000 2,780,400 pending No
 Australia 721.4 1,687,713 26,141,369 7,692,024 No global
 Brazil 626.4 2,126,809 217,240,060 8,515,767 Yes No
 Canada 1,179.1 2,117,805 38,743,000 9,984,670 No Yes
 China 6,309.6 17,700,899 1,411,750,000 9,596,960 Yes No
 France 1,435.8 3,049,016 68,305,148 640,679 No Yes
 Germany 3,226.9 4,429,838 84,316,622 357,114 No Yes
 India 1,176.8 3,732,224 1,406,632,000 3,287,263 Yes No
 Indonesia 529.4 1,417,387 279,088,893 1,904,569 No No
 Italy 1,346.4 2,186,082 61,095,551 301,336 No Yes
 Japan 1,644.2 4,230,862 125,592,404 377,930 No global
 Mexico 1,204.5 1,811,468 131,541,424 1,964,375 No No
 South Korea 1,415.0 1,709,232 51,844,834 100,210 No global
 Russia 772.3 1,862,470 145,807,429 17,098,242 Yes PfP
 Saudi Arabia 598.8 1,069,437 36,168,000 2,149,690 pending No
 South Africa 259.1 380,906 61,060,000 1,221,037 Yes No
 Turkey 617.9 1,154,600 85,551,932 783,562 No Yes
 United Kingdom 1,353.3 3,332,059 68,492,933 242,495 No Yes
 United States 5,441.0 26,949,643 337,341,954 9,833,517 No Yes
 European Union 5,858.4 18,351,127 446,828,803 4,233,262 No No
 African Union 1,379.0 2,858,342 1,393,676,444 29,922,059 No No


Dragon's 42
month lease
and 1000 day
chain start
3 ribs of Ukraine
are in the mouth
of Russian Bear
Putin annexes
1000 day
chain of
10 Dragon's
horns start
Dragon's 42
month lease
ends over
EU chief at G20
Session III: Mark
Decree of Luke2
Kingdom Great
10 Dragon horns
end. 7 Diadems
& 7 heads start
WW3 begins
Publicity day
of Daniel3
10 kings
10 toes of
Daniel2 start

10 diadems

7 Beast
heads start
Dragon's 7 diadems
and 7 heads end.
2000 day demon
possession from
ends. 30 day ascent
to hell starts
LRC Passover
entry ends.
Harlot burnt
by God
10x of Daniel3
Image Mark
testing end
10 kings end
10 toes end
10 Beast diadems
7 Beast heads end
God's words of
Revelation 17:16-17
fulfilled. Government
and religious harlots
now burnt. CBDCs fail
1000 day chain of Revelation20 horns=months 6 cubits image width out of 10x: 10 toes of Daniel2
10 Kings of Revelation17 and 60/6 cubit image of Daniel3


Middle Liddell: A. to make, produce, create, in Hom. often of building, pÅ dw/ma( tei/coj, etc.; of smith's work, pÅ da,koj Il.; of works of art, Ib., etc.; poiei/n ti avpo. xu,lou to make something of wood, Hdt.; pÅ ploi/a evx avka,nqhj Id.; so, c. gen., pÅ nho.n li,qou Id.; foi,nikoj ai` qu,rai pepoihme,nai Xen.:-Med., oivki,a poih,sasqai to build them houses, Il.; also, to have a thing made, get it made, Hdt., Dem.
2. to make, create, e[teron fi,lippon poih,sete Dem.
3. of Poets, to compose, write, (old English to make), Lat. carmina facere, Hdt., Att.:-also, to make or represent in poetry, {Omhroj VAcille,a pepoi,hke avmei,nw VOdusse,wj Plat.: to describe in verse, Id.: to put into verse, Id.


[Attic Greek: Poets often use the penultimate letter omitting short, as poi²w/( poi²ei/n, etc., which are often written pow/( poei/n, etc., as in Lat. poeta, poesis]




bx4+cx3+dx2+ex+g+y = 0

solution is x = f1(g+y), f2(g+y), f3(g+y),f4(g+y)

A new type of root
x2 + x = k
x = -1±(1+4k)½/2

x3 + ax2 + bx = k

kx+(a-1)k+(b-a+1)x = k

(x2 + x)x+(a-1)(x2 + x) + (b-a+1)x =k

x3 + x2+ax2 - x2 +ax-x+bx-ax+x = k

so (k+b-a+1)x = k -ak+k = ak
so x = ak/(k+b-a+1)

6 And whoever does not fall down and worship will at the same moment be thrown into the furnace of fire! [ar"Wn !WTa;].
11 and that whoever would not fall down and worship should be thrown into the furnace of fire! [ar"Wn !WTa;].
15 Now if you are ready so that when you hear the sound of the horn, the pipe, the zither, the triangular harp, the stringed instrument, and the bagpipe and all sorts of musical instruments, you fall down and worship the image that I have made, [all right]. But if you do not worship, at that same moment you will be thrown into the furnace of fire! [ar"Wn !WTa;]. And who is that God that can rescue you out of my hands?
17 If it is to be, our God whom we are serving is able to rescue us. Out of the furnace of fire! [ar"Wn !WTa;] and out of your hand, Oh king, he will rescue [us].
19 Then it was that Nebuchadnezzar himself got filled with fury, and the very expression of his face was changed toward Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. He was answering and saying to heat up the furnace! [an"WTa;] 7 times more than it was customary to heat it up.
20 And to certain able-bodied men of vital energy who were in his military force he said to bind Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, in order to throw [them] into the furnace of fire! [ar"Wn !WTa;].
21 Then it was that these able-bodied men were bound in their mantles, their garments and their caps and their other clothing and were thrown into the furnace of fire! [ar"Wn !WTa;].
22 Just because the king's word was harsh and the furnace! [an"WTa;] was heated to excess, these able-bodied men that took up Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were the ones that the fiery flame killed.
23 But these [other] able-bodied men, the 3 of them, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, fell down bound in the midst of the furnace of fire! [ar"Wn !WTa;].
26 Then it was that Nebuchadnezzar approached the door of the furnace of fire! [ar"Wn !WTa;]. He was answering and saying: Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, you servants of the Most High God, step out and come here! At that time Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were stepping out from the midst of the fire. (Daniel 3 NWT adapted from Hebrew)


16 And it [the UK/US deep state 2 horned beast] is making all, the small and the great and the rich and the poor and the free and the slaves in order that they [the corporate globalist govt sea beast and the deep state] should give to them a mark/engraving upon their right hand [controlling their actions - the vaccine passport] or upon their forehead [literally space between their eyes - controlling their thoughts - social credit score]
17 and in order that not anyone might be able to buy or sell if not the [one] having the mark/engraving [in the form of] the name of the wild beast [globalist corporation or govt employee] or the number of its name [social credit score].
18 Here is where wisdom comes in: Let the one that has intelligence count/calculate the number of the wild beast, for it is a man's number; and its number is 616 [] (Revelation 13).

"Vaccine passports will be required by law in England for the first time, Boris Johnson said on Monday, in a bid to increase COVID vaccination uptake among the young." - Monday morning July19 (2021Ab7)


God gave Satan authority to convert your genes from Adamic to Serpentine for 42 months of Revelation 13:5. That is what COVID19 vaccination is all about

You will not understand the genetic power game being played with your genes by these vaccines - and it is a genetic power game - unless you understand the spiritual war behind it. 

Those 42 months began on 2020December8 (2020Chislev18) with the first Covid-19 vaccination of the public rollout given to Patient1: Margaret Keenan. They will therefore end in 2024Sivan. In fact on 2024May23/24 (2024Sivan14 Biblical Hebrew Calendar).

All genetic vaccine rape will end then (through extraneous plasmid DNA). The vaccination campaign must end then too. Because even without added Cainian plasmid DNA the vaccines are full of DNA fragments from the manufacturing process and so will always be gene altering.

On 2021November28 The Exposé published my article giving the scriptural basis for the vaccines being the snake bite of Genesis 3:15 whose venom turns the genes of Adam, the son of God, into the genes of Cain, the son of Satan and Eve and proposing that the 7 golden vials of Revelation15, meant that there would only be 7 vaccine shots before the end of the World: The World will end at the 7th vaccine shot and who is really behind the vaccine mandates? I mean if ever vaccine vials have been golden (profit laden), mRNA shots were the ones and 24 carat into the bargain!

Here we are 2 years later on the 5th or 6th vaccine shot for most vaccine junkies and there are 5 months left to get to that 7th shot. The bad guys are not going to waste these last 5 months. They will force the last shots upon us in a way that they have not forced them upon us before, using a combination of war and financial exclusion in the G20 nations and blocks - the charming people that they are. 

I proposed in November 2021 that the 1st two vaccine shots were the snake bite of Genesis 3:15 a fang for an injection. I proposed that this was the battle of the two seeds (the saved and the unsaved) of Genesis3. Adamic people are not all saved and Cainian people are not all condemned. The two genetic lines of human beings that begin in Genesis 5 for Adam and in Genesis 4 for Cain are a genetic physicalisation of mankind's salvation status. They depict the saved and the unsaved. But they are not themselves the saved and the unsaved. We are not saved by our genes (that would truly be racism). We are saved by our character development (faith and love or lack thereof). And there was little difference in the salvation prospects between Cainian people and Adamic people until Satan's lease over mankind ran out. This has earth shattering ramifications because..

"When Satan's lease runs out he no longer has a right to tax us"

Pay Caesar's things to Caesar said Jesus. So what happens when Satan is no longer Caesar? Well, you stop paying him any tax presumably. Paying tax to governments who use that tax money to kill and genetically rape people with vaccines, and to foment international wars and to build a digital concentration camp to torture and kill by financial exclusion those who voted for them, is quite obviously morally wrong. I mean if you lived in Germany during WW2, should you have paid your taxes? Or should you have refused to fund the Wehrmacht and its concentration camps? This is not an academic question. It applies right now because Satan always does a trial run first.  

When the Exposé published the article in November 2021 we were being told by all the main stream media and by government 'scientists' and by big pharma that...

1. The vaccines were not gene therapy  
2. The vaccines would remain in the deltoid shoulder muscle cells and would not go anywhere else.
3. The vaccines being RNA would be broken down within hours of injection by the normal RNA breakdown enzyme RNase (RiboNuclease). Here is Retired Prof Klaus Steger writing for the Epoch Times on 2023July27 being 'fiction checked' on the subject by healthfeedback.org the usual non profit news controlling outfit funded by Meta, the Google News initiative and the European media and information fund. Whereas Prof Steger, being retired, is free to speak academic and scientific truth as published in the Epoch Times.
4. The vaccines could not be reverse transcribed into our own cellular DNA.
5. The mRNA vaccines contained no DNA

In fact I was banned from commenting in the Daily Telegraph because I worked out that vaccine immunity cannot fade with time. Immunity is digital. Once the pathogen is in your database, it is in your database and that is it. What was fading in the vaccinated was not the efficacy of the vaccine. It was the efficacy of the immune system of the vaccinated. The chief government shill for the DT at that time, one Philip Livingstone, kindly commented on my post saying: Spot on sir. He left his post up for 2 hours, long enough for me to see it. Then I was banned. It was the best he could do without getting himself into trouble.

So we had very little scientific support for our bible interpretation back then. But The Exposé nonetheless agreed to publish the article on 2021November28 - https://expose-news.com/2021/11/28/who-is-really-behind-the-vaccine-mandates/. God bless them.

We now know that everything we were told about the vaccines was a lie and that the vaccine mRNA (modified messenger RNA, not merely messenger RNA - so really it's mmRNA) is in fact modified by replacing one of the 4 bases (Uracil) with fake Uracil in the form of N1 Methyl Pseudouridine, which makes RNA both permanent and invisible to cellular defences and in particular to ribonuclease which breaks down regular messenger RNA. We know that the lipid nanoparticle case provides access to every organ in the body from the brain to the testes and the ovaries. We now know that Vaccine mRNA can be reverse transcribed and integrated into the human genome. The latest revelation is that the manufacturing process for the vaccines transcribes the mRNA from plasmid DNA rings. Then they filter off the plasmid DNA (non chromosomal DNA) that the vaccine mRNA was transcribed from. That process is expensive and has not been properly implemented. So the vaccines are typically full of DNA fragments. So now we have fake DNA as well as fake RNA!! So it would be easy to slip in some Cainian plasmid DNA into the vaccines. So all the components necessary for gene rape were initially denied. But now they have all been discovered and proven scientifically to be there. So our interpretation now has all the scientific validation that it lacked upon publication. Furthermore that validation was known but hidden by deception until May 2023.

"So crudely speaking the spike proteins are the can opener, your body cells are the can and the plasmid DNA is the payload"

I must point out that the bible published this as scripture and the Exposé published our interpretation which required all these things to be lies BEFORE they were found scientifically to be lies. Both publications were ahead of the known science. The Exposé by 1½ years (DNA fragments being discovered in 2023May) and the bible by 3500 years (Genesis 3:15) and by 1950 years (Revelation13:5).

But all of this, as mind blowing as it is, misses the big picture (as always). This big picture is that Satan would not request or need authority to change your genes from Adamic to Cainian (if you are adamic) whilst his lease over Adam was still valid. Because he would have all the power and authority and headship he needed over you through that lease. But when that lease expires, then he only has heavenly authority over his own genetic seed, his kids, the sons of Cain, for God is patriarchal (unlike social services). So he devised a cunning plan to make everybody into his children in order to retain his power over them. This of course is why he slept with Eve and then killed both her and through her Adam in the first place. It was to ensure that he was to be the progenitor of the entire human race rather than Adam. 

Yes folks! So now rather than raping Eve with his sperm injection needle (Cain means spear/spike/needle) in order to get himself some human seed. Satan is busy raping you with his gene injection needle to the same end. And he will do it again to the 7th time under the threat of financial exclusion through the Mark of the Beast.

His modus operandi has not changed one bit. For the first shall be last. But he would not need to do it unless his lease had run out. He slept with Eve because had he not done so then Adam would have created children to God outside of his control. He is gene raping people by mRNA vaccination today because there are a whole bunch of humans which are outside of his control because his lease has ended.

"The existence of gene altering vaccination proves that Satan is no longer Caesar"

I have more precise proof than the above in the form of bible chronology which I cannot include in this essentially secular article. But I will tell you what we have discovered and point you to our site if you wish to see the details. We knew, before we realised that gene raping vaccination would only last 42 months, that Satan's lease expired on 2019November11/12 (2019Heshvan10) and that Jesus was installed as Caesar to Adam on 2020Chislev9 (2020November28/29) having been maledicted until 2020Tishri15 (by the Quad Gapped Gentile Times) and having been appointed on 2020Tishri20. And we knew that no new Cainian seed could be made after 2024Sivan14 (2024May23/24) the end of salvation by faith testing (because by then there are too many obvious biblical signs for faith to have any valency).

So we counted back 42 Hebrew months from our known date of 2024Sivan14 and arrived at 2020Chislev, the month in which Jesus became Caesar to Adam (which Satan would not be happy about at all). Then I looked for the 1st vaccine rollout to patient1 and found Margaret Keenan in the UK on 2020December8 (2020Chislev18). So the global vaccine rollout began 9 days after Jesus was installed as Caesar to Adam and 42 months before our known date for the end of salvation by faith which is also the end of all those who have failed by then to enter into a salvation covenant. It is actually the end of the ride of the 4th horseman of the apocalypse (Mr Death), who only has authority to kill those outside a salvation covenant (25% of mankind of Revelation 6:8). Here laid bare was Satan's attempt to wrest back control over Adam for himself, by converting him to Cain.



1. The Exposé published the interpretation that the vaccines were cainain genetic rape when scientifically such a concept was deemed impossible in November 2021
2. The government, the MSM and big pharma specifically denied every single aspect of genetic vaccination that could possibly result in them been seen as an instrument of genetic rape. 
3. By May 2023 scientific papers had been published showing massive plasmid DNA contamination of the mRNA shots and circulation to every organ of the body and reverse transcription of mRNA into cell nuclei and the cellular permanence of modified RNA in which uracil is replaced by fake uracil (N1 Methyl Pseudouridine). So science has now shown that mRNA vaccines perform all sorts of genetic alterations. So much so that vaccine victims start making weird and wonderful proteins that nobody has ever seen before. Just protein junk caused by Mitochondrial RNA frame shifting induced by misreading the fake uracil and bumping the entire RNA sequence along by one base, turning the 3 base Codons into total junk. For the latest on Plasmid DNA contamination see https://expose-news.com/2023/12/06/plasmid-dna-in-pfizer-c19vaccine-enters-nucleus-of-cells/ 

Scriptural Intel

1. The shots had to be cainian gene therapy - from Genesis 3:15 and from the story of Adam and Eve and Satan acting as a serpent and from the fact that Cain means spike/spear/needle.
2. The shots are authorised for 42 months only of Revelation 13:5 by God and will cease at least to cause cainian gene rape on 2024May23/24.
3. This genetic power game would only occur if Satan was no longer Caesar. So governments owe back taxes to the lot of us from the start of the Covid-19 vaccination rollout on 2020December8!!

How the vaccines can change your character

There is one more thing to say which is too despicable for non profane words. The higher functions of the human brain, the things that separate us from the animals in behaviour. Things such as love, empathy, spirituality, sustained logical thought, seeing through deception, are the most susceptible to vascular damage. We see this when we get drunk. We become more animalistic in our behaviour (which can be a relief). In the case of alcohol, the higher brain functions go first, because they are more sensitive to cerebral blood flow and blood alcohol levels (more micro capillary intensive shall we say). But the same is true for spike protein mediated vascular damage. The capillaries supplying the higher brain functions, being the most sensitive, will be the first to be affected, making one less reasonable more aggressive and more animalistic. I have experienced this from two of the people I love the most in my life. Especially when they drink in addition to having taken 3 or more vaccine shots. They take a totally unprecedented completely unreasonable position in an absurdly overly aggressive manner. You look at them and think who is this person? That is uncle Pfizer for you. That is cousin Moderna. We have to be understanding to our loved ones here. Because the vaccines do not only make your genes satanic. They make your behaviour more satanic as well. And neither of these mutilations is an accident. That is a really hard one to deal with. Combined with alcohol, the vaccines seem to mediate a temporary partial frontal lobotomy. Now that was a properly satanic operation. Sucharit Bhakdi of doctors4covidethics.org does a very easy to follow video on this which is embedded in the Exposé article: COVID Vaccination is Suddenly Changing the Personality of Recipients.

The Power of Revelation 13:5 

Revelation 13:5 completely nails the entire chronology of cainian gene therapy vaccination, when translated properly. Here is what the existing bible translations have

5 And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue 42 months. (Revelation 13 KJV)
5 and there was given to him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and there was given to him authority to continue 42 months. (Revelation 13 ASV)
5 And a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies was given it, and authority to act 42 months was given it. (Revelation 13 NWT)
5 And a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies was given to it. And authority to act 42 two months was given to it. (Revelation 13 GLT)
5 And there was given to it a mouth speaking great things, and evil-speakings, and there was given to it authority to make war 42 months, (Revelation 13 YLT)
5 And was given to him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and was given to him authority to act months 42. (Revelation 13 ED)
5 And was given to it mouth speaking great (things) and blasphemies, and was given to it authority to do months 42. (Revelation 13 KIT)
5 And to it was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies. And power was given it to make war 42 months. (Revelation 13 THOMPSON)
5 And ther was a mouth geve vnto him that spake great thinges and blasphemies and power was geve vnto him to do XLII monethes (Revelation 13 TYNDALE)

Here is a more accurate and literal translation from the 3 Uncial manuscripts which include Revelation...

5 And a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies was given it, and authority to compose/create/make [from ποιεω: 'poieo' hence poetry] what it wants [ο θελει] 42 months was given it. (Revelation 13 LWT)
5 και εδοθη αυτω στομα λαλουν μεγαλα και βλασφημιας και εδοθη αυτω ποιησαι ο θελει μυνας τεσσερακοντα δυο (Revelation 13 Sinaiticus Original)
5 και εδοθη αυτω στομα λαλου μεγαλα και βλασφημα και εδοθη αυτω εξουσια ποιησαι μυνας τεσσερακοντα δυο (Revelation 13 Alexandrinus Original)
5 και εδοθη αυτω στομα λαλουν μεγαλα και βλασφημιας και εδοθη αυτω εξουσια ποιησαι μυνας τεσσερακοντα δυο (Revelation 13 Ephraemi Rescriptus Original)

Middle Liddell (the definitive Classical Greek Lexicon):  ποιεω : A. to make, produce, create, in Homer, often of building, ποιεω δωμα, τειχος, etc.; of smith's work, ποιεω δακος Il.; of works of art, Ib., etc.; ποιειν τι απο ξυλου to make something of wood, Herodotus; ποιειν πλοια εξ ακανθης Idem.; so, with genitive., ποιειν νηον λιθου Idem.; φοινικος  αι θυραι πεποιημεναι Xenophon.:-Middle voice., οικια ποιησασθαι to build them houses, Il.; also, to have a thing made, get it made, Herodotus, Demosthenes.
2. to make, create, ετερον  φιλιππον  ποιησετε Demosthenes.
3. of Poets, to compose, write, (old English to make), Lat. carmina facere, Herodotus., Attic Greek.:-also, to make or represent in poetry, Ο μηρος  Αχιλλεα πεποιηκε α μεινω Οδυσσεως Plato: to describe in verse, Idem: to put into verse, Idem.
[Attic Greek: Poets often use the penultimate letter omitting short, as ποιω, ποιειν, etc., which are often written ποω, ποειν, etc., as in Lat. poeta, poesis]

The word ποιεω 'poieo' which is generally translated 'to do' literally means 'to compose/create' (hence poetry in English and poesis 'poetry' in Latin and poeta 'poet' in Latin). So the 42 months is an authority to compose/create what he wants. And what he wants to create is more seed for himself and less seed for God (using climate change and transexual genital mutilation and war any other ruse he can dream up as a pretext to get rid of us and in particular to destroy our ability to procreate. For he is fighting a battle about seed, about offspring, about procreation about sexual reproduction). We explained in the Exposé in 2021 that Satan slept with Eve in order to make mankind become his progeny rather than God's. The result was Cain, a son of Satan. Whereas Abel (meaning breath - for Adam actually kissed Eve because he loved her) was a son of Adam. Nothing has changed. The first will be last. 

Just as Satan raped a deceived Eve with his sperm injecting needle, to get himself some human seed. So today his is raping her deceived sons and daughters with his plasmid DNA and mRNA injecting needle to the same end. 

Has he made you into a modern day EVE?

I say rape because although Eve most likely consented (being thoroughly deceived according to Saint Paul), Satan was an angel who was over a million years old (from Daniel12 taking a day for a thousand years) possessing a human behaving like a snake. So she certainly did not give an informed consent! The gnostic Gospel of Philip describes it as 'adultery'.

What nobility is this? First, adultery came into being, afterward murder. And he [Cain] was begotten in adultery, for he was the child of the Serpent [Satan came down in human form to seduce Eve, and Cain was carried and delivered by Eve]. So he became a murderer/manslayer, just like his father, and he killed his brother [Abel]. Indeed, every act of sexual intercourse which has occurred between those unlike one another is 'adultery' (Gospel of Philip)

So Covid vaccinees will have their genes corrupted with humanized mouse DNA, with HIV component DNA and with bat RaTG13 coronavirus plasmid (non chromosomal) DNA fragments left over from the mRNA manufacturing process inserted into their cells. What a charming cocktail! So they will become chimeric like the humanised mice whose DNA they now share. It is truly disgusting. It is genetic bestiality, it's genetic rape. It could not be worse and we pay our taxes to the government and the Health Service to do this to us?. 

Biblical Conclusion

To all those who say that the bible is a waste of time. Let me tell you that nobody in my church took the vaccine because of our understanding of that book. It saved the entire church (we banned genetic vaccination on 2021August22). And my first letter to PHE (before they banned me), in which I explained that the vaccines were having almost zero efficacy against Delta (from their own data) was written because I knew that vaccines were from Satan. I mean look at the inhuman methods they used to force them upon us! Denying dying relatives a final visit from their loved ones? Killing the elderly with Midazolam with plenty of investigation by funeral directors and alternative media journalists but none by law enforcement?

Here is the question that is begging to be asked: If Jesus is indeed Caesar, then why is he permitting all this pain and suffering and mutilation and atrocious immorality? Why does he not just close this sick system down now and plant us all is the paradise of the Kingdom of God that replaces it?

Here is my answer. That would not be the Kingdom of God. A lot of us still have a lot to learn. We especially need to understand why it is so important to attend morality school. If you read the Exposé and have a broad grasp of the level of deception we are all dealing with, then perhaps you personally do not need to see any more fruits of the darkness to get the message that mankind must adopt basic species preserving morality in order to have a future and that species preserving morality is essentially love, empathy self sacrifice and humanity. But more specifically it is the correct and accurate interpretation of the moral code of the book written by the inventor of love, the creator of love, the composer of love, the definer of love, the one who gave us the capability to love, the great poeta amoris. He made the love. Satan makes the vaccines.

So yes. Many people are ready to be harvested and do not need to see any more of this horror movie. But the majority are still in denial and think the government is doing its best, in circumstances where it sold out to the globalists years ago. But even that isn't a good enough answer. So here is how it works I interpret: Everyone gets as much of the horror movie they need (up to and including having a starring role in it) until they are ripe to be harvested, when they are removed by rapture or by Passover execution and resurrection on the 3rd day. Meanwhile God protects all of those under test (not those who do not qualify for testing -  having neither sufficient love nor sufficient faith) and not those who have finished their testing. He protects us using the angels as depicted by the 3 Hebrew boys being thrown under test into the fiery furnace of Daniel3, to whom God sent an angel to be in there with them, protecting them. And not a hair on their heads was singed.

God has to make up for a lifetime of deception in a very short period for most people. He will do this and is doing it with the Apocalypse of John. What you have just read is a part of that apocalypse (revealing). Some see things more quickly than others. Some can see it all from theory. Others need more of a practical demonstration. Some believe nothing unless they see it all with their own eyes. Some will not believe it even when they see it with their own eyes! He will teach us all with precisely what we need in order to learn the lessons of the hour. But not everybody will turn up to his class and not everybody recognises or even know what they need.

The next question is why does he permit the demons to rape us genetically like this? The answer is because God has to change our genes to become non adamic in order to stop us ageing in the Kingdom of God. And he operates a level playing field. So whatever he himself is doing to mankind the demons are permitted to do too. He permits demon possession because Jesus was angelically possessed by the archangel Michael (as was John the baptist by the angel Gabriel). 

Our understanding of the toxicity of the vaccines has come a long way since the days when the UKHSA infection and hospitalisation data definitively proved Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS). And every step has been in the direction of genetic rape. Now at last we can see clearly who the genetic rapist is and how long his abuse is permitted and what the purpose of his genetic assault is. But his rape betrays his lack of authority. So we can deduce that his divine authority has ended. He has lost his right to be Caesar to mankind. We are in the transition period between the Kingdom of Satan (this world) and the Kingdom of God (the next). During this period, Jesus sits upon his throne and sorts the sheep from the goats of Matthew25. I will never forget when one Daily Telegraph reader asked: Is the covid stuff some kind of an intelligence test? Absolutely, a spirituality test, a wisdom test, an intelligence test and a naivety test a humanity test, But a test that thanks to a few doctors and scientists who risked and lost their careers and thanks to a few journalists who put truth above a glittering career of deep state propaganda and thanks to the natural inquisitivity of mankind, we have most of us now passed.

Phase two is when the test goes next level. And you will lose your career, your professional status and all of your money unless you agree to become a concentration camp guard or a concentration camp funder of the Digital Prison that the EU (the little horn of Daniel 7:8 that looks bigger than it is and before which 3 horns fall, namely the 3 EU member states in the G20 (Germany France and Italy) have now completed and the G20 (the 10 horns who are 10 kings making 20 items of Revelation17 and the 10 toes part iron and part clay, making 20 parts of Daniel2) is ready to implement. Make no mistake. Anyone who registers for a Digital ID knowing that those who do not register will be totally excluded from the financial system is responsible for their exclusion. Because if nobody signed up, then nobody would be excluded.

It made me so sad that almost every professional tennis player put their ranking above the demise of Novak Djokovic, when he was banned from the Australian Open which ironically is a challenge cup. It is hard to challenge the cup holder when he is banned from the tournament. That was a trial balloon. What should have happened is that every one on the pro circuit should have stood with Novak and said if you discriminate against him you discriminate against me. If he does not play then neither do I. But they all put their ranking, their tennis credit score, above their humanity, above their morality, above what makes us human. That is why the Kingdom of God is not coming tomorrow. We are not ready for it.

Everyone who enters into the Kingdom of God will have to make the precise opposite decision to that of the pro tennis players who as a group stole the Australian Open from Novak. They will have to learn to love their excluded brother as much as they love themselves and more than they love their careers. They will have to refuse a career financing the coming digital concentration camp from the outside in order to be employed by God to save their brothers and sisters from the inside. For that camp is the path to the Kingdom of God. All those in the camp have Jesus as Caesar for they have rejected Satan and cannot pay him any tax having no registration.

The simplest way I can put this, which I have been searching for throughout the writing of this article, is that everything we were told about Covid19 vaccination was a lie, absolutely everything. The same will be true of Digital IDs, every reason they will adduce for getting registered will be a lie and be bogus. Every benefit that they represent you will derive from them will be a lie and be false. They will be as safe and effective as were the vaccines. They will be as financially empowering as an mRNA vaccination was immunologically empowering to your immune system. I mean a new form of money which you cannot possess or physically acquire and which you cannot actually spend without government transaction approval? That will be the end of money. Because it is 100% theft and nothing less. The most valuable thing we all have is our humanity. It is that which will carry us through individually into the Kingdom. Professional ranking, social credit score, the stock market and finally money itself are all false Gods, the Gods of Egypt. They will all become as worthless and actually as dangerous as the vaccines.

Paul's list of non Kingdom inheritors

9 What! Do ye not know that unrighteous ones will not inherit God's kingdom? [2x.2x=4x] Do not ye be misled [2x] [Because] Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor softies/cowards/effeminates, nor sodomites,
10 nor thieves, nor greedy persons, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit God's kingdom [10 plurals. Literally Paul uses inherit in the ownership sense for Kings, Lords and Priests (sons of Isaac or Jacob)- But not for citizens (sons of Abraham only). This does not preclude citizenship for the unrighteous. Sure these bad guys will not inherit the kingdom. But that does not mean they will not be saved into it - if they have a good heart despite awful works. One can live in a house that one has not inherited you know. It is called being a tenant]
11 And yet that [unrighteous] is what some of you were [2x]. But ye have been washed clean [2x: In water] in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and with the spirit of our God [2x] (1 Corinthians 6).

The List Specification Principle requires the count of 1x+10x of the further specified list of unrighteous non kingdom inheritors to be precise to the day.

The first unrighteous citizens of the kingdom, the 1st crop of the tree of life of Revelation22, are transformed on 2023Sivan14-16 and the last ones, the 12th crop, are transformed on 2024Iyyar14-16, precisely 11 months later.

List count of verse 9-10 is 2x.2x+2x.20x = 44x 
Verse 11: 2x+2x+2x = 6x. 
Verse 9-11: 44x+6x = 50x. From 2020Tishri10, the end of the 4EC baptism of the 3rd Holy Spirit, to 2024Chislev10, the end of Zoar, a Pentecost.

Kingdom OMCs for LRC sealing are regarded as unrighteous until they are sealed and possibly after they are sealed - because they do not go under church law?

