Introduction to the 4th True Christian Church


The Road Map: A quick walk through this site followed by a detailed breakdown of each section.

[0]  Why should I study the Bible, what use is that old book to me in the 21st century?
[1]  There is a God - His name is Jehovah
[2]  Why did God create the Angels? Why did he create the universe? Why did he create us?
[3]  The Armageddon Equation and the Corruption Equilibrium
[4]  The Bible and its Translations

[5]  Pre Adamic man
[6]  Who were Adam and Eve?
[7]  The way the bible is written: Genesis 4, John 3 and the sons of Jacob
[7a]   Logical Pathways and one step thinking
[8]  From Adam to Noah to Abraham to David to Jesus, The Patriarchs

[9]  What is a soul, What is a Spirit?
[10]  Why do we die?
[11]  The Holy Spirit is God's Wife!
[12]  How is one born again without dying?
[13]  What is physical death?
[14]  What the Hell is Gehenna?

[15]  120, 240, 480, 960 and indefinite lifespan humans
[16]  Michael was Enoch and Jesus
[17]  Jesus was non adamic and created by in vivo fertilisation and genetic enhancement
[18]  Gabriel was John the Baptist
[19]  An introduction to Satan, Michael, Gabriel
[19a]  The first few verses of John1
[20]  Cainan was Melchizedek

[21]  The 15 non adamic humans
[22]  Satan, demonic possession and the gifts of the spirit

[23]  Satan is the ruler of this system of things
[24]  Jesus is the physical ruler of the next system of things, the Kingdom of God
[25]  Monarchy, Democracy, Qualifying Democracy, Constitutional Democracy, Qualifying Constitutional Democracy, Qualifying Constitutional Meritocracy, Qualifying Constitutional Philanthropocracy, Qualifying Constitutional Patriarchal Philanthropocracy.
[25a]   Men, Women, Love and Power

[26]   When Jesus gave his life for us, he became the second God to be worshipped like his father Jehovah.
[27]   Our destiny is to become Gods like Jehovah and Jesus
[28]   The 3 Master Salvation Covenants, the FRC, the CRC and the ARC and the 3 Blessing Covenants, the 1BC, the 2BC and the 3BC.
[29]   Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Abrahamic system mediators of the FRC, the CRC and the ARC
[30]   The Law of Moses
[31]   The First New Covenant
[32]   What exactly is baptism?
[33]   The start and end of the 3 baptisms

[35]   The Second New Covenant
[37]   The Lord's Witnesses, the church of the 2NC
[39]   The Top Ten Trinity Busters
[40]   The role of women in the Christian Church
[41]   When is abortion murder?
[41a]  How can one reconcile the vindictive God of the old testament with the forgiving God of the new testament?
[41b]  How can an omnipotent loving God permit so much pain and suffering?

[42]   The real heavenly currency

[43]   The Dates of Jesusí birth and death
[44]   The Date of Armageddon without using the bible code
[45]   The 2 presences of the Christ

[50]   Definitions