Daniel 5 and Belshazzar's idolatry list


And there will be arms [plural] that will stand up, proceeding from him; and they will actually profane the sanctuary, the fortress, and remove the constant [feature]. And they will certainly put in place the disgusting thing that is causing desolation.
32 And those who are acting wickedly against [the] covenant, he will lead into apostasy by means of smooth words. But as regards the people who are knowing their God, they will prevail and act effectively.
33 And as regards those having insight among the people, they will impart understanding to the many. And they will certainly be made to stumble by sword and by flame, by captivity and by plundering, for [some] days (Daniel 11)
And those who are acting wickedly against [the] covenant, he will lead into apostasy by means of smooth words. But as regards the people who are knowing their God, they will prevail and act effectively.
33 And as regards those having insight among the people, they will impart understanding to the many. And they will certainly be made to stumble by sword and by flame, by captivity and by plundering, for [some] days (Daniel 11)

12 Blessednesses/Happinesses of the one keeping in expectation and he reaches/touches to the 1335 days! [The contest fulfilment is from 2006Sivan12 - the first Watchtower destruction date failure until 2009Shebat27 (2010February17, 1am), when the blessing of U264 was completed (to include all the necessary sacred secrets). 2012Sivan16, was non adamic Abrahamic, first fruits, when the LWs got non adamic Abrahamic bodies, the blessing of the 1AC. So on 2012Sivan16, God's official people, the sons of the ICC, were blessed greatly with non adamic Abrahamic bodies, because the 2:1 temple ratio prophecy runs from 4027Tishri2, the birth of Adam, through 2Heshvan21, the birth of Jesus, to 2012Sivan15/16 (June5/6), the end of Adamic bodies for those in the temple. So 2012Sivan16 was ICC first fruits day for 2012 and 2012Sivan14 was the end of Adam for LWs and Laodicean, the 2 true church. We died to Adam on 2012Sivan14 and were resurrected in Abraham on 2012Sivan16. The Venusian transit occurred on 2012Sivan15. The symbolises the love (Venus) of the Sun (Jesus) for the earth (man). That is indeed a really really great blessing]


4027Tishri2 to 2Heshvan21 BC (4025 years 49 days to 2012Sivan15/16 (2012½ years 24½ days Taking the curtain as being infinitessimally thin and just defining the start of the Christian era involving several presences.
4027Tishri9 (registered) to 3993Nisan14 BC (33½ years 5 days) then 6000 year curtain to 2008Nisan14, then to 2024Tebbeth16 (16¾ years 2½ days - Passover is at midnight on 2024Tebbeth14). then end of the escape from Adam occurs at the end of 2024Tebbeth16..
3989Sivan5-11 to 2Heshvan21 (3987 years 160-166 days) and 33Nisan14 to 2026Tebbeth4-10  (1993½ years 80-83 days)

10 Now there was a river issuing out of Eden to water the garden, and from there it began to be parted and it became, as it were, 4 heads [not the 4 Elijahs. But the 4 human family heads of Adam, Noah, Eber (Hebrews), Isaac (who himself is split into 4 heads of the 4 Elijah's)].
11 The first one's name is Pishon [overflowing]; it is the one encircling the entire land of Havilah [circular], where there is gold [1NCs]. (Genesis 2 NWT)

This understanding requires a rewrite of the water baptism covenants! But the first river, the overflowing Pishon, which overflows all the boundaries of age and therefore gave non ageing life, in an ageless body, must also be last. So Elijah4's baptism of the entire 3rd Holy Spirit also encircles the circular land containing 1NC gold. Elijah can only baptise them once then the 4EC ends. So his final baptism must be ageless Methuselaian. So Adam's first baptism must likewise have made people ageless. Adam died in 3097 BC, 243 years AFTER Methuselah was born in 3340 BC. So in theory Adam could have baptised people Methuselaically. But if not then a successor of his, Methuselah perhaps, could certainly have done that.

4 But Jesus said to her: What have I to do with you, woman? [The woman is the 4EC, stolen by reverted Laodicea. She is the mother to half of Jesus' flesh, his wife. Jesus joins 4EC Zoar from 2023Chislev22 to 2023Shebat4. On 2023Shebat5, the inclusive chief of the 3rd 50 of 2Kings1, Elijah4 comes down to the King becoming inferior coregent. The 1st and 2nd 2NC marriages occur on 2023Adar2 and 2024Nisan2] My hour has not yet come [the 1st presence fulfilment of this hour ran from Palm Monday 33Nisan10 to the Pentecost 33Sivan5, 55 days with the corresponding 24 hour day being his earthly visit from 29Tishri10 to 33Sivan5 - 1315 days, whereas 1320 = 55x24 days - see U916] (John 2).


The End of War is Nigh

War is a very recent endeavour for mankind. No late stone age cave painting (Upper Paleolithic from 40,000 to 4,000 BC) depicts any human attacking any other human directly. Whereas written history books (from 4000 BC) contain little else.

"Systemic warfare appears to have been a direct consequence of the sedentism as it developed in the wake of the Neolithic Revolution" (the first agricultural revolution, our conversion from hunter gatherers to settlers and farmers) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prehistoric_warfare. The Neolithic period began in 4000 BC.

Adam was born around 4000 BC according to Sir Isaac Newton. He was born in 4004 BC according to Archbishop Ussher, the primate of Ireland (published in 1650 AD). And in 4027 BC if you accurately add up all the ages of the pre and post flood patriarchs to Abraham being 75 years old in 1943 BC, then 430 years in Egyptian controlled territory to 1513Nisan14, the Egyptian Passover. Then 480 years of 1Kings6:1 to 1033Iyyar2 BC in the 4th regnal year of Solomon. Then 997 BC is the last regnal year of 40 of Solomon. Then 390 years of Ezekiel4 to 607 BC, when Pharaoh Necho defeated and killed King Josiah. Then Nebuchadnezzar as King of Babylon (in his accession year) starts besieging Jerusalem in the 3rd regnal year of Jehoiakim (605 BC). Then the first regnal of Nebuchadnezzar is 604 BC which agrees with current secular history and the chronologies of Berossus and Ptolemy.

Simply put when we stopped hunting for food we started hunting each other. And when we sat down to settle, we started stealing each others settlements and women. When we had the time and intelligence to start recording history in written form (after Adam), we regrettably also had the capability to devise ways to dominate enslave and murder our brothers in an activity we call war. The first biblical account of a war begins on the first battlefield ..

8 And Cain [spear/needle/spike] talked with Abel [breath] his brother: and it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him. (Genesis 4 KJV)

That field was the first battlefield for the sons of Eve. Not for the sons of Adam, because Cain was a son of Satan with Eve, whereas Abel was the son of Adam and Eve.

12 Not as Cain, [who] was of the wicked one, and slew his brother. And wherefore slew he him? Because his own works were evil, and his brother's righteous. (1 John 3 KJV)

Nonetheless one brother (in Eve) killed the other. Just as is happening in Ukraine between brothers and just as is happening in Gaza between brothers in Abraham.

We have progressed from hand thrown spears and spikes to bows and arrows, to muskets, to rifles, to guided missiles, to guided drones and to guided smart bombs. But we have not progressed at all from the moral depravity of Cain. We are still acting as his sons, rather than sons of Abel, sons of Satan rather than sons of Adam.

The purpose of war is to achieve through lawless abuse, self aggrandisement, which cannot be achieved by lawful means. This is why the ICJ is so important. Every nation knows that the law is there to prevent citizens attacking each other when they have a dispute. But governments who insist that their citizens obey national law, are not themselves prepared to obey international law. The inevitable result of this is war. For all the nations of the world are gunslingers with no sheriff.

We desperately need an international sheriff for governments. We do not need a global government. We need international law for national governments. A global government would be accountable to nobody. It would make the entire world into one totalitarian police state. This is what happened at Babel in the days of Nimrod, the instigator of war in the post flood world.

8 And Cush became father to Nimrod. He made the start in becoming a mighty one in the earth.
9 He displayed himself a mighty hunter in opposition to Jehovah. That is why there is a saying: Just like Nimrod a mighty hunter in opposition to Jehovah.
10 And the beginning of his kingdom came to be Babel and Erech and Accad and Calneh, in the land of Shinar.
11 Out of that land he went forth into Assyria and set himself to building Nineveh and Rehoboth-Ir and Calah (Genesis 10 NWT)

This guy was not hunting big game. He was hunting humans, conquering them and making himself a giant multi city kingdom by warfare. God's response to this was to divide the languages of the races of mankind in order to make it impossible for one race to dominate another. It was an anti warfare protection, an anti globalist protection, an anti political monopoly provision.

That provision bought us 4200 years of national sovereignty. Various empires denied that sovereignty from the Egyptians to the Assyrians, to the Babylonians, to the Persians, to the Greeks, to the Romans, to the Eastern empires, to the British, to the Russians. But still national sovereignty remained until the EU found a way of conquering nations by lying to them and bribing their politicians, rather than declaring overt military war upon them. This technique was then adopted by the globalists and we have now reached the point where our national governments no longer act in the interest of their voters. They have all become harlots to national democracy or to any democracy actually. The UK has a prime minister who was not elected at all by anybody. And the US has a president (Obama46) who did not stand for election. But runs the country on behalf of corrupt intel agency globalists behind the facade of two intellectually compromised puppets as he declared he would love to do to Stephen Colbert.

The purpose of the WHO, the G20, the UN, the EU, the WEF, the IMF, the world bank and all international political bodies, has now become to usurp national democracy by playing the international card, following the successful political model of the EU.

But God split up our languages for a reason. And we are about to discover what that reason was. It was to prevent a worldwide political monopoly, which monopoly can be achieved through a world war or through an EU type national sovereignty corruption or through the theft of all private capital via the abolition of cash and government control of every single financial transaction. That is true slavery.

Abolishing Slavery

It was the British who abolished the trans Atlantic slave trade by Act of Parliament in 1807 and Abolished slavery itself in British territories in 1833 by Act of Parliament. The purpose of war is to enslave people and appropriate their land their cities, their homes, and their resources. We have abolished the one purpose. The other purpose is equally repugnant and should be similarly abolished. We have done half the job. Now we must finish the job. We must abolish war, before war abolishes us.

The Technology - Morality Equilibrium

Every technologically advancing society will eventually reach the point where it has the capability to wipe itself out. Mankind has been in that position since Reagan and Gorbachov, It is incumbent upon us all to develop and exhibit a morality which prevents self extermination. And we only get one shot at getting this thing right. It is difficult to express the importance of morality in sufficiently strong terms. But certainly it is more important than absolutely everything else we have. For without it we will have nothing, not even our own lives.

If we lose our morality, we will lose all our loved ones, and we will lose ourselves. We will cease to exist. Everything mankind has ever done will amount to nothing. We shall have betrayed all or our ancestors who fought tooth and nail to give us a chance at life.

When I say there is no future in war I mean there is no future for mankind unless we abolish it. It is no longer the case that the French can regulate war through the Geneva convention like they regulate football through FIFA or Formula1 through FIA. One cannot regular a hypersonic multi warhead nuclear missile. One cannot regulate nuclear fallout. We do not have 2 choices here. We have one choice. Abolish war and jump (as non violently as possible) on any state that instigates it, like our lives depend upon it - because they absolutely do depend upon it.

There is no point in building a career for yourself. There is no point in educating your children. There is no point in fighting for the rights of the afflicted. There is no point in saving the planet. There is no point in doing anything at all if we are not going to be here due to a bilateral nuclear war. And the situation is worse than that. For even if 90% or 99% of us have good enough morality to avoid nuclear war, we, the people, will not determine if such a war occurs. It will be determined by those who control the intel services who control the governments. It will be determined by the most immoral people we have. These are the people who green lit the Russia Ukraine war (Trump having red lit it denying Putin's requests on multiple occasions) and then supported Ukraine with sufficient arms to fight it but insufficient arms to win it. These are the people who support injustice in Gaza, as a means to polarise Islamic opinion against NATO to ensure that the BRICS get sufficient support from the Islamic world to make a species annihilating WW3 against NATO into a certainty.

Our democratic governments have been usurped by inhuman thugs who have billions of dollars and not one cent of moral sense between them. Yet our future existence depends upon their morality.

These people destroy billions of dollars of infrastructure in Ukraine and Gaza with no intention or expectation of ever repaying the damage they have caused. In a just world any conquering nation would be made to repay every cent of damage that they did to the nation they attacked. That was the intent of the treaty of Versailles. But its heartless implementation became a major cause of WW2. How dare those pigs destroy the life's work of so many humans and the lives of so many more of us? They are an insult to humanity. They are the insult to humanity. They are a terminal cancer for us all. But where is the surgeon of international law who will authorise the operation to cut them out?

The Absolute Futility of War

Imagine that two nuclear powers become engaged in a conventional war. If one starts to win the war then the other becomes more likely to go nuclear. If one side does win the conventional war, then the other side will have to go nuclear in order to hold on to power. So the worst thing a nuclear power can do is win a conventional war against another nuclear power. A conventional win pretty much guarantees a nuclear response. So the whole conflict becomes an unwinnable charade for both sides.

The Main Stream Media and the Alternative Media

It is not easy to get to the truth behind the conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza. One of the things I learned from the Trump Presidency is that one person can make a huge difference to international warfare. Trump made an effective peace with Kim Jong Un, which has now been ruined by Biden. Trump permitted no escalation in the Ukrainian conflict over and above the annexation of Crimea which was permitted by Obama44. And Trump made large advances in middle East peace through the Abraham accords. Trump is not a pacifist. But he does not want war. Everything that Trump did as regards the military security of the world and the financial security and energy security and border security of his country has been systematically undone by the Obama46 administration. Kim Jong Un is back on the warpath. And we have 2 pots boiling in Ukraine and Gaza.

None of this is coincidence. It is all deliberate and all part of a plan to get mankind into WW3 and furthermore to get NATO to lose WW3, in order that we have to accept Chinese social credit scores. A plan that Trump stood in the way of. Of course the UK media present Trump as the enemy of all right thinking beings. Whereas in truth he is the friend even of left thinking beings. Simply because he does not try to engineer wars in order to enslave the West. The desperation that the compromised US intel community has exhibited to keep Trump out of office, as publicly demonstrated by blatantly anti democratic ballot removal suits, is the desperation that they have, to keep mankind on course for a WW3 which NATO loses. That is how they believe they can take down the US, without being seen to take down the US.

One might think therefore that the main stream media is the most dangerous propaganda mouthpiece for the enemies of Western liberty. But one would be wrong. The MSM have little or no credibility in the eyes of alternative media readers. Their opinion pieces are known to be straight deep state globalist propaganda. The more dangerous media outlets are Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones in my opinion. because they get most things right. They are not in general deep state propaganda merchants. This gives them the credibility they need to do real damage when it comes to pushing mankind into an unwinnable WW3. Both Tucker and Alex are against funding the war in Ukraine. They make arguments like lets fix the US first. The trouble with that position is that they fail to acknowledge that the US owns the war in Ukraine because Obama46 said yes to Putin's 2nd invasion of Ukraine, in circumstances were Trump said no. If they want to stop the war in Ukraine they need to address the obvious 2020 election fraud convincingly. It will not stop whilst Obama46 is in power, which is a 22nd amendment fraud in itself.

Let me put this more clearly. The US told Putin to go ahead and invade Ukraine. They did this because they are both on the same side. Those who falsely accuse Trump of colluding with Russia, did in fact truly conspire with Russia to attack Ukraine a 2nd time. Both the Obama46 administration and Russian administration and the Chinese administration want the same thing. They want to enslave all of mankind under the pretext of WW3. They, all 3 of them (Xi, Putin and Obama) wish to remain in power for life and have been very successful in doing that. Just that fact tells us they are all 3 of them from the same stock - anti democratic globalist megalomaniacs who put personal political before before absolutely everything else.

The last thing Xi, Putin and Obama want is for Ukraine to win the war or negotiate a reasonable peace. It was deep state policy to put Ukraine into war and it is deep state policy to prevent Ukraine from winning or ending that war. And to use the Russia Ukraine war to bring NATO into conflict with the BRICS. Because the US deep state is on the side of the BRICS. They are anti American to the point of treason as we saw in the Afghan withdrawal where they deliberately threw away any US military technological superiority by leaving huge amounts of their latest gear behind and failing to blow it up. Then nobody at all was reprimanded for that massive disaster. Because it was not a mistake. It was what the anti American traitors who run the US military wanted to achieve. It was also a signal to Putin that the globalists control the US military. So he is free to do what he wants in Ukraine without any sons of Mad Dog Mattis standing in his way.

Here is the best I have got and it will not be the whole story: In order to defeat NATO the globalists need the BRICS11 and the Islamic world on the other side. This puts Netanyahu into the Obama, Xi and Putin club. His job is to hand the BRICS the Islamic world. On the face of it I would say that Netanyahu's motivation is more zionist than globalist. But indulging his Zionism suits the globalists. Let me be plain here. If the BRICS11 and the Islamic world do defeat NATO, then we will all be slaves and most likely be irradiated slaves. Nobody wins WW3. The Islamic world will have been used by Satan, just like everyone else.

It is the brilliant military over performance of Ukraine that has prevented Russia from engaging with NATO so far. But I fear that Russia Ukraine is merely the hors d'oeuvres for the main course of China Taiwan. It is the Chinese who like to duplicate everything done by the West. The weapons left behind in Afghanistan will be in China and Russia. The Chinese have had enough time now to reverse engineer them and to design counter measures. And if they have not, then the same traitors who left the weapons behind will find a way to help them. When the China Taiwan war kicks off, then Ukraine may be further starved of support and there is WW3 in Europe.

In this regard the US and Russia should be brought before the ICJ for collusion to deprive Ukrainians of their infrastructure by agreeing to the invasion. In the meantime NATO owes Ukraine a debt of thanks for holding the line so effectively.

So what can we do?

Politically: Campaign/argue for the abolition of nuclear weapons. Each one is a suicide bomb. Any nation that wields them is a suicide bomber. Campaign/argue against the transfer of any national sovereignty to any international body for any reason by any means.

Personally: Just as you decided not to take the vaccine (eventually) - Decide now not to take the Mark of the Beast, not to accept a digital ID, not to be a digital concentration camp guard or supporter. Decide to be no part of the coming digital enslavement of mankind. Prepare for that eventuality (12 months of supplies and advanced payments). Do the research now before the test begins.

Morally: Understand that every single human being is of greater value than the entire planet. Because we are made in the image of God and will all of us one day become what we are the image of. The planet will never become a God. But we will. Every Palestinian will one day be a God. Every Ukrainian likewise. And every Israeli and every Russian. Even Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein and Klaus Schwab, will one day make it to divinity. Notwithstanding their manifest attempts to thwart the rest of us on our journey towards perfect judgement. That is what we are doing here. That is what you are doing every day and right now as you read this article. You are applying your sense of judgement. You are refining it, adapting it, distilling it, curating it. This is what it is to be a child of God. It is our judgement that he is developing in us by presenting to us the Billionaires, the Government scientists, the politicians, the main stream media personalities on the one hand and the censored truth tellers, the persecuted whistleblowers, the silenced non government scientists, statisticians and life insurance actuaries and the alternative media personalities on the other.

The good news is that John Lennon and Isaiah2 and Micah4 are all correct: War will end. The bad news is that the only way mankind will learn to stop making war is to get so badly burnt by it that he totally loses his appetite for war for all time. I will leave it to your judgement to imagine how destructive such a burning will have to be. But I will say one more thing. The generation that fought in WW2 would not visit WW3 upon us. They did learn the lesson. So the only way that war can end permanently is if the generation the sees WW3 does not ever die. Yes the harder the test, the bigger the prize!


There are 1.4m Palestinians in Rafah. They have been ordered to leave. There is nowhere for them to go in Gaza other than tents with no amenities. If they want food or clean water or healthcare or to escape Israeli bombs they need to leave Gaza. 

This is quite clearly an ethnic cleansing of an entire nation under the threat of genocide if people remain in their homes. The primary objective is SAID by Netanyahu and his appointees to be the destruction of Hamas. But that is quite plainly a cover story for the real agenda of ethnic cleansing of all Palestinians out of Gaza. Because Hamas was created by the Israeli government and deep state and the height of its flames is determined by Likud in Netanyahu's own words (Haaretz article by Gidi Weitz on 2023October9). - https://globalresearch.ca/another-concept-implodes-israel-cant-managed-criminal-defendant/5836033 

Hamas is being ussed by Likud either actively or passively or both, to enable the ethnic cleansing that Netanyahu dreams of completing. The final solution which he desires. No. He has not created a concentration camp in Gaza. He has created a death camp in Gaza unless you build your own concentration camp. 

Yes. Likud created Hamas in order to prevent a 2 state solution (Netanyahu admitted as much quoted in the Haaretz article). But there was a further agenda which we can now all see - wasn't there. It was to ethnically cleanse the new master race from all Palestinian untermensch. Let us face it. And Netnayhau himself will not permit his baby, Hamas, to be destroyed until his political aims have been achieved. For that is why he bore that enfant terrible. Hamas will continue to exist and inflict damage on the IDF until the day that Netanyahu's and Likud's final solution has been implemented to their satisfaction.

I say to every Likud supporter in Israel in the UK and in the US. Hamas is NOT arms length from Likud or from Mossad. All who support Israel as I do should recognise that Hamas is the mule and Likud is the Rider. 

The greatest enemy that Israel has is its own government and security services as they discovered on October7 and still see today with the failure to secure hostage release. That is true of most countries in the world. But Israel should know better given the past behaviour of Netanyahu. .

South Africa screwed up at the ICJ. They brought the wrong charge. They should have brought ethnic cleansing and forced relocation. That is undeniably true. And the ICJ should have then issued a clear injunction to stop on that basis. Indeed that charge should be brought right now by any other group with standing to bring it. 

Likud, the ICJ, the UK and the US have failed Israel. And we have failed every Palestinian in that God forsaken country that tramples on its own holocaust memory.

We have permitted a situation when even mass murderer and ethnic appropriator Putin, a true and typical son of Cain, can rightly condemn the entire West.. 

God is not one to be mocked. Whatever a man or a nation of men is sowing. THIS they will also reap. So I say to all in Likud and all who support Likud: There is not much time left in this world (5 years is our latest calculation). That is the period in which we will reap what Netanyahu is sowing unless we stop that insult to Judaism and to the history of the suffering of the Jewish people. 

Even his shrink Moshe Yatom committed suicide because he could not deal with Netanyahu's psychopathology. - https://www.globalvillagespace.com/israeli-prime-ministers-psychiatrist-commits-suicide/ 

I don't understand Israeli politics. But if there is a way to remove Netanyahu for war crimes or previous fraud then find it or he will destroy Israel with GOD'S reaction to Likud's destruction of the Palestinians - who are for the most part a semitic and to a significant extent a circumcised people. 

I mean the circumcision covenant ended with Cornelius on 36Tishri14 AD. But God will defend or avenge anyone with faith (regardless of his religion) at the expense of their abusers. He may not save the faithful one from death because he has a resurrection. But the abuser will not escape his justice. He will experience God's vengeance. I do not know where the tipping point is for the future of Israel but we must very close to it now.

God saved the world through the Jews and Satan would like nothing better than to destroy it through the same people. He is the architect of all holocausts. The holocausts of yesterday (Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden, the Nazi death camps, the largest of them all so far) and the holocausts in Ukraine and in Gaza of today. 

When will mankind stop offering its children to Molech, the God of fire?

To see a nation of Jews forcing Gazan's to rebuild their own concentration camp with the blessing of the WW2 allies is a massive victory for Satan and a total failure for humanity. It is time we scored of Goal for the humans rather than the demons.

Putin has a detailed view of history back to 800 AD because he was alive in 800 AD. Tucker was interviewing a slimy demon, a terminator.

Let me make this very simple. Netanyahu is an abuser. He gets off on it. All he can offer in his present state is abuse upon abuse upon abuse. To get him out of that state he has to be removed from power. If not the Israel will reap abuse upon abuse upon abuse.




20 Be praying but in order that not should occur the flight of you of winter and not to Sabbath;
21 will be for then [of winter AND to the Sabbath year] tribulation great of what sort not has occurred from beginning of world until of the now not-but not not should occur.
22 And if not were cut short the days those, not likely was saved all flesh; through but the chosen ones will be cut short the days those [by the end of the lava flood] (Matthew 24 KIT).

18 Be you praying but in order that not it might occur of winter;
19 will be for the days [of winter] those tribulation of which sort not has occurred such from beginning of creation which created the God until the now and not not should occur.
20 And if not shortened Lord the days, not likely was saved all flesh. But through the chosen (ones) whom he chose he shortened the days (Mark 13 KIT).

Both the Great Tribulation and the Unprecedented Tribulation are cut short.


29 Furthermore, people will come from eastern parts and western, and from north and south, and will recline at the table in the kingdom of God.
30 And, look! there are those last who will be first, and there are those first who will be last. (Luke 13 NWT)

29 And they will arrive from eastern [parts] and western [parts] and from north and south and will recline in the kingdom of the God.
30 And look! they are last (ones) who will be first (ones), and they are first (ones) who will be last (ones). (Luke 13 KIT)

29 And they will arrive from eastern [parts] and western [parts] and from north and south and will recline in the kingdom of the God. (KIT)
29 kai. h[xousin avpo. avnatolw/n kai. dusmw/n kai. avpo. borra/ kai. no,tou kai. avnakliqh,sontai evn th/| basilei,a| tou/ qeou/ (WHO)
30 And look! they are last (ones) who will be first (ones), and they are first (ones) who will be last (ones). (Luke 13 KIT)
30 kai. ivdou. eivsi.n e;scatoi oi] e;sontai prw/toi kai. eivsi.n prw/toi oi] e;sontai e;scatoi (Luke 13 WHO)

11 But I tell you that many from eastern parts and western parts will come and recline at the table with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of the heavens;
12 whereas the sons of the kingdom will be thrown into the darkness outside. There is where [their] weeping and the gnashing of [their] teeth will be. (Matthew 8 NWT)

11 I am saying but to you that many from risings and settings will come and will recline with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of the heavens; (KIT)
11 le,gw de. u`mi/n o[ti polloi. avpo. avnatolw/n kai. dusmw/n h[xousin kai. avnakliqh,sontai meta. VAbraa.m kai. VIsaa.k kai. VIakw.b evn th/| basilei,a| tw/n ouvranw/n (WHO)
12 the but sons of the kingdom [Kingdom successes other than those of verse11] will be thrown out into the darkness the outer [true church becomes false]; there will be the weeping and the gnashing of the teeth [33 months of no true church for JWs AND sons of the Kingdom will emerge from Gehenna the bastion of weeping and gnashing teeth]. (Matthew 8 KIT)
12 oi` de. ui`oi. th/j basilei,aj evkblhqh,sontai eivj to. sko,toj to. evxw,teron\ evkei/ e;stai o` klauqmo.j kai. o` brugmo.j tw/n ovdo,ntwn (Matthew 8 WHO)

North and South are independent of the spin of the earth.




The LWs are the Immanuel

Elijah1, John the baptist
is born/circumcised
at the 1NC Pentecost.
2Sivan10/18 BC
Jesus possesses
Immanuel at his
baptism by John
29Tishri10 AD
Immanuel ascends
into the ark ending
his earthly interaction
29Tishri10 AD
Elijah4 appointed/installed
to feed 2NCs at the
1NC Pentecost
Isaaic/Abrahamic Zoar handed over to the 3rd Holy Spirit
after 3600 overseers of 2Chronicles2 from 2016Tishri5/Heshvan5
the installation of Isaaic Zoar over Isaac/Abraham
Elijah4 ascends into the ark
completing his
earthly interaction

30 years 4 months 30 years 4 months

Elijah4 feeds for 30½ years from his appointment/installation to feed the 2NCs on 1996Nisan18/Sivan7. Then he ascends into the ark completing his earthly interaction on 2026Heshvan5, when Jesus completes the take over of the non adamic Isaaic then Abrahamic body of his church. Just as Jesus entered into Immanuel and Immanuel ascended into the ark on 29Tishri10, 30 years 4 months after Elijah1 was born/circumcised on 2Sivan10 (1NC Pentecost)/2Sivan18.

Similarly the LWs were appointed/installed to rule over the 2NCs on 1999Tishri2/Chislev21 and rule for 30 years to 2019Tishri14 (under FDS3 and then under the 3rd Holy Spirit), then Jesus has his 3½ year antitypical ministry to the OMCs. Whereas Immanuel was born on 2Heshvan21 BC and lived for 30 years to 29Tishri10, when Michael possessed him. Then Michael was installed to feed the Jews on 29Heshvan21, 30 years later precisely at the start of his 3½ year ministry to 33Nisan14 and on to 33Iyyar25.

2033Iyyar14: 1st death Passover for Cain at the 3rd Jubilee of Michael post Gentile Times lease over Cain.

Immanuel (Jesus)
is born to the
virgin Mary/circumcised
2Heshvan21/29 BC
Jesus' appointed/installed
to feed Israel during his
1st century ministry
29Tishri2/Heshvan21 AD
Jesus possesses
Immanuel at his
baptism by John
29Tishri10 AD
Jesus is sacrificed
by Caiaphas at the
33Nisan14 AD

FDS4 appointed/installed
to rule over the 2NCs
The 3rd Holy Spirit is
to feed the OMCs
The Accepting year of Isaiah61
ends on 2029Tishri10
Jesus. antitypical ministry begins on
2029Heshvan21 AD

Zoar ends
4½x after
its 4EC ends

1st death Passover for Adam/Cain
at the 3rd Jubilee of Michael's Post
Gentile Times lease over Adam/Cain
30 years3½ year ministry30 years3½ year ministry

Laodicea is
accepted as
a true church
Laodicea is
appointed over
the 1NCs
1st 1NC is 3EC
baptised into
Laodicea. 3rd 1NC marriage Passover
3EC ends in
Reverted Laodicea
is appointed over
1NCs at 12th 1NC
first fruits
Reverted Laodicea
is appointed over
HLCs and installed
over 1NCs
1st HLC is
4EC baptised
into Reverted
Jesus tells them to fish for HLCs
rather than 2NCs. Peter leaves
fallen reappointed Laodicea.
200 cubits to land begin
See John21 - U208
Last HLC
(4th bride)
is Passover
1st 2NC is 4EC baptised
into Reverted Laodicea.
300 Denarii of John12 begin.
200 cubits of John21 to land end
Last 2NC is 4EC baptised
300 Denarii of John12 end
4EC baptism ends
for Reverted Laodicea
700 day starting bankStretched hand Pentecost 153 big 1NC/HLC fish of John 21 300 Denarii of John12 on feet700 day ending banksee U304

1000 days of 5 loaves into 5000 men of John6 from 2020Tebbeth11 to 2023Tishri21.
6350 days (127 Pentecosts of Esther9) from 2005Adar1, the theft of the 4EC baptism, the baptism of the 2nd Laodicean by 'Roger Knight' the apostle to Laodicea, to 2023Tishri21. Jurisdiction through the law of the 4EC as judged by Laodicea. 
2005Adar1 to 2017Elul14 then 2017Tishri4 to 2023Tishri21
3300 treaders down of 1Kings5 from 2012Tishri5 to 2017Elul10 and 2019Ab1 (from sunset)  to 2023Tishri21. Then 450 prophets of Baal take us to 2024Tebbeth21, the end of the seizing of the prophets of Baal by the true church of ark based Zoar. So from 2024Tishri16-20 ark based 2NCs in a true church in the ark, are trodden down in a false church on earth

Abrahamic Laodicea
is installed over
non adamic Abraham
40 days of Laodicea spying on LWs begins
12 years of Betrayal after 2003Shebat21
their installation to feed the 2NCs
40 days of spying end
40 month Laodicean
wilderness penalty
falls as a
 true church
Laodicea is
accepted as
a true church
40 month Laodicean
wilderness penalty ends
Reappointed Laodicea
is reappointed over Abraham
Reverted Laodicea
falls as a true church
450 prophets of Baal
seizing period starts
Rapture of Laodicean 2NC prophets of Baal
True church raptured ark based Laodicean 2NCs
are trodden down by false church earthly
Laodicean administrators from 2024Tebbeth16-20
1775 days1520450 prophets of Baal 1775 + 1520 + 5 = 3300 treaders down of 1Kings5

Mark Administrative Inauguration to Mark Inauguration is 120 days of the sentence count of Daniel 3:2-3

1 Nebuchadnezzar the king made an image of gold, the height of which was 60 cubits [and] the breadth of which was 6 cubits. He set it up in the plain of Dura [circle/dwelling] in the jurisdictional district of Babylon.
2 And Nebuchadnezzar the king sent to assemble the satraps, the prefects and the governors, the counsellors, the treasurers, the judges, the police magistrates [determined/absolute] and all the administrators [construct] of the jurisdictional districts to come to the inauguration of the image that Nebuchadnezzar the king had set up.
3 In/ At that time [!yId;aB] the satraps, the prefects and the governors, the counsellors, the treasurers, the judges, the police magistrates and all the administrators of the jurisdictional districts were assembling themselves for the inauguration of the image that Nebuchadnezzar the king had set up, and they were standing in front of the image that Nebuchadnezzar had set up. (Daniel 3 NWT). 

Verse2: Command to gather counts as 7x.3x+3x.3x=30x (a month a time for verse3)
Verse3: Execution of the command to gather counts as: 7x.3x+3x.3x+30x.(1x+1x) = 90x
Total: 1 time + 30x+90x = 120x. These stand in front of i.e. temporally before of the image for 120 days from August 2024 (Julian or Gregorian) to December 2024 (Julian or Gregorian) which is 2024Tebbeth for the most part. Mark Registration cannot start before all the 2NCs are raptured so as to be kept from the hour of the test. So 2024Tebbeth22 (2024December27/28) is the earliest that Mark Registration could start. But we do not go up until 2024Adar16-21. Then it starts on 2024Adar22.

The Mark Registration DECREE must occur in August (Julian, i.e. on or before 2024September13). Because Caesar Augustus (not Septemberus or Octoberus) decreed the entire Roman world should get registered in Luke2 and because Mike's dream had the pages of August being flipped through in speedy succession.

2023Elul22 (2023September9/10 - the dates of the ONE FUTURE G20 summit in India)
2024Chislev12-13 (2024November18-19) is the G20 summit in Rio de Janierio

4 And the herald was crying out in strength: to ye they are saying [But this is a periphrasis for the passive -  it is being said - Gesenius - like a polite plural], Oh peoples, nations and tongues [Everyone in the Watchtower] [Everyone in the world] [3x+3x+3x=9x],
5 that in/at the time which/when/that yeu hear the sound [singular] of the horn, the pipe, the zither, the triangular harp, the stringed instrument, the bagpipe [Every Watchtower meeting begins with Kingdom melodies] and all types of instrumental music [6x+3x=9x or 6x+6x = 12x, because we know there are 6 types of instrument. So there must be at least 6 types of instrument music. This cannot be 6x+1x = 7x, for that makes a mockery of the 6x] [every possible form of mass media communication - or will they write a G20 anthem?], yeu fall down and worship the image of gold that Nebuchadnezzar, the king has set up [2x] [worship the fake gold, the fake 1NC saints in the Watchtower, the images of gold] [get the mark of the beast so that you can buy or sell].
6 And who that does not fall down and worship [2x] will in that moment be thrown into the midst of the furnace of the fire the burning [2x+½x+½x=3x] [Disfellowshipped] [Denied access to nuclear bunkers? Drafted into WW3?].
As/like to front of/over against this [following this, as a result of this], in/at appointed time of him as/like which [1x] all of the peoples [3x] were hearing the sound of the horn, the pipe, the zither, the triangular harp, the stringed instrument and all sorts of instrumental music [5x+3x=8x OR 5x+1x = 6x] [where is the bagpipe? DO THE SCOTS IGNORE THIS SATANIC MARK OF THE BEAST!!]. This is a media assault in the secular UN thread], falling [were] all of peoples, nations and tongues [3x+3x+3x=9x. Except that all of the peoples falling down is all of the tribes falling down which is all of the tongues falling down. So really this is 3x?] worshiping [they were] to the image of gold that Nebuchadnezzar, the king had set up [1x] (Daniel 3).

He will be thrown into the fire counts 1x
He will be thrown into the midst of the fire counts 2x because the fire must have a midst and second area which is not a midst. So he is thrown into one of the two parts of the fire.

1939September1 4:45 am (1945Elul13) Poland invaded.
1945May8 VE (1945Iyyar24)
1945August15 VJ (1945Elul3)
1945September2 VP Victory in the Pacific (1945Elul21)
1945September12 (1945Tishri1): Japan officially surrendered to the British in Singapore:  73 months in total.
1945September13 (1945Tishri2): Japan surrendered Burma to the British
1945September16 (1945Tishri5): Japan surrendered Hong Kong to the British (officially).
1945 September20 (1945Tishri9): The Allied Control Council passed its Control Council Law No. 1 - Repealing of Nazi Laws in Germany.
1945September29 (1945Tishri18) Miyako and Ishigaki, the last islands of Japan to surrender to the US.

Verse 4-6: The count of the idolatry decree is 9x.(9x.12x+9x.2x+2x.1x) = 9x.128x = 1152x. So 1152x into Mark enforcement is the midst of the fiery furnace of WW3, which lasts for 80 months of verse19, which is 7 months more than the 6 years and 22 days of WW2 (2182 days) which is 2392 days from the invasion of Poland, to the surrender of Hong Kong to the British on 1945September16 (1945Tishri5). YES.

Paul gives Peter a mars bar (an action) is 1x
Peter has a mars bar (a state) = 1x+1x = 2x
Peter and Paul will be thrown into the midst of the fire (an action) = 2x
Peter and Paul were in the midst of the fire (a state) = 2x+1x =3x

2392 = 1196 + 1196: So WW3 begins 1196-1152 = 44 days before 2025Adar21/22 which is 2025Shebat7/8. So it ends on 2032Elul29/30 then 195 days of the Dunghill decree to 2033Nisan14/15, the end of LRC sealing.

80 months of WW3 is the 80 months of the grand evening meal of God of Revelation19 - see U151#19.

The Great Tribulation of Matthew24 and Revelation7, lasts for 1014 days of Revelation7 from 2025Shebat8 to 2028Chislev2 the end of nuclear war, the end of the Unprecedented Tribulation of Mark13, the end of the killing with the long sword of the 4th horseman of Revelation6, near the start of the killing with the long sword of the horseman of Revelation19 to 2029Nisan14, the 6th crop Passover (when the FRC birds are satisfied). The Unprecedented Tribulation runs for 28 days of the sentence count of Mark13:17-20 from 2028Heshvan4 to 2029Chislev2. 

21 And the leftover (ones) [loipoj] [2x+2x: Left over from the ride of the 4th horseman with the long sword of WMDs. So: The ones in addition to those killed already, the ones left over and above those already killed: The saved and the condemned] were killed off in the [dative] long sword [romfaia] [1x] of the (one) sitting upon the horse [in] the [dative] [one] having gone forth out of the mouth of him [which mouth is in the true church of Zoar: 33x - 32 human teeth + 1 tongue?, the double edged sword of the word of God], and all the birds were satisfied out of the [resurrected] fleshes of them [2x.2x=4x. The Kings and Lords have 50% of mankind to deal with, the raptured/ark resurrected FRCs]. (Revelation 19 KIT)

Verse21 (killing only): 4x.33x = 132x from 2028Chislev2 to 2029Nisan14, the 6th crop Passover.
God must kill the last of non 1AC non OMC Adam on or after 2028Chislev2, since they are executed by God via lava flood with interference from Satan, not the other way around.

11 In year 600th, year to life of Noah, in the month, the second, in 17th day to the month, in/on/at the day this all the springs of the vast (watery/volcanic) deep were broken/cleaved/divided open and the windows/floodgates of the heavens were opened (Genesis 7).

Jesus was 12 years old in Nisan1 sacred years of Luke 2:42, when questioning the teachers in the temple. Adamic ages are stated in Tishri1 adamic secular years. Jesus was non adamic. His age is stated in Nisan1 sacred years, which he himself founded. So the lava flood begins on 2029Iyyar17, the 17th day of the 2nd month of the Nisan sacred year of Jesus' life. So it ends on 2029Ab7. 

All of the people nations and tongues is a cast iron witness to 3x precisely of Mark enforcement since all of the peoples is all of the nations which is all of the tongues. Likewise all ones, the great and the small, the rich and the poor, the free and the slaves, is a witness to 1x+3x.

8 Because of this, at that same time Chaldean [ones] approached and accused the Jews.
They answered, and they were saying to Nebuchadnezzar, the king: Oh king, live on even for hidden times.
You yourself, Oh king, set forth the command that every man that hears the sound of the horn, the pipe, the zither, the triangular harp, the stringed instrument, and the bagpipe and all sorts of instrumental music, should fall down and worship the image of gold;
and whoever that not fall down and worship should be thrown into the midst of the furnace of the fire the burning!.

Verse8: 3x+3x.3x = 12x
Verse9-11: (3x+3x).3x.(6x+6x+2x+2x+1x) = 18x.17x = 306x
Total: 12x+306x = 318x.??

The face of the image is the period when it can be seen (when you can get registered) but it is not compelled. Its real purpose is hidden behind the 6x60 = 360 one circle, one Dura (meaning circle in Chaldee) facade.

11 And I saw other wild beast stepping up out of the earth, and it was having horns two like to lamb [lambs do not have horns. Horns start growing at ages 2-3. So like a lamb counts as 1x] and it was speaking as dragon.

11 And I saw other wild beast stepping up out of the earth, and it was having horns two like to lamb, and it was speaking as dragon. (Revelation 13 KIT)
11 Kai. ei=don a;llo qhri,on avnabai/non evk th/j gh/j kai. ei=cen ke,rata du,o o[moia avrni,w| kai. evla,lei w`j dra,kwn (Revelation 13 WHO)

Verse 11: 2x+2x+1x =5x. Having 2 horns is a state. Speaking as a Dragon is an action.  

12 And the authority of the first wild beast all it is doing in sight of it. And it is making the earth and the (ones) in it dwelling in order that they will worship the wild beast the first, of which was cured the blow of the death of it.
13 And it is doing signs great, in order that also fire it may make out of the heaven to be stepping down into the earth in sight of the men.
14 And it is making to err the (ones) dwelling upon the earth through the signs which it was given to it to do in sight of the wild beast, saying to the (ones) dwelling upon the earth to make image to the wild beast who is having the blow of the sword and it lived.
15 And it was given to her to give spirit to the image of the wild beast, in order that also should speak the image of the wild beast and it might make in order that as many as if ever not might give worship to the image of the wild beast they should be killed. (Revelation 13 KIT)

16 And it [the two horned beast UK and US] is making [poiei] all [ones] [namely] the small [ones] and the great [ones], and the rich [ones] and the poor [ones], and the free [ones] and the slaves [2x further specified as 12x counts as 12x] [receptive] in order that [ina] they [the sea beast and other beasts] [2x] should give to them [2x: All ones] a mark/engraving upon [+genitive] their right hand or upon [+dative] their forehead [1x+5x or 1x+1x] ,
17 and in order that not anyone/someone [of them] [1x] might be able to buy or sell [(1x + 1x)/2 = 1x] if not the [one] [1x] having the mark/engraving [in the form of] the name of the wild beast or the number of its name [1x,(1x+1x)/2 = 1x].
18 Here is where wisdom comes in: Let the one that has intelligence count/calculate the number of the wild beast, for it is a man's number; and its number is 616 [see the count for Revelation 13:1-9 - see U271-11#19] (Revelation 13).

Verse 16-17:12x.2x.2x.((6x+2x)/2x)+12x.1x.((1x+1x)/2+(1x+1x)/2) = 48x.4x+12x.2x=216x. NOPE

Verse 16-17: 5x (the count of 'it', the 2 horned lamb-like other beast speaking as dragon).(12x.2x.2x (all ones).((6x+2x)/2x)+12x.1x.((1x+1x)/2+(1x+1x)/2) = 5x.(12x.2x.2x.4x+12x.2x)=5x.(192x+24x) = 5x.216x = 1080 3 years 
Verse 16-17: 5x (the count of 'it', the 2 horned lamb-like other beast speaking as dragon).(14x.2x.2x (all ones).((6x+2x)/2x)+12x.2x.((1x+1x)/2+(1x+1x)/2) = 5x.(12x.2x.2x.4x+12x.4x)=5x.(192x+48x) = 5x.240x = 1200x. 3 years 4 months.  

It is 3x, 1080 days because all ones: The small the great, the rich, the poor, the free, the slaves = All ones: All ones (by greatness), all ones (by wealth), all (ones by freedom), which is all ones, further specified 3x, which is 1x further specified to be 3x, which yields 3x. It cannot be 1200x because the image is only inaugurated before the administrators 1128x of Daniel2-3 and 4-6 before it ends.

One does not get an understanding like the 1335 Millennia of time whilst Alienated from God. We got it from 2023Shebat10. So the LW Alienation Times did end on 2023Tebbeth21. So Isaaic Zoar was appointed over the 2NCs on 2016Tebbeth21.

5 Having lifted up therefore the eyes the Jesus and having viewed that much [non adamic] crowd is coming toward him he is saying toward Philip Wherefrom might we buy loaves in order that might eat these?
6 This but he was saying testing him, he for had known what he was about to be doing.
7 Answered to him Philip Of 200 denarii loaves not are enough to them in order that each one short/small/insignificant/little [bracuj] might receive [the food of Zoar]. (John 6 KIT)

200 Denarii of loaves of John6 (6000 days of Zoar food) from 2012Heshvan5 (over Abraham) to 2016Ab14 and from 2016Heshvan5 (over Abraham) to 2029Elul26 [not enough so the each one get a little]. then Zoar ends on 2030Ab18 OR
200 Denarii of loaves of John6 (6000 days of Zoar food) from 2012Shebat21 (over 2NCs) to 2016Ab14 and from 2016Tebbeth21 (over 2NCs) to 2029Adar28 = 2029VeAdar28 = 2030Nisan4 [not enough so the each one get a little]. Then Zoar ends on 2030Ab18.

Then 3½ years to 2033Nisan14, the final ministry to the OMCs. This is a love ministry 2000 years after the 1st century ministry. For the first shall be last.

6004 year
extended ARC
lease ends
over Adam
Jesus is appointed
Caesar to Adam/
Satan's 1254 day
ministry and 
2000 day eviction
payback begins
over Adam/Cain
Satan's ministry
payback ends
over Adam/Cain
Satan's 2000
day eviction
payback ends
Start of war of
Satan loses the
war is Passed
over and tries
to remain in
Eviction from
heaven starts
Demons start
down Jacob's
Demons reach
bottom of Jacob's
ladder. Start of
2000 day Demon
Laodicean FRC
1st crop Passover
of Revelation22.
Demons expelled
from all humans.
Late non
religious LRC
12th crop of
Jesus' 3½ year
antitypical Love
ministry begins
Zoar ends
Final 3½ year ministry
ends. End of dying the
1st/adamic death for
1st/late 1st death Passover
50 month non adamic
Restoration lease
Satan's 1254 day
ministry payback
2000 days
less 1254
8x of war of
6x of no place in
heaven of Rev12:8
1+30 days down
Jacob's ladder
2000 day 21st century
demon possession 
11 months 3½ year antitypical ministry
of Jesus

2000 days of demon
possession start



rapture ends
10 horns end
10 diadems start
31 day transfer of power and
authority of Revelation 17:13
2026Tebbeth8 (10 diadems end)
21 months of Beast headship begin. Democratic
power and authority ends for G20 members
All Demons expelled. 2000
days of possession end
10 Dragon horns Dragon 7 Dragon diadems 7 Dragon heads 10 horns 10 diadems = 1 hour Sea Beast 7 heads + 14 blasphemous names (DACs) = 67 months (2000 days)
10x precisely 9 months 16/17 days666: The number of days of the Dragon usurping democracy through the G20

The hour with the beast is 9 months 16/17 days, So the day of the beast must be 9 years 6 months + 12/24 days, from 2022Adar22/23 or 2023Nisan4/5 to 2032Tishri16/17, the end of the G20 giving its power and authority to the banking beast (55x55=3025 days of Revelation17:16-17 after 2025Iyyar21/22, the start of the 10 horns). So it appears that the banking beast finished being set up on 2022Adar23, when the demons were evicted from heaven to go through the Tsohar (1 cubit) and down Jacob's ladder (30 cubits) to 2023Nisan24, the start of demon possession.

Rescriptus/Sinaiticus have 6x for Revelation12:8 whereas Alexandrinus has 4x (it/they did not have strength).
Authority was given them (Death and the horse and Hades) to kill in long sword. So the demons must last until the UT and do set off some nuclear bombs. YES, they must be condemned for what they are. No blaming it on Eve this time. If I can't has it ain't nobody gonna has it. 

The left over ones for 132x of Revelation19:21 are not from the burning of the beast. They surely are from the nuclear part of the ride of the 4th horseman, to the end of the killing of the leftover FRCs by Jesus' long sword on 2029Nisan14. So the nuclear part of the ride of the 4th horseman ends on 2028Chislev2. The demons being expelled 2028Heshvan14.
150 days of the sentence count of the conquest by FRCs to 2029Nisan16 from 2028Heshvan16, the period of ark resurrection of the FRCs. 

1440 days 360 + 3x from 2024Adar21/22 to 2028Adar21/22 of Mark Registration and Enforcement

Mark registration is 2024Adar21 rather than 2024Adar22 (since Benjamin's rapture ends not on 2025Iyyar22 but on 2025Iyyar21 (during Cakes-Booths), 2x precisely of the encirclements of John 10:22-24 and 60 cubits of the height of the image of Daniel3, after both Gordon's rapture and Mark Registration day. Mark enforcement is 2025Adar21 and Mark admin demonstration after the decree of Caesar Augustus in August is 2024Heshvan21, which is 2024October27/28. G20 annual summit is 2024November18-19 (2024Chislev12-14) in Rio de Janeiro. Adar followed by a VeAdar is the perfect month for an LW rapture because VeAdar is a rerun of Adar which depicts the live one day on earth get one day free in the ark situation.

3600 overseers: From 2016Tishri5, the installation of Isaaic Zoar over Isaac to 2026Tishri5 when we hand over the Isaaic part of the church to the 3rd Holy Spirit so they can start separating the sheep from the goats for 6 years 192/198 days (2352/2358 days) from from 2026Heshvan5 (when we hand over Abraham) to 2033Iyyar22 (2nd Mosaic first fruits) - see U902

The Great day of Jehovah is 21 years of Zephaniah 1:14-16 from 2012Sivan14 the start of his killing Adam to 2033Nisan14, the end of his killing Adam and then 2033Iyyar14, the end of his killing Cain..

Revelation 6:8: from look! 1x.1x+3x+4x+4x.(5x+¼x) = 8x+21x = 29x. From 2026Adar15-21, the end of CRC ark rapture to 2029Ab7, the end of the lava flood, the end of non salvation covenant Adam and non salvation covenant Cain, the quarter of the earth which the 4th horseman can kill. The Flood must cover or come after the 40+40 days of the ride of the 4th horseman, for it is an execution by God partially done by Satan not the other way around - see U151#6.

Ride of 4th horseman begins
at the end of the 4EC ark rapture
Nuclear war begins
The Unprecedented Tribulation
of Mark13 begins
Nuclear war ends. Unprecedented Tribulation ends
132 days of the leftover ones of Revelation19:21
before 2029Nisan14, the 6th crop Passover,
the end of FRC salvation
The 17th day of the 2nd month of the
Nisan1 sacred year of Genesis 7:11
The 40+40 day lava flood begins
The 40+40 day lava flood ends. 
There are no more unsaved sons
of Adam or Cain (the ¼ of the earth) to kill.
So the 4th horseman stops riding
28 days of Mark13:17-20 40+40 days of lava flood 29x of ride of Revelation6:8

The end of FRC ark rapture is 2029Nisan16. The lava flood starts on 2029Iyyar17 of Genesis 7:11 and runs to 2029Ab7. 2028Heshvan14 is the end of demon possession

26 Then Jehovah said: If I shall find in Sodom 50 righteous [ones] [] in the midst of the city [in the midst of ?] I will pardon the whole place on their account.
27 But Abraham went on to answer and say: Please, here I have taken upon myself to speak to Jehovah, whereas I am dust and ashes [constructive dust which is the result of death, and constructive ashes, which are the result of a volcanic destruction] [the Abrahamic dust escapes the lava flood, the Abrahamic ashes do not].
28 Suppose the 50 righteous should be lacking 5. Will you for the 5 bring the whole city to ruin? To this he said: I shall not bring it to ruin if I find there 45 [].

The city of ark based Zoar from 2024Tebbeth16 to 2030Ab18 (4½x of the far bank after 2025Shebat18, 334x/336x/338x of Bethzatha after 2024Adar14, the start the Isaaic 4EC in Jerusalems - of ark based people), 67 months plus 2 days. Mid point is 2027Heshvan2, which is the day when someone baptised on 2027Tishri30 becomes fully Isaaic. YES

John 5:1-4: Bethzatha: 14x/16x/18x+5x.8x.4x.2x = 334x/336x/338x from 2024Adar14 to 2025Shebat18/20/22 - see U112#20.

11x of namely's Genesis 15 from 2016Tishri5, when the saints of FDS4 begin to be given the land of Abraham, their installation to rule over Isaac, to 2027Tishri5, the start of the 195 day Kingdom of Jesus 1NC baptism of Genesis18 to 2028Nisan20. So the 50 righteous in the midst of the city run from 2027Tishri5 to 2027Heshvan25 and the mid point is 2027Tishri30. 
2023Tishri21, when Reverted Laodicea became non adamic Sodom, to the mid point on 2027Tishri30, to the end on 2031Heshvan9, the end of fallen reverted Laodicea. They are overturned on 2028Heshvan24 or 2029Iyyar24, 40 days of Jonah after the walking distance of one day out of 3, the early Laodicean Passover.

[[2023Tishri21, when Reverted Laodicea became non adamic Sodom, to 2032Tishri16/17, the burning of the political harlot. Mid point is 2028Nisan19. So 50 righteous from 2027Adar24 to 2028Iyyar14 and 195 days of 1AC entry to 2028Tishri9 - NOPE
2023Tishri21 - 2033Nisan14. Mid point is 2028Tammuz17/18. So 50 righteous from 2028Sivan24 to 2028Ab14 and 195 days of 1AC entry to 2028Tebbeth9. The end of the lava flood is 2028Shebat7. The end of dry Adam is 2028Shebat10 - NOPE
2023Tishri21 - 2029Tishri14. Mid point is 2026Tishri17/18. So 50 righteous from 2026Elul24 to 2026Heshvan14 and 195 days of 1AC entry to 2027Nisan9 - NOPE]]

The Holy Spirit is silent until 2024Nisan10. Then 9x of Happinesses (separate from the count) to 2033Nisan10. This is also the Jericho Jubilee release day from a 2016Elul16 appointment of Isaaic Zoar over Abraham, giving an Elul1 Isaaic Zoar sacred year and a Tebbeth1 secular year, because years are defined by what happens to Abraham not Isaac.

7 Who are you, Oh great mountain? Before Zerubbabel [you will become] a level land. And he will certainly bring forth the headstone. There will be shoutings to it: How charming! How charming!' [2 months precisely from 2024Shebat2 (2Chronicles2), rock mass laying day, to 2024Adar2, temple floor baptising day (Caleb), to 2025Nisan2, 7th row baptism day - 18 BLC days of Joshua5 and 42 solar days after 2024Adar14] (NWT)
8 And the word of Jehovah occurred to me, saying:
9 The very hands of Zerubbabel [10x] have laid the foundation of this house, and his own hands [10x] will break into pieces/finish [it] [1x/3x]. And you [people] [1x] will have to know that Jehovah of armies himself has sent me to yeu [3x].
That whoever/whichever group [ymi - Gesenius] has despised [singular] the day smalls/Zoars, and/even they will certainly rejoice and they will see the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel. 
These 7 are the eyes of Jehovah [the 7 rows of the temple wall]. They are roving about in all the earth. (Zechariah 4 LWT)

Verse9: 10x+10x+3x = 23x
Verse10: 1x.3x+3x+3x.5x = 21x
Total 23x+21x=44x: Solar days from 2024Adar14 (1st row baptism day) to 2025Nisan4, 7th row laying day.

2:1 for Births: 4027Tishri2 to 2Heshvan21 BC (4025 years 49 days: Adam's birth to Jesus' birth) to 2012Sivan15/16 (2012½ years 24½ days: Jesus' birth to non adamic Abraham's birth, the start of the escape of Adam into non adamic Abraham). Taking the curtain of Jesus' non adamic flesh as defining the start of the Christian era and extending 33½ years into that era
2:1 for God's family: 4027Tishri9 (Adam 'circumcised'/registered) to 3993Nisan14 BC (33½ years 5 days: Adam's registration entrance to his sin exit from God's family) then 6004 year 1 month curtain of Adam and Cain being owned/possessed by Jesus and therefore being Jesus' flesh, to 2012Nisan14, the end of Michael's lease over Adam and 2012Iyyar14, the end of Michael's lease over Cain (who makes an active choice to become  part of Michael's family and joins himself of Michael's lease. His flesh is Michael's his genes are ageing Satanic). Then 2012Iyyar14 to 2028Shebat16 (16¾ years 2½ days) The late Christian FRC Passover is at midnight on 2028Shebat14, the of Christian FRCs being in Zoar. They are resurrect into the ark on 2028Shebat16..
2:1 for Temple attending Adam: 3993Nisan14 BC (Adam's sin) to 2Heshvan21 BC, Jesus' birth (3991y 7m 7d) and 33Iyyar25 (Jesus' ascension) to 2028Adar14/15 (1996y less 71/72d), the late Babylonian FRC Passover execution, the end of temple attending FRCs, the last last temple attending crop..

Man laying by pool at Bethzatha who was sick for 38 years is the completed 2NCs in reverted Laodicea at the end of the 300 denarii from 2020Tebbeth11 to 2021Heshvan11, for 38 months to 2024Tebbeth16-21, their rapture by Jesus - But NOT their baptism.

So we start building the temple on 2024Adar14 for 42 solar days to 2025Nisan2, the 2nd day of the 2nd month ark based Zoar, in the 4th regnal year from 2021Heshvan11, with Isaaic conversion on 2025Nisan4, the 4th day of the 2nd month of 1Kings 6:1 of the 3rd Isaaic Zoar Jubilee in the 4th year from 2021Heshvan11. 480 days of 1Kings 6:1 before 2025Nisan4 is 2023Chislev4 (when the going out of Egypt must have begun or ended or something). 
2023Tishri25 was the Isaaic 4EC baptism of the Masai10. The baptism was authorised from 2023Tishri14 by email on 2023Tishri13.

18 days of Joshua2 from 2024Adar14 to 2025Nisan2. 30 days of Haggai1 from 2023Shebat1 to 2023Adar1 before laying the rockmass on 2023Adar2
50 days of Haggai1 from 2023Shebat1 to 2023Adar21 when the temple is dry. Then 1st row baptism day is 2023Adar21 and 7th row baptism day in 2025Nisan2.

It came about
IN the 480th day TO the exodus of the sons of Israel from the land of Egypt
IN the 4th day (must be 2025Nisan4)
IN the Chodesh of Ziv, he [is] the 2nd Chodesh to reign of Solomon
AND he built the house to Jehovah (1Kings 6:1)

The scripture does NOT say in the 4th day TO the month of Ziv. It says in the 4th day in the 2nd month to reign of Solomon.

1 And Solomon started/perforated to build the house of Jehovah in Jerusalem, in Mount Moriah [chosen by Jah , where was seen to David his father (who was Michael - Jehovah's angel) [OR where (Michael) was seen to David his (Solomon's father)], which [house] he built in the place of David, in the grain floor of Ornan the Jebusite
2 He started/perforated to build in the 2nd in the 2nd month [Chodesh] in year [day/year] of 4th to kingdom of him (2Chronicles3)

3rd fire Sign. Elijah4 goes up to the top of Carmel on 2016Tebbeth21 tells attendant not to come up but to go up on 2017Tebbeth21. Go back 7x to 2024Tebbeth21, Elijah does not see the 2nd fire sign. So 2nd is 2024Tebbeth2-Shebat21 and 3rd is 2024Adar20-22. The 2nd 50 of 2Kings1 is 2024Tebbeth2-2024Shebat21.

3623 day + 463 day gap from 2019Ab1 (the start of reappointed Laodicea) to 2020Heshvan14 (the 4th HLC marriage, the end of the 2nd presence, the Passover execution of the 4th HLC bride) when they were in a 1NC/HLC land, the correct land, makes 4086 days from 2012Sivan15 to 2023Tishri21 - the end of Laodicea. Then 450 prophets of Baal to 2024Tebbeth21, when Jesus finishes seizing them for the true church of ark based Zoar.

1000 days of 5 loaves into 5000 days before 2023Tishri21 is 2020Tebbeth11, the start of the feeding of baptised 2NCs for 300 Denarii to 2021Heshvan11, then 700 more days to 2023Tishri21. Then 480 days of 1Kings6:1 from 2023Chislev4 to 2025Nisan4, 7th row laying day.

28x months ride of white horseman, from sealing of all 2NCs on 2023Tebbeth21 - 2026Iyyar
13x ride of war from the start of the 119th session of congress on 2025January3 (2024Tebbeth28) to 2025Shebat7/8, the start of WW3.
27x/29 ride of 4th horseman from 2026Adar21, the end of CRC ark rapture to 2029Ab7, the end of the lava flood, the end of non salvation covenant Adam and Cain.

12th crop Passover is 2029Tishri14. Rapture is 2029Tishri16. So ark entry runs from 2019Tishri17 to 2029Tishri16. 10 years inclusively, which is 300 cubits over 30 cubits.

Ark Raptures

2024Tishri16-20 (5), 2024Tebbeth16-21 (6), 2024Adar16-21 (6), 2025Nisan16-20 (5), 2025Iyyar16-21 (6) = 28 days of ark entry by rapture for the birds (who die a Hades free death as humans, the death of the Christ, but not as angels)

1 After that Jehovah said to Noah: Go, you and all your household, into the ark, because you are the one I have seen to be righteous before me among this generation.
2 Of every clean beast you must take to yourself by sevens, the sire and its mate; and of every beast that is not clean just 2, the sire and its mate;
3 also of the flying creatures of the heavens by sevens, male and female, to preserve offspring alive on the surface of the entire earth.
4 For to days repeating/iterating/yet 7,  I am making it rain upon the earth 40 days and 40 nights; and I will wipe every existing thing that I have made off the surface of the ground. (Genesis 7 NWT)

Then 22x7 = 154 days for CRCs from 2025Sivan15-21 to 2026Adar15-21
Then 18x6 = 108 days for FRCs from 2027Nisan16-21 to 2028Elul16-21 (2027Adar16-21 = 2027VeAdar6-21).
Then 2028Tishri16-19 = 4 days.
Then 2028Heshvan16 to 2029Nisan16 for the rapture of the 1st to 6th crops of Revelation22 = 6 days
So FRC rapture runs discontinuously from 2027Nisan16 to 2029Nisan16 (2 years of Genesis 7:2 unclean beasts just 2). Total is 28+154+108+4+6 = 300 cubits out of 4½ years from 2024Tishri16 to 2029Nisan16.
All FRCs get a rapture during Cakes-Booths of Leviticus 23:43. OMCs do not.
Then 2029Iyyar17 is the start of the lava flood, the 17th day of the 2nd months of the Nisan1 sacred year.

15 ...And who is that God that can rescue you out of my hands [2019Tishri17 to 2029Tishri16, the 12th crop resurrection - 10 years of ark rapture and resurrection]? (Daniel 3 NWT)

2024Nisan5 (2023Adar29)  saw 2024Shebat2-Adar21 and 2024Nisan20-22 for 2nd and 3rd fire signs due to Tishri1 Isaaic Zoar secular year due to 2016Tishri16/Chislev5 appointment/installation over Abraham. DOH!
Laodicea still ends on 2023Tishri21 with 450 prophets of Baal to 2024Tebbeth21?? But if we have Abrahamic Zoar Pentecost from 2012Sivan16-Ab5 then present chronology is correct.

1 And I saw when opened up the Lamb one out of the seven seals, and I heard of one out of the four living [creatures] saying as to voice of thunder Be you coming and seeing.
2 And I saw, and look! horse white, and the (one) sitting upon it having bow, and was given to him crown, and he went out conquering and in order that he might conquer.
3 And when he opened up the seal the second, I heard of the second living [creature] saying Be you coming and seeing.
4 And went out another horse fiery-red, and to the (one) sitting upon it was given to him to take the peace out of the earth and in order that one another they will slaughter, and was given to him sword great.
5 And when he opened up the seal the third, I heard of the third living [creature] saying Be you coming and seeing. And I saw, and look! horse black, and the (one) sitting upon it having yoke in the hand of him.
6 And I heard as voice in midst of the four living [creatures] (it) saying Choenix of wheat of denarius, and three choenixes of barleys of denarius; and the oil and the wine not you should treat unrighteously.
7 And when he opened up the seal the fourth, I heard voice of the fourth living [creature] saying Be you coming and seeing.
8 And I saw, and look! horse greenish-yellow, and the (one) sitting upon top of it name to him The Death, and the Hades was following with him, and was given to them authority upon the fourth [part] of the earth, to kill in long sword and in famine and in death and by the wild beasts of the earth. (Revelation 6 KIT)

1 And I saw when opened up the Lamb one out of the seven seals, and I heard of one out of the four living [creatures] saying as to voice of thunder [HLCs] Be you [Jesus and ELCs] coming and seeing.
2 And I saw, and look! horse white [sealed 2NCs from 2023Tebbeth21 or 2024Heshvan30, the end of the 1600 stadia of Revelation14], and the (one) sitting upon it having bow, and was given to him crown, and he went out conquering and in order that he might conquer.
3 And when he opened up the seal the second, I heard of the second living [creature] [ELCs] saying Be you [Jesus and 2NCs] coming and seeing.
4 And went out another horse fiery-red, and to the (one) sitting upon it was given to him to take the peace out of the earth and in order that one another they will slaughter, and was given to him sword great.
5 And when he opened up the seal the third, I heard of the third living [creature] [2NCs including Benjamin] saying Be you [Jesus and 4ECs] coming and seeing. And I saw, and look! horse black, and the (one) sitting upon it having yoke in the hand of him.
6 And I heard as voice in midst of the four living [creatures] (it) saying Choenix of wheat of denarius, and three choenixes of barleys of denarius; and the oil and the wine not you should treat unrighteously.
7 And when he opened up the seal the fourth, I heard voice of the fourth living [creature] [4ECs] saying Be you [Jesus and FRCs] coming and seeing.
8 And I saw, and look! horse greenish-yellow, and the (one) sitting upon top of it name to him The Death, and the Hades was following with him, and was given to them authority upon the fourth [part] of the earth, to kill in long sword and in famine and in death and by the wild beasts of the earth. (Revelation 6 KIT)


You only live 7 times Mr Bond

5 For God knows that in the very day of your eating from it your eyes are bound to be opened and you are bound to be like God, [in] perceiving good and bad. (Genesis 3 NWT)

Sentence count is 6x. If take a day to be 1,000 years, then we get the 6,000 year working week of World1. And the day also applies to the 1000 year Kingdom of God, during which we learn good from the Kingdom and bad from the video tapes of the world and compare the two.

18 And to the people you should say, 'Sanctify yourselves for tomorrow, as you will certainly eat flesh, because you have wept in the ears of Jehovah, saying: Who will give us flesh to eat, for it was well with us in Egypt? And Jehovah will certainly give you flesh, and you will indeed eat.
19 you will eat, not one day nor 2 days nor 5 days nor 10 days nor 20 (10s) day,
20 but until a month of days, until that/which comes out of your NOSTRIL (singular) and it has become a loathing to you, just because you rejected Jehovah, who is in your midst, and you went weeping before him, saying: Why is it that we have come out of Egypt?' (Numbers 11 NWT)

18 and + towards + the + people will say must be (themselves) clean to/for + tomorrow and + will eat flesh that/because flowed by drops in/at + ears (d) of Jehovah to/for + to say of WHO ? will cause to eat + us flesh that/because + was good to/for + us in/at + Egypt (upper+lower) and + will give Jehovah to/for + you (p) flesh and + will eat
19 NOT day ONE will eat and + NOT days (d) and + NOT FIVE days and + NOT TEN days and + NOT TEN day
20 until new moon of days until which + will go out from + addition of + you (p) and + will be to/for + you (p) to/for + loathing nausea on account of that/because + rejected namely + Jehovah which in/at + interior of + you (p) and + flowed by drops to/for + faces of + him to/for + to say of to/for + WHAT this hic went out from + Egypt (upper+lower) (Numbers 11 WLCi)

Genetic Jacob will eat meat/flesh for 30k working years. But he will only eat meat during the working weeks of World1 to World7, not during the Sabbaths of Kingdom1 to Kingdom7. He will eat meat for 1000 years before his spirit comes out of his human nostril but not out of his angelic nostril, and goes into his angelic body. So there is a 50,000 year Jubilee not to divinity but to angelicity.

The first number followed by the difference between the successive numbers of millennia are: 1k, 1k, 3k, 5k, 10k, 10k = 30k. That is how long the slowest of the complaining Jews lives as a human in the world (plus Kingdom millennia plus Gehenna millennia)

We become angelic or go to Gehenna after the above numbers of millennia in the world.

So there are 6 ransomers of mankind who give us 1k, 1k, 3k, 5k, 10k and10k lifespan bodies. Nobody gets and indefinitely long living human body.

We do not age in the Kingdoms of God because they are not corrupting. We did age in World1, the first 6 recreative days. We also age World2 (perhaps not so drastically and not to the point of death because the corruption is less and the lifespan is longer).

So the slowest of the complaining Jews live in world1 - world7 (eating meat) for something less than 120 years in this system (World1)
2033-3033 in Gehenna during Kingdom1
3033-4033 in World2 (1k)
4033-5033 Gehenna
5033-6033 in World2 (1k)
6033-7033 in Gehenna
7033-9033 in World2 (2k out of 3k)
9033-10,033 in Kingdom2
10,033-11,033 in World3 (1k out of 3k)
11,033-12,033 in Gehenna
12,033-16,033 in World3 (4k out of 5k)
16,033-17,033 in Kingdom3
17,033-18,033 in World4 (1k out of 5k)
18,033-19,033 in Gehenna
19,033-23,033 in World4 (4k out of 10k)
23,033-24,033 in Kingdom4
24,033-30,033 in World5 (6k out of 10k)
30,033-31,033 in Kingdom5
31,033-32,033 in Gehenna
32,033-37,033 in World6 (5k out of 10k)
37,033-38,033 in Kingdom6
38,033-43,033 in World7 (5k out of 10k)
43,033-44,033 in Gehenna
44,033-45,033 in Kingdom7
45,033-46,033 in the Millennial Jubilee (no meat eaten) - the humans born into world1 gain angelic life.

His 7th body therefore does not have any spirit coming out of his his human nostril and does not eat any meat, because it is angelic. It is his release from a human soul. 

So our max lifespans are 960/480/240/120 in world1, then 1k, then 1k, then 3k, then 5k, then 10k, then 10k, then ∞ as an angel.

14 For God speaks once, And twice -- though one does not regard it --
15 In a dream, a vision of the night, When deep sleep falls upon men, During slumbers upon the bed.
16 It is then that he uncovers the ear of men, And on exhortation to them he puts his seal,
17 To turn aside a man from his deed, And that he may cover pride itself from an able-bodied man.
18 He keeps his soul back from the pit And his life from passing away by a missile.
23 If there exists for him a messenger, A spokesman, one out of 1,000, To tell to man his uprightness,
24 Then he favors him and says, 'Let him off from going down into the pit! I have found a ransom!
25 Let his flesh become fresher than in youth; Let him return to the days of his youthful vigor.'
26 He will make entreaty to God that he may take pleasure in him, And he will see his face with joyful shouting, And He will restore His righteousness to mortal man.
27 He will sing to men and say, 'I have sinned; and what is upright I have perverted, And it certainly was not the proper thing for me.
28 He has redeemed my soul from passing into the pit, And my life itself will see the light.'
29 Look! All these things God performs, 2 times, 3rd, in the case of an able-bodied man, (LWT)
30 To turn his soul back from the pit, That he may be enlightened with the light of those living (Job 33 NWT).

Well dear reader. 2 times 3rd is the 6th time or 6 times. So there are 6 non adamic resurrections as a human at most. Then the 7th is as an angel. AMEN.

If you die aged 75 in this system. You reverse age down to 21 in Kingdom1 and stay there for the thousand years. Then you start ageing again in World2 from 21 at the rate of ageing for a 1k max lifespan body in World2. This ageing rate will be 8.3333 times slower than this system due to the extended lifespan and slower still because World2 is less corrupt than world1 and will be less aggressive because it does not lead to death due to age, because we are not under an adamic death penalty in world2. However our bodies do have an expiration date of 1000 years (of meat eating in the world) at which age, we all die and go to Gehenna if we have not made it to angelicity. 

So all those yet to be born again as angels who are saved into Kingdom1, will get a further millennium after Kingdom1 during which time they must get born again angelically or they will go to Gehenna at the end of their 1,000 year human lifespan in World2. 

Taking a day to be a millennium in the bible

See U234
See U119

8 One but this (thing) not let it be lying hidden to you, loved (ones), that one day beside Lord as thousand years and thousand years as day one. (2 Peter 3 KIT)
4 For 1,000 years [are] in your eyes as day of before/yesterday that passes over, and [as a] watch in the night. (LWT)

We apply the Interchangeability Principle of the bible code and deduce that we can substitute the word day for millennium in every scripture in which it appears.

These are the numbers of days greater than 100 that appear in the bible

150, 180, 390, 720 (2 years of days of Genesis 41) 1260, 1290, 1335. That is all we have so far found by computer searches. But there may be more worded like Genesis 41.

200 Millennia: 1 Then the Jesus was led up into the wilderness by the spirit, to be tempted by the Devil.
2 And having fasted days 40 and nights 40 afterwards he felt hungry. (Matthew 4 KIT)

40 days and 40 nights is 40k + 4x.40k = 200k years during which Jesus fasts from adding a divine being to his body. Then he builds up his divine body by eating someone and making that one divine. So there are 4 Jubilees to Divinity from Michael's birth as an angel. 4 Jubilees until the first human become becomes divine. The last human becomes angelic on 46,033Nisan14. The first human becomes divine 200k years after 147,327Chislev14 BC, which is 52,674Chislev14 AD. 6,641 years 8 months later.. The first human will reach divinity after the last human reaches angelicity. 

150 Millennia: 24 And the waters prevailed upon the earth 150 days. (Genesis 7 NWT)

The waters overcame the earth at the angelic rebellion in archeden at the Big Bang on 147,327Chislev14. Then the earth rebelled on 3993Nisan14 BC. Then Michael fixed the heavens by winning the war of Revelation12 against Satan and evicting him on . But the earth does not get fixed until 2674Chislev14 AD, 641 years 8 months into the Kingdom of God from 2033Nisan14. So this is the end of 150 millennia of Genesis 7:24 after the big bang, when the waters stop prevailing upon the earth.

180 Millennia: 4 when he showed the riches of his glorious kingdom and the honor [and] the beauty of his greatness for many days, 180 days. (Esther 1 NWT)

From 2674Chislev14, the the waters stop prevailing over the earth, to 182,674Chislev14, when every angel born as an angel achieves divinity.

1260 Millennia 3 And I will cause my 2 witnesses to prophesy 1,260 days dressed in sackcloth. (Revelation 11 NWT)

Mourning began with angelic 1st death, Tartarus at the Big Bang. It ends 1260 millennia later, at the end of the 2nd death, when every child of God has everlasting life. on 1,112,674Chislev14 AD. Death shall be no more (Revelation 21:4).

5 And she gave birth to a son, a male, who is to shepherd all the nations with an iron rod. And her child was caught away to God and to his throne.
6 And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she has a place prepared by God, that they should feed her there 1,260 days. (Revelation 12 NWT)

Michael is the son born. The place prepared by God where she is fed is the true (angelic or human) church initially based on God's sacrifice for 1st angelic death. The woman is all those in salvation covenants, the houses of the woman. The wilderness is outside the captured administration of the angels due to the rebellion in archeden. True churches last for 1260 millennia ending when the last human gets everlasting life from Michael who is born at the start of the 1260 millennia, the Light universe Big Bang. Let there be light is let there be Michael (said Jeff). The wilderness of unsaved humans ends when death ends and true churches end. This is coincident with the end of the light universe being an untamed wilderness (the light universe is a physicalisation of the spiritual. So we finish colonizing the light universe, taming that wilderness, expanding the Garden of Eden into every galaxy, when the last human gets everlasting life at the end of the 1260 millennia of death. .


10 For a day in your courtyards is better than 1,000 [elsewhere]. I have chosen to stand at the threshold in the house of my God Rather than to move around in the tents of wickedness. (Psalms 84 NWT)


https://www.verywellhealth.com/longevity-throughout-history-2224054    before 30,000 BC nobody lived to more than 30 years old says a Harvard paper. But actually they did not age and were raptured at 50 before Adam.



I love the premise of your article..

Great Diagnosis but wrong treatment. Self belief will not prevent the enslavement of mankind by the demonic deep state. Belief in God and more particularly in the sustainable morality which he teaches is the fix. And even that, without direct action from Jesus will not work because unless those days were cut short no flesh would be saved says Matthew24 and Mark13. One referring to WW3 and the other referring to the nuclear ride of the 4th horseman of the apocalypse. But through the chosen ones those days WILL be cut short.

This means the chosen ones (by God) will prevent the successful annihilation of mankind by cutting short the days of WW3 AND that God will save his chosen ones by cutting short the days of the coming nuclear war (or vice versa) because every ambiguity of scripture must be fulfilled, every particle of every letter, every meaning of every verse must have power.

So in simple terms love God to the extent of reading his book which is THE manual on how to survive the demonically legislated immorality of today. Get to understand his morality which is sustainable morality (actually the minimum morality which prevents mankind from destroying itself) then have confidence as you recommend in your own deductions. Have the courage of your moral conclusions.

For example Dave Rubin and Tucker revealed that Obamacare has a clause mandating insurance companies to pay for all child genital mutilation by modern day Menglers. Sorry, I mean “Gender affirmation surgery” which is possibly the most dishonest characterisation of Gender denying and destroying surgery, of climax denying and more to the point procreation denying mutilation of human genitals ever concocted by the demons. A masterpiece in deception.


This demonic assault is against our morality. They are trying to bribe men and women with money and status to abandon our morality, to switch off our consciences. Because if we abandon our humanity and our spirituality and throw away our moral compass they will not have to kill us. We will all kill ourselves for them. Job done.

It is our morality, our conscience which prevent us destroying ourselves. All the demons have to do is get us to let go of that pole and we do their job for them.

That is what the Medical profession did during COVID. They became contract hitmen for the government on the elderly. Their moral compass was replaced by careerism status preservation etc etc.

They think they were preserving their careers and their revenue streams at the expense of a few old codgers. That is not the deal. The demons were destroying their moral compasses and therefore their salvation for a few quid for a few years. For a few quid which the demons will steal from them when the CBDCs come in (before 2030)

They think they robbed some elderly people of a few years of life. But in truth the demons robbed them of 1000 years of life in the Kingdom of God for money which will be stolen from them during the years that they robber their elderly victims of.

I do agree we need self confidence, the courage of our deductions. But before that we need faith in the sustainable morality of God and love for all humanity, the first and the 2nd laws of the Christ.

The funeral director John O’looney put it well to the late to the party Dr John Campbell who is making up for his tardiness in waking up to medical genocide, by putting out some really good videos these days. John (funeral John) said: I cannot do that because I have a moral compass.


So the fix, I would suggest, is to polish up ones moral compass. To recalibrate it constantly from our strangely worded moral instruction textbook and to apply it in every situation where one feels the power of an attack on mankind as a species.

The 4 trade marks of a demonic/globalist/deep state attack are…

  1. It kills some people
  2. It prevents the procreation of some people
  3. It increases the control that the state or deep state has over the minutiae of your life
  4. It falsely represents that 1, 2 and 3 above are the right thing to do for the greater good of all of mankind.


God made the man the head over the woman according to scripture. And the man's head is higher than the woman's head by design. WHY? Why is the man a better head than the woman and in what circumstances does the scriptural principal apply? Well it applies in the church and in the family since God instituted marriage and the church and both are sacred institutions. It does not apply in politics or in business, because those are secular activities. However women are (in general on average at their statistical mean), better executives than men and men are better directors than women. Scripturally this is because the woman is effectively the board of directors and the CEO of the family. But the man is the chairman of the board. He makes the final decision. But the woman has a head too and the purpose of life is to develop judgement which one cannot do without exercising some form of headship. It is apparent that one of Satan's tactics to destabilise mankind, human society and destroy our moral compass and our love and our humanity is to make women heads over men. So our moral challenge which is actually crucial to our survival as a species (all of God's morality is just species preserving legislation) is to understand WHY is the average man a better head than the average woman? I mean the previous generation of female empowerment, which is male disempowerment asked that question. But this generation must answer it. I did not pretend to have all the answers here. I look forward to the comments on this from both sexes. One thing I have noticed is that if you make women head over men, they destroy men's careers and reputations with allegations of "inappropriate conduct" in a heartbeat with no remorse whatsoever (even if the man is a Nobel prize winning cancer researcher). And people have less sex and the birth rate goes down. Whereas when men were head over women, they protected women (in the old days) and people had more sex and birth rates were higher. Birth rates are not just about sex. They are mainly about how secure a woman feels in her relationship and in her world view. If she is secure she will conceive. If she is not she won't. This is straight forward survival programming in the reproductive process. Nature/God does not want to bring a child into an insecure environment. Men in power do not destroy women, they want sex not destruction. Women in power do destroy men and which causes insecurity. The other thing I have noticed anecdotally is that women are more prone to getting stuck in an entrenched position and not changing their minds due to pride or embarrassment, than are men. They are more sensitive to embarrassment and therefore more intransigent in their decisions. They hold onto a bad decision for longer, when it is totally obvious that they are wrong. I personally think that the UK police force has been destroyed by admitting WPCs. I do not know whether that is the fault of the women or the men in the force. I am saying it is a fact. Correlation typically is good evidence for causation.



A true church (accepted by and representing God - with the capability to enter its members into a salvation covenant) earns time for its congregation in the Kingdom of God. A false church earns money for its priesthood in the Kingdom of the world.

The Lords Witnesses banned genetic vaccination for all church members on 2021August22, due to our understanding that the vaccines are the serpent bite of Genesis 3:15 and constitute serpentine genetic rape, turning your genes from the seed of Adam to the seed of Cain, the son of Satan.

We have made many mistakes. But that one we got right. Let me me clear. No Lords Witness took a covid vaccine and had they taken one they would have been disfellowshipped.

But as the writer correctly points out the churches have become harlots, selling the concept of redemption (but not the reality of it) for profit, in circumstances where Jesus said: Freely have ye received. Freely should ye give.

The Roman Catholic church, is the Mother of the Harlots of Revelation 17:5 in our understanding. And she has a lot of daughters!

But it is not only the churches that have sold out to 'careerism'. It is every profession there is on the face of the earth, From advertising to journalism, to medicine, to entertainment, to the police force, to politicians, to regulators, to the entire public sector, to most of the education sector and most of academia and far too much of the legal profession, not to mention estate agents and insurance salesmen!.

When we abandon God and cease trying to understand his instruction manual and his concept of sustainable morality (which is not easy) we end up worshipping our career, our financial security, our status, and really every single fake that the world has to offer.

That is why they killed the elderly with Midazolam (it was good for their careers). that is why they vaccinated the children with a genetic monkey wrench (it was good for their careers). That is why they pretended that basic immunology no longer applied (do not vaccinate during a pandemic and natural immunity is better than vaccine mediated (fake) immunity and that herd immunity cannot be reached - it has been reached but only in the unvaxxed). They knew it applied. They would have argued that left is right and up is down if it meant advancing their careers..

It was never a question of how many lives have I ruined? It was always a question of how much more money have I pocketed?

It is like a very brave female journalist once asked a Robert Mugabe concentration camp guard in Zimbabwe, when the BBC was banned from that country in the days that the BBC actually had journalists working for it. She asked him: Why do you torture grandmothers?. He answered. Well if I torture 3 grandmothers this week, then I will get promoted.

They still worship. but at the altar of money and status, which is the altar of death, rather than at the altar of God and Jesus, which is the altar of life.

Let me be clear. I have written 30 or so articles for the Exposé, after having proved to PHE statistically that the vaccines did not work, and then been banned by their office of public accountability!! for exposing their fraud. , And I have always been ahead of the curve on this pandemic because it is a biblical event and I know what is behind it. I know what Satan is trying to achieve with it and I know that there must be one more plague, the deadly plague of the 4th horseman of the apocalypse of Revelation 6:8, before the end of Satan's administration of this brothel of a world.

Marilyn Munroe described Hollywood as an overcrowded Brothel. But she never saw the NHS during the pandemic or the UK public sector during the present administration.

So much knowledge. So much capability. So much technology. A fair amount of good will. But misdirected by demons and corrupted by career harlots., who follow their every command into greater and greater depravity, inhumanity and abuse, for the sake of their careers, and for the sake of their status in life..

Convince a child who is too young to understand either sex or gender, that he/she is the wrong gender and does not need to have procreative sex or a climax ever in his or her life. Destroy his or her genitals and you get tens of thousands of pounds. Do that for 25 children and you are set up for life right?.

Dream on Mengler. You are set up for the second death in Gehenna, where you will have eyes that do not see, ears that do not hear, a mouth that does not speak and genitals that are as impotent and dysfunctional as those you yourself have destroyed.


20 mph speed limits increase pollution by 35%

Reducing the speed of a typical car from 30 mph to 20 mph decreases its mpg by 35%

Having lived in London since I was 6, I have lost a significant fraction of my life to politicised road regulation. This state control ideology endeavours to force us all onto public transport rather than into privately owned vehicles: "You will own nothing and be happy" was not invented by Klaus Schwab. It is way past time for the absurdity of UK road regulation to be exposed for the scam, for the fraud, for the toxic and destructive racket, that it truly is. And it is my great pleasure to have a part in that Exposé. So on behalf of the drivers of this Great Great United Kingdom with the richest and most diverse culture in the entire world, together with the most incompetent ascientific arrogant ossified and destructive bureaucracy in the West - here goes...

Cars are at their most efficient and therefore their least polluting (best mpg) when they are running at around 40-45 mph. They are less efficient, more polluting, more carbon burning (lower mpg) at 20 mph than they are a 30 mph. Therefore reducing the speed limits in cities from 30 to 20 causes more pollution and obviously more congestion since each car spends a longer period of time on the roads.

Here are the figures for a 1986 VW Golf GTi noting the gear changes. The GTi achieves 40 mpg at 30 mph and 30 mpg at 20 mph a reduction of 25% in fuel efficiency caused by the 20 mph speed limit.

Here are some examples from a graphic found on Google images sourced from David Miller on Quora. They show the Honda Civic (which is close to the average in the comparison) achieving 33 mpg at 30 mph and 23 mpg at 20 mph. This is a reduction of 30% in fuel efficiency caused by the 20 mph speed limit.

Here are some Yankee Doodle mobiles which show the same pattern from Oak Ridge National labs Transportation energy data book edition 29 chapter 4. They show an average American car achieving 32 mpg at 30 mph and 24 mpg at 20 mph, a reduction of 25% in fuel efficiency for the lower speed..

So the data above show reductions in fuel efficiency of between 25% and 30% for reducing speed limits from 30 mph to 20 mph in city driving. This means that for each mile travelled the car will burn between 33% (knock off a quarter add back a third) and 37% more fuel in a 20 mph zone than it will in a 30 mph zone (subject to congestion).

"So 20 mph speed limits force urban drivers to burn around 35% more carbon than we would with a 30 mph speed limit."

That is why I wrote this article. I did not realise the effect was so large.

This is a self inflicted catastrophe for the respiratory health of those living or working or commuting through the 20 mph zones. It increases pollution by 35%
It is a self inflicted catastrophe for the economy of the nation, which is buying fuel and burning it for no reason other than the anti scientific politics of forcing people out of private transport onto government controlled public transport.
It is quite obviously a disaster for the environment and has no place at all in a society trying to reduce its carbon footprint.

Excessive speed kills kinetically. Excessive speed limitation kills respiratorially, environmentally and economically.

The litany of ascientific, toxic, politicised, life draining road regulation

Regrettably, 20 mph speed limits are not the only backfiring government created road regulation. The first thing that goes wrong when you leave your driveway in the morning is that your car ploughs into a speed bump, designed to destroy the skeletons of people with spinal injuries (anyone over 60 or over 6 ft), and to embarrass those among us with weaker bladders who want to go to the loo but are stuck in a car. These bumps cause cars to throw away all their forward momentum for fear of losing their suspension (I have replaced mine twice and in a Mercedes it ain't cheap). Then one has to burn a load of fuel to recover that momentum after the bump. So each speed bump is an insult to environmental sustainability, to respiratory health, to the economy and especially to those waiting for an ambulance, a fire engine or the police. Mind you that is less important these days since 2 out of the 3 emergency services no longer respond in any reasonable sort of time.

Then one gets to the first set of traffic lights which will be as red as a Valentine's day rose. The reason they will be red is that road regulators (off-fine or whatever their name is) do not understand that keeping cyclists or keeping pedestrians waiting does not burn fuel. But keeping cars waiting does. So they have lights red in both directions at the same time for polluting cars, in order that non polluting pedestrians can stroll across the road at leisure. They even give these pedestrians a button to press to cause even more pollution. But all of this is pointless because pedestrians are not governed by traffic lights and cross whenever and wherever they wish to cross, God bless them. And so they should because life is about developing your own judgement, not waiting for a red man to turn green and trusting the government.

Then, after all the red light pedestrians have sauntered across the King's highway, the cyclists (who likewise have a zero carbon footprint - except for the ones who shout and scream at the motorists) have to get across the junction before any of the mega polluting cars. By the time this charade is over, the cars have been waiting perhaps 3x as long as they need to and pollution and congestion is set in stone all over London.

Then one drives a bit further down the road and the Bus has stopped. Not in a pullover like they used to do in the old days. No. No. Quite the opposite. The council have created a platform for bus passengers which extends out into the Kings Highway and guarantees that all traffic will be blocked when the bus stops. Then someone gets onto the bus who cannot find their oyster card...

Then one makes a right turn into ones favourite shortcut, to save time, money, fuel and the environment and it has been blocked by Hackney council. Then one investigates alternative shortcuts to relieve the congestion in the main routes and save the planet, and one finds that they have blocked too. In fact absolutely every single shortcut except one is blocked. But the unblocked one does not let you turn left at the end of it (as you need to do) and has a camera to catch you out if you do. There is of course no need ever to stop a left turn on UK roads because we drive on the left. There is no danger. But this little exercise that amused me one afternoon trying to get from Islington to Hackney made me realise how councils work. They have a committee of car haters, a politburo of polluters, blocking off every possible side street. But that isn't enough trouble for them to cause you. No they want you to pay them for having the effrontery to try and out smart them (which is not hard). So they force you into an camera controlled fine zone.

Having negotiated the speed bump, the traffic light, the bus stop, the blocked side streets and the no left turn camera fine zone, one might think the ordeal to be over. But one would be wrong and wrong again. So incalculably wrong. Because without any warning at all and with very little signage you enter into a road which is closed but which has the appearance that it is still open. This is known as a hidden fine trap. HA HA. You've been fined. Before you realise what has happened you have become a criminal. You thought it was OK to continue driving because you were just following the bus that held you up for 5 minutes at the previous stop. But you have been deceived. It is OK for the bus to go down that road. But is not OK for you to go down that road because you are an Untermensch in the republic of TFL. You are a Zulu in Apartheid South Africa. You are an Ndebele tribesman in Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe. You are a white male applying for a job in a woke corporation. You are a rat running around the back streets, an animal. You are vermin, a pest to humanity. You are the new Rosa Parks. She was not allowed to sit in the white area on the bus. You are not allowed to drive in the public transport area of the road system. You are not good enough for that privilege. You do not deserve to go down that road. There is a long path for you and there is a short path for your betters. Know your place.

Come to think of it - You are not good enough to go into any bus lane either. Because our governments have learned absolutely nothing from the mistakes of the past in demonising certain demographics. Older people, especially older women, and some disabled people cannot go on buses because they accelerate and brake far too quickly for them. They would be thrown all over the bus. I can just about do it and I am still pretty strong. But many people have to go in cars. These are discriminated against by bus lanes. This is not a joke. A hip fracture can be lethal to an older person and bus drivers do not wait until everyone is seated before they career off in their overweight hybrid dragsters only to jam the brakes on when they plough into the congestion caused by their bus lanes.

But worse than that, London has far too limited road space in the first place. And the idea that one should reserve half of it for say German cars, would be an absurdly inefficient use our historically limited road space. Of course the idea that we should reserve half of it for say buses, is equally inefficient, not to mention discriminatory. It causes more pollution from the cars and more total pollution and congestion given that bus lanes spend a lot of the day empty. But regrettably even the elites on the buses have to breathe the extra PM10 from the cars that TFL discriminate against. We all breathe that same air you know, whether we have our own exclusive VIP lane, or not.

There is an argument out of principle to boycott buses just as one would boycott a Venue that refused entry to the unvaccinated. Because the busses, although not causing the discrimination, accept it and benefit from it as do their passengers. When the bus overtakes a series of private vehicles because it has its own exclusive VIP transport system, shame is what we should be feeling. I mean I had not thought of it before writing this. But that is one of the advantages of putting finger to keyboard. Where is the British sense of fair play? How is this institutional queue barging acceptable in Great Britain? Why do we permit every bus passenger to become a Holly Willoughby or a Philip Schofield to the Queen's Highway?

If you say: Oh there are more people on the bus so we should let it go first, then you make it worse by discriminating against the minority in the car in favour of the majority in the bus.

Politicised Road regulation doubles the pollution levels in the capital

If we add up the effect of the 20 mph speed limits, the congestion producing double stop traffic lights, the speed bumps, the no pull in bus stops, the bus lanes and the closed roads, we see that the majority of the congestion and the pollution in London is caused by unhealthy road regulation. And we have not yet covered parking restrictions.

We all know that rather than driving a short distance to the high street, where one cannot park, we have to drive a longer distance to the supermarket, where one can park. This obviously increases journey length and journey time and burns fuel unnecessarily, increasing emissions, pollution and congestion. Who hasn't spent ages driving around town looking for a parking space? Every parking restriction other than for strict safety reasons is an abuse of the planet, not to mention the time of the driver the the profit of the businesses he wishes to engage with. There was a small village in the South West somewhere whose parking meter electronics failed for a month. The high street saw a 50% increase in turnover during that month. why shouldn't people be permitted to buy from the shops they want to buy from?

If TFL or the councils or the government had any interest in cutting pollution and congestion they would address any one of these issues as a matter of urgency. But by their very existence these abuses of our road system prove the public sector to be a lying parasite. They are fining us for congestion and pollution that they themselves cause. Indeed parking is the business model for councils and congestion/pollution is the business model for TFL and the government knowingly permits both rackets.

Dangerous, Ineffective and Corrupt

To coin an overused phrase: 20 mph speed limits are neither safe nor effective. They are about as safe and effective as an mRNA vaccination. The one destroys the transport system and respiratory health of city people. The other destroys the circulatory system and genetic, immunological and neurological health of the vaccinated, and thence of all of us through shedding and blood transfusions etc..

The essence of public sector practice hitherto, has been that the private sector pays for what the public sector inadvertently screw up. But this business model has now become much more sinister and corrupt. Having realised that the more they screw up the more money they make, the public sector are now deliberately screwing things up in order to be able to charge us more to fix them. I can see that philosophy leading to the destruction of the cities they administrate.

So to call any city which has 20 mph speed limits, traffic lights red in both directions, speed humps, no bus pull-ins, bus lanes, universal parking restrictions and closed off side streets, an Ultra Low Emission Zone or even a Low Emission Zone is a lie, a fraud and a deception. London is a government curated congestion zone and a government produced pollution zone and there is no way we should pay to suffer that level of malfeasance.




4 Thus Abram got to hear that his brother had been taken captive. With that he mustered his trained men, 318 slaves born in his household, and went in pursuit up to Dan. (Genesis 14 NWT)

318 people owned by Abraham, who were part of his household but not his progeny. There is no guilt attributed to Abraham by God for these slaves. Slavery was the earliest form of social services for those who could not make it in the economic system of those days.

It is dangerous enough that we espouse species annihilating morality today. But we go further and retroactively apply our bankrupt morality to generations before us who had never heard of it. Then we condemn them in absentio without hearing their side of the story for not obeying a morality which was yet to be invented. Then we go even further and visit this false condemnation on their descendants, holding them guilty for a crime that their ancestors did not commit.

In order to break a law or commit a sin, the secular or spiritual law has to exist at the time of the crime or sin. Our present inverted morality did not exist in the days of slavery. Therefore there is absolutely no guilt associated with it. And neither did Social services exist. Either you became a slave or you starved to death (unless your slavery was forced).

Kind people accepted their unfortunate brother as their slave, rather than see him starve. OK that got abused terribly. But not by all slave owners.

Neither have we escaped abuse by our owners today, from social services and from the NHS and most particularly from the government who pretend to be our servants but who enact laws making themselves into our masters. Because they determine what happens to our children, And the children of slaves are owned by their masters, not by the slaves themselves

WW3 has not yet started - But governments are already in a world wide war against the entire human race

It is an honour, a privilege and a joy to give my thoughts and words to my brothers and sisters in our fight to preserve our identity, our history, our national culture, the honour of our ancestors, our freedoms, our health, our individuality, our spirituality, our families, our lives, our private parts and our species, in the face of the most insidious attack on them all, perpetrated through our own governments, our own public servants, our own police force that used to be the best in the world, our own banks that not 50 years ago were the largest in the world, our own intel agencies that used to be James bond but have now become blofeld, our own education system that was in my day the best in the world, but is now an alphabet grooming woke Madrassa which robs its victims of the very freedom of thought and expression that my generation was paid to receive by an enlightened government of one of the most enlightened nations in the world scientifically, technologically, artistically, professionally and spiritually. But all that has been destroyed by the bankrupt morality of political correctness, which is moral incorrectness, since politics is the art of deception. 

Our NHS, which before Griffiths/Sainsburys/Thatcher, was full of expertise, excellence, love compassion and academic diversity, is now full of non medically trained bureaucrats who have none of them taken the hippocratic oath. It is controlled by Big Pharma, who fund and dictate commercially motivated protocols to regulators who enforce them through administrators under pain of practice licence removal. Our NHS used to save all the lives it could. But now it takes the lives of the elderly, of those waiting for an ambulance, of those lying in a trolley in a corridor and of those ignorant/scared/gullible enough to be persuaded that vaccine immunity is better than natural immunity, that DNA and mRNA vaccines are not gene therapy, that Covid19 was a threat to those of working age and that fake RNA is safe and effective as an intervention etc., etc.. Dr Paul Marik, the 2nd most published care physician in the world puts it like this...

Our health care system is a hoax. And so, my advice to you: don’t get sick, don’t go to the hospital, because they’re going to kill you.” “The medical system will kill you.”

I could go on. But we have seen in the US how every single organ of state, every single tentacle of government has been weaponised to become first an election campaign HQ for the DNC and then a concentration camp for their opponents. Anyone who even thinks of helping to organise a political campaign for a party other than the DNC will have their life and the lives of their family destroyed economically if not judicially, by incessant process crime indictment. So that every single republican activist will know for certain that if they play any significant part in helping a non DNC president to be elected, they will become a Paul Manafort, a Roger Stone or a General Flynn. They will never be able to fund their children's education again if the Dems have their way with them. And every lawyer who seeks to offer the constitutional right of a professional defence to a non DNC political campaigner, will know for certain that they are risking their practice licence. 

Yes. The Dems overtly use the tactics of Putin on their opponents whilst accusing those opponents of colluding with Putin. And let me be plain. Any person and any political party that indulges in such antidemocratic activity should be banned from political office for an election cycle. One cannot act as a democratically elected representative of the people when one is an enemy of democracy itself. And by enemy of democracy I do not mean rightfully claiming that the 2020 election was stolen or rightfully protesting that vote fraud on Jan6. I mean abusing public office to make it impossible for an opposition party to campaign effectively. 

In this country they do not persecute opponents quite so much (although Tony Robinson, Katie Hopkins, Dan Wootton, Laurence Fox, Liz Truss, and even my lowly self, when I had a Brexit supporting, right of centre media business, have all been defenestrated). The UK tentacles are more corrupting than they are persecuting. Our unstated national ethos of highly trained problem solving empathetic public service expertise in all professional disciplines and in sport used for the benefit not of the professional himself but for the benefit of those whom he is serving and of the institution and the profession that he is honoured to represent and be a part of, has been systematically degraded, ridiculed and corrupted by me first money and by you last politics. 

Readers of my age will have seen this change in ethos over the last 50 years. It is a national tragedy. Our democracy has all but fallen. Our education system is a sex toy for paedophiles. Our farmers are being paid to starve us. Our NHS is being paid to kill us or abandon us. Our emergency services are an order of magnitude slower than a commercial Pizza delivery. But these are the least of our worries. 

The brother of a friend of mine was blind and diabetic. He went to hospital last year because he got something stuck in his throat. The hospital gave up trying to remove the obstruction and instead put a tube down his throat to bypass it. But they did not have enough staff to keep him fed through that tube. So they were starving him to death because obviously as an oath bound doctor or a nurse and particularly as an NHS bureaucrat, it is far more important to stuff delicacies down your own cakehole during your lunch break in your NHS trust canteen, than it is to feed a starving patient, who cannot feed himself. Fortunately he did have a relative (his brother) who kept him fed. He said to his brother: "They are trying to kill me you know". For although blind, he was seeing things more clearly than most of us.

He eventually died of pneumonia from the infection caused by the hospital failing to remove the obstruction. But not before they spent a lot of time trying to persuade his brother that his quality of life was not going to be very good and that the prognosis was pretty abysmal and that he will only suffer more and more, the longer he lives. And really the kindest thing to do would be to make him more 'Comfortable', with some pain killers and give him a pain free end. Yer. They had plenty of people available to make his brother an offer it would be uncomfortable for him to refuse. But they had nobody available to take the obstruction out of his blooming windpipe. 

So dear reader, please permit me to set your mind at rest. Stop worrying about what is going on in the world. Even a blind diabetic at death's door can see it. Your government wants to kill you or to incarcerate you in a digital concentration camp unless you agree to compromise your humanity and join the war against mankind that they are presently waging. That is it. That is what is behind everything governments do. They are run by harlots to democracy and traitors not only to national sovereignty but actually to mankind as a race. They call it eugenics. But it is not eugenics. It is speciecide. 

WW3 has not yet started. But the war against all mankind by malevolent money men through national intel services and national governments has been ongoing since SARS1 and possibly since HIV1. Certainly since 1999 when the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services (HHS) started funding research amplifying the infectious character of Coronaviruses in precisely the same year that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation set up GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization) with a promise of $750 million in funding. So it was never going to be a bit part actor in the vaccine movie. - https://www.gavi.org/operating-model/gavis-partnership-model/bill-melinda-gates-foundation 

Furthermore, they don't want to kill dissenters themselves. Oh no. They want you to kill your brother for them, either directly in a war, or medically in a hospital, or by agreeing that the unregistered should be put into the coming 100% exclusion digital concentration camp system which you should approve of, which you should help to build, which you should help to run and which you should help to maintain (one way or another) and which you should fund with your tax dollars - if you want a decent social credit score for yourself that is.

It is that simple. It is the same deal that African Dictator Idi Amin Dada used to offer to his prisoners. If you kill a fellow inmate you get a few more days of life for yourself. 

There is a very revealing article in +972 magazine on the Lavender AI machine that Israel is using in the war against Gaza. According to some IDF whistleblowers, this machine is fed with all the data they can find from every source that might possibly relate to being a member of Hamas. Where you eat, who you speak to, how many times you change your mobile, etc., etc.. The machine then assigns each one of the 2.3m Palestinians a terrorism score from 1 to 100. Yes, you get a personal terrorism index from a computer! Then, If your score is above a certain level, they take you out with a drone. But not just you. They take our your whole family, or whoever happens to be with you when they find you. Because war is the perfect pretext for extra judicial assassination and genocide. This is James Cameron's vision of the Terminator portrayed brilliantly by Arnie Schwarzenegger made into reality by Benjamin Netanyahu through the IDF. All we need now is for the Israeli Lavender AI machine to become self aware. I think scarlet might be a better name for it or skynetanyahu. AI genocide is one type of warfare, that needs to be actively and permanently stopped now.

But I suspect that the same thing is going to happen with social credit scores. An AI will determine your score from a massive amount of data from all the illegal spying carried out by intel services who are paid by you to protect you from illegal spying and although correlation is not supposed to be causation, you too will be killed (by starvation) as a result of an AI correlation of all your lifestyle data just like a Palestinian. If it is determined that your credit score is sufficiently low you will be excluded, from everything. You will become an inmate in the worldwide digital concentration camp. Your bank cards will be rejected everywhere. Even your Amex card will not be able to save you. You will be in Gaza. Netanyahu is proving the system for them right now.

It is difficult to win a fight until you know what your enemy's objective is. Well. You now have his objective. Your enemy wants to turn you into a carbon copy of his inhuman, anti procreative, love averse, 100% control freak, 100% dishonest, extinction level immoral self. He wants to achieve this by training you as a concentration camp guard in his social credit score digital prison, which he is building right now with your tax dollars.

Infosys - Fujitsu - Moderna - Theleme Partners - Sunak - Digital IDs

"The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) first published the UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework on 2022June13. This sets out the requirements for organisations to follow if they want to provide secure and trustworthy digital  identity and/or attribute solutions." On their pilot scheme page they describe these services in the language of the WEF of Klaus Schwab as the "4th Industrial Revolution". It is nothing of the sort. It is the second feudalism, a post industrial enslavement, a digital dictatorship, a coup du monde against democracy itself. It is a digital concentration camp in which those inside will eventually outnumber those outside.

The Register, a well established IT news source, reports that Fujitsu is the preferred bidder for the £1m contract to provide the software for Digital ID card recognition for the Government Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS). In fact Fujitsu has been given a total of 4.9B of government contracts post the Horizon assassination of 736 Post Office branch managers, who were wrongfully convicted of fraud due to errors in the Horizon IT system they supplied. Sunak alone accounted for 3.6B of these contracts whilst he was chancellor. The problem here is that Infosys, which was set up by Sunak's father-in-law, and is owned by his wife's family, has been a partner with Fujitsu since February 2002. On October 17, 2003, the two companies announced a global strategic partnership as follows...

"Infosys will partner with Fujitsu in the area of middleware product development. The Infosys-Fujitsu relationship started in February 2002 and is expected to grow in the coming years. Fujitsu hopes to use Infosys' global experience and presence to roll out its products to new geographies across the globe" - https://www.infosys.com/newsroom/press-releases/2003/partners-fujitsu.html  

Well it has done that alright to the tune of 4.9B in the UK alone! A further problem with this is that the husband of UK Education secretary Gillian Keegan, was CEO of Fujitsu until he resigned amidst the Horizon scandal. 

So having run the entire economy for the benefit of the Moderna share price during the pandemic whilst he was chancellor in circumstances where the company he founded, Theleme Partners (Cayman Islands), was their 6th largest shareholder, . Rishi or his colleague Starmageddon are now in a position to run the entire Digital ID economy for the benefit of Infosys, which his wife's family founded. This surely has the potential to be the largest political corruption case in UK history?

Global Uptake of Digital IDs

Digwatch reports that governments will have issued 5 billion people with Digital IDs by 2024. So this is no longer a theoretical concept. 

The largest national digital ID system is Aadhar of India. Aadhar is used to access government services in India. But some banks were mandating Aadhar for their customers until this was limited by a judgement of the Supreme Court of India in August 2017, resulting from a petition contesting the increasing requirement for digital IDs in order to access services.

"Similarly, the Supreme Court of Jamaica in April 2019 invalidated a digital ID law that envisaged centralised registration of all Jamaicans. The court declared that the system went beyond the purposes of government identity, that is, to identify persons as well as to validate identity documents presented by persons." - https://dig.watch/topics/digital-identities 

Lets hope that the Supreme courts of other countries are as perspicacious as the Jamaicans.

There will be no referendum on Digital IDs. And even if there was one, the government would side step the inevitable result just as they have done with the EU referendum, giving the EU £39 billion for the option to escape from EU colonialism, then refusing to exercise that option. In other words we are still effectively a colony of the EU only £39 billion the poorer. We have had no benefit from leaving it because the powers above the government were not prepared to have the public see any benefit  As a result the government is in contempt of the electorate. Brexit was a deception. The vote has been overturned bureaucratically. It has been nullified in effectiveness by the remainer blob.

WW3 has not yet begun but our governments are already at war with the entire human race

It is time people faced the fact that their government is their mortal enemy. That our palaces of democracy have become castles of castration and temples to deception in which traitors to our species legislate the short, medium and long term annihilation of our race through extinction level immorality disguised as national law. They pass laws devoid of love, devoid of humanity, devoid of justice, and in contradiction to known science and medicine. 

That is the scale of the assault which we are facing. Indeed they will go so far as to engineer WW3, if they can, to enforce it. I mean what control freak does not want martial law?

So now is the time to break down those castle walls, lie by lie, deception by deception. To ford their moats that they have filled with the blood of our friends and relatives whose lives they stole with lockdowns, NHS treatment freezes and gene corrupting vaccines not to mention ambulance delays and A&E waiting times. To break through the facade that they represent the electorate, puppet by puppet, politician by politician, celebrity by celebrity, expert by expert, fact checker by fact checker, peer reviewer by peer reviewer, prostitute by prostitute, until we see through every facet of their meaningless satanic status with which they glorify themselves, to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The truth that they are hiding from us in their new digital tower of Babel at the centre of their social credit score castle. The truth that they have been hiding from us since the original tower of Babel. 

The truth that they wish to enslave us all and force us to serve them, under the yoke of their anti social credit score which will be inversely proportional to the true society preserving morality that mankind needs in order to have any future - you can bet.
The truth that they wish to corrupt us into abandoning our humanity, our empathy, our faith our moral compass and our love, to become just like them, to become their seed, addicted to power, addicted to greed, addicted to abuse and worshipping status.
The truth that you cannot successfully operate a worldwide system of concentration camps without a World War and that they do intend successfully to operate a worldwide system of concentration camps

I know that it is a really massive somersault that I am asking some readers to make. But in my life we have gone from trusting a corrupt and incompetent, but nonetheless humane and democratic government that paid for 7 years of my university education and gave me 3000 pounds a year on top of that as a student grant, to an antidemocratic front of puppets in the pay of mass murdering slave masters, who corrupt and ruin everything they touch whilst robbing people blind

People who trusted the government got shafted with the vaccines. We all have friends and relatives whom we have seen suffer from their effects, if not die. If the government cared about the health of the electorate or indeed about their lives, heads would roll. But they have not because they do not. And that is not a matter for debate. Quite literally - they will not debate it as Andrew Bridgen exposed.

It used to be the case in the days of Sir Winston, that one should never let a good crisis go to waste politically. That is old politics. The new politics is: What crisis do we need in order to be able to milk these guys the way we want?  OK. So how do we engineer that crisis in an arms length manner? When there is a disaster, the public sector can spend a lot of our money fixing it. So what do you reckon? Will there be more disasters or less?

Now the crisis that is needed to enable digital concentration camps to be filled with those who refuse to torture their brothers, is WW3. So right now, it is being engineered. Not by the Russians. Not by NATO. Not by Israel. Not by Iran. But by the worldwide uniparty, the union of intel services, paid for by big malevolent money, that choreographed precisely the same response from all the governments in the G20 to the Moderna-EcoHealth-Darpa-Defuse Covid19 plandemic, sub contract manufactured by the Chinese - like everything else. That must have been done at intel agency level to have been so uniform and so universal.

This worldwide uniparty is elected by nobody but achieves power through the corruption of those we have elected and more particularly through the hidden secretive deceivers in the intel services who are above the government in real authority as we saw from 2020 to 2023. You can change the puppet. But you cannot change the puppet master. Actually in the US you cannot even change the puppet. Whereas in the UK you cannot choose the head puppet. 

Do not make the mistake of thinking that Tories are Tories or Labour is labour. That is no longer true. All the main political parties are now UK intel agency fronts. 

The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media" (William Colby 1920 - 1996 - director of the CIA during the extraordinarily successful Watergate cover up involving a full and total failure/corruption of the US security services, from 1973-1976). We know that the words of Colby were true (notwithstanding the plethora of intelligence agency inspired websites dishonestly proclaiming the opposite) because that cover up worked other than in the cases of Woodward and Bernstein, who were not at the time considered to be persons of any significance in the major media.

Today they have progressed from owning MSM journalists to owning politicians. The 21st century equivalent would now be:

The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major political parties. Even Trump has to walk a very fine line in that regard (to have any chance of regaining the presidency). And obviously they did not own Liz, hence she was replaced with the alacrity of a Trump indictment, by someone they do own. She said an astonishing thing for an ex PM to say at CPAC earlier in the year.

"The left have been weaponising our court system to stop us deporting illegal immigrants. They have been using the administrative state to make sure that Conservative policies are thwarted. And they have been pushing their woke agenda through our schools and through our campuses....And the left are aided and abetted by our enemies oversees. Now that includes Russia. It includes Iran and most of all it includes China which stands behind all of them". 

She also reveals that the PM does not run the country. Just as Putin revealed to Megyn Kelly actually when she first interviewed him for CNN (but that part of the conversation, which I watched avidly, got redacted from the online transcript). https://rumble.com/v4fh8ck-liz-truss-calls-out-the-central-bankers.html. Actually she reveals that the Chinese are effectively running this country through the left's control of the blob. They certainly make everything we buy.

So here is how Putin plays it. He says quite correctly that the West has gone morally bankrupt through woke policies, through alphabet grooming of children, and through attacks of the family and that Russia will never sink into such a low moral state because it is superior to the West in these respects. But it is his intel services that spend 85% of their time and budget on corrupting the West in the manner in which he represents he despises according to ex KGB spy: Yuri Bezmenov

But let us not make the mistake of thinking that Russia is the master villain here or that American is any better or any worse. Yes the two nations are, or should I say were as of April 2024, in a proxy war. But their intel services are not at war with each other. Quite the reverse. They are both allies in the war they have against mankind on behalf of the worldwide uniparty. A war which has started in Ukraine and is planned to expand into WW3 in accordance with the state of construction of the digital concentration camp I would suggest.

The worldwide uniparty is the villain. The globalist outfit which synchronized and choreographed the worldwide Covid response. It is they who have put Ukraine in an inhuman position as a pawn in the preface to WW3. Both are in contravention of the 1994 Budapest memorandum in which they guaranteed the security of Ukraine in return for them giving up their position as the world's 3rd largest nuclear power. Their despicable actions send a clear message to all countries: Get nuclear weapons if you do not want to be invaded by Russia with a consent from the US. And do not trust the word of the Russians or of the Americans.

History has taught us that the public in the West must be programmed to accept concentration camps in stages...

1. It starts with an artificial classification (vaxxed/unvaxxed or high social credit score/low social credit score or high carbon/low carbon lifestyle)
2. Then one demonises particular classes of people: Unvaxxed bad, vaxxed good. High carbon lifestyle bad, low carbon lifestyle good. And more particularly: Digital ID good. No Digital ID bad. What are you trying to hide? Are you a terrorist?
3. Then one discriminates against the demonised groups. Things become more and more difficult if you do not have a Digital ID.
4. Then one removes rights from demonised groups. You need to show your Digital ID to enter certain venues, certain public buildings, enter an airport, perhaps renew your travel card? We have already seen this with Vaccine passports.
5. Then one blames a demonised group for a manufactured atrocity which has nothing to do with the demonised group. This is theorised to be the case with the Reichstag fire which was blamed on 'the communists'.
6. Then the media incites national hatred against all demonised groups (unregistered will be like antivaxxers, and will be slandered as domestic terrorists - whilst being terrorised by the state - this is already occurring in the US with the Jan6 vote fraud protesters).
7. Then the government makes Digital IDs mandatory as a result of some other manufactured atrocity (which may well be WW3 for which Digital IDs may become the modern day ration books)
8. Then those without Digital IDs can be sent to prison and much of the population will go along with it, believing these 'unregistered' people to be enemies of the state and 'potential terrorists' and 'a danger to the war effort'.

It is important to disguise the real target demographic of your persecution by having several alternative demonised groups as decoys. The Nazis imprisoned homeless people, then homosexuals, then Jehovah's witnesses, then their political opponents and then, finally, the Jews in their concentration camps. The Jews were not the first to be mass interned. But they were always the main target. In fact the groups were imprisoned in reverse order of importance to Hitler.

The control freak first invalidates his victim's self esteem. Then he replaces it with plastic gold stars for compliance with his control, which are going to be our anti social credit scores. This invalidation, is already happening, especially to white men who pose the greatest threat to the program. And an army of illegal immigrants is being collected, which is larger than the regular army in this country. This is because every war needs an army and it will be difficult to get British nationals to fight arrest and imprison British nationals for no good reason, even during WW3.


Rudyard Kipling wrote this poem for his son...

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;

If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise

If you can dream - and not make dreams your master;
If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;

If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;

If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the will which says to them: 'Hold on!'

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kings - nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;

If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And - which is more - you'll be a Man, my son!”

I would update it as follows

If you can keep your humanity when all around you are losing theirs
If you can trust your moral compass whilst mortal man despairs
If your can love the truth and teach it when no one really cares
Then you'll be raptured to the peace of God to which nothing known compares

If you can see through every veil that hides your destiny divine
If you can hold on fast to love through all the ravages of time
If you can focus on the good that lies in every man you meet
Yet help him cure his badness, purge his lies and his deceit

If you can champion the causes that your heart itself does choose
If you can fight until you've won yet remain as humble as when you lose
If you have faith that in your spirit lies the image of your God
Then you will walk the holy path that all the prophets themselves trod

If you can pull out from the darkness, the light of human kindness
And never let it die, but make it shine because its timeless
If you can see a promised land from which no man is to be excluded
Then you will lead your brothers to it before this system is concluded

If you can correct your brother's error without rage or condemnation
If you can read a verse of scripture to make your own interpretation
If you can fulfil a tiny fraction of the potential that is in you
Then you will shatter every wall there is with muscle and with sinew

If you can hold your sisters' dreams to be as important as your own
And help her to achieve them with every means you've ever known
If you can stand for what you believe in whilst you kneel only for God
Then he will hold out the golden sceptre and invest you with his rod

If you can thank your every ancestor that fought to give you life
If you can wrestle with your conscience and let it lead you as a wife
If you can conquer every evil that the demons throw your way
You will be a human, and that's the greatest compliment I could ever pay


The greater the PR job being done by Hillel Fuld, Eli David, Ben Shapiro, Allison Pearson etc., in the case of Israel and by Chay Bowes, Noctis Draven, Colonel Douglas Macgregor, etc., in the case of Russia, the more war crimes torture and abuse Russia and Israel can get away with and the more you know they are committing them. These PR campaigns are a part of the attacks on the people of Ukraine and Gaza. The one group demonised as Nazis for who one should have no sympathy and the other as terrorists for whom one should have no sympathy. They want you to have no sympathy so that they can continue their abuse with impunity of course.

Anyone who tells us not to have sympathy for an entire nation of people is inhuman and demonic. The defining characteristic of mankind is our sympathy. Jesus knew that when he commanded us to love our enemies and Mick Jagger knew it when he expressed his sympathy even for the Devil. I am particularly disappointed.


When Putin says sending NATO troops to Ukraine could cause WW3, he is saying that conquering Ukraine is more important to him than causing WW3.  Which is the same thing as saying he wants to be the cause of WW3.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxYE9GQwVcw  RFK greatest threat to democracy is Biden censorship of social media.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSkL6HbkF8Q&t=13s General Ben Hodges. Ukraine best value possible.


Dr. Aseem Malhotra's Testimony against the Finnish Government

On 2024April12, Dr. Aseem Malhotra's gave testimony to the Helsinki District court as an expert witness on the Covid Pandemic under pain of perjury in the case of Mika Vauhkala against the Finnish Government for Human Rights Violations through introducing the Covidpass and thereby coercing a pharmacological intervention in Finland. 

Dr. Malhotra presents an interesting account of his role, through the BMA, in persuading the UK government to overturn the vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. He explains clearly why mRNA vaccines should be banned worldwide and why they... 

"Should never have been approved for use in a single human being in the first place."

May God himself and the judges in that court grant Mika Vauhkala and mankind as a whole, the justice they deserve for all the pain suffering disability and death that we and our relatives have suffered due to Covid19. The purpose of the Fauci-Baric-Daszak-Moderna-Darpa-Defuse gain of function viral bioweapon was to give Big Pharma access to human immune systems, circulatory systems, neurological systems, reproductive systems and genetic coding, through a cure to a disease that they themselves created. The virus was the horse. The vaccine was the cart. The payload in that cart was sickness injury disability and death. Because the DNA and mRNA vaccines coded for the most toxic part of the Covid-19 pathogen, the spike protein (rather than the nucleocapsid part of the virus - the case for the nucleus - which Dr Richard Flemming revealed that researchers have shown produces a more effective vaccination which is not pathogenic). The correct vaccine would actually use segments of all the known variants of Covid and deliberately exclude their spike proteins which are known pathogens. It was also be traditional rather than genetic. 

Also shots had spike protein mRNA not in vaccine dosage numbers, but in body wide gene therapy dosage numbers of spikes. 14 trillion copies in the case of the Pfizer and 48 trillion copies in the case of the Moderna mRNA vaccines, in circumstances where humans only have 36 trillion cells. The dosage was too high by at least 2 orders of magnitude. A full blown Covid infection only involves around 100 billion virus copies

Then we add to that the fake/modified uracil in the vaccines which disables the off switch in the messenger RNA, which codes for more spike proteins. And every vaccinated cell in your body is turned into a death factory producing protein spikes for as long as that cell lives. And muscle cells live for 25 years. These spikes we now know cause immune suppression, turbo cancers, cardio vascular diseases, neurological diseases, reproductive dysfunction, auto immune diseases and are a general all round systemic poison missold and mispromoted and mislegislated as a protection from a disease which had a zero mortality rate for people of working age according to the unadulterated figures of NRS Scotland for the 3 years of the pandemic. A disease for which the vaccine offered no protection whatsoever 8 weeks after vaccination. And then offered negative protection, increased vulnerability, week on week thereafter. A 'therapy' for which the extensive Cleveland Clinic study showed that the more shots you take, the more Covid you get.


Here are just some of the ways in the which the mRNA vaccines were weaponised to kill rather than cure...

1. Coding for the  man made souped up human codonned double CGG furin cleavage site toxic spike protein (12.5% of the virus), rather than the remaining 87.5% of the virus which is not toxic.
2. Coded for a computerised virus that nobody ever caught rather than the actual virus which was released
3. Was not updated for over 2 years to the latest variant. Because they did not care about curing Covid. They just wanted to get their man made spike protein into you. Flu shots are updated every year for the latest variant.
4. Included parts of of the genetic code of HIV1 and SV40 which are known to cause cancer and immune problems
5. Used mRNA technology which had no successful test history on animals or humans rather than traditional non genetic vaccines which had decades of testing.
6. Used fake Uracil, (N1 Methyl Pseudouridine) rather than real uracil. This turned the vax into a stealth genetic disruptor, which cell defences did not recognise as genetic material and could not terminate.
7. If the mRNA is eventually broken down by cell defences or of its own accord, then its fake uracil is released which may find its way into other cell processes. This will cause the cell to lose control of its genetic processes which is precisely what happens in certain types of cancer.
8. This loss of genetic control could also result in the intravascular growths which undertakers find in 25-30% of all bodies they embalm on both sides of the Atlantic. This says to me that the true excess mortality figure must be at least 25-30% due to the vaccine.

Aseem's Testimony

Here is his full testimony from Aussie17.com both in audio form and as a transcript. My prayers are for justice from his efforts to obey the oath he took as a doctor. 

This court testimony has been banned from youtube, because they cannot defeat his arguments in open debate. So instead they close the debate.. 

"My name is Doctor Aseem Malhotra. I am a consultant cardiologist. I've been a qualified doctor since 2001. I have held various roles both in academic health policy.

In England, in the United Kingdom, and of the various roles, I won't bore you with all the details. I think three of the most relevant and prominent are the fact that I was an ambassador for the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges for six years, which represented every doctor in the UK. I served a full term of six years as a trustee of the King's fund. I was the youngest member to be appointed to this body which advises government on health policy. I was a founding member of Action on Sugar and a first science director. And through that role I'm considered the lead campaigner on bringing about a sugary drinks tax in the UK. And also, finally I served for five years as visiting professor of evidence based medicine at the Bahiana School of Medicine in Salvador, Brazil.

In early 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic I was most vocal doctor on the mainstream, making the link very early on between COVID and those who are vulnerable to suffering serious complications from COVID In fact, in March 2020, I was asked to go on Sky News to explain my initial research findings of the link between especially obesity and COVID, but also to give people an opportunity and to suggest to the government this was a great time for them to implement public health policy to help people enhance or optimise their immune system, which could happen within just a few weeks of dietary changes and optimising vitamin D. This was later also backed up by medical journal publications a few months later. And I was first to mention on the back of an article I published in the Daily Telegraph newspaper, which became a front page commentary and was picked up by BBC News and Good Morning Britain, where I had said that it's likely our prime minister, Boris Johnson, was hospitalised because of his weight. As a result of that, the then secretary for health, Matt Hancock, and this was publicised in the news, had asked me to advise him on the link between COVID and obesity.

...before I explain my journey and in many ways U-turn on my understanding in terms of the benefits and harms of the COVID vaccine, my experience in this area over the last couple of years has made me realise more than ever that even for that the greatest barrier to the truth are not factual or intellectual barriers, but psychological. I think all of us as human beings are vulnerable to these psychological barriers and we should have compassion for ourselves.

And I will just very briefly summarise those three psychological barriers before I get into my detailed account of what I was involved in in regards to the COVID vaccine. The first psychological barrier is one of fear. And many of us understandably, and I still remember from early on in the pandemic, we were all scared. We did not know what we were dealing with. The issue with fear is that when people and populations are in a state of fear, we are less likely to engage in critical thinking and we are more likely to be compliant.

Although COVID was particularly devastating for vulnerable groups in the elderly and I even have managed and still manage people with long COVID, the fear was grossly exaggerated. And one of the examples of that is that when we had good information on the mortality rate of COVID in the United States, one survey in 2020 revealed that 50% of Americans believed that if they caught COVID, the risk of hospitalization was 50% one and two, when the actual figure, certainly an average for people in middle age, was less than 1%. The second barrier to the truth, which I think is very relevant to the situation we find ourselves in now, is one called willful blindness. This is when human beings, all of us, are vulnerable to this, turn a blind eye to the truth in order to feel safe, avoid conflict, reduce anxiety and to protect prestige and fragile egos. Some examples of this include, on a personal level, willful blindness can occur when a spouse turns a blind eye to the affair of their partner. On an institutional level, some great examples of willful blindness include Hollywood and Harvey Weinstein, the Catholic Church and child molestation. I believe the current situation we find ourselves in, with much of the mainstream narrative and the medical establishment and policy makers not acknowledging quite horrific, serious and common harms from this vaccine, is another example of willful blindness. And I also say this with full empathy, because I was one of those people that was for a very long time, willfully blind to the harms of the COVID vaccine.

In January 2021, I was one of the first people to take two doses of the COVID mRNA vaccine because I volunteered in a vaccine centre. I still believe that traditional vaccines are some of the safest amongst all pharmacological interventions in medicine and I could not conceive of any possibility whatsoever of this vaccine causing harm. As a public figure and respected doctor in the UK, I have built relationships across the board with many other public figures, including celebrities and politicians, who often come to me for medical advice.

One of those people was film director Gurinder Chadha, who you may be familiar with some of her work, including the movie "Bend It like Beckham", who had asked me whether or not she should take the vaccine and had sent me blogs which I dismissed and regarded as anti vax nonsense. I was then asked to go on good morning, Britain because Gurinder Chadha, the director herself tweeted that I had convinced her to take the vaccine.

The main reason for this TV appearance was to help tackle vaccine hesitancy, which was very prominent amongst people from ethnic minority groups in the UK. I made the point on that programme that I understand where vaccine hesitancy was coming from because of the history that I have been involved with over many years in highlighting the shortcomings of pharmaceutical industry influence over medicine. And I even made the point, if I remember correctly, that they have been found guilty of fraud on many occasions, that the third most common cause of death, prepandemic after heart disease and cancer, is prescribed medications.

I, however, reassured the public and said that despite these figures, of everything we do in medicine, traditional vaccinations are amongst the safest. I still believe this to be the case.

A few months later, in April 2021, I met with a colleague and friend of mine who I regard as one of the brightest cardiologists in the United Kingdom. I was surprised when he told me that he had not taken the COVID vaccine. He explained to me that he had concerns because he had seen in the supplementary appendix of Pfizer's original trial that there were four cardiac arrests in the vaccine group and only one in the placebo.

These numbers were small and did not reach statistical significance. So this could be random chance, or his concern was it could represent a signal of problems in the future. And if this was the case, we are going to have a huge problem. He said he'd rather wait and see what happens before taking the vaccine.

On July 26, 2021, my father, aged 73, who was a very prominent, well known doctor in the UK, including being the honorary vice president of the British Medical Association and had received honours from the Queen of England with an OBE, suffered an unexpected sudden cardiac arrest. I was particularly devastated by this happening and I was also I find it difficult to understand why my father, who was a fit and well man, I knew his cardiac history and his cardiac status, would suffer a cardiac arrest. But also my initial investigation was to try and understand why there had been a 30 minutes ambulance delay arriving to his apartment.

Two weeks later, the deputy chief nurse of NHS England, a government health body, called me up. She was very upset, she knew my father very well and she was crying and she told me, Aseem, there's something I need to tell you. She in effect told me that throughout the country, for the last two months prior to my father's cardiac arrest in most regions of the UK, ambulances were not getting to patients in time for heart attacks and cardiac arrests.

And there had been a deliberate, and I will use these words because I mentioned it, I've mentioned it before, a cover up involving the government and the Department of Health to withhold this information from doctors and the public.

I worked with an investigative journalist with the I newspaper in the UK to write an article and a news story that became BBC News headlines a few months later, exposing this. Just before I exposed this, I messaged a professor of cardiology who I trust in the UK. He has a leadership role to explain to him what had happened and what I was about to do. I have text message evidence of this. He told me not to do this because it would make me enemies. I explained to him that I had a duty to patients and the public. I'm highlighting this as one example and I'll give you more examples of a cultural problem within medicine.

The next part of this story is the post mortem findings of my father. They did not make any sense to me. I am considered a leading expert, maybe in the world, on the development and progression of coronary artery disease. My father had two severe blockages in his coronary arteries. There was no actual evidence of heart attack and likely there was a rhythm disturbance because of reduced blood supply that led to his cardiac arrest.

Then in, within the space of a few weeks, around October and November, 3, different sources of information was brought to my attention that made me realize that there was probably a significant problem with the COVID mRNA vaccine. The first in October 2021. I remember I was giving lectures in Stockholm. I was contacted by a journalist with a Times newspaper who reported to me and said, Dr Malhotra, we have reports of an unexplained 25% increase in heart attacks in hospitals in Scotland and asked me what I thought was going on. I explained to her that at that time, with the evidence I knew in my own experience, I said that two likely contributory factors were lockdown stress. We know that when populations undergo severe stress after war, for example, there is an increase in heart attacks and strokes that can last for many years. She asked me whether I thought that there was a contribution. I was surprised when she asked me whether I thought there may be a contribution of the COVID vaccine to these heart attacks. I said to her, a good scientist should never exclude any possibility. But I felt at the time it was unlikely to be related to the COVID vaccine. But we should watch this space and keep our eyes open.

A few weeks later, a publication appeared in the Journal Circulation, which is considered the highest impact cardiology journal in the United States that revealed a potentially very strong link between the COVID mRNA vaccines and acceleration in heart attack risk. Very specifically, in several hundred people of middle age, there was a plausible mechanism, by use of inflammatory markers in the blood, that increased the baseline risk of those people having a heart attack in five years, from 11% to 25%, just within two months of having the COVID mRNA vaccines.

Of course, this is one bit of data, but even if partially true, that is a huge increase in risk in a very short space of time. And for me now made me think and link back to why my father may have suffered a cardiac arrest six months after having two doses of the vaccine. I remember thinking and speaking to a colleague, that if this was true, then we were going to see an increase in cardiac arrests, heart attacks and excess deaths in heavily vaccinated countries for the next few years.

Then within a few weeks, I was called up by a whistleblower at a very prestigious British institution. I will name that institution, which I have not done publicly before as a University of Oxford. This cardiologist explained to me that a group of researchers in his department had accidentally found, through the use of very specialised imaging of the heart, that there was a signal of increased inflammation of the heart arteries, which was there in the vaccinated, but not there in the unvaccinated.

The lead researcher of that group had sat down, the juniors, and had said that we are not going to explore these findings any further because it may affect our funding from the pharmaceutical industry.

At that point, with these three bits of information, I then felt it was my ethical duty to speak out. And I went on GBNews to talk about what I'd found what I'd heard and I'd asked for the Vaccine Committee of the UK on TV to investigate this, to see whether there was a real problem with the vaccine in relation to heart issues.

Around the same time which I found very strange is that the Secretary of State for Health at that stage, who was not Matt Hancock, was Sajid Javid, had announced in parliament that we are going to introduce legislation to ensure that all healthcare workers are mandated to have the COVID vaccine.

For me, this, by that stage had no ethical or scientific justification, because certainly after the summer of 2021, it had become very apparent that the COVID mRNA vaccine was not stopping infection and it certainly was not stopping transmission. It was understood that approximately 80,000 NHS workers had refused at this stage to have the COVID vaccine. And now they were threatened with losing their job if by April the following year they had not been fully vaccinated.

Many of these people were very concerned and contacted me around that time, I was also conducting many interviews, both through the BBC and Sky News and GBNews in regards to what happened with my father's ambulance delay. And I used it as an opportunity on the mainstream media to call for Sajid Javid, the secretary for health, to U-turn on the introduction of a mandate for healthcare workers based upon the fact that I felt it was not scientific and it was unethical. I also received my own personal backlash from these comments where I was contacted by the Royal College of Physicians who I had an affiliation with, and they asked me to respond to anonymous complaints from doctors that I was spreading, in quotes, antivax disinformation. I felt with my own knowledge and experience of the healthcare system that this was a direct response probably fueled by a combination of willful blindness and institutional corruption.

To elaborate a bit further, when I say institutional corruption, I mean that my view was that the complaints were likely being fueled by academics with financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry. I felt very concerned about the potential introduction of the vaccine, well, the vaccine mandate. And therefore I decided there were two things that I decided to do. The first was I made a phone call to the chairman of the British Medical Association in December 2021. I had a good relationship with him and he respected my opinion. And I spent 2 hours on the phone explaining to him everything that I knew up to that stage about my concerns of the COVID mRNA vaccine. He said to me, "Aseem, nobody appears to critically appraise the evidence on the COVID mRNA vaccine as well as you have from our conversation, he said, most of my colleagues are getting their information on the benefits and harms of the vaccine from the BBC".

This was replicated by the former chair of the CDC in the United States, Rochelle Walensky, who in an interview later on had said that her initial optimism of the vaccine benefits came from CNN News report. I say this just to emphasize that we should all accept our vulnerabilities to where we receive health information. Even doctors, policymakers, judges and lawyers are all influenced on the public massively by mainstream media. The chairman of the BMA also agreed with me. There was no ethical or scientific justification for mandating the COVID vaccine. He said the BMA also did not support it. And he said because of my conversation with him, he would speak directly to the secretary for health, Sajid Javid.

One month later, at the end of January 2022, the COVID vaccine mandate for healthcare workers was overturned. I at that stage, given the fact that there was some backlash happening towards me, I realised that because this is a very big issue and area, and not my initial area of expertise, I needed to carry out my own critical analysis of the COVID mRNA vaccines. I spent six to nine months critically appraising the data, including speaking to two Pfizer whistleblowers, three investigative medical journalists and eminent scientists from the University of Oxford, Stanford and Harvard.

The most critical bit, the most critical research that was published on this issue, which I think the whole court should acknowledge in August 2022, was published in the journal Vaccine. That research was conducted by some of the world's top independent of drug industry influence academics. That research, we was able to reanalyze the original randomized control trials conducted by Pfizer and Moderna. They were able to do this because new information was made available on the FDA's website and Health Canada's website.

The conclusions of that paper were really very disturbing. The original trials that led to the drug regulatory approval of these vaccines revealed that you were more likely to suffer serious harm from taking the vaccine, specifically hospitalization, life changing event or disability, than you were to be hospitalized with COVID That rate of harm at two months was very high at 1 in 800.

Just to give you some perspective, historically we have suspended other vaccines for much less. In 1976, the swine flu vaccine was pulled because it was found to cause a neurological syndrome called Guillain-Barre syndrome In one in 100,000 people. In 1999, the rotavirus vaccine was suspended because it was found to cause a form of bowel obstruction in children affecting 1 in 10,000. This was 1 in 800.

In my view, it was very clear that given this information, published in the highest impact Vaccine journal in the world, peer reviewed, and has not had any significant rebuttals, that this vaccine now, in my view, should never have been approved for use in a single human being in the first place.

In my view, this very important court case in some ways, actually is a distraction from the much bigger issue, which is there should be court cases around the world with a full inquiry into the pharmaceutical industry and an inquiry as to how we got this so very wrong. Of course, one could argue this is just one bit of research, but actually, unfortunately, there are different, many different strands of research that are showing a signal of considerable and common serious harm from these vaccines.

From pharmacovigilance data that is reporting what we call yellow card reports from the public. We have plausible biological mechanism of harm. We have other research called observational data. We have autopsy data also confirming that certainly with the majority of people who died within a short space of time of having the vaccine in relation to the heart, was definitively caused by the vaccine.

This is really a very, very, very horrific situation we find ourselves in. One would hope and expect that the regulators should be independently evaluating all medications. But of course, the evidence reveals this is far from true. There was an investigation by the BMJ, also published in the summer of 2022, which revealed that most of the major regulators across the world were taking most of their money from the drug industry.

For example, the MHRA in the UK receives 86% of its funding from the drug industry, and the FDA in America receives 65% of its funding from the drug industry, A fact that most doctors do not know. And therefore, I would not expect members of the court to know this either, is that very, very rarely do drug industry sponsored research get independently evaluated.

Clinical trial data can often involve thousands of pages of information on individual patients. The drug companies hold onto that raw data. They then give summary results to the regulator, who are then paying, who have an incentive to approve the drugs, and the drugs are then approved.

I made these points in my peer reviewed article published in the Journal of Insulin Resistance in September 2022, where I concluded that we should pause and investigate the issue around the COVID mRNA vaccines.

I have since then been campaigning and advocating for a return to ethical evidence based medical practise around the world. Some of the clear solutions moving forward would be changes in the law that are required so that patients, doctors, members of the public can have greater confidence in the information they receive to make decisions about their health.

Two very clear, low hanging fruit solutions, which are both ethical, scientific and democratic, would be that the drug industry should be allowed to develop drugs, but they shouldn't be allowed to test them themselves. And they certainly shouldn't be allowed to design their own research to and hold onto the raw data. Their information needs to be independently evaluated. One other clear solution would also be that the medical regulators, again, should not be taking any money from the industry, as this is a gross conflict of interest. I also want to highlight for people to understand the bigger picture.

Prior to the pandemic, I had realised that there was a big problem with the reliability of clinical research, where invariably the results of clinical trials on all drugs sponsored by the drug industry, grossly exaggerate their safety and benefits.

I have taken this information to the European Parliament, where I spoke in 2019, and I spoke to very senior politicians in the UK government. But although they were sympathetic, they felt that the issue was much bigger than them as individuals, and therefore it also needed media attention to get public awareness on the importance of such an inquiry. Before we continue with further questions, as I've been speaking for quite a long time now I'll just finish with two references just for the court and the judges to understand just how bad this problem is.

Prepandemic the man who I call the Stephen Hawking of medicine is Professor John Ioannidis from the University of Stanford. The reason I call him the Stephen Hawking of Medicine is he's the most cited medical researcher in the world and is a mathematical genius. In 2006, he published a paper which was entitled why most published research findings are false. In that paper, he makes a point that the greater the financial interests in a given field, the less likely the research findings are to be true.

I say this in context of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine which has made the company $100 billion. The other point that he makes in a further paper in 2017 is, again, the reason the system continues as it is is most doctors are unaware of the information they receive when they make clinical decisions has been corrupted by commercial influence.

The other credible name I will mention is the editor of the Lancet, Richard Horton, who I personally know. In 2015, he wrote an article in the Lancet in relation to a secret meeting that had taken place with himself and some of the world's top medical academics. In that, he wrote that possibly half of the medical published literature may simply be untrue. And he said that science has taken a turn towards darkness. But who's going to take the first step to clean up the system? I believe in this case and in this court today, this is going to be a very pivotal potential moment in history for that first step.
Part 2

Part 2 of the interview takes the form of a Q&A session. The questions were originally posed in Finnish, and Aseem responded in English. I trimmed out the Finnish questions, you’d have to deduce the questions much like playing a round of Jeopardy.

Again, highlights are mine.

So this article essentially reveals, and it was published in August 2021, well before the introduction of COVID Pass. As you know, in Finland that there was clear evidence that there was no difference in the viral load of both vaccinated and unvaccinated people once they were infected with COVID mRNA. Which suggests, of course, one, it wasn't stopping infection and two, clearly is unlikely to stop transmission.

Question: What is it related to, in your opinion, that the vaccine has, despite the claims, not reduced the viral load?

That's a great question. If one goes back to the original trials done by Pfizer and Moderna, their original publications. there was a figure that was used a lot, which everybody, I think, remember because it was repeated in the media again, again and again. Is this 95% protection? If you have the vaccine, you will not get COVID?

Essentially. Rachel Maddow, who is a very well known broadcaster for CNN in the United States, made claims very clearly and very emphatically,

“If you take the vaccine, you will not get COVID.”

“If you take the vaccine, you will not get COVID.”

If you look at those original trials, it is understandable for the lay public and believe this to be the case because that is actually a real efficacy of all or most traditional vaccines.

My left arm is covered in scars from all the vaccines I've had. And they have been protective, whether it's against Hepatitis B or whether it's against TB. But actually the original trials conducted by Pfizer revealed that in the trial, the protection from infection wasn't 95%, was actually 0.84%.

In other words, to protect against, and this is also part of the problem. The ancestral strain of the virus, which many of you now know had kept mutating, that was actually 0.84%. In other words, you had to vaccinate 119 people to prevent one person being infected with COVID-19. Because it's a particularly difficult virus to vaccinate against, and partly also because this was rushed out very quickly. I think that also contributed to the very poor efficacy in comparison to other vaccines of this particular vaccine.

In fact, this has also been confirmed by the FDA in May 2021, many, many months before the introduction of the COVID pass in Finland, where on their website they make it clear that results from the antibody tests that suggest you have protection from COVID were essentially useless.

They said that they wanted to remind the public that the antibody tests do not give any reliability whatsoever about you getting infected from COVID. I was very shocked to find this on their website when I was doing my critical analysis. And it just, again, is an example that if it wasn't publicised, most people didn't know about it.

On the same token, if I may, in a similar way, I was also surprised when I did my own critical research, that the World Health Organisation, actually, when the vaccines were being distributed, had endorsed a list of potential serious harms and side effects that can happen from the vaccine. And that list involves every organ system in the body, and anything and everything that can go wrong with the heart is on that list. And if most doctors were unaware of this potential side effect, which I believe they were, they are going to miss many diagnoses as unexplained, when people are presenting young people with heart attacks or cardiac arrests.

Question: What could have led, in your opinion, in the situation that the doctors did not have information about the adverse effects or side effects of the COVID vaccination?

The medical profession is hierarchical and obedient, which is a risk factor for abuse of power. And this actually is a conclusion that was drawn from Israeli academics and doctors in 2017. in relation to the role of the medical profession in the Holocaust. I don't say this to be inflammatory or provocative, but just to give the court an understanding of the culture within medicine. I was personally shocked to learn that 45% of the medical profession joined the Nazi party, versus 7% of teachers. The reason I mention this is in this paper, published in 2017. The conclusions drawn is that because the medical profession is hierarchical and obedient, that is a risk factor for abuse of power, and this could have further problems in the future.

When it comes to informed consent, I believe the overwhelming majority of doctors are people who adhere to the highest ethical standards. But the issue is that they also are obedient to hierarchy. And if the hierarchy has become too close to the pharmaceutical industry, whose only interest is to make money, then that is a major problem for the whole profession. So, to answer your question, the reason most doctors were fed one particular narrative is that they were trusting information coming from senior academics and doctors who had direct financial or institutional ties to the drug industry.

At this point, it's important to mention that the drug industry has a financial and legal obligation to make profit for their shareholders. They have no legal requirement to give you the best treatment. The extent of their self interest is actually pathological. The preeminent forensic psychologist, Doctor Robert Hare, who was involved in the original international diagnostic classification of psychopathy, he has himself said that big corporations, including Big Pharma, quite often in the way that they conduct their business, fulfil all the criteria for psychopaths, specifically callous disregard for the safety of others, incapacity to experience guilt, deceitfulness, and conning others for profit. As a result. I have used come up with a new term which was actually referenced by Richard Horton in the Lancet in an article he wrote about one of my lectures.

And I call this the psychopathic determinants of health. This is a derivation from an accepted public health definition of the commercial determinants of health, which specifically is defined as strategies and approaches adopted by the private sector to promote products and choices that are detrimental to health.

Question: Has it been possible for ordinary people such as here to get information on the adversary side effects of the COVID vaccines?

It has been extremely difficult for ordinary people. I wouldn't just say ordinary people, for doctors. I found it extremely hard, actually, it took me nine months to really try and look for reliable evidence on the issue of the vaccine because of this huge publicity bias in favour of the safe and effective narrative. Even social media companies were influenced very heavily by government narrative that was essentially supporting or promoting the interests of the drug industry.

A very senior employee of META, who I met, explained to me that the so called independent fact checkers that come up on social media sites are not independent at all. They are essentially there to promote the interests of their industry partnerships and relationships, which, in relation to multinational corporations, I've already defined as being psychopathic. However, some information has been also available to general public.

Question: So what have been the channels of spreading this information apart from the mainstream media?

I, in most of my career as a public health advocate and activists have utilised the mainstream media have relationships with many journalists across the board. Many of them have been scared who are aware about what's happening or couldn't get stories past their editor. But you can't keep the truth hidden for very long and through various channels and through real world experience of people who have suffered side effects themselves or have family members suffering side effects. The information has slowly been creeping out through alternative media channels. And many of these alternative media channels are now getting larger viewerships than legacy media. For example, I gave an interview on the Joe Rogan podcast, whose average listenership is more than CNN and Fox News, combined.

Question: [in Finnish].

I didn't prepare anything, actually for this particular hearing because this has been a subject very close to my heart for over two years. In fact, I would say going back a decade. a lot of this information is something ingrained within me. However, some of the points that I've made today will also. Yes, have been consistent with many of the points I've been using in lectures I've been giving all across the world.

Question: Your speciality is cardiology, is that correct?

Yes, that's absolutely correct. That is my specialty is cardiology. I have not done any specific research or investigations into other vaccines prior to this, but I felt my primary role in this particular case was to link the issue of the COVID vaccine and cardiovascular side effects, which of course is my area of specialty. I would answer that. it was the relationship of my father's death was specific to one side effect of the vaccine, potential side effect in terms of his acceleration of coronary artery disease. It's something that I think was probably the first person in the world to identify because it linked with my own area of expertise. But most of what that paper was about was actually in relation to published evidence which had nothing at all to do with my father's death, in relation to heart issues, and acknowledging my potential emotional bias because of it mentioning my father in this case. I felt that this had to go through independent, peer reviewed analysis, which it did, and the peer reviewers accepted my findings.

Question: "In parallel, authorities and sections of the medical profession have supported unethical coercive and misinformed policies such as vaccine mandates and vaccine passports, undermining the principles of ethical, evidence based medical practise and informed consent."

Absolutely, yes.

My understanding of this situation really was initially through my communication with Mika Vauhkala. And of course this was something that had been replicated across the world. And of course, my own experience with campaigning on the vaccine mandate for healthcare workers in the UK. so it made complete sense to me. I have not specifically looked at that now.

Question: [in Finnish].

So narrative review is essentially a first person critical review or analysis of the evidence. From my perspective, the narrative gives some leeway to include personal experience and journey in this issue of the COVID vaccine. And the reason that I looked at the Pfizer in particular because that was the the one I had taken, the one I had most understanding of, and mainly also because that was the most still is the most is the predominant COVID vaccine being used in the world.

I don't have any direct relationship with the WHO. However, I have highlighted that I have grave concerns about their financial ties to industry. For example, the second largest contributor to the World Health Organisation funding now is the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. And Bill Gates has heavily invested stocks in pharmaceutical companies and they made half a billion dollars from investments in the COVID vaccines. This is not just my personal opinion as being a problem. The former director general of the world, and this isn't just my opinion the former Director-General of the World Health Organisation, Margaret Chan, in an interview after she left that role, said that 70% of the funding that goes to the World Health Organisation comes with, in quotes, strings attached. Therefore, in my view, as long as the World Health Organisation continues to take money from industry interests, they cannot and should not be trusted to give any independent health advice.

Question: COVID-19 vaccinations have saved more than 1.4 million lives in the WHO european region. A new study finds. Copenhagen, the 16 January 2024.

It's a very good question, if you allow me to expand a little bit. In medical research there is a hierarchy of quality and reliability of evidence. The highest quality of evidence is double blinded, randomised controlled trials. They are, of course, subject to huge bias as well, but still considered the highest quality level of evidence. And we've already established that the reanalysis of those original trials suggested more harm than good from the vaccine. One of the lowest forms of reliable medical evidence comes from modelling studies. These are made based upon extrapolations. This information from the World Health Organisation and in fact, a previous study that suggested 20 million lives have been saved from the COVID vaccine come from this type of data. In general, it is considered low quality and not reliable. That doesn't mean to say it doesn't have a role and it should be looked into the context of the larger body of evidence. But even if we except, and it may be true that 1.4 million lives were saved from the vaccine, it would be also reasonable to say it would be equally true that the vaccine has killed more than 1.4 million people. No, actually, the last number interestingly which we didn't discuss, is that in the original trials there were more people that died, although it didn't reach statistical significance. There were more people that died in the vaccine group than the actual placebo group and that should have been a red flag. But to quote other research that has been published from surveys, which I must add again, isn't what we call the highest quality level of evidence at all. There has been a suggestion that in the United States, the death rate from the vaccine could be, and I say could in quotes, could be as high as 1 in 1000 people vaccinated. I don't say this from a position of dogma or precision, but the reason I'm mentioning it is if we are to accept the potential possibility of 1.4 million lives being saved from the COVID vaccine, I think there is a lot more evidence and quality of data to suggest that it has actually caused more harm.

Question: [in Finnish] - (A17 editorial: some prominent virologist said you are a bad person and your opinions are all wrong!…blah blah blah)

I have written in relation to the Guardian newspaper, I have written 19 opinion editorials for the Guardian, the Observer group, including three front page commentaries in the last twelve years. The first thing I would say if you allow me, before answering that specific question, of course, is that I fully believe in scientific debates and I respect everybody should have a view aired. would that particular virologist firstly admit that he got it wrong when he said that this vaccine was going to protect you getting infected?

But that's okay, because as new information comes, we know that science evolves and we have to change our opinion with new information. With the greatest respect, what does a virologist know about cardiovascular effects of the vaccine? I'd also add that I've already mentioned the fact that there is grave concerns, with good evidence, of institutional corruption in the medical establishment, of leading academics having too close financial ties to the drug industry. Great advances in medicine and science, and even well, certainly in medicine and science and in the law, has actually emanated from even the minority of one. I wouldn't be able to actually give you a precise answer to whether I believe my views are in the minority, because many doctors from around the world and many very leading doctors in the UK have written to me saying they fully back what I'm doing and they share my concerns, but they are too afraid to speak.

I also find it strange that the Guardian newspaper, who I've written for, as well as the BBC, who constantly asked me for my views on medical matters, including whether Donald Trump, when he got sick, is likely to be hospitalised with COVID on Boris Johnson, on Prince Philip, when he got sick, suddenly paint me as being a fringe scientist. One of the lessons in public health advocacy is as soon as your work threatens an industry or an ideological cabal, you will be attacked, sometimes unrelentingly and viciously. I actually took the Guardian article as a backhanded compliment.

To quote one of my inspirations, Mahatma Gandhi, first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. And I think I remember very well from history that when Gandhi took on the British empire, he was initially a minority of one. But even if you are the minority of one, the truth is the truth. I understand.

I expect that most of the people here are fully vaccinated, like me. I also have concerns moving forward, especially as we now have a lot of the concerns around the world of excess deaths. We have certainly a lot of reports coming out of public figures, including in the UK, of people getting cancer. I have very recently been diagnosed only a few days ago as likely having severe vaccine injury myself through analysis of my gut microbiome from a very eminent doctor in the United States, consistent with what she's seeing with many people with vaccine injuries. part of the reason also to make sure there is enough publicity to call for [an inquiry] And because of that reason and my concerns genuinely of my own understanding, speaking with many experts, handling and looking after people with vaccine injuries, I feel that there is an opportunity that we must act very quickly for everybody that has been vaccinated to identify who is likely at risk of developing problems in the future, including cancer.

And I include all the people in this room who have been vaccinated, do genuinely believe that there will be meaningful solutions that can help people identify if they're at risk of problems in the future. And the sooner that the establishment are acknowledging this problem, the sooner we can protect people from suffering unnecessarily in the future. Thank you for the honour and privilege of allowing me to speak here today.



How can we Fight the Species Annihilating Globalists and Win?

We know they are deliberately ruining Western economies. We know they are deliberately weaponising healthcare worldwide. We know they are deliberately attacking the human genome. We know they are deliberately weaponising justice, deliberately weaponising law enforcement, deliberately interfering with the sun and with weather systems, deliberately ruining food production and distribution. We know they are deliberately ruining Ukraine and Gaza, deliberately pushing mankind towards a nuclear WW3, deliberately ruining family cohesion and family emotional security, and replacing it with government controlled antisocial services enforced by antifamily courts. We know they are deliberately ruining national security, deliberately destroying men's and women's rights, deliberately targeting procreative sexual fulfilment, deliberately targeting the birth rate and our reproductive capability and deliberately targeting private transport. In short there is no area in human life that has an enjoyable or sustainable or fulfilling or humane or loving future that they are not targeting. These attacks are occurring on every avenue there is upon which an attack could possibly occur. It is an all out assault which is yet to go fully kinetic into a further World War, which is its obvious goal. WW3 will break out when the digital dungeon is completed. For that is how they will enforce Mark of the beast registration. The only reason we are not in WW3 right now is that their Digital Dachau is not complete. It is not because our governments are pacifists.

We will then each one be thrown into the fiery furnace of WW3 if we refuse to bow down to the image of Gold, the new CBDCs, the new digital currencies.

So how should we respond to this unprecedentedly universal and pandimensional assault? How can we escape this all pervasive choke hold, that is tightening its grip around our necks, our bellies, our genetics, our planet, our wallets and dare I say it, our balls and worse still our children's balls? It is as if the entire human race has become prey to a species eating lion. 

Well an unprecedented attack requires an unprecedented defence and the form of attack leads us towards what our defence should be.

Personal Defence

Firstly I beg the reader to ENJOY exercising YOUR judgement that you have decided upon with your own mind. Have confidence in the brilliance of your reasoning processes. Reject the idea that you are not an expert and your opinion is worthless, without the approval of some kind of panel of experts like in the X factor. There was a time when expert opinions were such. That time has now past. Expert opinions are all too often paid for by the people who control the professional body of the experts and the publications of that profession. One of the main purposes of life and of age is to develop better and more accurate and more wise judgement yourself. And never in the history of human endeavour has judgement between good and bad been needed more than it is today. And never have the consequences of bad judgement calls and good judgement calls been more visceral, more immediate and more visible. Yes. This is the Judgement Day. We are in it. So exercise your judgement, not the judgement of your boss, your government, your newspaper or even the politicised law of the land. 

The world is trying to rob you of confidence in your judgement, by presenting you with pre formed narratives and opinions which have the appearance of being philanthropic. But have precisely the opposite effect to their appearance. That being the art of satanic politics. Have the courage and confidence to reject most but not all of the MSM and political and EU and IMF and WEF and G20 and intel agency 'security' narratives that the age of information technology is flooding us with. And of course, reject absolutely all of Bill Gates narratives without even thinking about them (would be my recommendation). 

You might not think your opinion is important in the scheme of things. But your enemies would disagree. They are doing everything they can to brainwash you (or kill you). There is a reason for that. They are vulnerable to your opinion. So form it. Love it. Love the freedom of thought that you have, and form the opinion that you deem to be correct. Espouse it and articulate it whilst you still can. But of course be humble enough to change it when contradicting evidence is sufficiently great. Have the academic agility to seek the truth over your own pride and ego. Have the confidence not merely of your convictions, which may be your enemy's deceptions, but also of your deductions, which again, although perhaps based on incorrect data, are nonetheless yours. What I am trying to say to those without faith, is that your decision making process is divine. It is that good. Even when we get things wrong, the way we reach the wrong conclusion is divinely brilliant.

There is a whole load of very very rich people's money being spent to make sure you do not exercise your own judgement: To make sure that you do not have the correct data upon which to make any decision and that you do not have much confidence in whatever decision you may make. My advice therefore is to make absolutely sure that their money is wasted on you. That normally means taking the opposite position to the main stream narrative. But not always. This of course is a mission of the Exposé. It is trying to feed you the data you need to counter MSM, intel agency, globalist, big tech and big money men lies. And I am very happy to help in that regard. But it is better to make your own decision based on whatever data you believe to be true and be totally wrong, than it is blindly to accept a narrative which you have not researched. For that is idolatry of your enemy.

We are all developing resistance to brainwashing and there is a race between how fast we can develop that resistance and how much damage the deceivers can do before we see through their narratives. If we lose that race a lot of people will be damaged. If we win, less people will be damaged. We saw this very quantitatively with the vaccines. Some saw through it before the 1st dose. Others saw through it at the 5th dose in circumstances where the Cleveland Clinic data definitively demonstrated that vaccine damage to the immune system was dose dependent. The more shots one took, the greater the chance was of covid infection because the greater damage had been done to one's immune system, which competes against the profits of Big Pharma. So enjoy developing the wisdom to resist brainwashing and enjoy recognising the signs that all control freaks give (invalidating every yardstick you use with which to assess your life and replacing them all with plastic gold stars for adherence to their commands and 'directives' - social credit scores in fact). What the hell is a government doing formulating social credit scores? Nobody elected them to control their social life. No election manifesto ever included the wholesale appropriation of the social lives of the electorate by government. I mean it is farcical what is going on today in government. These pigs cannot even control their own social lives and they want to control ours by giving us marks out of 10? How uncool can these weirdos get? 


The OHID: The Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (you what?) puts the UK excess mortality rate in 2023 at 5% higher than normal.

Whereas John O'Looney, a UK family run business funeral director, says that in 2023 he found that 25% of the bodies he was asked to embalm had intravascular growths which prevented him from running the formaldehyde through the vascular system of the deceased and therefore would obviously have killed the deceased. John O'Looney states that in his expert opinion the growths put up blood pressure, stress out the heart and cause lethal stokes and heart attacks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwdRfbPrGIY 

Likewise in 2022 US embalmers reported that 30% of their corpses had rubbery amyloid intravascular growths, which would of course cause death by cardiovascular failure. And in 2023 the figure dropped to 25%. But in addition to that coffee grind microclots have increased from 5% to 25% in the US in bodies embalmed in 2022. These too can cause strokes and lethal cardiovascular events.

The government excess mortality figures for 2022 vary from 6% in the US to 14% in the UK to 22% in NZ. These government figures it seems to me are more a measure of how dishonest a particular government department is, than they are of the true death rate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rAoqhTUU0g 

Now if embalmers find that 25-30% of the bodies they embalm have lethal intravascular growths, then assuming that bodies to be embalmed are a statistically representative sample of the general deceased population, this would imply an excess mortality rate of 25-30% from the intravascular growths alone. When we add to that the deaths from coffee grind microclots, the total is more like 50%. Then if we add to that the deaths from vaccine mediated turbo cancers and sepsis and general infections due to VAIDS and if we add to that deaths due vaccine mediated neurological conditions (which cause older people to fall over which is often a lethal event for those over 80 in the fairly short term), we must get to 60% or more. 

If you look at medical insurance claims for 2022 in the US there are some incredible numbers from Edward Dowd

These are the increases in medical insurance claims in 2022 compared to a 4 year average of pre covid levels from 2016 to 2019

Hematological – up 522%
Auditory – up 121%
Cardiovascular – up 121%
Dermatological – up 138%
Endocrine, metabolic, and thermoregulation – up 156%
Gastrointestinal – up 145%
Genito-urinary – up 143%
Immune – up 115%
Musculoskeletal – up 93%
Neurological – up 107%
Oncology – up 35%
Psychiatric – up 124%
Respiratory – up 93%
Visual – up 80%

These sorts of increases would be commensurate with a 50% excess mortality rate rather than 5%.

So it is my contention that the governments of the 5 eyes countries have been hiding a 50% excess mortality rate since 2022. 


Sorry I cannot resist this one. Do viruses exist at all? For the argument that they do not, please see 


For the argument that they do please see


And here is my contribution...

Firstly it is so important that the Exposé carries both sides of the argument because that is true journalism rather than narrative enforcement. Presenting both sides elevates the reader to the position of courtroom judge or jury, rather than cult initiate. 

1. I would ask all those who argue against the existence of viruses, which anti virus software are they running on the machines upon which they formulate the argument that viruses do not exist? Or do they believe that man is more creative than nature or God, and we have invented for computer code what neither God nor nature could manage to invent for genetic code? Oh the arrogance of a race that uses a toolkit it never developed (CAS9) to genetically modify a code it never invented (DNA and RNA) in bacteria and yeast at the least, and then deems itself to be more inventive and developed as regards viruses than the inventor of the genetic code which we copy and the developer of its toolkit that we stumbled across!

2. All a virus is, is a snipet of host replicating hacking code in a case which provides access to a host which runs the code. Viruses are not self replicating. They are host replicating. Now we know that DNA and RNA exist and we know that RNA programs ribosomes to make the proteins out of which we are built. So the idea that nature cannot manufacture a case for RNA or DNA code which provides entry into a cell for said genetic code snipet to run on, is absurd. Especially since Dr Malone provided that entry decades ago with his lipid nanoparticle case which looks like a bit of food to a cell. I mean the vaccines do enter into cells or they would have no effect whatsoever. So Pfizer know how to get some hacking code into a cell as do Moderna and as do Astra Zeneca. So mankind can make host compatible cases for genetic code and for computer code viruses, but God/nature cannot make a host compatible case for a genetic code virus? Really? In circumstances where genes code for the protein cases of every single one of our 35 trillion body cells, which cases are made in our ribosomes whose function it is to turn genetic code into proteins? 

3. We know that the vaccines hack cellular genetics and cause vaccine infected cells to manufacture the spike protein, which is 12½% of the virus by RNA code length. That is not in dispute because the vaccines do exist and they do cause cells to make spike proteins which cause enormous damage to the cardiovascular system, the reproductive system, the neurological system, the immune system etc., etc. The idea that 12½% of a virus exists but the other 87½ doesn't is a non starter. Especially since Dr Ryan Cole has identified through amino acid sequences the protein case of Covid19 (the nucleocapsid part of the virus). His pathology lab can determine from the spike protein marker or nucleocapsid protein marker whether the cell has been attacked by the vaccine (spike protein only) or covid itself (spike protein and nucleocapsid protein).

4. The Chinese and the Indians use whole virus vaccines such as the Sinovac Coronavac or the Sinopharm BBIBP-CorV or the Bharat Biotech and the Indian Council of Medical Research BBV152. They culture the entire virus, then chemically neuter it to stop it replicating when in the host. So basically half the planet used whole virus vaccines. That is vaccines made from a virus that my opponents in this debate deny exists.

5. Astra Zeneca uses an Adenovirus case. That vaccine certainly exists.

6. I am friendly with a girl who works in a major London teaching hospital making adenoviruses to carry cancer torpedos to cure cancer. She is not making ice cream. She is making viruses all day long. She does exist. I have met her several times. I also exist.

7. Gene Therapy for Leber congenital amaurosis is to add the RPE65 gene to ocular DNA by direct injection of the gene in a modified adenoassociated virus into the eye (just like Astra Zeneca or Pfizer). The eye cells keeps that DNA and eyesight improves from almost blind to perfect in most children in a few months.- Unnatural Selection Netflix. - https://medicaltrend.org/2021/04/14/viral-vector-based-therapeutic-drugs-for-genetic-diseases/ 
Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA) rpe65 Gene therapy has lasted for 4 years until 2022 in treated patients. It was FDA approved in 2018. So it now has 6 years of application so far. Since it is DNA in a viral vector it will last as long a AZ lasts and vice versa. So AZ will produce spike proteins for 6 years at the least!!!

8. When I was at Cambridge studying pure maths after changing from natural sciences (including cell biology) I found myself arguing with philosophy majors a lot. Both myself personally and I assume they too, were approached by agents of the intelligence services to see if we wanted to join them. I had no interest. But I recognise the sort of arguments we used to have about existence etc. So I suspect that this 'viruses do not exist' idea came from the intel services philosophy recruits, who spend large amounts of time wondering whether they exist or not. I mean, intel agencies specialise in pretending that they themselves do not exist. Furthermore having written around 30 articles for the Exposé, I have only really been attacked on the basis of: Oh you poor deluded chap. Don't you realise that viruses do not exist and the entire pandemic was a hoax? Now, since the intel services will certainly be attacking writers in the Exposé, because the vaccines are an intel agency project (or they could not have been rolled out worldwide so effectively). And since 'viruses do not exist' is the only form of attack I have really suffered. The intel services must be behind that attack (by an existence and uniqueness argument). This does not of course mean that every one who does not believe in viruses is a spy. But it does mean that either the intel services gave the Exposé a pass, or their chosen method of attack to divide the anti genetic vaccine camp was: Viruses do not exist. This is also Igor Chudov's conclusion.

The bottom line for me is that the vaccines are genetic hacking devices. Whether you want to define that as a virus or an ice cream is down to you. But they take control of your cell genetics and reprogram your cells to make spike proteins. The rest is semantics beloved of philosophy majors and used by intel agencies to divide their enemies camp..

But that is merely my wisdom such as it is. I look forward to seeing your wisdom in the comments! It is a privilege to present my case before your honours, the readers and commentors of the Exposé.

Mankind has reached the technology vs morality tipping point

Our technology has become advanced enough to destroy our entire species and our planet biologically or militarily. So the question now becomes: Is our morality strong enough to stop us doing that?

In answer I would say that TV remote controls took away our ability to leave the sofa. Calculators took away our ability to do mental arithmetic. Satnavs took away our capability to work out where we are or where on earth we are going. Google has removed our ability to remember anything. Dating sites have destroyed our ability to form relationships with romantic partners without silicon assistance. Smart devices have replaced our natural intelligence with algorithms. So what do you think has happened to our morality given that we have lost almost every other human capability we had in the past due to technological 'advances' of one type or another?

The pandemic has shown us that other than for a few notable exceptions money has replaced morality in most of the professional and academic classes. And churches have abandoned the morality of God in favour of the politically enforced morality du jour (which is pretty much the precise opposite of the 10 commandments) in their desire to attract the silicon worshipping generation.

So it is no longer about what kind of a society would we like to live in? It is only about, would we like to continue have a society in which to live? And that in turn is about what morality do we need to adhere to in order to have a future? And now we have come full circle back to judgement. 

What is the minimum set of moral laws that are strictly necessary in order to prevent a technologically advanced society of free will beings from destroying itself? 

That is the question I am asking the reader to consider. I am asking you to use your judgement and solve that problem to your satisfaction. Because if we as a race fail to do that then Hamlet will get the wrong answer to his question. The question is not: Do viruses exist. It is: How can mankind ensure he continues to exist? Elon Musk's admirable solution is to colonize Mars. But that is not a solution. Because if our technological power is greater than our moral fortitude on earth, then the same or worse will be true on Mars. Elon is sidestepping the issue with more technology. Technology is not the solution. It is actually a large part of the problem. Because without technology mankind would not be in any immediate danger.

The minute we have the technological capability to turn the entire planet into a digital dungeon, the rich control freaks among us will try and do just that. They are already fairly advanced in their cashless Chinese social credit score linked CBDC Digital ID plans relying on this technology. So rushing ahead to develop digital technology is a mistake at a species security level. It is a mistake which may cause millions of deaths. It may result in the entire planet becoming a digital dachau, a bank run buchenwald and a social credit score sachsenhausen.

I stopped doing a PhD in Oxford in extending Galois theory beyond cyclic groups 45 years ago because I was not convinced that the world would last long enough to benefit from my research.
I stopped work on the electric quadcopter drone which I invented in 1980 as a solution to traffic congestion, because I had a vision in 1991/1992 of the drone flying towards me autonomously with a machine gun mounted upon it. 
I stopped running my software business to focus entirely on end times bible prophecy and morality just after Windows 10 was released, because my biblical chronology was not good enough and because I knew that very few people would be prepared to endure the negative status that true bible research carries with it and I had since 1992 realised that the bible was written in a symbolic code and the largest problems mankind had were moral, not technological, not computational and not economic. I am happy to say that true bible research today does not carry with it so much negative status because the world has become even more crazy than the results of the bible research! 

So here are my recommendations for what people can do personally to fight the globalists.

1. Do not build the concentration camp that they plan to incarcerate us in. Do not work on CBDCs, surveillance tech, drones, or anything that could be used by globalists to imprison us. Satan did not kill Eve. He persuaded her, by offering her the status of a God, to kill herself and to persuade Adam with sex to kill himself. Nothing has changed. Satan is bribing people with social, economic and career status to build his digital concentration camp for him. He is not building it himself We are building it. That is his brilliance. It is a camp that will imprison or kill many of the principled people that we love according to Revelation 13.

10 If anyone into captivity, into captivity he is going under; if anyone in sword will kill, it is binding him in sword to be killed. Here is the endurance and the faith of the holy (ones). (Revelation 13 LWT)

10 If anyone [takes people] into captivity [into a Mark refusers concentration camp], into captivity [in Hell] he is going under; if anyone in sword [with military weapons] will kill, it is binding him in sword [of God] to be killed. Here is the endurance and the faith of the holy (ones). (Revelation 13 LWT)

But we are building it anyway! Satan does not do the dirty work himself. He deceives mankind into doing it for him. That is his M.O. So do not be so deceived. The demons are possessing many powerful people. But they will not nuke us. They will persuade us to nuke ourselves if they can. And then they will argue to God that we are a security threat to all creation and therefore should all be put down permanently as a species because we wipe out everything and every body that we touch. 

Do not help them make that argument! 

Not in any way at all. I am not saying do not work in technology. I am saying use your judgement to ensure that you are not a builder of the digital concentration camp for all of mankind. That may well mean not working in tech at all. But it does not have to mean that. It is a matter for your judgement. Likewise if you work in banking and you see what the banks are going to do. Then by all means try and stop them. But if you cannot, then do not constitute yourself a concentration camp contractor.

2. Satan is in the business of persuading you that your job, your financial security, your social status, your professional status, your career and your bank balance are more important than your morality. Just as he successfully persuaded many that their their career or that their ability to go on holiday abroad or indeed that a free hamburger was more important than the integrity of their cellular genetics. He was obviously wrong with the vaccines as we now see from credible non government excess death estimates above 50%. But he is even more wrong with his morality trumping status protocol. We have no future unless we find or formulate, and then adhere to, a morality which prevents nuclear war, biological war, the destruction of family authority and the childish political weaponisation of law making and law enforcement. And we are a long long way away from that morality at present. 

It is my job. Actually it is all of our jobs, to persuade people that their job, their financial security, their social status, their professional status, their career and their bank balance are altogether way less important than our morality. And that is not so hard to do. Because in the property boom of the late 80s everyone thought that property was secure. Then, when the inevitable crash occurred in the early 90s, we all discovered that property was only as secure as the economy in which it is built. But the economy of this country and of every country is only as secure as its morality. Because if everyone in government abandons their morality, then the economy becomes that of Zimbabwe under Mugabe with 100% inflation every day. 

The fundamental security of any society is its morality and in particular its resistance to corruption at government and local government levels. Our government is almost 100% corrupt, having one MP alone out of 650, who took a stand against vaccine damage in circumstances where the Prime Minster ran the entire economy as chancellor for the benefit of the billion dollar (in 2023) Moderna shareholding that Theleme partners (which he co founded) was holding during the 3 years of the pandemic.

Regrettably the UK government and the public sector and the government paid scientists today, are all corrupted by anti democratic globalist forces and the US government is worse. So we all have about as much financial security as a consumer in Mugabe's hyperinflationary Zimbabwe. Our career security is based upon the sand of globalist public sector corruption I am afraid. It will first be made worthless and then it will become less than worthless. It will become a ball and chain. a controlling harness requiring you to become registered for a digital ID, whilst your brother will be excluded from buying anything at all in the new cashless economic system, for refusing to be vaccinated or for refusing to get registered. 

We will all be tempted to become like the professional tennis players who got vaccinated in order to preserve their world rankings by competing in tournaments from which Novak Djokovic was excluded for making the correct medical choice about his healthcare and for being less of a threat to the public and the players than they were. They were all traitors to Novak, traitors to their own healthcare and traitors to the healthcare of billions of tennis fans. 

Why were they such traitors? Because they put their world ranking above their morality, above their professional integrity, above their professional unity and above their humanity. They all competed in the Australian CHALLENGE cup from which the cup holder whom they were supposed to be challenging was banned. Not only was he banned but he was publicly toyed with by sick Australian politicians prior to the tournament. They should have stood with Novak and refused to play whilst he was excluded. The good news is that they will all get a second chance to revisit their ranking harlotry in the near future when the whole world becomes a professional social credit score tournament.

Status or Morality: That is the question. That is the judgement.

Let's hope mankind does a bit better with social credit score status than the professional tennis circuit did with world ranking status.

So my second advice is put not your trust in governments or economies. Prepare for several years of the war and the famine of the 2nd and the 3rd horsemen of the apocalypse, as best as you can. Gaza is not an aberration. It is a prophecy. Become as independent as you can be from government. The day will come when your status becomes a trap not only forcing you into genetic vaccination, but forcing you also into becoming a digital concentration camp guard. In the past professional qualifications and expertise have resulted from years of training and dedicated service in a profession. But they too will be politicised just as they were in the medical profession during the pandemic. They will be politicised to the point where they reflect first and foremost your loyalty to the genocidal narrative of the regime. This being the modern day digital dictatorship, the modern day crypto communism, the modern day technological totalitarianism. And the regime will enforce its fake narrative in the way that Mugabe, Putin, the US and the UK enforce their fake narratives by Torture camps in Zimbabwe, by Gulags in Russia, by Jan6 solitary confinement in the US and by Belmarsh prison in the UK. 

So guys. Make your decision now. Imagine yourself facing the inevitable choice: Do I get vaccinated and registered into Bill Gates' digital dystopia in order to feed my family? Do I surrender my genetic and moral integrity in order to keep my economic and social status? Will I trade everything I am - for a crust of bread - or for a meaningless number which is supposed to represent my entire social life? Or will I stand with the new Novak's of this world, all those who hold on to their genetic and moral integrity and their health with an iron first and thereby condemn those who would steal it from them on the most absurdly contrived basis imaginable.

That is when Jesus' enigmatic words will be fulfilled when he says: 

35 For whoever wants to save his soul will lose it; but whoever loses his soul for the sake of me and the good news will save it. (Mark 8 NWT)

People will think that they have to get registered in order to save their souls and the souls of their children. Things will absolutely 100% look like that. If you want to eat one more meal, you will have to get registered, will be the view of many. But such people severely underestimate the absolute brilliance of the deceptions of Satan. Those who get registered are registering for Hell, the destination of all concentration camp guards who are merely 'following orders' and just 'doing their job'. Whereas those who choose to go on hunger strike as an inmate, rather than accept the Mark of the Beast as a camp guard, will retain their genetics and receive from God, the non adamic genetic age free restoration that Satan is denying them through the vaccines.

Yes brothers and sisters in the fall of Adam. Let me tell you today how the readers of the Exposé will save their souls and what the good news of Mark8 really is. Allow me please to Expose the primary deception that is right now being pulled on this generation as a result of the churches failing to do their job.

I knew before the pandemic arrived that the day when God ends genetic ageing was close at hand. It worked that out in a cell biology lecture on Mortalin, which is a gene which was thought at that time to have something to do with ageing. I knew that if mankind could crack ageing we had beaten God. I reasoned to myself that we were getting quite close to doing that and so God would have to end ageing before we solved it. For if not then we would be determining who lives and who dies rather than him. Later, my bible research indicated that actually God started making people non adamic, the first step towards reversing age, in 2012. So when I saw that Satan had engineered a genetic vaccination, I knew that its purpose was to prevent the genetic restoration of human genes back to the non ageing form that we had in Eden. I mean Satan was the one who robbed us of our non ageing genes in the first place! He will therefore do everything in his power to prevent us from retrieving them. Adam and Eve's non ageing genes were a prophecy for the future of our bodies. Just as the stars of the heavens are a prophecy for the future of public and private transportation. A future that even Sadiq Khan cannot prevent - unless he gets elected as Mayor of the Galaxy that is.

I knew that the vaccines were the snake bite of Genesis 3:15, a fang for a jab, the form of attack used in the battle of the seeds (of Hell and of the Kingdom of God). I knew that the vaccine was metaphorical serpent venom. I knew that the coronavirus of spike proteins was the crown of thorns put on the head of the Christ, when the Roman soldiers spat upon him, which is how the virus was transmitted, through aerosol droplets (for all those who have not fallen for the deception that viruses do not exist). I mistakenly thought that the Covid19 jabs themselves were genetic rape that made people cainian rather than adamic and thereby robbed them of the power of the ransom for Adam, the blessing of which is a non adamic non ageing body. Certainly we now know that they are contaminated with huge numbers of plasmid DNA chains. They were genetic rape alright. They were just not yet cainian genetic rape.

But I now understand from Revelation 13:5  that there is a period of 42 months during which Cainian genetic rape occurs and that said period begins after all the G20 countries (the 10 horns who are 10 kings of Revelation17) start being registered for Digital IDs.

5 And was given to it mouth speaking great (things) and blasphemies, and was given to it authority to compose/make/create [from the Greek word: ποειω hence poetry] months 42 (Revelation13 LWT)

The Dragon, which is Satan's descended demonic administration possessing many powerful humans today in my present understanding, is given 42 months during which it can make what it wants to make. Just as a poet writes what he wants to write. And what it wants to make is seed, demonic offspring, sons of Cain, the son of Satan with Eve. Now Cain was cursed so that farming would not work for him. THAT is why Bill Gates is trying to ruin farming for everybody else. Cainian people cannot farm effectively due to the following curse...

11 And now [art] thou cursed from the earth, which hath opened her mouth to receive thy brother's blood from thy hand;
12 When thou tillest the ground, it shall not henceforth yield unto thee her strength; a fugitive and a vagabond shalt thou be in the earth. (Genesis 4 KJV)

Farming does not work for Cain or for the genetic or covenant houses of Cain. No cainian person, which means in particular, no demon possessed person, can farm land effectively. They are all an order of magnitude worse than Jeremy Clarkson. He makes diddly squat and they don't make diddly squat. That is the real reason why Bill Gates wants us to move away from farming to his fake meat, and why he wants to destroy the climate for those who can farm because they are not cursed as he is.

Cainian seed cannot be ransomed so as to receive non ageing human bodies. Adamic seed can be so ransomed. There is no ransom for Cain. Jesus died for Adam not Cain. But genetically Cainian people can become abrahamic (in the line of Adam) by salvation covenant not withstanding their genetics, and thereby get ransomed so as to stop ageing. For God is not genetically racist as regards salvation. 

So Satan needs a way to stop you entering into a salvation covenant. He needs a way to stop you making it into the next system and to stop you being edenically restored back into the ageless human body that he stole from Adam and Eve. Yes, a body that reverse ages back to better than 21 and then stays there indefinitely. Now since age is programmed genetically into each one of our cells, Satan needs a way to reprogram each of our cells genetically in order to prevent an age free restoration. In order to do that he needs access to our cellular genetics. I will leave it to the reader's judgement to identify how Satan is going to get that kind of access.

That is why Jesus says whoever wants to save his soul will lose it. If you attempt to save your soul by taking the next round of genetic vaccinations and getting registered for a digital ID, you will lose the age free restoration of your ageing soul and you will then of course age and die or more likely die due to war or famine or disease or some other demonic attack on mankind in the meantime.

But the Good News of Mark8 is that Satan is only allowed to perform cainian genetic rape on the faithless and loveless (the digital concentration camp guards) as a quid pro quo for God performing an age free genetic restoration on the faithful or the loving (the concentration camp inmates). The two genetic transformations go together, because salvation must occur on a level playing field upon which the demons have as much chance to condemn us as the angels have to save us. For God, although omnipotent, believes and acts only in justice.

Let me put this very simply. The Kingdom of God on earth begins in the digital concentration camps they are building for us. Because Moses was only sent to rescue Israel after they became slaves to the Egyptians. And Jesus will only be sent to rescue covenant Abraham (the faithful or the loving) out of the greater Egypt of this world after we become slaves to the globalists in their digital dungeon.

So, yes. It will look like the only way to save your soul is to get registered for a Digital ID (the mark of the beast on your hand - your actions) and build your social credit score by snitching on your family, your friends and your neighbours (the mark of the beast upon your forehead - your thoughts) and to trust the banks and the governments to look after you. It will be a really effective satanic deception. It will be his masterpiece actually. It will be his Rachmaninov's 2nd, his 18th Sonnet, his Beethoven's 5th, his Mozart's 40th, his Sistine Chapel Fresco, his Mona Lisa, his Yesterday, his Bohemian Rhapsody, his Act 2 scene 2. It will be a masterfully precise opposite to the truth.

Because the only way to save your soul, actually, will be to refuse registration, to refuse genetic vaccination and to trust in the charity of your brother and in the promises of God to look after you and to save you and to give you your soul indefinitely, even forever. For the death camp of Satan (Digital exclusion) is the salvation camp for the registered of God. And the death camp of God (Hell) is the economic salvation camp for the registered of Satan. 

You will think you are registering to be included in the economic future. But there is no economic future. The economies of this world have all been bankrupted by political and banking greed. The future is humanomic not economic. You will be registering to be included in Hell (where Thatcher wanted to send all economists). For when you countenance and support the exclusion of your brother from this world. God will countenance and support the exclusion of you from the next. And he will be right to do so because you will have condemned yourself.

That decision, that judgement, is what everything you see around you is really all about. All the politics, all the lies, all the genocide, all the wars, all the power games, all the technology, all the fake news, all the censorship, all the inhumanity and all the status of this world are merely the scenery, the theatre dressing, the Hollywood back drop, to the decision we are all going to have to make. To the judgement call we are going to have to live with or die with. The whole performance is about your decision, your judgement. Because you are the fat lady in this opera, and Satan thinks you can't sing. But God is betting that you can.

2 And I saw what seemed to be a glassy sea mingled with fire, and those who come off victorious from the wild beast and from its image and from the number of its name standing by the glassy sea, having harps of God.
3 And they are singing the song of Moses the slave of God and the song of the Lamb... (Revelation 15)

However things are not set in stone and God does not expect us all to get it right on day one. Many will take the Mark but resent having done so and will help those who refuse it by clothing the naked, by feeding the hungry, by visiting the sick and by generally showing humanity to their unregistered brothers (which will most likely be a criminal offence and will certainly be a risk to their antisocial credit score). These make themselves into the righteous ones of the sheep and the goats of Matthew25. They will then be given the strength to reject the Mark that they regret having accepted and they will find salvation with the unregistered inmates.

Indeed it is our humanity that will defeat the hatred of the demons. Because love is the highway to a secure future. Whereas hatred is a cul de sac full of ULEZ cameras blocked by barriers posing as flower pots.

So I guess my final advice on a personal level is that whatever you do, whatever you decide, whatever judgement you make, hold on to your humanity. For when you are loving your brother, you are saving yourself, you are saving your brother physically, you are helping him hold on to his integrity, you are showing him what humanity is made of and you are showing the rest of us how to save ourselves. You become a light shining in the darkness, and the darker it becomes, the greater that light will be.

Community defence

Since our entire species in under attack as to its future existence, we must recognise that sorting ourselves out personally from a judgement and deception busting standpoint is not going to be enough to win the war. We have to help our brothers and sisters in this struggle in any way we can. That is extremely difficult to do right now. My mother took 4 or 5 vaccine shots and only after she got brain fog and lost her balance did she realise there was something wrong. She thought it to be her duty since the Queen herself advocated it and took it and got bone cancer from it and died because of it, which is treason, in my judgement - see 2022September17. Mum would not listen to me until then. Now she listens.

My best friend was the same. He stopped after 2 Astra Zeneca's and one Moderna. The Moderna shot caused him serious auto immune issues. I directly persuaded just one person not to take the vaccines at all. My articles in the Exposé from 2021October10 onwards persuaded the then president of Brazil and hopefully many others. So keep trying different approaches to persuade or at the least present valid data and counter arguments to the globalist narratives to people you know and on social media and on news websites etc. Comments help too. My favourite was the guy who said to his children: The government are offering you a free hamburger if you take the vaccine. But I am offering to pay you not to take it. That parent was a genius.

Political Defence

I run a church and so am not supposed to get involved in the politics of the state. At least that is what the wisdom has been hitherto. Be no part of the world says the scripture. For church and state are supposed to be separate. I absolutely do not agree with forcing secular people to obey religious law, whether it be protestant, catholic, Jewish or Islamic. Sacred (spiritual) law must be freely chosen and should be entirely separate from secular (temporal) law.

But secular/temporal law is of course temporal. It will end when Satan's 6000 year lease as Caesar to Adam (and its technical additions) end. In my understanding it has now ended. Satan has no divine authority any more. That puts us in a fascinating position. It means, for one thing, that paying tax to Caesar does not involve paying it to the governments of this world, who no longer have any divine authority to levy it. They are no longer Caesar to mankind if my present chronology is correct.

So there is a religious argument to be made that fundamental Christians who believe that Jesus is now Caesar and that Satan's reign is officially over, should not be paying certain types of personal taxes. Because paying them is an insult to the reigning Caesar of Jesus Christ who said: Pay Caesar's things to Caesar. He did not say: Pay Caesar's things to the previous Caesar!

But there is no need to get all religious to see this. Because the governments of the world are using our tax revenue to kill us through vaccines, through politicised and big Pharma corrupted Healthcare and through wars resulting from national politicians who seek supra national power and through famine resulting from horrendous public sector corruption by eugenicists, who interfere with farming and the weather in order to starve the economically disadvantaged. The question therefore is: Should one have paid one's taxes to Hitler in Nazi Germany? And should one pay them to governments who murder their citizens and cover up that murder with false government statistics?

Obviously if you take a service you should pay the tax related to that service. But if the day comes when governments permit our bankrupt banks to put people in digital concentration camps and deny them the means to buy food with their own money: If  the day comes when governments permit banks to steal all our money in order to fix their balance sheets by abolishing cash: That would certainly be a time to stop paying tax to them. But it would be too late to stop the camps being built.

It goes without saying that voting for any of the main political parties is voting for those who back them. And those who back them are building the digital concentration camp. Trump has shown with vaccines that he favours freedom of choice and he is quite obviously hated by the US establishment. So he is more of a protest vote. It would be nice to see a protest vote candidate get elected over the main parties as was the case with Trump45 and with Farage in the EU referendum. I hope mankind develops that kind of judgement. 

Religious Defence

There is nothing that a woke government hates more than a genuine Christian. Because wokeness is the religion of the anti Christ, being the polar opposite of biblical Christianity - see 2022July30. So if you really want to fight them, then follow Russell Brand and get baptised. But remember to be a pearl trader. Be prepared to move churches when you find a more valuable pearl (church doctrine). In my capacity as a church president who claims to be the 4th antitypical Elijah, I would point out that unless the baptism of your church began with a divinely appointed/baptised Elijah (like John the baptist was for the 1st true Christian church), the baptism you receive will not be valid as regards making you into a divinely appointed priest either today or in the Kingdom of God. It is still a valid statement of faith however. But not the greatest such statement you can make. My recommendation would be to examine which church, if any, in your judgement, has a water baptism from a genuine Elijah, and to join that church. But avoid control freak fundamental Christian churches which are cults, not because they are fundamental, but because they are control freaks. If at any time your church attempts to separate you from the love of your family, then consider leaving that church. You are most likely in a false church.

If your church recommended the vaccine, then leave it period. If your church failed to point out the spiritual or physical danger in the vaccines, they are blind. The Lords Witnesses took the decision to excommunicate anyone who took a genetic vaccine on 2021August22 on the correct grounds of genetic bestiality (becoming genetically part humanised mouse and part bat and part HIV and part SV40 and part whatever else we have now found in all the extraneous plasmid DNA in the safe and effective vaccines) and on the incorrect grounds of cainian genetic rape, which is yet to occur.



The Fraudulent Slander Festivals of the UK General and US Presidential Elections

John Pierpont Morgan, the famous banker, once said: A Man always has 2 reasons for what he does. A good one and the real one.

A Nigerian politician then expanded this one step further saying: There are 2 reasons why a politician does anything. There is the reason he tells you he is doing it, which is not the reason he is doing it. And there is the real reason he is doing it, which he will never tell you.

Permit me to expand this one step further by saying: There are 2 manifestos that a political party has. The Manifesto they publish, which they rarely deliver, and the manifesto they never publish, which they always deliver.

There has never been a greater gap between rhetoric and reality than that engineered by Barack Obama. He promised unity. But he legislated and practiced racial  and sexual orientation and political division. He championed freedom and democracy with his lips but then became a 3½ term dictator who politicised every organ of state in order to turn them all into campaign offices for the democrats. He corrupted the judiciary to the point where Trump undergoes an incessant stream of show trails during the height of an election campaign about which even the famed Harvard Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz, a Democrat who has been practicing law for 60 years, declares on Newsmax that he cannot understand what criminality has actually occurred in any of the 34 counts. Trump was found guilty by a Jury chosen by the prosecuting attorney with no input from the defence attorney. That is not balanced justice. It is a firing squad. He corrupted the DOJ to the point where very few democrats are prosecuted but Republican Jan6 sit-in vote fraud protesters are slanderously labelled insurrectionists and then prosecuted to the ends of the earth in what is most obviously a desperate defence of a fraudulent 2020 election result. The level of persecution they receive being a mirror to the level of election fraud the Dems engaged in.

We Brits can sit over here and rightly laugh at the mess that US politics has become. A mess so corrupt that nobody in the country even knows who their true president really is. Here we stand on the threshold of WW3 and nobody knows who their true commander in chief really is! John Cleese would have trouble conceiving a plot this farcical. The Exposé published my Obama46 article in 2022, which deduces logically that it is Obama. But I don't actually know that for a fact. It could be Kim Kardashian for all I know and for all anyone else in America knows other than the inner circle of democrats and their treasonous antidemocratic globalist intel double agent handlers. Here is the question that is never asked by the US MSM. If the US is a democracy then what is the name of the true commander in chief. What is his name?

At least we know who our Prime Minster was. It was Rishl Sunak right?

Well, here is where the concept of Isomorphism helps us to see things more clearly. During the Bush/Blair partnership invasion of Iraq, it became clear that the UK/US act as one, in military matters (whether in the right as in WW2 or in the wrong as in Gulf War2). And we know we have the 5 eyes joint intelligence operation between the two of us, and Canada and Australia and New Zealand. So the politics of the United States is a mirror of the politics of the UK. Its just that being Americans, they do things in a far more overt, loud and entertaining way than we do.

It was the Job of Obama44 and still is the job of Obama46 to legislate the hidden agenda of the corrupted globalist double agents in the CIA (the 'intelligent' people he loves forming policies with as he told Stephen Colbert when he admitted he would love a 3rd term through a puppet president), whilst pretending to legislate his campaign promises, or if not then pretending to legislate the latest Democrat talking points.

For a President must be a double actor. He first must act as if he is interested in his stated agenda. Then he must hide or sell or excuse the actions that he actually takes, which seem stupid and incompetent when compared to his stated agenda but which just happen to fit perfectly when compared to the hidden agenda of those to whom he has sold out, those whom he truly represents, the international plutocracy.

So the order of power and control in the Whitehouse is Antidemocratic totalitarian globalist CIA double agents controlling presidential advisors controlling Obama, controlling Biden's advisors controlling Biden, or something close to that.

That is not too hard to see in the US. But the US is a mirror of the UK. It is isomorphic. Over here it will be something like...

Antidemocratic totalitarian globalist Intel double agents controlling civil servants in the blob, controlling PMs advisors controlling Rishi or something close to that.

So the minute that Boris declared he was going to sack 90,000 civil servants - his political career was over. And the second that Liz Truss declared that she was going to implement a budget not approved by the OBR or the BofE, both of which are globalist democracy usurping mechanisms, controlled by the real Prime minister of the UK (which is some ghastly hidden globalist sellout committee of totalitarian Marxist social credit scoring sicko control freaks worshipping anything and everything that will end mankind as a species in the shortest possible period of time - from gene rewriting vaccines to the genital mutilation of minors, and from cancelling the sun to the making of farming illegal), the very second she deviated from the undisclosed hidden agenda and went off script, she was ousted faster than one can say Proposition13. 

I mean the name: 'The Office Of Budget Responsibility' says it all. They have taken for themselves the responsibility to set our budget. They have stolen that responsibility directly from the Chancellor of the Exchequer. They are in truth the office of Chancellor usurpers. What we need is an office a blob accountability and I would be delighted to run it.

So when you vote, you do not vote for a new president or a new prime minister. You vote for a new dress for the old prime minister or a new suit for the old president. That is it.

Trump, Farage, and JFK

Or that was it, until a generation produced some politicians whose balls or whose egos or both were bigger than the hidden agenda. These people were quite brash. They were rather plain speaking. You would not necessarily invite them over for dinner with your more sensitive relatives or work colleagues. They tend not to have a very effective filter between their brains and their tongues.

In other words: They are incapable of the kind of double duplicity that the leadership job normally requires. They do not necessarily possess silken tongues (although JFK did and Trump is pretty folksy and Farage is intellectually quite strong). And for all their faults, many though they are, they offer the one thing that matters. One agenda not two. 

They are basically not politicians. When they give you an agenda, that is their agenda. There is no significant hidden agenda. There is only their balls, their egos and their conviction that they are doing what is right for their country. They do not sell out. They will not sell out. Churchill himself was not a sell out of course, and he had as acerbic a tongue as any politician ever possessed. But he was a politician. Whereas Farage is very smart and very astute politically. But he is not a politician. He has failed to be elected 7 times. He has consistently refused to compromise for political office. The only office he ever held was the office of the director of his own funeral in Europe.

Some readers might think that the likes of Trump and Farage are unprincipled men who have risen up at a most unfortunate time and are just messing everything up with their insensitive me first politics. But the writer does not agree. I would argue. that Trump and Farage are the inevitable manifestation of the power of a repressed human spirit. They are required by Newton's 3rd law. They are what makes us what we are as a species. They are the Irish as a race. They are the West Indian on the bob sleigh. They are the Indian cricketer taking on the British empire. They are the Chinese student standing in front of the tank in Tiananmen square. They are the female peace protester standing in front of the Israeli bulldozer, before she is run over. They are the woman in the Garrick club or chained to the railings of Downing street or indeed studying at my college in Cambridge. They are why the demons will lose. They are the glorious manifestation of the incandescent class of the irrepressible spirit of mankind. Because the more irritated the oyster becomes the greater the pearls it produces. And these two are the 21st century pearls necessitated by the terminal level of corruption in the swamp that is UK, US and world politics today. They are both the inevitable consequence of squeezing the pips out of mankind. And they both have had and are having the pips squeezed out of them by the same globalist state, by the international plutocracy.

We live at a time when the majority of voters will discount a genocidal vaccination program mandated by the Tories unopposed by Labour which neither party will seriously investigate (because they just do not care whether you live or you die). If I ask the question: How many people would the vaccines have to have killed or incapacitated before brainwashed heartless robots stopped voting for the uniparty which mandated them? I fear the number would be: All of us.

If I asked the question: How near to WW3 do we have to get before suicidal robot voters stop giving their consent to the uniparty to wipe us all out through that means? I fear the answer would be: The middle of it.

If I asked the question: How many lies does a politician have to tell before you stop believing him or her? I fear the answer would be: I am a Labour voter or I am a Tory voter.

If I asked the question how many children have to have their genitals destroyed before you realise that the uniparty is trying to kill us all and deny us a future? I fear the answer would be: Children do not have a vote

But let me put it this way. If this generation does not have the Cojones to vote for Farage, then the next generation may not have any Cojones at all. Or more likely there will not be a next generation

The Big Issue

Exposé readers absolutely know that the anti national democracy, anti national border, anti national sovereignty anti personal independence globalist organisations like the IMF, the WHO, the EU, the UN. the WEF and the G20, see an opportunity to control all of mankind by usurping national democratic politics with international plutocratic politics, using new information technology, using new communication technology, using new AI data analysis technology and using new military technology. They can steal all of our money, as the Chinese government has already done, with an electronic interrupt on every single financial transaction and then a bogus social credit score check as a pretext to deny the transaction.

I mean I was a child of the 50s and a teenager in the 60s and 70s. To my generation in the UK and in the US, the idea that you assess a person's social life with a numerical score is too sick for words. It is so 'not cool' that only a Bill Gates level control freak could ever conceive of it. And to use a numerical representation of a person's social life to deny him a financial transaction is a total non sequitur. It is the adult equivalent to telling a child that he needs to chop his genitals off and destroy his ability to have children or to have satisfying sex, before he has any understanding of the damage he is doing to himself, because nature or God gave him the wrong ones. These pretexts are as transparently false as a MSM opinion poll a week before an election.

The control freaks of this world, through technology, can create a famine. They can destroy human health through vaccinations and immune suppressing pharmaceuticals (and totally ignoring Vitamin D levels). They can engineer a high tech drone WW3 and they can steal every penny we ever earned. If the reader thinks they will not do these things. Sorry. They are already doing them and very publicly.

All of these actions are for the same purpose. It is a chess game. They are placing their pieces around the board in positions to make it checkmate for national sovereignty and for person autonomy.

You don't get to control your life and you don't get to control your government. They get to control both.

If they control your health through immuno suppressive medical interventions. If they control your wealth through social credit score linked financial transaction interrupts. If they control your food, through persecution of farmers, through destruction of food processing plants, through the buying up of huge swathes of farmland and the refusal to farm them, and through EU policies paying farmers to play tiddlywinks rather than grow food, or through a wartime rationing system: Then you have no power at all and they have the power they need to enslave you and to kill you at will. That is the Big Issue.

So which party will permit the globalists to enslave or to kill you?

Take Action

David Icke can give good reasons not to vote for any political party at all. But when the bus is heading for a cliff, or when the Titanic is heading for an iceberg, being silent is not an option, if you care about mankind. I have friends and relatives whom I told, I actually implored, not to take the vaccines, who now have cancers and other health problems. They could not listen to my advice when I gave it them, and they now regret having fallen for government propaganda. I am sure many have had the same experience. I think the reader will agree with me that harming yourself and destroying your own life is one thing. But playing a role in destroying other people, or our entire species, is something completely different and something one cannot live with.

The purpose of this article is to make it harder for the uniparty to enslave or wipe out my species and to prevent the reader from giving the uniparty the go ahead to do that in the form of a vote and regretting it for the rest of his life which in biblical terms given the time we live in, could be a very long time indeed. Also I hate deceptions and love busting through them.

So here is the real hidden Manifesto of the Labour party and of the Tory Party, that neither will publish because they are lying sellouts, harlots to the electorate and to their voters and to their party members, riding as they do, the fat beast of international plutocracy rather than the thin beast of national democracy and national sovereignty.

1. Destroy food production and create the sort of famine Russia had under communism to gain better control over the people.
2. Continue to invalidate everything the individual stands for and everything the family stands for and everything the country stands for and has stood for in the past in order to replace all forms of self esteem or national pride or family loyalty with plastic gold stars for your level of compliance to their dictates - like every other control freak. They will especially reward people who snitch on their own relatives.
3. Pave the way to social credit score theft of all wealth enforced by the fiery furnace of WW3. If you do not comply and bow down to the new image of gold, the new CBDCs, and if you do not take your vax and register for your digital ID like a good little corpse, then you will be sent to the front lines along with the 18 year olds, whilst all the time ensuring that the army is understaffed and misses its recruitment targets in order to justify your and their conscription
4. Further destroy national sovereignty and national borders because basically politicians are no longer satisfied with power over one measly little country. They want power over the whole world - all of it. Every single country and every single person. Its like Ursula Von Der Leyen said: Ve vill expand ze EU to ze North, to ze South to ze East and to ze Vest. Proving herself to be the very definition of an imperialist. An economic imperialist, who achieves with banks what Putin and Netanyahu and Hitler achieved with tanks and who achieves with bureaucrats, what the British Empire achieved with soldiers. 
5. Send home grown men of fighting age out of the country into WW3 and import as many non home grown men of fighting age into the country to police and enslave the rebels that remain here. People born here would not so readily abuse their fellow Brits. WW3 is as sure as mass immigration, which is a necessary prerequisite for it. Stop the immigration and you delay WW3.
6. Control the internet completely. Remove every book from the digital public library that does not support the enslavement and total control of the people by government. Keep Mein Kampf and Das Capital and remove most of the rest of them. I mean who needs any other book? All other books are just dismisinformation right?
7. Make it a criminal offence to criticise the government and insist that we all have a flattering picture of our great and beneficent dictator Sir Keir Starmageddon on our office and living room walls (but hopefully not on our bedroom walls). Any information that is not approved by the ministry of information must be dismisinformation and cannot be taught espoused or articulated. I mean George Orwell lived in Islington and all Labour leaders in the 21st century and many before have been white men from Islington or Camden. There is no diversity of any sort whatsoever in the leadership of those rank hypocrites. No diversity by gender. No diversity by race. And no meaningful diversity even by post code.
8. Complete the Obamaesque total politicisation of every organ of state from the NHS to education and from the HMRC and the ministry of agriculture. The only service the public sector will be providing, is the political enforcement of the hidden agenda. They are already proposing to withhold services from the richer members of society (people who do not vote for them generally and who pay the most in tax for those services).
9. Give HR departments in all companies more control over the board of directors. So that governments run every business through HR for the benefit of the state rather than directors running them through management for the benefit of the customers and the shareholders.
10. Continue the heterophobic and the genderphobic attacks on people's biological gender and sexual orientation, with the aim of wiping out our ability to procreate by sexual reproduction as quickly as possible.
11. Stop enforcing laws against key crimes in order to destroy the effectiveness of the police as the immune system of society.

Supporting the smallest possible part of every Demographic

One of their favourite tricks is to pick the smallest group in any given demographic and to pretend to be their champion in order to be able to attack the larger groups in that demographio.

So for example you pick the smallest racial group and make yourself their champion not because you love them. But because you hate every other racial group and you hate them too. But you need a pretext to attack all the larger racial groups. Likewise you pick the smallest sexual orientation group and make yourself into their champion. Not because you love them. But because you hate every other sexual orientation group and you hate them. But you need a pretext to attack as many people in as many groups as possible.

So that (or something similar or perhaps worse) is what you are voting for if you vote for the Uniparty


I cannot forget this girl who complained about my article exposing the governments' war against humanity. She wanted me to tell her what she could do to fight them. Well here is what we all can do. Refuse to vote for the Uniparty and vote instead for the party that they hate the most. That is plainly and unarguably Reform in the UK and Trump in the US. They are both withstanding epic levels of persecution because they will not accept the agenda above. In fact the Reform manifesto is close to the opposite of the hidden agenda above. Farage is fully aware of what is at stake here. He was too slow on the vaccines. But he met with Dr. Malone last year and now publicly asks for an enquiry in to the excess deaths. Nigel woke up in October 2022. The British Paedophile Corporation rigged the Question Time audience. Chanell4News sent in an actor Andrew Parker who was allegedly paid by Chanell4 through Lee Sorrell Media, to pretend to be a Reform  racist and homophobe. That is a serious election law breach and broadcasting regulation breach. It's straight up election fraud actually. I think the election should be suspended pending a full investigation because the trail may go back to a political party, most likely the Tories, who are the more desperate of the uniparty twins at present. It also shows that Reform is neither racist nor homophobic, because the only way they can get such an accusation is to manufacture it with a paid actor. The Times showed its true colours by printing it. A very sad day for British Democracy and for that once great Newspaper.

The inaccuracy of opinion polls

Predicting a general election outcome is a two variable equation. You need to know HOW people will vote and you need to know IF people will vote. Traditional opinion polls only measure how you might vote. They fail to measure if you will vote. This is because the pollster asks for your opinion. He does not ask you to come and see him and give you his opinion at his office. Whereas the polls I used to do (by fax in the 90s and 00s) and the polls presently done on the internet by @PoliticsUK on X.com, measure a combination of how you will vote and how passionately you feel about voting because you do not have to participate in them. Here is the result of the largest internet poll I have seen with 200,000 votes, That is 100x more votes than a traditional opinion poll.

The online results were reasonably consistent for the last 17 hours of the 24 hour poll. You will not see the results of this poll in the MSM. It is a measure of the passion which Tory voters have for their party (almost none) and the passion which Reform voters have (10x more than Tory voters have). So the Tories will under perform their traditional polling numbers significantly, perhaps by 30% (the fraction of them who will not bother to vote) and Reform will not under perform noticeably, whereas Labour will under perform perhaps by 10%.

Now the true traditional polling numbers I reckon (given the massive uniparty bias that was evident even in my polling days in the 90s and the early 2000s) are something like Labour 36% Reform 25% Tory 18%. So on that basis, taking into account voting passion, I predict the popular vote will be 32.5 Labour to 25 Reform to 13 Tory, levelled up to:.36% : 27.5% : 14.5%

Now that is assuming that no vote counting fraud occurs. And given the 2020 US election fraud in the US and the isomorphism between the two countries, I suspect there will be significant cheating. In fact the plan may well be to cheat down to the level of their fake opinion polls. But this election is a 2 horse race, not between the two wings of the Uniparty as the British Paedophile Corporation and the MSM would have you believe - trapping you in that paradigm. It is a 2 horse race between Labour and Reform and Reform are in with a real chance. The Tories are not. The MSM is desperate to hide that from you. But here it is.


Biblical Intelligence Trumps Secular News

The events we are seeing in the news are fulfilling Biblical prophecies made thousands of years ago in real time.

1. Bill Gates refusing to farm and pushing lab grown food

Genesis3: The curse on Adam: 

17 And He said to the man, Because you have listened to the voice of your wife, and have eaten of the tree about which I commanded you, saying, You shall not eat [from] it, the ground [shall be] cursed because of you; you shall eat of it in hard-labour all the days of your life.

Genesis 4: The Curse on Cain

11 And now you are cursed from the ground which opened its mouth to receive your brother's blood from your hand.
12 When you till the ground, it will not again give its strength to you. You shall be a vagabond and a fugitive on the earth. (Genesis 4 GLT)

So Adam could farm but it was going to be hard work. Whereas Cain could not farm at all. He was cursed from receiving power for humans (food) from the ground. So what you say? Who cares what happened to those guys if they even existed? Well ask Jeremy Clarkson how easy it is to farm for food, even today, with all our mechanised farm machinery and high tech communication and information processing technology. He has been literally fulfilling Genesis 3 on our TV screens for 3 whole incredibly successful and entertaining series on Amazon prime. That is because Clarkson is a son of Adam, and the curse on Adam is on his genetic house, his seed, his children, his offspring.

Whereas Bill Gates is the largest farm land owner in the states and yet he does not farm at all. Why is that? And why is he making up pseudoscientific garbage to try and persuade us all that farming is not only obsolete but actually dangerous to the planet and if we continue doing it then cows will fart the human race into extinction? And why is he on record as performing 'geo-engineering' on the sun, with a view to blocking its earth bound radiation so that solar power fails, wind power fails, all renewable energy fails, photosynthesis fails and a worldwide famine results other than from lab grown food powered by small nuclear power stations presumably under deep state bans on licences to drill for coal or oil?

Well it is because he is a son of Cain. And he knows he is a son of Cain. How does he know that? Because all demonic people are in Cainian empowerment and damnation covenants with Satan which mirror the Abrahamic testing by persecution and salvation covenants of God. It is a level playing field. If God has a covenant and a cup for man to drink. Then so does Satan. The difference is that God advertises his salvation covenants and Satan hides his. He hides them to protect his people in them and to trap others in them before they realise what has happened to them. 

It is not a coincidence that Bill Gates is preventing other people from farming with considerable energy as are the EU and the UK government and many others. Top Cainian people, (the demonic equivalent of saints, the serpents who are the offspring of vipers, the seed of vipers, the covenant children of vipers according to Jesus at Matthew23, and who are the offspring of Cain according to Moses at Genesis3) know their curse and do not like to see Adam farming land successfully. They are jealous of Adam's freedom and so try to take that freedom from him, to con him out of it, just as they conned Eve out of her life, and try to get around their curse with technology.

33 Serpents! Offspring of vipers! How shall you escape the judgment of Hell? (Matthew 23 GLT)

Cain  = Sons of Cain by genetics, who have not made it into an Abrahamic testing by persecution and salvation covenant. 
And sons of Cain by secular empowerment and damnation covenant as a result not of genetics but of life choices. 
Abraham =  Sons of Abraham by genetics, who have not fallen into a damnation covenant. And sons of Adam and of Cain who have made it into a salvation covenant.
Whereas Adam is the floating voter in no default covenant. 

So Cain (meaning Cain & genetic and covenant sons)  is the heartless faithless minority (25% of Revelation 6:8 - to which we shall return later) and Abraham (meaning Abraham & genetic and covenant sons) is the faithful loving 75% majority of mankind. The order of succession being Cain, then genetic sons of Cain, then covenant sons of Cain versus Abraham, then genetic sons of Abraham, then covenant sons of Abraham (in the post Abrahamic world).

So a salvation covenant with God gets you physically screwed but spiritually empowered and protected for salvation
Whereas a damnation covenant gets you physically empowered and protected but spiritually screwed.

2. Bill Gates trying to block out the sun under the pretext of global warming

8 And they will tremble. Writhings and cords will take hold; like a one (female) that is giving birth. They will turn, man towards his companion. Faces of flames [shall be] faces of them. (LWT)
9 Look! The day of Jehovah itself is coming, cruel both with fury and with burning anger, in order to set the land for desolation, and sinner of her he shall annihilate out of her. (LWT)
10 For the stars of the heavens and their constellations will not flash forth their light; the sun shall be darkened in its going forth, and the moon shall not shine its light. (LWT)
11 And I will visit upon the fertile-earth evil, and upon the wicked their depravity; and I will cause the arrogance of the proud to cease, and I will lay low the haughtiness of the tyrants. (LWT)
12 I shall make mankind [vAna/] rarer than refined gold, and man [~d'a'] [rarer] than the gold of Ophir. (Isaiah 13 NWT)

He mainly will do that by rapturing them into the ark.

1 Blow a horn in Zion, Oh men, and shout a war cry in my holy mountain. Will tremble, all the inhabitants of the land, for the day of Jehovah is coming, for it is near!
2 It is a day of darkness and gloominess, a day of cloud and thick gloom. [Whereas] Like light of dawn spread out upon the mountains, there is a people numerous and mighty; one like it has not been made to exist from the indefinite past, and after it there will be none again to the years of generation after generation.
3 Ahead of it a fire has devoured, and behind it a flame consumes. Like the garden of Eden the land is ahead of it; but behind it is a desolate wilderness, and there has also proved to be nothing thereof escaping.
10 Before it [the] land has become agitated, [the] heavens have rocked. Sun and moon themselves have become dark, and the very stars have withdrawn their brightness. (Joel 2 NWT - adapted)

15 Sun and moon themselves will certainly become dark, and the very stars will actually withdraw their brightness. (Joel 3 NWT)

29 Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken. (Matthew 24 NWT)

24 But in those days, after that tribulation, the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, (Mark 13 NWT)

20 the sun will be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the great and epiphanaic day of Jehovah arrives. (Acts 2 NWT)

12 And I saw when he opened the 6th seal, and a great earthquake occurred; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the entire moon became as blood, (Revelation 6 NWT)

3. The Snake Bite of Genesis 3:15 is gene rape vaccination

So now we can see clearly the battle of the two seeds of Genesis 3:15

15 And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her Seed; He will bruise/ambush your head, and you shall bruise/ambush his heel. (Genesis 3 GLT)

The woman is the Holy Spirit (God's administration). Her seed is covenant Abraham (in the post Abrahamic world), those in a testing by persecution and salvation covenant with God.
The serpent is Satan. His seed was Cain, and is today all those in a secular empowerment and damnation covenant with Satan to be a spiritual son of Cain and all those genetic sons of Cain who have not entered into an Abrahamic testing by persecution and salvation covenant with God. There are no genetically Cainian floating voters. That is the disadvantage to being born on the wrong side of the genetic tracks. But since everybody is soon going to have to make a choice one way or another that disadvantage is about to disappear. 

The gene rape vaccinations are the snake bite in the heel, a fang per jab. We mistakenly thought that the Covid19 vaccines themselves corrupted the genes of the vaccinated to become Cainian. Because Cain means spike/needle in Hebrew. So a spike protein assault is a Cainian assault. But we now understand from the 42 months of Revelation13, that they will become cainian genetic raping agents only for the last 42 months of demon possession and only after people have been made aware that they are about to be genetically raped by the vaccines for the next manufactured pandemic. The purpose of the next pandemic is to provide the pretext for the prophesied and permitted 42 months of gene rape from 2025Iyyar14 (May12/13) to 2028Heshvan14 (November5/6), the end of demon possession. 

I mean if you are raped you know you are being raped (unless you can somehow remain asleep). So God has to give us a chance to Say NO, knowing what we are facing. So once this knowledge becomes widespread, there will then be 42 months of Cainian genetic rape. The rape would not work if it was merely genetic anyway. Because life choices trump genetics in salvation and damnation covenants. So there needs to be a conscious spiritual decision, an informed consent even, before God permits this genetic rape for this 42 months. One could argue that such a thing is not genetic rape because it has a consent. But those who give consent will in the main not believe or understand the warning. So its a kind of spiritual statutory rape I suppose.

The reason that Iraq war disaster Sir Tony Blair says that Digital IDs are essential is that they are essential to the demons in producing more seed. For the Digital ID will be the Mark of the Beast of Revelation13 without which you cannot buy or sell anything. 

16 And it puts under compulsion all persons, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the slaves, that they should give these a mark in their right hand or upon their forehead,
17 and that nobody might be able to buy or sell except a person having the mark, the name of the wild beast or the number of its name. (Revelation 13 NWT)

They will be introduced as a wonderful new high tech convenience and will not be mandatory for the first 12 months after registration is introduced to get us all hooked on them. This period being year of the face of the 6x60 cubit image of gold of Daniel3, a day for a square cubit  

1 Nebuchadnezzar the king made an image of gold, the height of which was 60 cubits [and] the breadth of which was 6 cubits. He set it up in the plain of Dura in the jurisdictional district of Babylon. (Daniel 3 NWT)

But do not be fooled. The mark of the Beast is going to become mandatory and as I heard Bill Gates say twice on a video that has disappeared from the net: Non registered people: "Will be excluded". 

When it becomes mandatory on 2025Adar21/22 after the introductory year from 2024VeAdar21/22, if you continue to use it and live by it, you become a concentration camp guard in the digital concentration camp that they will create.  Then the scripture is fulfilled which says...

10 If anyone [takes] into captivity, into captivity he is going under; if anyone in sword will kill, it is binding him in sword to be killed. Here is the endurance and the faith of the holy (ones). (Revelation 13 KIT)

So if you have any role in running or building or managing or funding the Digital ID concentration camp, then you will go to Hell unless you repent, reject the Mark and become yourself an inmate.

And if you kill your brother other than in legitimate self defence, you will be killed and die the second death in Gehenna.

For the Mark of the beast (Digital IDs) are the gates of Hell. And being excluded from the social credit score linked CBDC financial system, is being included in the Kingdom of God. So the doors to the digital Dachau are the glorious gates to the Kingdom of God. Now Satan will make things look like the precise reverse of that. For that is his genius.

The Future according to Daniel7

4 The first was like a lion and had eagle's wings. I watched until its wings were torn off. And it was lifted up from the earth and made to stand on two feet like a man, and a man's heart was given to it.

5 And, behold, another beast, a second, like a bear. And it was raised up on one side, and three ribs [were] in its mouth between its teeth. And they said this to it, Rise up, eat much flesh.
6 After this I was looking, and, behold, another like a leopard, and to it [were] four wings of a bird on its side. And also to the beast [were] four heads. And rulership was given to it.
7 And after this I was looking in the night visions. And, behold, the fourth beast [was] frightening and terrifying, and very strong! And to it [were] great iron teeth. It devoured, and crushed, and stamped what was left with its feet. And it [was] different from all the beasts before it; and it had ten horns. (Daniel 7 GLT)

4 The first [was] like a lion, and had eagle's wings: I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made stand upon 2 feet as a man, and a man's heart was given to it. (KJV)
4 The first one was like a lion, and it had the wings of an eagle. I kept on beholding until its wings were plucked out, and it was lifted up from the earth and was made to stand up on 2 feet just like a man, and there was given to it the heart of a man. (NWT)
5 And behold another beast, a second, like to a bear, and it raised up itself on one side, and [it had] three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it: and they said thus unto it, Arise, devour much flesh. (KJV)
5 And, see there! another beast, a second one, it being like a bear. And on one side it was raised up, and there were 3 ribs in its mouth between its teeth; and this is what they were saying to it, 'Get up, eat much flesh.' (NWT)
6 After this I beheld, and lo another, like a leopard, which had upon the back of it four wings of a fowl; the beast had also four heads; and dominion was given to it. (KJV)
6 After this I kept on beholding, and, see there! another [beast], one like a leopard, but it had 4 wings of a flying creature on its back. And the beast had 4 heads, and there was given to it rulership indeed. (NWT)
7 After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it [was] diverse from all the beasts that [were] before it; and it had ten horns. (Daniel 7 KJV)
7 After this I kept on beholding in the visions of the night, and, see there! a 4th beast, fearsome and terrible and unusually strong. And it had teeth of iron, big ones. It was devouring and crushing, and what was left it was treading down with its feet. And it was something different from all the [other] beasts that were prior to it, and it had 10 horns. (Daniel 7 NWT)

Dan 8 ram vs goat
Dan 11 King of North vs King of South.
Rev 13 Mark of the Beast
Dan 3 image of Gold and WW3
Dan2 10 toes
Mat 24 generation and Genesis 6
Sun will not give its light
Proof of ark: Signs on earth below etc.
Sodom and Gomorrah followed by volcanic extermination
Compose what it wants for 42 months.
Crown of thorns
Snake bite of Genesis3
4 horsemen of the apocalypse.

Genesis 1 and 4th creative day. 2:1 temple ratio prophecy.






x x x x x yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy                   yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy                    yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy              yyyyyyyyyyyyy


Regex search of the NWT in notepad++ for variations of...

(\b\w+\b)[^\r\n]{2,30}(\b\w+\b) and \b\2\b[^\r\n]{1,10}\b\1\b

Look for word1 then 2-30 characters then word2 then 'and' then word2 then 1-10 characters then word1
\b = word boundary
\w = character in a word
+ = repeat a further 1 or more times
[^\r\n] = not a carriage return then line feed.
\1 = 1st ()
\2 = 2nd ()

8 However, let this one fact not be escaping your notice, beloved ones, that one day is beside Lord as 1,000 years and 1,000 years as one day. (2 Peter 3 NWT)
8 One but this (thing) not let it be lying hidden to you, loved (ones), that one day beside Lord as 1,000 years and 1,000 years as day one. (2 Peter 3 KIT)

30 But many that are first will be last and the last first. (Matthew 19 NWT)
30 Many but will be first (ones) last (ones) and last (ones) first (ones). (Matthew 19 KIT)

16 In this way the last ones will be first, and the first ones last. (Matthew 20 NWT)
16 Thus will be the last (ones) first and the first (ones) last. (Matthew 20 KIT)

31 However, many that are first will be last, and the last first. (Mark 10 NWT)
31 Many but will be first (ones) last (ones) and the last (ones) first (ones). (Mark 10 KIT)

30 And, look! there are those last who will be first, and there are those first who will be last. (Luke 13 NWT)
30 And look! they are last (ones) who will be first (ones), and they are first (ones) who will be last (ones). (Luke 13 KIT)

9 Is not the whole land available to you? Now/Please, separate from me. Look! If the left [you go], I will go-right; and look! if the right [you go], I will go-left. (Genesis 13 NWT)
Doesn't quite fit the pattern because the noun left is not the same word and the verb to go left.

13 Joseph now took the 2 of them, Ephraim by his right hand to Israel's left, and Manasseh by his left hand to Israel's right, and brought them close to him. (Genesis 48 NWT)
in right from left and in left from right with inseparable propositions this does not work.

53 They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against [her] mother, mother-in-law against [her] daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against [her] mother-in-law. (Luke 12 NWT)56 He that feeds on my flesh and drinks my blood remains in union with me, and I in union with him. (John 6 NWT)
5 I am the vine, you are the branches. He that remains in union with me, and I in union with him, this one bears much fruit; because apart from me you can do nothing at all. (John 15 NWT)

15 Whoever makes the confession that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, God remains in union with such one and he in union with God.
16 And we ourselves have come to know and have believed the love that God has in our case. God is love, and he that remains in love remains in union with God and God remains in union with him. (1 John 4 NWT)

10 Do you not believe that I am in union with the Father and the Father is in union with me? The things I say to you men I do not speak of my own originality; but the Father who remains in union with me is doing his works. (John 14 NWT)
10 Not you are believing that I in the Father and the Father in me is? The sayings which I am saying to you from myself not I am speaking; the but Father in me remaining is doing the works of him. (John 14 KIT)
11 Be you believing to me that I in the Father and the Father in me; if but not, through the works them be you believing. (John 14 KIT)

14 I am the fine shepherd, and I know my sheep and my sheep know me, (John 10 NWT)

20 Woe to those who are saying that good is bad and bad is good, those who are putting darkness for light and light for darkness, those who are putting bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! (Isaiah 5 NWT)

13 Foods for the belly, and the belly for foods; but God will bring both it and them to nothing. Now the body is not for fornication, but for the Lord; and the Lord is for the body. (1 Corinthians 6 NWT)
13 The things eaten to the cavity, and the cavity to the things eaten; the but God also this and these (things) will make ineffective. The but body not to the fornication, but to the Lord, and the Lord to the body; (1 Corinthians 6 KIT)